How to build a micro niche blog site – Create a Profitable Niche Blog

Starting a micro-niche blog site is a much easier and quicker thing for bloggers.

But if you are a beginner in the blogging industry, following some quick steps will help you create and build a profitable micro niche blog website.

How to start a micro niche blog website

In recent trends, many bloggers focus on creating micro niche blog sites. It’s because search engines like Google consider very focused micro niche blogs as an authority in the space.

Rather than focusing on broad niches, micro niche blogging performs better, especially in a limited time.

In Online many niches are already getting highly competitive and starting a blog is easy. And also as a beginner, entering the highly competitive niches is not advisable.

It’s because there are already many big players in most of the broad niches, which makes it more competitive for new bloggers.

So it is better to build and create a micro niche blog site. If you still don’t know what Micro niche blogging is, then here is an explanation.

What is a micro niche blog site?

Micro niche blog sites are normally blogging websites, but it has a very narrow and focused niche. This website is built around focusing on a particular topic.

For example – camera lenses, shoes, gaming reviews, and home DIY. These are some of the great examples of micro niches to start a blog.

The micro niche blogs are great to rank in search engines. With better research and smart strategies, you will easily pick transactional and long-tail keywords for micro niche blogging.

How to build a micro niche blog

Creating a micro niche blog is the same as the normal blog, but initially, it takes a lot of research to pick the right keywords and niche topics.

Keyword research

Keyword research is the initial step in starting the micro niche blog site. Better keyword research helps you to find the low competitive micro niches.

Some micro niches are also competitive, so find the profitable micro niches with low competition.

Use the best keyword research tools like Semrush to choose better and proper keywords for your micro niche blog site.

Semrush is the best SEO tool for bloggers to find low competitive keywords to rank better.

Buy domain and web hosting for micro niche blog website

Once you have selected your micro niche, then buying a domain and hosting is the next process.

Host your website only on a reliable web hosting service. Bluehost is the best WordPress recommended web hosting company to host your website.

Bluehost gives you a free domain name when you buy their hosting. So you can save the domain cost. Additionally, you will also get a 65% discount on their web hosting and get a free SSL certificate.

Follow the below steps to buy a Bluehost hosting with a 65% discount for creating your micro niche blog site.

Steps to buying hosting for a micro niche blog site

Step 1: Click this special link, It will take you to the exclusive Bluehost landing page.

Bluehost Hosting

Step 2: Click the Get started button, that takes you to the pricing page. On the pricing page, you can see that the 65% discounts are already applied.

Bluehost Prices

Step 3: Select the plan based on your needs and click it. On the next step, it asks you to set up the domain name. Enter the domain you need and click Next. (If you already bought a domain, then enter the domain and click next. The new domain name is free for one year)

Step 4: Next step is the checkout. Buy the long-time plan to get maximum discounts. If you want any add-ons, you can also buy them in this checkout area.

Then finish the account details and payments. 

Step 5: After you buy it, access the Bluehost dashboard and install WordPress. 

Now you have successfully launched your website.

Create content for Micro niche site

Creating more content is good for SEO and it helps to rank better. Do the keyword research with Semrush for selecting the low competitive keywords.

Here is how to write a high-quality blog post.

Initially publish a few pillar blog posts. Pillar blog posts are long-form blog posts that are normally more than 2500 words.

On micro niche blogging, pillar blog posts are more important. Then create many supportive articles for this pillar blog posts. 

Generally, on micro niche blog websites, the pillar blogs get more traffic and it has most of the main keywords that the micro niche is targeting. 

Creating a topical cluster will help you to rank better on search engines. Topical cluster is the method of creating content around related keywords.

Creating more high-quality blog posts under related keywords will improve your authority on search engines. It also helps the search engines to find your niche.

Cover the maximum number of topics on that micro-niche. Write many different types of blog posts on that micro niche.

In your initial days of the micro niche blog site, better blog post publishing frequency. Publish at least 2 blog posts every week. The higher the frequency it is much better.

How to choose the keyword for a micro niche blog?

On the micro niche blog, don’t cover the many keywords on one blog post. Write individual blog posts for every keyword related to that micro-niche.

Have at least 700+ words on every article. The longer articles perform better on search engines.

Low competitive

Look out for the low competitive keywords on your micro niche. Finding the low competitive keywords on the micro niche is easier. So hunt for low-hanging fruits. use tool like Answer The public.

Search volume

Go for keywords with decent search volume and low competition. On a broader level, it is difficult to find keywords with decent search volume and low competition.

But with little research, you can find keywords with good search volumes and low competition. For the micro niche blog, The keywords with 100+ monthly search volume are good to go. 

Initially, the search engines will rank the new blogs for the low-volume keywords. It helps them to test how well your website is performing in search engines. 

It also considers other experience factors to improve your further rankings.

Niche Keywords based on Countries

On some micro niche blog websites, picking the keywords based on your location is also important. If your micro niche is targeting any particular country’s audience, then doing keyword research based on that country is important.

The famous keyword research tools like Semrush give you the option to do keyword research based on the country. 

Some keywords have better search volume in particular countries. So if you have picked the wrong keywords, they can’t drive enough traffic and quality audience to your website.

Long-tail keywords

The shorter keywords are getting more competitive and dominated by authority websites. The micro niche blog websites highly focus on long-tail keywords.

Long-tail keywords are keywords that have four or more words. The long-tail keywords are the best for targeting micro niche blogging sites.

Normally these types of blogs will have low search volumes and higher conversion.

So tapping the long-tail keywords with low competitive and decent search volumes is the best keyword to choose.

How to drive traffic to the micro niche blog

Driving the traffic to your micro niche blog site is a much important thing to focus on.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

SEO is the top traffic driving that I always suggest to everyone. It’s because it can drive you unlimited amounts of free traffic. But SEO takes time.

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The new websites take some initial time to start ranking in search engines. It is called the SandBox period

Normally a website takes 4 to 6 months to see good results from search engines.

For quick traffic, you can promote your blog post using other methods. 

Here are 10+ ideas to drive free traffic to your website.

Social media

Promote your blogs on social media. Create a new social media account for your websites and also promote it on your social account. 

It helps to drive some initial amount of traffic to your website. Create Facebook groups and create a better community.

Use social media management tools like Social Pilot to easily manage your social account and be more efficient.


Pinterest is not like normal social media. It is an image-visual search engine. It works much better for a certain type of niche. Pinterest is capable of driving more traffic to your blogs every day.

With a little work and automation, you can be more active on Pinterest. 


Quora is a question and answers website. You can regularly visit and answer questions related to your micro niche blog.

The better answers will get more attraction and drive more traffic to your website. Like other platforms, you can also be more consistent in Quora to get more answer views and get better traffic to your micro-niche blog.

You can find more questions under every niche. You can also create a question and answer it.


Video content consumption is getting popular. Many bloggers are making video content and getting into YouTube. Youtube will help you to improve your credibility in your niche space.

From Youtube, you can direct your visitors to the website. If you are targeting the low competitive keywords, your videos can rank on top of the search within a couple of days.

There are still many niches that don’t make good Youtube videos. So you can easily tap those keywords and make videos for your micro niche blog.

Here is a exclusive comparison between blog and Youtube.

Repurpose the blog posts

Repurposing your blog posts will allow you to create many different types of content in less time. You can use your single content and convert it to use it on different platforms.

There are many different ways to repurpose your blog post. With better repurposing techniques, you don’t need to produce new content regularly.


Forums are another great way to promote your website. Find the forums related to your niche. Answer to the question on the forums. You can also link it to your blog posts.

Initially provide some value to the forums and follow their rules to make the most use of them. Linking the article is also a great way to get backlinks to your site.

When it comes to SEO, backlinks are also one of the important factors for ranking your blog post. Having quality backlinks will improve your domain authority.

The backlinks will act as a website authority in your niche. Both dofollow and Nofollow backlinks will be important for SEO.

Once you start publishing content on your website, then start building the backlinks also.

Initially, don’t aggressively build more backlinks. Gradually build links once your site grows. If you create quality articles, then you will automatically get backlinks.

Doing guest blogging is another great way to get links to your site. Do the guest blog only on the relevant quality websites. Reach out to websites that are relevant to your niche.

This helps to grow your micro niche blog much better.

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Start interacting with other bloggers in your niche and create networking. You can also use directories submissions, blog commenting and other link-building methods to create the backlinks.

Even Though blog comments are not very effective. It helps the new blogs to index faster on Google and other search engines.

Monetizing the Micro niche blog websites

Monetization is another important factor to consider when creating a micro niche blog website. Creating a micro niche website based on the monetization method is important.

Here is some of the money-making way from your micro niche blog.

Google Adsense and advertising

Advertising is one of the major monetizing methods for blogs. Adsense doesn’t give you more money unless you have huge traffic. 

But you can easily get Google Adsense and monetize your new blog. It helps you to make some dollars at the initial stages.

Once your website gets better traffic improvement, then you can switch to other higher CPC ad networks.

With more traffic, you can go with premium ad networks like Ezoic, Mediavine, and Adthrive.

With less traffic, Adsense doesn’t give you more money. But if you are creating it for extra income, then AdSense is better to go with.

But with a decent amount of traffic with a more focused niche, Adsense is also a great way to give it a try.

You can also monetize your micro niche blog with both Adsense and Affiliate marketing.

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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the major monetizing way to earn more. The blogs monetized with affiliate marketing can earn less traffic.

On your micro niche blog, if you have very focused traffic then it is great.

Affiliate Marketing is the method of earning commissions for referring the product to others.

Here is a complete beginner’s guide to affiliate marketing and get started.

On affiliate marketing, Amazon plays a major role. With a simple website, everyone can easily join the Amazon associates program.

With the wide range and large collection of products from amazon, you can easily promote every product from their website.

Every category on their list has a different type of commission structure. So you can pick the categories and products based on it.

Following the affiliate terms and conditions of the affiliate program is important. Violating the rules will lead to the banning of your account. 

Here is a list of best web hosting affiliate programs.

Create and sell your ebooks and courses

Once you start getting the authority and regular traffic to your website, Then it’s time to level up your blogging.

Create and sell your ebooks. Creating ebooks is easy. Easily create ebooks with 50 to 100 pages about a specific solution on your micro niche and sell.

You can also start with small ebooks or checklists that sell only for a few dollars at the initial stages. Then later you can publish better ebooks. 

Along with ebooks, start creating courses also. This method gives the benefits of getting the complete money to us, without promoting others products and commissions.

Apart from these monetization methods, you can also try coaching, training, and webinars. Once you are established in your micro niche, then there are more monetization methods to make money from the micro niche blog.

Resources for Micro niche blogging

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  6. 15+ Lifestyle blog categories

Checklist on how to create a micro niche blog site

  1. Do better keyword research and find the low competitive micro niche.
  2. Analyze the competitors for your micro niche blog.
  3. Buy a domain and hosting and create a micro niche blog site. Get hosting from Bluehost, which is more reliable.
  4. Pick the monetizable and transactional keywords with low competition.
  5. Use the best keyword research tools like Semrush to find high search volume and low competitive keywords.
  6. Semrush also helps you to find more related keywords and topic ideas. Use Competitive analysis to find the competitors.
  7. Write SEO-friendly articles to rank better on search engines. 
  8. Promote your blog on social media and Pinterest.
  9. Email marketing is also an important thing to connect with your audience. Signup free for Convertkit
  10. Focus on monetization methods. Improve and develop more money-making ways for your micro niche blogging website.

FAQ on creating a Micro niche blog site

Best monetization method for Micro niche blog?

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money from Micro niche blogs. For affiliate marketing, picking the right niche is important. If you have a high-traffic niche, then also consider AdSense.

What is micro niche blogging?

A micro niche is a small niche that comes under the broad niche. Every broad niche has several micro niches.
Creating and publishing blog posts on a micro niche is called micro niche blogging.
Generally, the micro-niches will have low competition and easier to rank on search engines. But the proper keyword research is needed to find the best low competitive keywords for your micro niche blog.

Do micro niche blogs still work?

Micro niche blogs are working great and ranking better on the search engines. Many bloggers are highly targeting micro niche blogs.
Every broad niche is getting more competitive, then micro niches will work fine and much better.

How much do niche sites earn?

The niche sites can easily earn from $100 to $1000 per month. Some high authority micro niche sites are earning more than $10000 per month.
The earning of the website completely depends on the niche and monetization methods. For better earning, focus on high transactional keywords.

Building micro Niche blog site – Wrap Up

Do better research to find a profitable micro niche. Have a clear idea of your monetization strategies for micro niche websites.

I hope this helps you to start a micro niche blog website that is more profitable. 

If you want to share anything about creating a micro niche blog, then comment below.

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