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9 Blogging mistakes every blogger should avoid – to Be successful

Have you been doing these common blogging mistakes that every beginner bloggers regularly do?

If you are a beginner blogger or blogging for a long time and not getting any powerful results, then avoid doing these blogging mistakes.

blogging mistakes to avoid

As a beginner blogger, if you rectified these blogging mistakes in your blogging journey, then your productivity and results will be much better.

In certain cases we all are doing some mistakes in our blog writing and maintaining it, so now this is the right time to know the blogging mistakes and rectify them.

Reasons to avoid these common Blogging mistakes by beginner bloggers

Sometimes most people will realize these simple mistakes in blogging after a long time, but the time is gone nothing to do with it. So, if you are reading this blog, then you can easily rectify these common blogging mistakes.

In this blogging world, the competition is so high, therefore you have to work hard to get sustain more effectively in this field. 

Starting a blog can be easy, but running it successfully needs a lot of thinking, research, and knowledge. Here you go. As new to the blogging field, many of them are suffering a lot to stand stable in this field.

Yes, starting a blog is just like making a cup of coffee, but the real game starts when you run the blog successfully.

Let us see the basic mistakes that many of the bloggers doing knowingly or unknowingly.

Note – These mistakes will helpful for the people who are willing to take their blogging as a business. If you are just a hobby blogger, then you don’t need these things.

List of Common blogging mistakes of beginner bloggers to avoid

Firstly, I have to say the bloggers should care about their content and the basic needs like, title, heading, keyword, and likewise other things that move the blogging to the next stage.

Missing blogging frequencies

In my point of view, I would definitely say the consistency of the blog is essential. This is because when you miss the flow, you will miss the audience’s engagement.

blogging mistake

The initial stage is very important in all the fields, and also if you are new to blogging and this is your beginning stage, then you should focus more on the blog post consistency.

As a blogger, you should have the right frequencies to post the blog. Certain new bloggers think I can post the blog whenever I want.

It is true, but it is suitable for hobby bloggers. If you want to be more successful, then create proper consistency. Consistency doesn’t mean that you have to post daily, but have a schedule like 3 or 4 blogs every week.

Blog writing on a consistent basis gives you the best rewards. This data shows how the blog frequency is important.

Blogging is not a game to play whenever you like to play. Certainly, there should be some flow of consistency for posting the blog.

When regularly writing blogs, you may feel Writers’ block. Here are some tips to overcome writer’s block.

Write the blogs at least twice a week and post them, or fix the frequency plan on how you are going to post a blog. I prefer you to post a blog at least once in a week or twice in a week, it depends on you.

Why consistency is important?

The consistency is helping us to stay connected with the blogging and as well as the audience if your blog is liked by many people then they would wait for your next post, so if you miss the consistency then you would not easily get back the audience to your blogging site.

Most importantly, you should schedule a time for writing the blog post and then do it continuously.

If you think the blog frequency doesn’t affect the growth of blogging, then you are wrong. Perfection comes with consistency.

If you are doing things with passion and consistency, then you can easily learn everything and achieve your goals.

If you find it difficult to find new blog ideas, then use the tools like Hubspot’s blog ideas generator to create many new different blog ideas and perspectives.

You have to enter the important keywords and it will generate your different topics around those words. In a quick time, you will more topics to fill up your schedule.

Make the blog for an audience

As a blogger, we should know how to attract the audience, because the loyal audience is a great asset for the blog site.

Many bloggers do blogging in the way of what they like, but it is important to know what your audience needs too.

The people are coming to our blog, to get some solution to their problems or to know about a particular thing or else to get the right information.

So, what will you decide now, write the blog post to fulfill the audience’s heart and mind, but not for your own sake?

Write some different types of blog posts to attract the audience.

Quantity vs quality

Is quantity is important than quality?

No, the quantity is important than quality. As a blogger, we should know what is right for our blog, then only we can succeed in this field.

In some point of view, the quantity of the blog is also more important. Check the reasons, why the quantity and quality of the blog, both are important.

some bloggers are not considering quality as an important one when compared with quantity.

Concentrating on the part of quantity is a good thing simultaneously, you have to focus on the quality as well.

Without quality, how your content doesn’t reach the audience and get success.

Make sure the quality before posting your blog, the quality content, will bring your standard in a higher position than the quantity. Do proper proofreading before publishing your blog post.

Creating leads and subsricbers

Start capturing leads from the first day. Most of the bloggers realize the value of email marketing very later.

Collecting emails is one of the important parts of blogging and digital. If you are not collecting it effectively then you are making huge blogging mistakes.

You don’t need any expensive tools to collect emails, you can use free tools to collect them. One of the best free tools I suggest to beginners is the Hello bar.

You will get different types of forms based on your goals.

Choose the type of form based on your needs and collect emails. It comes with different pop-up forms like a top and bottom bar, center window pop-up, slider, page take over, and alert pop-up.

It allows you to do a lot of customization to lead popups. So you can start generating leads. You can connect your email software to the hello bar. It supports most of the major email software and also allows you to connect with zappier for more integrations.

You can easily connect with famous marketing software like GetResponse and Active Campaign, to send emails. Get the GetResponse Free trial.

Hello Bar has a WordPress plugin, which makes your form management easier.

Lack of bond with bloggers

Forming a community or joining a community with other bloggers will help you know more about blogging.

Making a bond with the other bloggers will help you to get more blogging tips and also to gain more information on writing the blogs.

Make a bond with the peoples in your niche and start making your blogging interesting, because it is better than struggling alone in the world.

Join the major blogging Facebook groups, forums, and other communities. Regularly interact with them.

Avoid Writing too many topics

Certain bloggers think writing many topics in different areas will bring all types of audiences to their site, but they will be stuck at some point. 

Write a blog about the particular area and also the topics related to your niche. In recent years, niche websites get more ranking and higher domain authority.

To reach the audience, it is not an essential thing to write so many topics in different fields. If you have the ability like HuffPost, which posts over 100 posts every day, then you can focus on many topics.

If you are the one who is maintaining your blog, then focusing on very niche focused topics is better.

You can write the blog on a particular area or about your passionate thing, write as much as you can because it will help you to hit the rankings.

Learn to avoid the formal headings

Some peoples keep their blog heading with simple words, but to attract the audience the title should be attractive.

The title should always be eye-popping to the audience, it should grab the audience’s eyes. Then only people will read your blog post.

Read – Simple blog post templates for writing the perfect blog

And also concentrate on preparing your first part as an interesting & trust giving one, because then only the people will like to read the remaining part of your blog.

While writing the blog, make your content more interesting and also give solutions to the audience.

Here is a blog writing technique from Backlinko, that says about the APP method. This APP method explains Agree Promise Preview.

It shows that initially, you have to agree to their problems, promise them to give solutions, and preview them what they will get through this blog.

These are the things that help to set up the mindset of the reader to read the complete article.

Comments part

The comment section is important for blogging. Likewise, the response from your part is essential.

The people are coming to your site and giving reviews is the best thing.

Therefore, you should give respect to them via replying back to their queries and reviews. Try to make an interaction section with the audience.

Ask the feedback from them, because it will help you know about the pros and cons of your blogging part.

The comments and reviews from the audience is a wonderful thing. It is helpful for the growth of the blogging site and as well as bloggers.

Learn to avoid the mistakes in blogging, then only you can get the target audience.

Improve user experience

Give a better User experience for your readers. If you are a beginner and just started using any ad networks like Google Adsense, don’t place more ads on the website. It makes you lose your loyal audience.

Try it with a limited number of ads. Better user experience reduces bounce rate and improves SEO.

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As a beginner, most of the blogger’s aim is to get Google Adsense approval. But after getting it if you are placing too many ads, in the motive of earning more money, then it will highly affect the user experience of the audience.

So use the ads wisely in the limited areas.


The most and important thing certain bloggers or the beginner bloggers do is they miss the SEO techniques.

SEO is an important source for ranking the blog post in google rankings. The interesting part here is that Google loves only SEO optimized content.

Therefore, the content without SEO is also a major mistake that some bloggers do in blogging. Initially, you only have to focus on ON-Page Seo. Then, go on you can easily learn other SEO tips.

To get success in blogging, you have to know what you should not do in blogging.

Avoid the above-discussed common mistakes in blogging and explore the world with your blog content.

Some other extra common blogging mistakes

Create social media for your blogging site. It shows your brand presence. Most of the successful blogs in the world has social media presence.

Write many different types of blogs to attract the audience. Have these important blog pages from the first day of your blogging, to improve your trust readers.

Mostly if you are a fashion or lifestyle blogger, then be active on the Facebook groups and create a community around you.

For lifestyle bloggers, Pinterest is the best way to drive a huge amount of traffic.

Use the best social management tools like Social pilot to schedule and manage your social media effectively.

Rectifying the common blogging Mistakes

Finally, I conclude that blogging will become successful when you avoid these simple beginner blogging mistakes in your blogging journey.

If you avoid these blogging mistakes, then it gives many amazing blogging benefits.

Doing mistakes is a common thing, but rectifying the mistakes is the better way to success.

Learn the lesson from the mistakes and reach success through blogging. I hope this article will be useful to you.

If you find this article is useful for you, then kindly share it with others.

Have you done any major mistakes in blogging, comment to me below So that other readers also know it?

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