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Different types of web hosting explained in Beginner terms

The hosting companies are offering many different types of web hosting for users.

Different types of Web Hosting with best-hosting Companies

If you are a beginner and want to buy hosting and for your website, then you will be confused by the different types of web hosting services offered by the hosting companies.

Normally every website has web hosting, but every website will not use the same types of hosting servers.

If you are starting a blog or business website, you should need to pick the right hosting services for your website.

Choosing costly hosting doesn’t mean it is always perfect. So this blog helps you to choose which types of hosting are best for you and your website.

It helps to save your time and productivity. Start considering quick things before buying hosting is important.

Ok, let’s look out for different web hosting and its types.

Different types of web hosting services

What is web hosting?

To simply understand, hosting is storing and maintaining your website on a server. The servers come with powerful hardware and combined with software to make your website accessible every time.

Hosting companies have their servers physically in their data centers and also usually, every hosting provider has multiple data centers.

Based on your hosting types, you will get the storage space, bandwidth, and important resources to run a website.

The hosting companies store your website and make it accessible for users for maximum time. Better hosting technologies provide a great hosting experience for your website.

Different types of web hosting services 

There are usually 6 different types of hosting, mostly offered by the major hosting companies.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is a common type of web hosting found in every hosting company. It is a basic type of plan, that is well-suited for beginners.

On shared hosting, the server space, and resources are shared by multiple websites. Multiple websites are hosted on the same server. 

By sharing the server, every website has its separate resources to run the website.

Based on your hosting plan, you will get the storage space, bandwidth, and other things.

The sharing of servers is the main reason why shared hosting is so cheap and cost-effective. You don’t know the websites, whom you are sharing the server.

Shared hosting also comes with a simple to use interface and doesn’t need much technical experience to start using it.

But in shared hosting, the sudden traffic spikes and excessive usage of resources from other websites can also reduce your user experience.

From whom the shared hosting is suitable?

Shared web hosting is absolutely for beginners, personal sites, and smaller websites. I would highly recommend it for beginner bloggers because it is more cost-effective and much easier to start.

You will get more resources than you needed for the beginner sites, with ultimately lower cost.

With a few dollars, you will get good shared hosting for your website. Shared hosting is better for sites getting monthly traffic less than 10,000.

If your traffic is over 10k to 20k, then you should probably consider moving to the next type of hosting plan. So the shared hosting is best for sites with less traffic.

Shared hosting also designed as much user-friendly for beginners. So you don’t find any difficulty in getting started with shared hosting.

If you are just starting in the online world, then giving a try shared hosting is the best. So you could save more money on hosting.

Shared Web hosting pros

  1. Much lower cost. For less than $5 per month, you will get a better hosting
  2. Better for beginners
  3. No technical experience required, and easy to get started.

Shared web hosting cons

  1. Suitable only for lower traffic sites
  2. Performance and uptime will average compared to others
  3. Sometimes slow loading of websites.

Best Shared Hosting provider – BlueHost

Types of Web hosting - Best Shared Hosting

For every beginner, I would suggest Bluehost shared hosting for their websites. Bluehost is the best web hosting provider in the industry for over a decade.

It hosts over 2 million websites. Their basic plan includes a free domain name, 50 SSD storage, free SSL, and marketing credits.

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It also has 24/7 live chat and phone customer support. It is one of the important things for beginners.

Average Price of Best Shared hosting provider

You can get a better-shared hosting at the cost of $2 to $10 per month.

VPS Hosting (Virtual private server)

The full form of VPS is Virtual Private Servers. VPS hosting is an upgraded version of shared hosting.

If you are uncomfortable with the shared hosting, then this is the hosting you should go with. In VPS hosting, the servers have a very less number of websites when compared to shared hosting.

In VPS hosting also, your website shared in servers, but you have higher resources, CPU, and RAM.

You will get a completely virtual space on the server. The traffic spikes on the other websites don’t affect your site, so the VPS is one of the well-balanced types of web hosting services available.

Even Though, it is a shared environment but provides some better quality of hosting.

Here one large server is separated or split into multiple virtual servers. So you will get more private space for your websites.

VPS hosting stands between shared hosting and dedicated hosting.

For Whom VPS hosting is suitable?

Usually, dedicated server hosting comes with a large number of resources. Most times, medium-sized businesses don’t need dedicated server space, so you can go with VPS.

If you have a little more to spend extra than shared hosting, then go for VPS hosting.

The basic plan of the VPS hosting also gives you better performance than the shared hosting. If you don’t want to manage the dedicated server and technical stuff, then go for VPS hosting.

Mostly this type of hosting is also designed to handle a lot of traffic. It is best suitable for one who wants to upgrade their hosting from shared hosting.

VPS hosting Pros

  1. More resources than shared hosting and powerful
  2. Higher uptime and increased performance.
  3. It is much cost-effective than a dedicated server with good performance.
  4. Withstand traffic spikes.

VPS Web Hosting cons

  1. Needs some technical knowledge to set up when compared to shared hosting.
  2. Here also you are the sharing server with websites.

Best VPS hosting provider – GreenGeeks

VPS type of hosting - GreenGeeks

Many hosting providers offer VPS hosting. GreenGeeks is one of the best hostings in the industry. 

It comes with complete SSD storage and highly scalable. GreenGeeks is an affordable and managed VPS hosting.

Its basic plan starts from $39.95/month that comes with 50 GB SSD space and 10 TB transfer. With their managed hosting, you will regularly get technical support.

It also comes with cPanel. You can have the option to choose the data centers from multiple locations.

The average cost of VPS hosting

The average starting range of VPS hosting costs from $30 to $100 per month from the good hosting company, with managed hosting.

Dedicated Hosting

As the name suggests, dedicated hosting gives you a dedicated server for your website. You will get a lot of resources in private servers which include higher RAM, higher CPU, more storage.

Dedicated hosting also has more storage and bandwidth. It has higher performance, better speeds, great uptime. These types of web hosting plans are built for well-established websites.

If you want to upgrade your hosting type from VPS, then dedicated hosting is the best option. It is the top-level hosting experience for the websites. 

You will get completely private resources that are not shared with anyone. It’s being a dedicated server, you will get more server control and configuration to change it for your own needs.

You don’t need to worry about your traffic spikes or end of resources. Good dedicated hosting can handle maximum traffic and offer you greater resources to run a successful website.

For whom the dedicated hosting is suitable?

Dedicated hosting is suitable for anyone who is having a well-established website. 

Sometimes small websites are also getting dedicated hosting, but it is a waste of cost. These types of hosting are highly suitable websites getting higher traffic.

If your website traffic is increasing regularly, then can go for dedicated hosting. This type of web hosting is for websites getting over 100k visitors every month.

It is also suitable for eCommerce websites, which have more visitors and files to store. If security is one of your major concerns, then go for dedicated servers.

On dedicated hosting, both managed and unmanaged hosting is available. If it was a managed hosting, then the hosting providers will manage the server and regularly install the updates.

If it was unmanaged hosting, then you have to take care of the updates and monitor the errors.

Normally dedicated hosting starts from $100 and some premium companies up to $2000 per month.

Dedicated Web Hosting Pros

  1. Higher security and complete control on servers
  2. No sharing of servers with other websites
  3. Better performance and great uptime
  4. Withstand maximum traffic hikes and perform better

Dedicated Web hosting cons

  1. Needs overall technical knowledge to easily handle it.
  2. The much higher cost of the hosting
  3. Taking more responsibilities for the server and website.

Best Dedicated Hosting – A2 hosting

Different types of web hosting services - Dedicated

A2 Hosting is a well-known hosting provider which is famous for its performance and speed. Your website is hosted on swift servers that come with a turbo server boost to speed up your website up to 20x faster than others.

A2 Hosting comes with both managed and unmanaged dedicated hosting. Their managed dedicated hosting is packed with high-class features and daily automatic updates.

Get 24/7 Guru crew support with phone, live chat, and email support. You will also get free site transfer from their experts.

You can also check out the managed dedicated hosting plans offered by Fastcomet hosting. It is a reliable hosting provider.

The average cost of Dedicated hosting

Dedicated hosting is more costly when compared to other types of hosting. The better-dedicated hosting cost from $100 to $500 per month, based on the hosting company.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting is recent warming up the technology in the hosting and getting more popular. These types of hosting work with connecting multiple computers.

The servers are connected like clusters on this type of hosting. Here each server will have their work, if any server is has a problem then others will take care of the things.

It is working by a connected network, so you can use the resources based on your needs.

The resources are spread across many different servers, so you have less server malfunction chances. Cloud hosting is one of the promising technologies that highly focuses on performance and reliability.

Cloud hosting is highly scalable, so you can easily upgrade and only pay for the resources you need. So you don’t worry about the sudden traffic hikes to the website, like traditional hosting which highly reduces your performances.

For whom the cloud hosting is suitable?

Cloud hosting is highly suitable for medium and large size businesses. I would not recommend it to complete beginners. It’s because it involves a little technical stuff.

Cloud hosting can be better for any website that is getting over 30k monthly visitors. If you are also upgrading your hosting from shared, then consider this type of hosting as a better one.

Cloud Hosting Pros

  1. Better performance
  2. Easily scalable to withstand high traffic hikes.
  3. Pay only for the resources you are using.
  4. Increased security

Cloud hosting cons

  1. Costs of the hosting can be unpredictable, because of traffic spikes.
  2. Need a little technical experience.

Best Cloud hosting provider – Cloudways

Best Cloud Web hosting - Cloud ways

Cloudways is the top cloud hosting provider in the industry. These types of web hosting give much flexibility for hosting.

Cloudways provides you with managed WordPress hosting. If you want to feel the power and flexibility of cloud hosting, then you can go for Cloudways.

It allows you to host on 5 different company servers. Which includes digital ocean, Linode, VULTR, AWS, Google cloud.

It comes with over 60+ data centers to choose from. The pricing of the Cloudways starts from $10/month. They use the post billing method, in which you only have to pay for what you have used.

The Average cost of Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting is not much costly. You can get the best cloud hosting from $10 per month and it is extended based on your usage.

Reseller Hosting

As the name suggests, these types of hosting are used for reselling purposes. 

In this hosting, you should buy a reseller hosting from a hosting company and resell it to your clients and customers for hosting a website. It is highly suitable for web developers of web design agencies.

Free reseller hosting is also available in the market. Here you have to just sign up to the hosting company and establish your store with your branding and custom prices.

Once the customer buys it, you will end up making money. It is the best way to start your web hosting company with very less investment.

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Making a proper marketing plan before getting into reseller hosting is also important.

For whom the Reseller hosting is suitable for

Reseller hosting is for anyone willing to start their web hosting business. It is also suitable for web developers, who are going to host and manage their clients’ websites.

You can completely brand your hosting with your custom name and pricing. The users will only know it as your web hosting. If you know the proper marketing plan, then it could be a sustainable business for you in the long run.

Reseller Hosting pros

  1. Start your own web hosting services at cheap prices
  2. Make it a sustainable business
  3. Manage your brand with custom pricing and improve clients

Reseller Hosting Cons

  1. Need better skills to manage your clients
  2. You don’t get much money with limited clients/customers

Best Reseller Hosting – A2 Hosting

Resller type of web hosting

I always recommended A2 hosting for every type of hosting plan. It’s because they provide premium performance-focused hosting at an affordable price.

Their hosting is well balanced and packed with the best features. Their reseller hosting plans start from $16.99/month. It is considered the cheapest investment to start any business.

It also comes with a free billing system. Their benefits include 24/7 customer support, free website migration, and a money-back guarantee. So you will get the best from the A2 hosting.

The average cost of reseller hosting

You can get better reseller hosting from $20 to $100 per month. If you don’t want to invest in reseller hosting, then free reseller hosting also available.

WordPress hosting

WordPress hosting is a web hosting that is highly optimized for WordPress. Normally, WordPress is a famous and popular content management system in the world.

If you are using WordPress for your website, then WordPress hosting gives you maximum performance and flexibility.

This WordPress hosting is optimized for your wordpress site to give better security, staging, server caching, speed optimization, and comes with auto-installed or 1-click install of WordPress.

This type of hosting is also like shared hosting that your server is shared. The only thing is it is optimized for wordpress and better caching.

For whom WordPress hosting is suitable?

It is only for WordPress users. If you are willing to start your website on WordPress then go for WordPress hosting. 

On some hosting, you will get shared WordPress hosting and managed WordPress hosting.

Shared WordPress hosting works in the same way as shared hosting. The managed hosting will be costlier than shared which comes with regular website monitoring, technical support, malware detection/removal, enhanced security, accelerated servers, and faster loading speeds.

If you are a beginner blogger, then WordPress is the best to start your self-hosted wordpress website.

WordPress Hosting pros

  1. Better security and optimized speeds
  2. Comes with a pre-installed or one-click install of WordPress
  3. High technical support on managed wordpress.

WordPress hosting cons

  1. More like shared hosting, sharing of servers
  2. Managed WordPress is quite costly

Best WordPress hosting – WPX hosting

WordPress hosting for websites

I highly recommended WPX hosting for WordPress users. It is a powerful managed WordPress hosting.

It gives you unlimited free website migration from experts. If you want to feel the power of managed hosting, then WPX is the best to go with. 

WPX has its cloud CDN with 26 global points, which makes your website incredibly fast. It has the best technical support team, with an average response time of only 30 seconds.

It also has free malware detection and removal. If your website has malware, then their experts will clean it for free. WPX has robust servers, which have better performance and quick response time than other hosting.

Get free site speed optimization from WordPress experts. WPX doesn’t have different types of web hosting, it offers the only WordPress hosting with the best scalable plans.

The Average cost of WordPress hosting

You can get WordPress optimized hosting from $3 to $20 per month. Usually, its cost is the same as the normal shared hosting. If you need the best-managed WordPress hosting, then it will cost you from $10 to $30 every month.

Managed Hosting

Managed Hosting is not one of the different types of hosting. But you will find it on many hosting plans.

Most of the hosting companies are offering you a managed hosting. Managed hosting is like an add-on to your existing hosting.

Completely managed hosting will allow you to focus on your business, and the server-side is highly taken care of by the hosting providers. Most of the companies, stating their hosting as managed hosting, but not all the managed hosting, has the same flexibility.

Managed hosting companies will completely take care of your technical issues, regular maintenance, hardware/software updating or replacement, regular backups, malware scan and clean, and so on. 

It makes your website safe every time so that you can focus on your business.

Best managed Hosting provider – Kinsta Hosting

Managed web hosting types

Kinsta is the best-managed WordPress hosting provider. Kinsta is a hosting leader in the industry.

It is highly suitable for growing business. Their plans are highly scalable and it can accommodate any kind of website. It doesn’t many different types of web hosting plans, but their hosting plans are scalable and suitable for every type of website.

Kinsta hosting is more costly for beginners. So for medium-sized users go with WPX managed to host and once your website is changed to a fully established site, then migrate to kinsta.

Kinsta comes with free premium migrations, SSD storage hosting, database optimization, 30-day money-back, free backups, and hack malware removal.

Which will be the best type of web hosting for your website

All the types of web hosting have their purpose and needs for the users. So you have to choose web hosting based on your needs.

Here is a summary of different hosting types with their best benefits. It helps you to choose in which category your websites are coming under.

  1. Shared Hosting – It is best for beginners. Suitable for entry type websites.

Recommended Shared Hosting – Bluehost

  1. VPS hosting – It is for websites that are to be upgraded from shared hosting.

Recommended VPS hosting – GreenGeeks

  1. Dedicated hosting – This type of hosting is for larger and well-established websites. It has more resources and storage.

Recommended Dedicated Hosting – A2 hosting

  1. Cloud Hosting – Best for websites that need easy scalability.

Best Cloud Hosting – CloudWays

  1. Reseller hosting – It is for developers or agencies that want to make money by selling hosting.

Perfect reseller hosting – A2 Hosting

  1. WordPress hosting – This type of hosting is highly optimized for wordpress users.

Recommended WordPress hosting – WPX hosting

  1. Managed Hosting – It Comes with highly optimized websites with better technical support.

Best managed Hosting – Kinsta hosting

These are the important and different types of hosting services offered by hosting companies. 

FAQ on Different types of web hosting

Which is the cheap and best-shared hosting for beginners?

The best and cheapest hosting in Hostinger. Hostinger offers better hosting at a better price. Their hosting prices start from $0.99/month. If you are using WordPress as your CMS, then Bluehost is also highly recommended for beginners.

What are the different types of hosting that are available?

Shared Hosting
VPS hosting
Dedicated Hosting
Cloud Hosting
Reseller Hosting
WordPress hosting

Which is the overall best hosting?

The overall best hosting is A2 Hosting. Their every plan is well balanced and highly satisfies the users. And also it comes with a high-performance server and better customer support.

Is Interserver a better hosting?

Interserver is a better hosting, that is packed with higher benefits. It comes with a standard plan which has unlimited storage space and unlimited website hosting. The plan costs $5/month for your entire lifetime. There are no price hikes during renewals. Interserver offers most types of web hosting for their customers.

List of best Web hosting companies?

A2 Hosting
Kinsta hosting

Focus on a better type of Web Hosting Services

Having better web hosting is important. You also want to know the type of hosting your website needs.

From different types of web hosting, choosing your best is important. Whenever your site grows, upgrade your hosting based on the traffic and performance.

Thank you for reading this article. If you find it useful, kindly share it with others.

Did I miss any important types of web hosting? Comment below your opinion and experiences

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