7 quick ways to index new blog post fast in google

Do you want Google to index your blog post fast?

Are you just launching a new blog or website and waiting for google to index your new blog post fast?

If you are waiting for Google to index your new website, then it may take up to a few days or a few weeks to get your blogs and website indexed on search engines.

Index your website fast in google

If you are not taking any necessary steps, then going you are lacking your visible time in search engines.

You have also written many high-quality blog posts with SEO optimized, but also not getting indexed in google. 

Even Though you have searched particularly for your website, it is not showing in the search results, then there is a problem in indexing your website pages.

Then you are questioning, 

  1. Why is my blog post not indexed on google?
  2. What should I do to index my blog post fast on google?

If you want to quickly index your blogs in google, then let’s move on to it.

What is indexing a blog page or website?

Indexing is the process of crawling, saving, and keeping your web page information. Indexing has different meanings in different fields. When your web page is indexed, then google identifies your webpage and stored information.

Why should I need to index blog posts fast on Google?

Every search engine has separate crawl bots to index your blogs and website. The quick indexing of websites is based on the crawl speed of the search engine bots.

Usually, new websites take more time to organically rank in search engines, which is technically considered a sandbox effect

If you are delaying your new website from getting indexed in search engines, then you are wasting your potential of ranking.

When it comes to search engines, Google is the largest in the world to be considered.

So, it is important to index your blog post as fast as much as possible.

How to find out if my blog post is got index or not?

To find the indexed pages, head on to the Google search page.

In the google search page, type your site name as “site:foxblogging.com”. Replace my website name with your website name.

SERP results - indexed pages in google

Google shows your complete list of pages that got indexed on the website. So you can find the pages that are indexed.

Initially, you should focus on indexing your website. So later you will get rankings.

It is one of the simple steps to find how google indexed your website.

When it comes to the index, we can get into two different things. The first thing is indexing the newly published site and indexing the newly published blog post.

Both types of an index are important from an SEO’s point of view.

A quick way to index newly published website in google

When I created my first site, I don’t know anything about indexing.

After publishing my first blog post, I’m searching for my website in search engines. Even Though typing the correct website name also, my website does not appear in the search engines.

Initially, I thought that Google would take a few days to find my website. Those are my initial days of blogging.

But now, you can hurry up Google to indicate your new website fast.

Here is the first thing. 

Create a few web pages

You have created a fresh website and got it into live. Mostly it doesn’t have anything other than your homepage, which is your domain name.

Add some pages to your website. Add some blog posts related to your field. Give some quality articles.

Whenever you are publishing a new website, keep a few blog posts ready to publish. Publishing 5 to 10 articles quickly after launching a website, helps Google to index your new website faster.

It also helps to find what niche you are working in.

Make sure that published articles are written with good ON-page SEO techniques.

Google search console

Google search console, sometimes known as GSC. It is a tool provided by Google to help website handlers in the Search engine side and crawling.

You can head on to the GSC and add your property. Property is your new website. So add it.

Google search console - add property

To confirm your property, Google search console will provide an HTML code. You have to copy and paste the code on your website.

Google will provide the instructions when you are doing it.

By adding and confirming your property in GSC, your website is officially registered in google. But it doesn’t mean that Google indexed your website.

It is the most important step that you are insisting on Google to register and index your new website.

Sitemap creation

A sitemap is an XML file, which contains all your web URLs from your website. You have to create a sitemap for your website.

The sitemap will help search engines crawl bots to easily index your blog post fast.

If you are using wordpress, then the Yoast SEO plugin will create the sitemap file.

Look below the sample sitemap file.

Sample sitemap

You can also find your website’s sitemap in the URL “https://www.yourdomain.com/sitemap_index.xml”. Replace your domain with yours.

Open the Google search console and sitemaps. Enter your sitemap URL and click submit.

GSC -submit the sitemap for google index

You will get a submitted message.

Sitemap submitted message - GSC

Then your sitemap will be submitted.

Read – How to create and submit a sitemap to Google from a wordpress site.

Submit to website directories

There are over hundreds of directories available. To submit your website in directories.

You don’t need to submit to every directory, but some famous directories and submit your website. 

This directory submission is only needed for the website that is newly established.

Read – List of some web directories

Like olden days the directories don’t provide more value, but it gives some limited signal to your website. 

So, It will help search engines to identify and index your website fast.

Another one method to quickly index your website is submitting to various websites, which collects website details. You can submit to websites that provide “who is” and “website statistics”.

Here is a tool named IMT submitter, it is a free tool. It will submit your website to 1800+ places.

You can set the limit on the number of places you want to submit.

Website directory - IMT submitter

This will boost up your website indexing process.

Create profiles for the website

Creating the profiles will help more for google to find your website to index.

Profile creation is nothing but creating your website profiles on different websites.

The famous profile creation that most bloggers do is in social media. When creating social media accounts, you can place your website’s link in your profile.

Mostly the links in social media are no-follow linksso it doesn’t provide any backlinks value. But it helps google to index your website fast. 

It’s because the crawl rate of google and other search engines will be high in social media when compared to other blog websites.

Some famous social media among bloggers is Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. So, create profiles in these above social media.

Make sure to provide your website links in profiles.

You can also try Pinterest. Pinterest is not a social media, but it is a powerful image search engine.

You can create a profile and provide the website link. You can claim your website by placing the HTML code from Pinterest and verifying it.

Other than social media, you can create some valuable profile links from other websites as well. Most websites give Nofollow links, but it helps.

The other websites include,

  1. Quora.com
  2. Scribd.com
  3. StumbleUpon.com
  4. En.gravatar.com
  5. Visual.ly and many more

There are over 1000 websites available to create profiles. 

Make it ping

Ping service is the process of giving some information to the search engines that you have updated to a blog or website.

For this personally, I use ping-o-Matic, it is a free ping service software.

Ping service - For fastly index the blog post

If you’re using wordpress, then wordpress will send the ping automatically. But using these ping services doesn’t cost you anything. So don’t forget to ping.

Do comment on other blogs

Commenting on blogs gives you some sort of backlinks. Blog commenting is not a suggested way to create backlinks. But commenting provides important valuable benefits.

Every blogger should comment on other blogs. For newly published blogs, this commenting will help google to index your new website fast.

Leave some valuable comments that are related to the blog. Write some detailed comments, usually write comments of 2 to 3 lines. It also gives some good feelings to that blog post writer.

Avoid doing the single word commenting. 

Mostly the comments provide you nofollow backlinks, but also it increases your website’s indexing rate.

Guest posting

Guest posting is one of the powerful ways of building quality backlinks.

You don’t need to do more guest posting, but doing 2 or 3 postings in good domains will help to index your website faster.

This technique is not suitable for everyone. If you are very new to blogging, then you are in the learning phase of writing the blog. So you need to invest money to hire writers and do guest posting.

Some websites don’t accept guest posts from unknown websites. If you have any blogger friends, then you can give it a try.

If you don’t have enough resources to do guest posts, then no problem. Try other techniques above. Mostly these above techniques will help Google to index your website fast.

The above techniques will make sure that your new website is indexed in one day.

Quick ways to index new blog post fast in google

Every time you publish a blog post, you should help Google to index your blog post fast.

You are creating some urgency to the search engines, to quickly find your webpages.

Are you just now publishing a blog post, then follow these things, which helps Google to index your new blog post faster.

Google search console (GSC)

GSC is a blogger’s best friend. Most of the issues related to search engines are controlled from here. So head on to the search console.

Select “inspect any URL” in the search bar. Search the newly published blog URL.

Google search console - inspect blog post URL to find google Index

If you just published your blog post, then it shows that the URL is not available on Google.

Blog post URL is not got index in google - GSC

Then click request indexing. Then test the live URL, which is present on the top right side.

Well done.

You have requested Google to index your newly published blog.

Share your blogs

Every time after finishing your blog post, you have to spend 10 to 20 minutes on promoting it.

Share your newly published blog post on social media. Schedule your same blog post 2 to 3 times on the same day.

Share your links with a little description and image change every time. So, it gives a different perspective every time. 

It also encourages people to click into it.

Send it to your email subscribers. Send your new blog as a newsletter to your audiences.

Pin your blog to Pinterest. Pinterest is a good thing to consider. Create a minimum of 2 to 4 pins every time you publish a new blog post and pin it to different boards.

If you use Pinterest properly, it can drive you more quality traffic.

Use call to action(CTA)

Using the call to action insists your readers take some action.

In my blog, I use “if you find this article useful, kindly share it” as a CTA.

If you have shared your new blog post on social media and people came and read it. This CTA will help people to take some actions, like sharing the blog post or commenting on the post.

This everything defines user engagement. If people share it on social media, then it will boost up your indexing speed.


Do proper internal linking. Internal linking helps to share the link juices and authority with other pages. So you have to link it to other indexed pages.

The perfect internal linking helps Google to better crawlability. Without proper internal linking, sometimes crawl bots aren’t able to identify the particular pages.

Internal linking is one of the hidden SEO treasures. Link only your relevant blog post, it helps to maintain the keyword power.

After linking the old blog post to the new blog post, then go and edit your old blog post.

Edit the old articles and place the links of your new blog. It will help Google bots to find and index your new article quickly.

Ping process

As I mentioned in the first half of the blog, use ping tools, and ping it after publishing the blog post. If you are using wordpress, then don’t need it.

Have consistency

The indexing speed of the web pages completely depends on the search engine bot’s crawl rate.

So you need to increase the google bots crawl rate. You need to publish more blog posts at regular consistency.

If the number of pages in your blog is increasing, then the crawl rate will be increased. It leads google to index your blog post quickly whenever you publish a new page.

Still, your website and blog post is not got index in Google

There are a few reasons why Google is not indexing your site.

  1. If you created your website just now, then you have to wait some time. The crawling can take up to a few days to a week. Requesting your URL to re-crawl multiple times will not speed up anything. (source – Google)
  2. You haven’t created a sitemap. A sitemap is an essential thing, which helps Google bots easily crawling. So, create and submit your sitemap to the Google search console.
  3. Your website may be blocked by robots.txt file. You can easily fix this with the help of your developer.
  4. Make sure that your blog page is not having “NOINDEX” meta tags in it. THE “NOINDEX” tag will tell Google not to index that page. So use this meta tag only for the pages, you don’t want google to index it.


Ensuring that your blog pages are indexed in Google is important.

Normally following the above tips will help google to index your new blog post fast. 

If you properly use the tool, Google search console, and Yoast SEO plugin, then you can mostly rectify this problem.

Google also says that the crawling will take from a few days to a few weeks. So, it is normal to take some time to get indexed.

After publishing your blog post, share it in different mediums. Do some promotions. The promotion activity creates a signal to google about the webpage. 

So Google will easily find and index your new blog post fast.

Don’t do any aggressive things to index your blog post quicker on google. It may lead to spam on your website.

Thank you for reading this article, if you find this article useful, kindly share it.

Do you use any other technique to index your blog posts in Google? Comment below.

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