11 Common guest blogging mistakes you must avoid

In recent years the guest blogging has become more famous. Many new guest bloggers are doing some common guest blogging mistakes when approaching other professional bloggers.

 Guest blogging is also one of the best ways to get quality backlinks. It is also one of the major reasons why the guest blogging has been so popular.

Common Guest blogging mistakes to avoid

Guest blogging becomes popular, but some mistakes are also happening from guest bloggers. If you want to avoid the guest blogging mistakes, then this article is for you.

Why are guest blogging mistakes happening and how to avoid it?

For the sake of getting backlinks, the guest bloggers are making some common mistakes that you should avoid in guest blogging.

Whenever we see a write for us page on any website, just getting ready to write some articles to get the links. But we failed to present ourselves as the best guest blogging.

If you forget to present yourself, then your value will be less. 

Guest blogging is not only for the purpose of getting links, it is more helpful in building a good relationship.

Guest blogging is for creating a good relationship with your fellow bloggers in your field.

If you know to create a proper relationship, it will be a progressive development in your blogging carrier.

If you fail to pitch yourself, then your good articles will also be rejected.

In recent days, every website has a write for us page, but they are not accepting everyone’s article.

If you are guest blogging regularly, then you will face many rejections. Here are the mistakes happening in the guest blogging.

Every website doesn’t ask you to write 5000 words high-quality articles for guest posting, but you have given information based on their conditions.

The larger websites get hundreds of guest articles daily, they reject most of them. It’s because they need to maintain their standards and poor guest articles from bloggers.

Maintaining the standard helps them to perform well in SEO and with their audiences.

You need not be an expert to do the guest blogging, but knowing some important guest blogging mistakes helps you to rectify it. Once you know it, then there is more chance that your guest article will be accepted and gives you value.

Important Guest blogging mistakes to avoid

You are spending your time writing guest posts, so this will help to rectify small important mistakes that should be avoided when guest blogging.

Find proper websites

Find proper website for guest blogging

If your primary aim is getting quality backlink means, target the proper site. There are millions of low-quality websites available, where you can easily do guest posting with 400 words articles. 

But it doesn’t give the value you are expecting.

So, find websites that are relevant to your niche. Finding a niche relevant website with high authority is more important. 

The links from the same niche websites give more value. It is also a great way to attract its audience.

If you are doing guest posting on irrelevant websites, then there is no traction towards the audience.

Go through the website

If you have decided on any website for doing guest blogging, then it is time to go through their website.

Go to their website and read some articles, to know how they have written it.

Go to their about page, it gives a more detailed description of them. It will help pitch your guest post.

Learn their guidelines

Search for the website’s writes for us page. Completely read their guidelines. 

Every website’s needs and approval methods are not the same. 

This page shows their guest articles’ needs and topic category. 

If you are not completely reading it, then this is the important guest blogging mistake.

You can get some major information like the number of words in the article, topics they need, and pitching guidelines.

It will simplify your process.

Here is a sample write for us page from the beabetterblogger.com. Look at this, how precisely they are giving their writing guidelines.

Things to know before start writing

If you have found their guest blogging guidelines, then do what it insists.

Some websites need guest bloggers to pitch the topic, before starting writing it.

Some websites ask for you to show your already written articles for approval. There are some other quality websites, which allow only high authority website bloggers.

So, you have to know and pitch them according to it. Still, there are some sites, which ask you for money for doing guest posting.

So be clear with your decision and choose the websites based on your convenience. 

Find the answer for the things before start writing to avoid guest blogging mistakes,

  1. Clear with the topic you are writing
  2. Find out the number of words you need to write
  3. Is placing of links allowed or not. If allowed, how many links allowed.
  4. Should I need to include the media? The acceptable media size and the maximum number of media.
  5. The guest posting submitting format, it could be in documents or PDF. Find their preferences.
  6. Submission email subject and content format.

These are some things that help to avoid guest blogging mistakes.

It also improves your first impression and reduces the rejection rate.

Don’t just go and ask for guest blogging topics suggestions with reading their guidelines. Most times, website owners will expect you to come up with great ideas.

Avoid writing the same content

Don't repeat the article in guest blogging

Find the related topic on their website. If they already have written an article on your same topic, then it will be rejected.

Search the related articles on their website, to find out the topics they have missed. If you are again pitching the same articles, it will not give any value.

The audience doesn’t need two articles on the same topic. 

Then one of the major things is to avoid plagiarism. Every guest post accepting websites, only approve 100% unique article writing by own. Don’t just copy, paste, and submit the articles.

Avoid general topics

Try to avoid a very common topic in that niche. Because mostly they have covered that topic, and also they need some specific articles from their guest bloggers.

For example – if you are doing any guest posting on websites like neilpatel.com and writing about common SEO topics is useless. It’s because they already have separate guides on each topic. So make yours more specific.

On this occasion, you need to cover any specific thing on SEO. That only shows your professionalism.

Pitch with confidence

When sending emails, give some value to the blog owners to accept your guest blog.

Mention their name to whom you are writing. Don’t write it as a common name.

Say something about you, your profession, and experience in short and sweet.

Follow their instructions given for submitting guest blogs. Say some important things from their website and why you want to do guest posting on your website.

Don’t use the same message for pitching every guest post, have personalization.

Once you send the email, wait for their reply. Sometimes it may take up to one week to review and reply. So don’t think that your post will be rejected.

If you didn’t get any reply mail in one week, then send a gentle reminder about your guest post. Don’t urge them.

Mostly the websites will reply to your post situation as soon as possible.

Don’t be promotional

It is one of the major guest blogging mistakes done by guest bloggers.

In a guest post, don’t write about you and your business. Many beginners, using guest blogging for promotional purposes.

If your post is too promotional or more sales focused, then your post will be rejected.

Every owner doesn’t want to promote you and your business, in front of their audience.

So avoid these guest blogging mistakes, writing your post.

If you are allowed to place links in the guest blogs, then be careful in using it. Some website owners don’t allow you to place links on keywords or your business name. It is also one of the reasons for promotion, so place it carefully.

Always stick with their guidelines to avoid guest blogging mistakes.

Write quality articles

Write quality articles in guest posting

For writing quality articles, you don’t need to be an expert. Writing the blog with enough information and SEO optimized can make your quality.

Write to an audience. Create a personal communication in the blog.

Do internal linking with some of their blog posts. It gives a good impression. Strategically place your landing page links too.

Focus on keywords, when writing the article. Don’t write the article for the sake. Every website only publishes SEO optimized articles.

If you are not much focused on SEO and keywords, sometimes it will be rejected or returned for correction.

Pack your articles perfectly

Write the article that you have pitched. Don’t deviate from the topic you have started to write.

Edit your blogs, correct your grammar mistakes, and proofread it before sending your guest blog.

Even if you are not good at blog writing, use blogging tools to improve your blogging skills.

Past guest blogging mistakes

Once you have submitted your articles, the website owner has the right to edit your blog posts.

Mostly they will not do any major changes, but they do some minor changes to make your article look more high quality.

Every website owner will not do the editing, but editing the little things will help make it look good.

Once your article is published on their website, give them a thank you. It is the first step for building your relationship.

Then stay active in their groups and comments section. It helps to maintain a healthy relationship with fellow bloggers.

Provide proper author bio

Giving a good author bio is more important. Write it in 2 to 3 sentences. These 3 sentences must completely speak about you and business. 

You can also place a link to your website and social media. An author’s bio should give curiosity to know about you. 

Final takeaways and things to avoid when doing guest posting

Finally, don’t let the guest blogging mistakes ruin your time. Use your guest blogging opportunity effectively and build a good relationship with them.

Once you have started writing the guest blogging regularly, then you can easily avoid it.

Even though you are a beginner, do regular guest blogging to show your confidence. 

Initially, most times your post may also be rejected, so don’t worry, keep upon on pitching. If you have a chance to do guest blogging, then avoid these mistakes to make it more effective.

By avoiding these guest blogging mistakes, most of the time your post will be approved.

Thank you for reading this blog post. I hope so you have found it useful. If you find it useful, kindly share it.

Have you gone through any terrible guest blogging mistakes and suggest anyone avoid it? Comment below.

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