Quick Ways To Get High Quality Backlinks Online – Proven Methods

Creating free high-quality backlinks is the biggest dream of today’s bloggers and in the online world, links are one of the major factors that help us to travel from one website to another quickly.

How to get quality Backlinks for website

Getting a backlink is an important thing that can take a website to the top position of the search engine results.

Whenever you say off-page SEO, the backlinks are the major thing everyone prefers.

But there are many issues that a blogger or a digital marketer’s faces to get backlinks for their site. If you doesn’t have a site, then How to start a profitable blog.

If you are the one who is searching online for free and easy ways to get backlinks?

There are plenty of websites online where you can get high-quality backlinks, but mostly they lead to the black hat SEO techniques and harm your website.

I have compiled some interesting techniques that How To Get High-Quality Backlinks Online and that is working for many bloggers.

Here in this post, we will clear all those things that will help you in building backlinks and all the other stuff related to it. 

The below post is beneficial for all those working in the digital marketing industry or online business for those who are having their website and want to improve the website by getting high-quality backlinks for their site. 

Before moving to our discussion, we believe that you should have an idea about its benefits. 

If you still want to know about what are backlinks and how it improves ranking and other things related to it, we are always here to resolve all your queries. 

Helpful in gaining top-most position over search engine

It is the major benefit of getting backlinks. If your priority is to improve your website’s organic ranking and improve your brand online, then you should start making high-quality backlinks for your website.

Increase traffic to the website 

Want to boost traffic on your website? Then backlinks are the only thing that can help you out. You can get referral traffic on your website from high-quality sites with the help of the backlinks.

Improve indexing rate 

The website that indexes faster can get faster ranking on the search engine. It can be done faster with the help of the backlinks. 

While talking about the backlinks, then the only option that comes into our mind is the high-quality backlinks. 

Now, the thing that strikes into the mind is why we always need high-quality backlinks, but you do not worry while we are here to give you the most appropriate solution. 

In online backlinks from high domain authority sites are taken as pride and it shows the trust of those sites and those are considered as a high-quality backlinks.

The biggest thing to know about high-quality backlinks is that Google always gives priority to high-quality backlinks. 

In this case, if you will make a single high-quality backlink, then it is equal to hundreds of low-quality backlinks.

High-quality backlinks are the only way to improve domain authority for the website. One of the most significant benefits of high-quality backlinks is that it is very beneficial in enhancing credibility for the site too.

Now, coming to our primary question that how to get high-quality backlinks, being a blogger, I am here to resolve your queries related to the backlinks and things related to it.

Write guest posts

These days, most online marketers are using the method of guest posting to boost backlinks and get high-quality links for their website. 

It is one of the best ways to get high domain authority backlinks, which are considered as high quality.

But there are many things that you should check on a website before posting your content on the guest post website. 

From the internet, you can find out many free websites, which will allow you to post your link on their website through guest posting. 

But the major thing that you should consider that a particular site must be in your niche.

There are hundreds of websites out there for doing guest posting but focus only on websites related to your niche. The backlinks from your related niche websites increase your brand and trust value.

One quality link from a relevant niche website is better than over a hundred low-quality backlinks from an unknown niche.

Try to guest post on the websites, which gives you dofollow backlinks.

Most times the higher domain authority websites give you only nofollow backlinks. Nofollow backlink from high domain authority sites also adds more value.

Even though nofollow links don’t pass the link juice, but also Nofollow backlink increases your seo.

If you are doing a guest post, it will give you the best and fast result.

Write quality articles

What type of articles will you add in your blogs for reference of your readers?

Only the quality articles.

Then, start writing quality articles that everyone loves to link.

The Brian Dean from backlinko says, that how he used the skyscraper technique to double his traffic in 2 weeks.

Through this method, he drives more than 300,000 referral visitors for that particular post.

Start Social bookmarking

Social bookmarking is the most-oldest method for creating backlinks, and it is the easiest one. You can find out many social bookmarking websites from the internet. You can post your website link on such sites to get backlinks. 

Share your content across the internet

There are many blog submissions or article submission websites available across the internet, where you can easily submit your site. But before you start writing your content, you should make sure that your content must be unique, engaging, and must be easy to understand by the users. 

You can also check out a beginner guide to write a blog post to have more information on writing perfect blogs for your website. It is the only trick that can take your website on the top position of the search engine.

Share on social media

High authority social media websites like Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn are the best to get a high authority backlink. Such sites will create a backlink for your website, and it will also help you in improving your website traffic too. 

But mostly all the backlinks from social media are nofollow backlinks, but don’t worry it increases your traffic.

Here is an interesting study from cognitive seo, how Social media signals impacts on your seo ranking.

social links charts - nofollow backlinks in seo

If you are running a new business and want to improve your business’s credibility, you should start targeting social media to grab the attention of your customers. 

Social media is one of the powerful ways to connect with your targeted audience. Every link in online has their minimal effect to your website, so make it careful when building high-quality backlinks.

Start Image sharing

If you have a product-based business, then you must start with the image sharing. 

It will help you in improving the backlinks of your website and make everyone know about your product. 

Adding a small product-related description and adding the title to your product is beneficial to get backlinks.

Like internal linking, external linking is also very beneficial. Whether you are posting a blog on your website or any other website, you should add an external link. It will improve the authority of your blog or website and give it more credibility. 

Make sure that the external link that you are adding for your website must be of high quality. 

For example, you can add an external link for Wikipedia or any other related high-quality websites.

Start building infographics

Building Infographics is the most popular way to get backlinks for the website. It will help you in getting your website traffic and assist you in improving your search position. 

But before building infographic, you must perform an in-depth research on the topic.  

From the internet, you can find out many tools like Canva for building infographics free. 

>> Benefits using Infographics

You can also hire a designer to make your infographics create from them. 

Usually infographic blog post gets many shares and backlinks, because people will be more attracted towards the visuals than the text.

So try to build infographics for your blog posts.

Other than blog posts, there are many high-quality websites where you can submit your infographics like Visual.ly, Graphs.net, InfographicJournal, etc.

Submit your websites to directory submission sites

If you are new in your online business, then you should start working on the directory submission. Submitting your website on such a submission website is entirely free. The only thing that you have to do is search for the right niche depending upon your site and start adding your website.

Profile building is the other trending method to get quality backlinks free. In this method, you have to make an account on some high-quality websites and directly link your website. 

If you have a new website, then this trick will be very much beneficial for you. It will also improve the credibility of your website.

Publish your content on Medium 

 Though the medium is a no-follow website, when you are looking to have traffic on your website, you should start working on it. 

If you will get more traffic on your website using the medium, then it will convert your no follow the link into do follow the link.

The medium will let you in targeting a new audience for your blog or your website. It will create new pathway and make your content to get reached the new audience too. 

Have you ever heard about the do-follow and no-follow backlinks? 

DoFollow backlinks increase your page rank, whereas no-follow backlinks are those, don’t improves any page rank.

Usually, the backlinks are considered as a trust of that website, but in this case, nofollow links don’t pass any link juice. 

It means Google does not give any credibility to the no-follow backlinks. 

Then checkout, how nofollow links improve seo

A combination of both dofollow and nofollow links only gives you the natural link building structure.

So, if you are making backlinks through or any other methods, then you should check that you must know that what type of backlinks you are building. Whether it is do-follow or nofollow.

After having is an idea about Dofollow and no-follow backlink, now it is the right time to discuss whitehat and blackhat SEO backlinks techniques.

Most of the website owners get worried that while they are making backlinks that whether they have to choose whitehat SEO technique or blackhat seo techniques. 

But before choosing any of these techniques, you must be aware of what these are and how they can impact the ranking of your website.

What are the white hat SEO techniques?

A white hat SEO technique is the one, which makes the website owner build backlinks, while not compromising on the quality of the backlinks by following the terms and conditions. 

Google has set up some terms and conditions, according to which a website owner has to build backlinks. 

google guidelines for quality backlink building

Google states that “Buying or selling backlinks that pass rank” will lead to violation of google webmaster guidelines.

Why focus on white Hat SEO techniques?
  1. Gain visitors to the website.
  2. Prevent the website from being getting penalized.
  3. Make keywords to get ranked faster on the SERP or search engine result page.

What are blackhat SEO Techniques?

Black hat SEO techniques are opposite to the white hat SEO techniques. 

The link building techniques against the webmaster guidelines are blackhats seo techniques.

Blackhat seo technique will lead your website to get penalized. 

What does the black hat SEO technique include?
  1. More keywords targeting – dumping of keywords for higher ranking should be avoided.
  2. Avoid duplicate content – using the same content in different pages of your website is needs to be avoided.
  3. Getting paid backlinks – you can see many websites for selling SEO packages for backlinks. don’t get to them, they link using automation techniques and most of the website backlinks comes from spam sites, it will lead your website to google penalty.
  4. Unnatural link building – links need to be built in following the guidelines of search engines.
  5. Low-quality content or copied – copying the content from some other articles leads to plagiarism. Article spinning will lead to website penalties.
  6. Showing different headlines – giving the fake headlines, that is irrelevant to the content in the article.
  7. Redirecting users to other websites also a blackhat technique.
How blackhat seo impact the ranking of your website?

With the help of the white hat SEO techniques, you can make your website gain the top-most position on the search engine, whereas while you are using black hat SEO techniques, then you can harm the ranking of your website.

Matt cuts states that, google also takes manual actions on web spam.

Here are some of the best, secure, and easy to use tools that can help you in checking backlinks for your website.

1. Ahrefs free backlink checker

2. Majestic SEO tool

3. Semrush Backlink Tool

4. Backlink Watch

5. Google Search Console

6. Small seo tools – backlink checker

There are many Backlink checking free tool, where you can check for the backlinks for your competitor. If you want to stay at the top of your competitor, then you should start building backlinks. 

With the competitor research, you can check out what are the keywords they are targeting, how many visitors they are getting, the authority score of their website, and other most-important things about their website.

SEMrush is one of the best tools to completely analyze your competitor’s website.

(The above product link is an affiliate link, in which I will earn a small commission at no extra cost to you)

While you are building backlinks, you must check the spam score of the website.

Always work on a high-quality website. To check the site’s quality, you should check the PA, DA, spam score, and page rank of the website.

Always add one link for each website one time

Make sure that you should use the right anchor tag before building your backlink

Final thoughts

Finally, I hope that you have cleared with all the things on how to get a high-quality backlink free on maximum possible ways.

Use the above given free backlink checker tools to find the backlinks of your domains.

Start to write a high-quality blog post, so everyone loves to link to your blogs.

If you have not started building backlinks for your website yet, you can quickly begin doing so after reading the above post. 

Thank you for spending your valuable time. If you find this article useful, kindly share it.

Are any different methods you are using to get high-quality backlinks, comment me below.

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