How to choose profitable affiliate products to promote

Affiliate marketing is a major source of income for most bloggers. But the majority of the new bloggers, who starting a blog are not making money with the affiliate programs. Here are some tips on how to choose the best profitable affiliate products to promote for maximum profits.

How to choose best affiliate products

There are over thousands of affiliate programs available to choose from. But picking up the right affiliate products and programs to promote is more important to do profitable affiliate marketing.

Tips to choose the best affiliate products

Find best affiliate products

Follow these steps and ideas to choose the best affiliate products to promote from the market.

Choose the affiliate products in your niche

Choose the affiliate products that fit your niche. In the olden days, affiliate marketing is highly suitable for only limited niches. But in recent years, there are plenty of affiliate programs available for every niche you are targeting.

Use free chrome extensions like Affiliatizer to discover new affiliate programs.

If your main focus is the affiliate earning, then you can also target the more popular niches. Which have more profitable affiliate products.

Don’t focus on picking random products to promote on your blogging site. Fix yourself with the niche and focus on the affiliate programs that come under that chosen category.

However, you can also choose the affiliate programs, related to your niche to make it more profitable. Likewise, If you are a travel blogger, then here are the best travel affiliate programs.

Choose the trusted product

Choose only the known products. It helps to improve your trust among the readers. Select the products that you are familiar with or you have already used.

Choose trusted affiliate products

Sometimes choosing the products only we used is not suitable, it’s because we can’t try and test every product in the industry. So in that case, go only for the reputed products in your industry for promoting as an affiliate product.

List the affiliate products

List your important products that are available to promote in your field. For every software or product, you will have many competitor products. So choose the list of products you are going to target and join as an affiliate partner based on your interest and favor.

Choosing the evergreen affiliate product is important. In every niche, some products are evergreen. Here evergreen denotes, it is a well-known product and it can be promoted for a long time. 

Sometimes you can also have short term and new products. But having some evergreen affiliate products on your list gives you sustainability for your business.

Here is a list of the best WordPress affiliate programs for affiliate marketers.

Commission rate and structure

There are different types of affiliate commission models available in the industry. The model includes CPA, CPC, recurring commissions, and many others.

Choose best comission for products

So look at the affiliate commission model and find whether it suits you. The common and well-known method is Cost Per Action (CPA). In this model, you will get a commission for action taken by your referrals.

It is the highly profitable method of the affiliate commission model. And most famous products follow this type of affiliate commission.

So look out what type of affiliate model is maintained by the companies, before choosing the affiliate products.

Some affiliate programs give you commissions for just leads. So you can join affiliate programs, based on your convenience.

Choose the high-priced product

Most of the beginning affiliate marketers don’t go for the high-priced product. It’s because of the fear and misunderstanding that high ticket products don’t convert well. But if you choose the right affiliate products, then profit is also high.

For example, hosting companies like Bluehost give you over $60 for every referral signup. So choose some high-priced and trusted product in your niche too.

Most successful affiliate marketers will have both low-priced products and high-priced products. So it is very easy to compensate for your earnings. You also should need to have some high priced and low ticked products to promote.

Find Recurring commission products

Recurring commissions is one of the best ways to build a sustainable income for a long time. Recurring is a type of commission structure followed by some famous affiliate programs.

Find recurring Comission Programs

Here, you will get a commission when every time a referral renews their plan. So you just need to refer to it once for the first time, and you will get sustainable income from every time they renew their plans.

Focusing on recurring commission products is important.

Affiliate team support

As an affiliate, we need better support from the product team. There are some affiliate programs, which give you maximum support for promoting the product.

The good support from the vendor helps to improve your conversions and trust in the product. Many products give you a demo account, swipe files, pdf, comparisons, and some content about their products, once you joined as an affiliate partner.

These things will make your process easier. It also gives you a piece of true and proper information about the product.

Some affiliate programs don’t care much about their affiliates. And also don’t provide you any resources like banners and marketing materials. You can also get a separate landing page for some products. These things will improve your conversions.

So having better affiliate support is important.

Cookie Lifetime 

Cookies lifetime is one of the important factors to consider for choosing the product. Most of the visitors didn’t buy it when they clicked it for the first time. So they need some time to decide before buying a product. Here the cookies play a major role.

Cookies are a small data file stored in the user’s browser when they click the link. Every product has its cookie lifetime. Choose the products with a better cookie lifetime. The greater lifetime, much better for affiliate marketers.

If the user buys the products within that cookie lifetime, then the referral is credited to your account. Usually, the better affiliate programs give you a cookie lifetime of 30 to 120 days on average. 

Explore more products in the industry

Discover different types of products in the industry. For every product, competitor products are available. New products are also entering the industries very often.

Explore and Choose the Affiliate Products

Not every time you have to choose the well-known products to promote as an affiliate. Look out for newly emerging products in your industry. The new products will give you higher commission rates. You can also ask them for a free trial to use and review the product. 

New products in the industry will provide better affiliate support. You can use the free trial, and if you are convinced then you can ask for better offers from the products.

You can use chrome add-ons like Affilitizer. It helps you to discover new products in the industry. It is a completely free affiliate tool. The WordPress affiliate plugins also boost up your income and productivity.

Payment restrictions

It is one of the things you have to look out for and take care of. The method of payment. Nowadays, PayPal is the most used method to receive payments. 

So check out the type of payments that the affiliate programs offer and find whether it provides your convenient method. There are still some affiliate programs that only offer wire transfer or check. But it is not suitable for everyone. So, find whether it provides you flexible payment method. 

Sometimes, the affiliate programs will have a high minimum balance to checkout, so find it too.

Read Terms and conditions

Every affiliate program will have a set of terms and conditions, which you have to read carefully. If you are choosing a high ticket product, then make sure you have within their conditions. It’s because the violation of the terms will lead to a banning of your account and lock your earnings.

Most of the affiliate companies don’t allow you to bid on their brand keywords. If your main traffic is through Google ads or bidding, then you should read their conditions. 

How to become a successful affiliate marketer

Choosing the high profitable niche is more important for affiliates. Every type of niche has their affiliate programs, but some niche has more programs. So you can choose the best profitable affiliate products that suit you to promote.

Check out the type of currency used by the merchants and find its conversion rates as well. In recent times, many popular niches are overcrowded and getting saturated. So explore more to find the developing type of niches and have large scope for new entrants.

Use plugins like Pretty links to cloak your affiliate links. It helps to change your ugly affiliate links to branded links. And also you can manage all your affiliate links under one dashboard.

Choosing a recurring type of affiliate commission program gives you major benefits. The recurring commission helps to increase your income in the long term. 

Some companies will ask you for a onetime payment or recurring payment when you are signing up for affiliate programs. In that case, look out for the commission structure in both models. Most times, recurring is the best. So, choose the recurring type of affiliate products.

Before starting promoting a product, know about the market reputation of the product you are going to promote. Because promoting the low-quality product for commissions, will lead to lower down your trust among the readers.

There are still many factors that determine the successful affiliate programs. This includes conversion rate, churn rate, cost per click, cost per lead, market competition, product competition, and many others.

If you are a newbie and just starting in the field, then you can easily learn everything once you start with it.

How to choose and join the best affiliate programs

When it comes to affiliate, you can join in in-house affiliate (Direct affiliate) and affiliate marketplace.

Some companies will host their affiliate programs in both direct and affiliate marketplace.

Let’s look at how they both differ. Both types have their advantages.

Direct or In-house affiliate: In this type of affiliate program, the product merchant will directly host the affiliate program on their website. Here you are directly connected with the merchant and they will be completely responsible for the affiliate program.

Affiliate marketplace: This marketplace contains many affiliate programs. You can join and manage different affiliate programs under one dashboard.

These marketplaces will give you complete analytics about your affiliate commission and tracking. You can easily join every affiliate program in their marketplace by applying separately.

There are many affiliate marketplace is available, but few are very famous. Some famous affiliate marketplace includes Commission junction (CJ), Share A Sale, ClickBank, Vcommission, and many more.

Which is Best – Direct affiliate programs or MarketPlace?

You can join in a direct affiliate program or marketplace based on your convenience. Both have their advantages. 

In direct affiliate programs, sometimes you will get bonuses and additional values from some merchants. Choose the direct affiliate programs for high prices.

In marketplaces, you can easily manage many affiliate programs under one roof. You will easily reach the minimum threshold for payment, it’s because you are promoting many products. You will also get different payment options.

FAQ to choose the best affiliate products

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a method to earn money by promoting other products. The affiliate will earn a commission when the sale or action happens through your affiliate referral. The affiliates will use different methods to promote the products.

Different methods to promote affiliate products?

There are many ways you can promote affiliate products. But some famous and common methods include blogging, YouTube, and paid advertising.

Famous Affiliate marketplace to find best products?

The list of famous affiliate marketplace includes Share A Sale, Commission junction (, ClickBank, Amazon, Rakuten, eBay.

Eligibility for joining an affiliate program?

In most scenarios, having a proper website is enough to get your application verified as an affiliate. Without a website also you can join in many affiliate programs. If you are using paid advertising or youtube to promote the products, then you can choose the products based on them.

Which is the best payment method?

Paypal is one of the best methods to get paid from your merchants. So it is better to have Paypal. Some affiliate products/programs also provide you bank transfers and check payments. 


For beginners, creating a blog is the best way to promote the product through affiliate marketing. Choose the combination of both low and high ticket products. 

Explore and choose different affiliate products to find which suits you best. Undoubtedly, affiliate marketing is one of the best sources of income for affiliate marketers.

I hope this article helps to choose the most profitable affiliate products. If you find it useful, kindly share it with others.

Have you already joined any affiliate programs or do you prefer any affiliate products for other marketers, comment below?

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