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9 blogging tasks that are part of a successful bloggers life

blogging tasks

There is a number of blogging tasks that every blogger will regularly do in their blogging life. They have a lot to work on a daily and weekly basis.

Are you interested to know about the daily blogging task of bloggers? Here you go.

As a blogger, we all are doing some constant works daily. But here a question arises – Are we doing the right task?

There is a list of blogging tasks that you should do daily or weekly to improve yourself and as well as your blog growth.

I have listed some important blogging tasks that every successful blogger will do in their blog life.

As you know the blogging life of bloggers is not that much easy, because most of the bloggers work at home for over 10 hours. In the beginning stage, they have a lot to work, even on Sundays. They have to put more effort into the development of blog growth.

To develop the blog site or to bring growth in blogging, the blogger has to work several hours every day. Success will not happen in one day. To gain success, you have to work hard continuously with the effort.

Choosing the right schedule & suitable blogging tasks with smart work only will help your blog to attain its goal.

The 9 Daily blogging tasks list for bloggers

The bloggers have to be ready to face all the challenges that come with blogging life. You should not quit blogging for invalid reasons.

Consistent check of Emails

One of the important blogging tasks in a blogger’s life is regularly checking your emails. And also check whether you have got any emails from your subscribers, readers, brands, fellow bloggers, and affiliate companies.

Even this will be useful to find whether you have got any replies from your clients or other marketing purposes.

The checking of mails is very important to get connected with the users, clients, and the marketers, likewise to know about the status of the newsletter.

Try to spend enough time to read the Emails and reply to them back immediately. This is so important because the response from your side values more.

When I started blogging, I have subscribed to the newsletter of many famous bloggers. So, I could regularly get updates and things happening in the blogging world.

I can also get updates through a newsletter about the Google search engine algorithm changes and many more from fellow bloggers. Signing up for a quality newsletter is more important and reading it every day is also an important task.

You will also get emails from the tools you use, about their new features or change in their terms and conditions, and many more. So, it is important to check your Inbox at least once a day.

Make sure your blog security

The checking of blog security is very important because the blog sites are facing many hack attacks, brute force attacks, malware attacks daily.

It is important to keep blog site security and also to keep security information up-to-date. As a blogger, you should check the security measures of your site.

Ensure your blog site or blog post security, use the security plugins or security guards for your blog site to keep your blog safe from the hackers.

Once our blog site or blog post is hacked then it will take more time to come back to a normal stage, blog growth, and ranking may also get affected.

Set a constant time to check, if any issues with your blog site or blog post, it will help you lead a healthy blogging site and also pave a way for your blog growth.

If you are using WordPress, then you can use security plugins like WordFence or Malcare security. It will scan and gives you a regular scanning report.

Powerful managed web hosting companies like WPX hosting gives you free malware scanner and free malware removal if your site is hacked. So it helps to make you focus more on your business.

Do Google searches

Before start writing the blog post, do enough researches. Analyse your topics in searches and look out for the topics covered in top ranking blogs.

It gives you an overview of what to cover in your blog posts and what they have been missed, that you could add to your blogs.

You can use the SEMrush SEO tool to do keyword and topic researches. It gives you everything to rank in search engines. Get a 14-day free trial of SEMrush.

Keyword and content research is an essential part for bloggers to know about the content and also you will get more information about the topic.

Some may write blogs on their familiar topics, but most of us do the research to get plentiful information about our writing title.

Before writing a blog, you have to be sure of your quality. Just writing what you thought is okay, but giving the useful and right information only will satisfy your audience.

Blogging quote

This blogging task is not just to make you a knowledgeable person, it also helps your readers to get more knowledge via your blog post.

So it is important to give the correct and the right information to the people. Therefore, as a blogger, you should have the responsibility to satisfy your readers.

Write blog post daily

The fourth part you have to do is to write the blog post daily. Whatever it may be, try not to skip writing your blog content, write at least a 1500 words daily.

If you are a beginner, then you should write daily. Initially start with writing a little every day, so you will practice it every day.

Sometimes bloggers will have writer’s block, then here are some best ways to overcome writer’s block.

There is a saying called “Practice makes a man perfect” and it’s true. Therefore, practice to write content daily.

Try to make one blog post for a day, then will you realize the power of the practice.

When I started blogging, it takes me one day to write a 500-word blog post. Then after a certain period, it takes only 3 to 4 hours to write 1500 words perfect blog post. Now you will understand how the continuous practice of writing has been improved the writing skills.

Nothing is impossible unless you think it possible. So keep trying, focusing, work with your full effort, because success will not come to the hands of an effortless man.

Blogging is just an easy task for the people who really love blogging, if you love your work, then nothing will stop you from reaching it.

Likewise, the passion will bring you to find the right path to success, so don’t quit your consistency of writing blogs for unnecessary distractions.

Missing the blog publishing consistency is one of the biggest mistakes, that most beginner bloggers do.

Reply to the comments

The next task you have to do is replying to the comments from your readers. Getting comments from the audience is just an amazing thing. This is will be very helpful for blog growth and traffic.

Replying to the audience’s comments is also one of the important blogging tasks. Replying to their queries, spend some time replying to their comments. Not only in blog comments, but also in social media comments.

It also will be helpful for maintaining a good engagement between you and your audience.

Replying to the feedback from the users can help to make a bond as well as help you to correct your mistakes.

Make an interaction section with your audience, ensure this blogging task is important for you, and also response your readers.

If you are on a tight schedule, then you can also reply to the audience twice a week or schedule time based on your convenience.

Check Google analytics & search console

Google Analytics is the next task for you. Check your site updates in the search console, check your keyword rankings, likewise, you can see the growth of your blog?

In Google Analytics, you can check the traffic you received for your blog, you can also check the status of your blog.

You can check the traffic you attained from the various sources, and as well as the complete information about your blog site.

Regularly checking of Google search console is also important. It shows the indexed URLs from your website.

You can also find if any spam URLs are indexed from your website. Spending five minutes in the Search console can be enough, but it provides a lot of value.

Be up-to-date in your field

It may be funny to hear, but our brains should be updated with the current trends and updates about the new technologies.

The search engines like Google are now frequently doing many algorithm changes, so you should stay updated to rank higher in search engines.

You can also read about the articles related to your field. Make your brain healthy, browse a lot, Google has everything to feed us, learn more, read many books, articles.

If we read more, we gain more, there is nothing wrong with just reading about the current trends.

Learn daily, this will help you enhance the power of your knowledge, where we can gain more and more sources of knowledge.

Update old blogs

Update old blog post frequently on your blog site. Weekly once update minimum 3 older blog post, It will lessen your work burden, you don’t want to find time to update your old blogs unless you follow this method.

If you update one blog daily, you can easily update all your blog posts and helps to improve SEO in search engines.

The updating is nothing, but it is just like adding new flavors or spices and removing the expired things to our traditional cooking.

Likewise, on your blog site, you can update the old blog post with new information related to new trends. Fresh content has more value. Keep a schedule for updating your old blog post.

Update every old blog posts, at least once or twice a year. Frequent updates are also better for SEO.

Managing social media

This is the most important step, where we all are already promoting our blog post.

So it is the need for us to promote our blog post on social media to get the engagements, users, traffic, income, and so on.

For promoting the blog post we are posting our content on social media like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and many others.

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It is essential to post blog/related content on the social media page. We need to be active on the page to stay connected with fellow bloggers or the audience.

You have to daily post on Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. If you are a lifestyle blogger, then Pinterest can be a better source of traffic for you.

You can use tools like SocialPilot and Tailwind to easily manage and automate your social media and increase your social presence.

You need to check your daily followers, the engagements from your users. Likewise, the traffic you gained from social media is very important for your site promotion.

Prepare your own schedule of Blogging tasks to make it better

As a blogger, you know what you should do. The number of blogging tasks that we discussed above will help you to promote your blog to the next stage of success.

Success in blogging will become an easy task when you regularly follow your own blogging tasks and schedule.

Finally, I conclude that the success or failure of it depends on your effort and the right working task.

I wish this article will be helpful for your blog growth and also for the success of your blog site.

Thank you for spending your valuable time with me, if you find this article useful, kindly share it with others.

Are you doing any other regular blogging tasks, Kindly share it with me in the comment section, so that other readers can know it.

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