Sentence Counter – Free Online Tool

Sentence Counter – Free Online Tool

About Free Online Sentence Counter Tool 

Use the free online sentence counter tool to count the number of sentences available in the provided text content. This sentence counter online tool is fast and accurate to provide the sentence count.

If you are looking to find how many sentences are present in particular paragraphs or on any lengthy text content, then this online sentence counter free tool will be best. 

What is a Sentence counter?

Sentence counter is a free online tool that allows you to count the number of sentences available in the text content. Within a fraction of a second, it identifies the sentences.

You simply write content directly on the tool or just paste it here to find the sentence count. You may have used Microsoft Word and Google docs, but they don’t have the option to count sentences.

But this simple online sentence counter tool finds the accurate number of sentences in the paragraphs and provided text word content. Even if you want to count the ten sentences or thousand sentences, no problem this simple sentence counter tool will take care of it.

Also, know how many words per page with table explanation.

How does Sentence Counter Tool Works?

Many of us have this question about how to use the sentence counter tool.

Just paste the text content by copying from the source and click the count button. Then it automatically counts the number of sentences in the count. You can also directly type on the tool instead of copying and pasting the content.  

Benefits of Free Online Sentence Counter Tool

This tool for sentence counter is highly helpful for content writers and students. If you are a student or content writer need to write an essay or assignment that covers a particular number of sentences.

Then this sentence online counter tool is the best one to use. This is a handy tool for writers.

Features of Free Sentence Counter Online Tool

It is completely easy to use and you don’t need any technical experience to use it. This tool works perfectly on most browsers and is designed to be responsive on all device screens.

You will not experience any issues in using this tool. We have designed this free sentence counter tool to accommodate most word counts and it will be sufficient for most people.

You don’t need to sign up or log in to use this sentence counter free tool. Simply start using the tool, it doesn’t ask for any personal information.

This sentence counter is fast and accurate. In most cases, it displays the result within a second and is most probably correct. However, if the provided content is not straight paragraphs and not neatly formatted then you should look again.

This sentence count tool provides a great user interface and user experience to provide a user friendly experience. 

Does This Sentence Counter Store Any of My Data?

We don’t store any of your data. Many people think that providing the content will know to others. But here we don’t store any data and all the things happen on the front end that are only displayed on the user’s screen.

So simply start using this best online sentence counter tool for free.