9 effective ways to write a blog post fast (Quick Strategy)

Are you taking more time to write a single blog post? Are you troubling yourself to write a blog post fast?

Have been sticking with a strict deadline for writing a high-quality article, and finding a great way to write your blogs faster, then this blog post is for you.

How to write blog post fast - Powerful techniques

I know, sometimes it takes 15+ hours to write a single blog post. Which is really a bad thing. However it also due to Writers block.

When it comes to writing a blog post, everyone has their own way of writing. Some people may take 1 day to write a 2000 words blog post, and others may take 2 to 4 days to write a single blog post.

In most scenarios, the time taken to write a blog post is based on the research needed to write that particular type of blog post. For keyword research, Semrush is the best tool and also you will get many content ideas to write in blog posts.

Research says normally it takes nearly 4 hours to write a single blog post, the time taken by the bloggers to write a blog post is increasing every year.

Blog writing time graph - Write your blog post faster

If you are the one taking more time to write a blog post, then somewhere you are probably losing your productivity. 

Another research from Hubspot shows the blog writing time for different geo-locations.

Blog post writing time

Best ways to write blog post fast

But here are some effective ways to increase your blog writing speed. Once you learn the way to reduce the blog post writing time, then you can focus on other things in blogging. So, writing blog posts fast is important.

The blogger’s job is not only to write a blog post, still, but there are also many things you should focus on like designing, promotion, link building, lead generation, and many more.

So, learn these methods to reduce your time and write a blog post faster than before.

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Have a schedule to write a blog post

Sometimes having a schedule or editorial calendar helps you to stick with deadlines. If you have a schedule, that pre-planned everything then your task is going to be easier.

Have a scheduled category of blog posts to write in the future.

Fix your own time for writing, every one has a good time to increase their productivity.

For example, some will like to write articles in the morning at 4 a.m or some will like to write articles in the evening, so fix your ideal time.

Pre-plan your things before a day. It helps to stay focused and don’t let anything missed out. 

It is the initial step of your mental preparation to write a quality blog post fast.

Have a preparation time before start writing a blog post

Everything needs proper preparation, planning, and execution to get the thing done it perfectly.

Likewise, to write blog posts, take your own time to prepare yourself to write a blog post.

Normally a preparation to write a blog post includes, having a proper blog outline and template to write the blogs perfectly. Sometimes having a proper outline helps to keep you on track without getting distracted to write a blog post.

Normally a blog preparation contains keyword research, a list of subheadings to cover in that blog post topic.

You can also have your research data or research source link for the purpose of referral, it helps to increase your blog writing speed and helps to write blogs faster.

Keep distracting things away when writing

Most of the time, the reason for our increasing blog post writing time is because of the gadgets we keep in our working table.

Mostly keep your table clean, it reduces your distraction. Keep off your electronic gadgets away from the table.

Before start writing, put your mobile phones in silent mode or turn off the notifications in mobiles and desktop. Close the unused tabs and apps on your desktop.

It helps you stay focused to write a blog post fast. Your only ultimate goal is to focus on that particular thing, which is writing.

Pomodoro technique

Use the Pomodoro technique to increase your blog writing speed. It is one of the quite efficient techniques used by people, mostly working in the online.

This technique helps to divide your time by segments, to do the blogging work. 

For example – if you are writing a 2000 word blog post, then divide the time into 4 half. You can set 40 minutes for writing each 500 words. When you reach that one-half time, then take a break.

This break is called the Pomodoro break. This break time will be usually 10 to 15 minutes. 

In the break time, you will do your relaxing activities like taking a cup of coffee, stretching your body, relaxation walk or breathing exercises, anything it could relax you.

At the break don’t do anything related to work. The break should be complete relaxation.

You can set the time in your stopwatch or you can use any software to do it effectively. It is one of the highly proven ways to increase your productivity. 

If you have not tried this technique before, then try it once, you will see the difference in blog writing efficiency.

This 10-minute break will keep you motivated for the next half, to write your blog post fast.

This technique allows you to manage your time effectively when writing blogs. 

Use tools to increase productivity

Every time the tools work is to simplify our job. Likewise blogging also has many highly effective tools to write blog posts fast.

When it comes to blogging, there is an endless number of tools available to increase your blogging skills. Use AnswerThePublic to find content people are searching for, Grammarly for perfect writing, Stencil, and Canva for graphic designing.

Once you start using the blogging tools, it will improve you as a better blog writer. Here is a list of blogging tools, that helps me to write a perfect blog.

Let the mistakes flow

Don’t do the editing while writing the blog post. When you are writing, just only focus on writing the blog. 

If you are correcting mistakes for every line, then you are increasing your blogging time.

Just write, let the mistakes flow. The tools like Grammarly will take care of all your grammar mistakes. So after completely finishing your article, do all the editing and proofreading.

If you are proofreading and editing for every paragraph then you are losing your productivity.

Write drunk, edit sober.

– Ernest Hemingway

When you switch yourself from writing mode to editing mode, some times your writing flow will cut off.

Write topics that you like

Mostly choose the topics that you are more like. Choosing the fewer interested topics, sometimes causes writer’s block. It reduces your capability of writing.

Most of the time write about the topic that you are favored and expert. But if you are working in a company, then you should write the topics, that your company gives.

In this type of case. Read many articles related to your field, that you’re gonna write. It may sometimes help to speed up your blog and article writing process.

Write a lot – freewriting

Practices make everyone perfect, so have a daily writing practice. Have a goal to write daily 500 words. 

Consistency is important, daily writing practices helps to write blog post fast and helps to reduce grammar mistakes while writing.

Experience improves your writing speed. Write many articles as much as you can. Write more and more, it gives you confidence in writing.

Sometimes when trying to write fast, we got stuck with the language. So write more articles, it helps to write your blog post fast. 

As we discussed earlier, if you are not good at language, don’t worry. Write now edit later. If you are stopping and correcting every mistake then you are going to increase your blog writing time.

Freewriting is one of the famous writing practice, followed by many bloggers.

Freewriting is a writing practice, which allows you to write anything for a particular period of time. You can try this technique. Freewriting helps to free-flow of your thoughts and emotions while writing.

When freewriting, the author can write about anything that goes into their mind. Freewriting doesn’t consider grammar errors, proper outline, research, and nothing needed. Only keep on writing something, it is called freewriting.

You can set a particular timer when doing freewriting. It could be 5minutes or 10 minutes, based on your interest in writing. But you should not need to stop writing until your fixed timer stops.

Freewriting practice also considered a pre-writing technique. It helps to fresh up your mind to start writing a quality blog post fast.

Draft it Locally

Initially start writing in any text writer like google docs or word. Don’t directly write a blog post in Your blog editor.

For example – if you are using WordPress, then don’t write directly in the block editor. It has many features in the sidebar, it leads to distraction. So start writing in any document writer and convert it to your main editor.

Our initial goal is to draft your blog, once drafted, we can easily do the necessary changes and editing to make your blog post perfect.

If you are using images, don’t place your images immediately, just leave some spaces and mark it images and continue your writing work.

Wrap up

These above techniques help to write your blog post faster. Not every technique will work for everyone.

Choose the ideas which help to write blog post fast. If you are Learn to reduce the blog writing time, then you have more time to focus on other things. Once you started focusing on other things too, then blogging has many amazing benefits for you.

finally, When to start writing, have the only goal in mind, that is the ending. If you are started to writing, don’t move until you have to finish your fixed writing work.

Some will finish writing a complete blog post in one sitting, so try yourself to be like that. Go on practicing the writing, you can able to write your blog post fast.

Some will say that fast-blogging has low-quality blogs, but it doesn’t true. The blogging speed that came with experience is always the best quality blog.

And slow blogging also doesn’t need to have high quality every time. So practice the blogging to get the thing done faster.

Thank you for spending your valuable time. If you find it useful, kindly share it with your friends.

If you have any other simple method to write the blog post fast, comment me below so that other readers also know it.