Use the simple steps in this Guide to get your Google Adsense Approval quickly. This Book includes some actionable tips to get easy approval.

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Manoj Kumar - Founder and Creator Of Foxblogging


I’m Manoj Kumar, the man who created Foxblogging. Foxblogging is a website, where you can learn about blogging and make it as a profitable business. 

Adsense is one of the easy and quick monetisatization method for bloggers. If you are a newbie and waiting to get your Google adsense approval, then this book is absolutely for you.

This book gives a complete solution to your problems, regarding getting your Adsense approval. If you are thinking that getting an AdSense approval is hard, then just look at this book and try once, then you will be ready to get your Adsense and start making money.

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I have simplified some of the easy steps techniques, that help you to get Google AdSense Approval Quickly.

Google Adsense is one of the easy ways to Monetize your blog. It is highly suitable for beginners to earn their first dollar through blogging. 

I have heard from Many beginner bloggers, that their AdSense approval is often got rejected. So I have compiled a small ebook, that covers some important thing that helps you to quickly get the AdSense approval

This Book Contains some quick Actionable tips to get your quick Adsense Approval from Google.

Purpose of this Google Adsense Ebook

Most of the beginner blogger’s dream is to get google AdSense approval. Because we know, it is one of the easiest ways to monetize your blogging site.

Even though it is easy to get AdSense approval, google has many strict rules and regulations to get to website approved for Adsense. So many beginner blogger’s websites are getting rejected on Google Adsense.

So here I have compiled a simple ebook, to get your AdSense approval. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner blogger or a well-known writer. The simple things in this ebook will lead you to get your website got approved for Google Adsense.

Many people have their own opinion for getting Adsense approval, but I have experimented with these things on my website to get my Adsense approval.

It worked well for me, then it will work for you too. Google Adsense policies getting updated frequently, so I have compiled the things I did to get my Adsense approval in 2020, that definetly helps you too.

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Getting your Adsense approval is not going to hard anymore. This ebook contains quick actionable steps to get your AdSense approved.

(Disclaimer – I’ve not used any tricks to get the website approved. I mentioned everything under the google Adsense policy guidelines to get Adsense approval.)