Premium Hosting Companies which provides free domain name

Are you looking for good hosting with a free domain name? Then I picked you some best hosting providers, which provide free domain names for buying hosting.

If you are willing to start a professional website, then domain and hosting is an important investment to consider. 

Hosting with a free domain name

Then how it will be that some hosting companies are providing free domain name for getting hosting.

When it comes to blogging investment, then the domain name is the first thing to be considered.

A good premium domain will cost you from $10 to $15. Then how it will be, you were saving that money.

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As a beginner, we have less budget to invest in getting a new domain name and hosting. But we don’t need to compromise in getting good hosting and domain.

But we can go with premium hosting providers who give free domain names.

There are many people, who quickly buy a domain name from providers like GoDaddy and Namecheap, before letting them know about free domain name providers.

If you have already bought a domain, no problem, you can also add that domain and buy yourself a free domain from that hosting provider.

If you are planning to start a blog or website, then it is the right time for you to get your free domain.

List of premium hosting companies with a free domain name


Bluehost is always top of the list for premium hosting providers for beginners.

From their basic plan, Bluehost offers you a free domain for one year, which could save you around $12. 

You can get the top-level domain name free of cost.

Click to get your free domain name.

It is one of few companies, which provide you free SSL certificates in their basic plan itself. If you are a beginner, then it is the right deal to start your website.

It also comes with 50GB SSD storage, so you never run out of storage.

Bluehost provides you great customer support, and it is a wordpress recommended hosting provider.

You can get your free domain name at the time of purchasing your wordpress hosting. You can use this free domain whenever you needed.

When you buy hosting, you can get your free domain name, you can also get your $200 credit to spend on your Google and Microsoft ads.

Grab yours.


It is also one of the cheap wordpress hosting providers, that is most suitable for beginners. 

Their hosting plans start from less than $1. 

From the premium shared hosting plans, hostinger provides you free domain name.

You get all types of top-level domain name for free when you buy their 12, 24 or 36 months plan. The top-level domain name includes .com, .net, .tech, .store, .shop, .website, .me, and much more.

If you have registered your domain name in any other domain provider, you can transfer it after 60 days to hostinger and enjoy the benefits.

Inmotion hosting

They are in the hosting field for over 15 years and are well known among hosting companies.

Inmotion provides powerful web hosting services with a free domain name. It provides a free SSL certificate with every plan. 

Get a free domain from Inmotion.

It comes with marketing tools that have advertising credits and customer management tools. You can get a free domain name when you buy their 12 months or 24 months hosting plan.

Godaddy hosting

Godaddy is the largest domain name registrar in the world. So you can get your free domain name by the following process.

Select a web hosting or any wordpress managed hosting plan with 12+ months and add it to the cart. When you continue with it, you will be taken to the domain name search page. Here you can search for a favorite domain name and get it by checking out the hosting plan. In their starter pack, they don’t provide your free domain, but from the economy pack, you can get your domain name for free.

Before doing hosting check out, add your domain name to the cart to get it for free.

Key things to know in getting a free domain

  1. Most hosting companies give you free hosting at the time of checkout and read their conditions and renewal rate of the domain name.
  2. Websites like Bluehost offers you to sign up without getting the domain name. Later that also you can get your free domain.
  3. The hosting companies give only some limited top-level domain extensions as a free domain.

As a beginner, starting with a free domain name is a brilliant investment and money saved. 

You can use this to save money in any other blogging tools to do professional blogging. These are some reliable hosting companies I found, that provide free domain names for their customers.

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Is there any other premium hosting companies that provide a free domain name for hosting? Let me know in the comments.

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