Interserver Review – Unlimited Hosting for everyone

Here is an Interserver review, which is a more affordable and reliable website hosting company for everyone.

Interserver hosting describes them as unlimited web hosting. So we have dug deep to find the Interserver hosting with many features and other information.

On this complete Interserver review, we have analyzed multiple factors and areas to explore this web hosting.

Interserver Review – Unlimited web hosting

Intersever Hosting review-performance, pricing, features

About Interserver Hosting

Interserver is an affordable and powerful web hosting platform. It gives you a complete hosting solution for every kind of website.

This Interserver web hosting comes with some unique features that no other hosting is providing. Intersever hosting has been in the business for more than two decades.

It has an extensive customer base and quality website hosting. Even if you are an individual business owner or a Fortune500 company, you will find the best hosting plans for the website.

With better quality hardware and resources, Interservers provides one of the reliable hosting solutions.

Interserver Features

Free Website Migration

Interserver hosting provides free website migration for your website. If you are a non-techy, then don’t worry about migrating your website. 

If you have an already established website on some other hosting,

Interserver free migration service

Interserver will make it easy to transfer your website. 

Many hosting companies are charging hundreds of dollars for website migration services. But Interserver hosting will completely do it for free.

With little to no downtime, you can do the website migration. Their expert team will handle the process 24/7, with better assistance.

Unlimited SSD storage

Interserver names their hosting as unlimited website hosting, which reflects here. They provide unlimited SSD storage for their hosting. 

You will get unlimited Ultra SSD storage hosting from their basic plan. On other hosting service providers, you will get very limited storage space on their basic hosting plans. But it comes unlimited. 

So it is one of the best for storing large amounts of data, without considering the storage space. SSD is another added advantage, which highly improves the website’s performance. 

Still, many hosting companies are not using SSD storage and some companies are not disclosing about their storage drivers being used. 

So it makes Interserver be great with better storage drivers for websites.

Data Centre Location

Intersever has multiple data centers across the United States. It also can be a drawback for some users.

The physical location of the data center is also considered by many website owners. If you have major sources of traffic outside the US, then you can also consider some other hosting. 

It’s because it has data centers only in the US. But provides excellent data center infrastructure with better security and guarantee.

Interserver Price Lock Guarantee

One of the very rare you can find on the Interserver web hosting is their price lock guarantee. You may not have heard this word on any of the website hosting providers.

This price lock guarantee allows you to pay the same price for renewals. You have seen that mostly every hosting comes up with higher renewal charges when compared to first-time prices.

But on Interserver, you can pay the same initial price for your renewal. It helps you to be in more safe mode. 

It gives you this price lock for a lifetime. For a lifetime, as much as you renew, pay only the same amount.

Content Delivery Content (CDN)

CDN are servers that are present around the world. So it delivers the content from the closest possible location.

Interserver's inter prox caching and CDN

Content delivery networks help you to provide faster websites anywhere in the world. Irrespective of your main server, the CDN helps quicker delivery of web pages.

So it has a free Cloudflare CDN. So you can get the CDN for your website.

The main importance of CDN is speed. Website speed is crucial for every website and business. The lower performance will reduce the conversion rates and profits.

The other aspect of having a CDN is security. With its screening, you can avoid many security issues like DDoS attacks.

Interserver different Hosting Plans

Intersever comes up with a wide variety of hosting plans to choose from. Their hosting plans are suitable from beginners to large established websites.

The different hosting plans like, 

  1. Shared hosting
  2. Virtual Private Server (VPS)
  3. Cloud Hosting
  4. Dedicated Hosting
  5. Reseller Hosting
  6. GPU dedicated Server

So picking up the hosting plans best for your needs is easy. If you are a beginner, then choosing shared web hosting is the best thing to do.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is the basic type of hosting offered by the Interserver Hosting company. Their basic web hosting plans also come with unlimited storage space for websites.

The shared website hosting  features includes,

  • Unlimited Ultra SSD storage
  • It supports 450+ cloud apps
  • Unlimited free email accounts
  • Free Website Migration
  • Global Content Caching
  • Free SSL certificates
  • Internshield Protection to your website
  • Weekly backups and Cloudflare caching

InternShield Protection and Free SSL certificate

This hosting comes up with an InternShield Security. InternShield is an inbuilt security system from Intersever.

Many web hosting companies are having poor security solutions for their users. Especially on their basic hosting plans, many top hosting providers also lack security options.

But Interserver comes with a better solution to websites. It prevents web attacks, it has an automatic virus scanner, in-house malware database, and machine learning firewall.

It comes with protective security tools to keep your website safe. The accounts are always kept isolated on the servers. 

Unlimited Email Accounts

It allows you to create unlimited email accounts. So you don’t need to pay anything extra for emails. Email is very important for every business.

So you don’t need to use any other third-party services for email. Create an email account with your branded domain and easily use it for the business.

The email account with your domain name is considered professional.

Ease of Use dashboard

With better features, Interserver hosting stands as one of the best for hosting your website. You can see that hosting companies will offer multiple plans under shared hosting.

The different plans under shared hosting will only have minor differences. Sometimes it may confuse the beginners to choose the best plans.

But the Interserver hosting did it best with having a single shared hosting plan. They have only one shared hosting plan, which comes with unlimited hosting features at an affordable price.

With these simple plans, beginners don’t get confused about choosing the plans. So, Starting with Interserver hosting is much easier.

After choosing your plan, you can quickly create your account. Enter your domain name, account details, credit card information, and your account is created.

After it, you will get access to the Intersever account area. Update your hosting nameservers on the domain. Installing WordPress is much easier with softaculous. 

Interserver supported apps and content management systems

With their cPanel, managing and navigating your account is much easier. Because of their easy-to-use dashboard, many hosting companies are preferring the cPanel.

With its search option, you can find every option.

Reliability and Performance

Interserver’s decades of experience in the web hosting industry makes them one of the most reliable hosting companies for your website.

When it comes to reliable hosting, uptime is one of the basic things to consider. It gives you an above-average uptime of 99.9%, which is more impressive.

It also maintains better website performance with good loading speeds.

Interserver is a perfect low-cost web hosting service provider with the best quality.

Customer Support

Getting the best support is more important for every business. Likewise, Interserver hosting has 24/7 live chat support.

Interserver customer support options

With their chat support, you will get quick replies. Their customer support representatives are also knowledgeable and provide the necessary information.

Interserver also has a knowledge base to answer your questions, but that is not much organized.

You can also connect with them through email and support tickets. Interserver doesn’t have the best award-winning customer support. But it has decent customer support.

Money-Back Guarantee

You have mostly seen that many website hosting companies are giving money-back guarantees. It helps the users to try and test their services and dashboards.

Like this Interserver also gives a 30-day money-back guarantee. So you can buy this hosting risk-free and completely test their services. 

Interserver Pricing

Interserver offers the best and quality website hosting services at an affordable price. Like other web hosting companies, it also starts with shared hosting and has a high level of scalability.

Shared Hosting

The starting plan offered by Interserver is standard web hosting. This is a shared hosting option and is highly suitable for beginners. 

Unlike other hosting companies it offers only one shared hosting plan, which is unlimited. It costs $5 per month.

  • Unlimited Ultra SSD storage
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • Free SSL certificate and CDN
  • Support 450+ apps
  • Weekly backups and automatic upgrades

Windows ASP.NET web hosting

If you want windows web hosting then, this hosting is for you. If you want to develop websites using .net languages, then this windows hosting is the best choice.

This windows web hosting is also packed with a lot of features. The pricing of this windows web hosting is $8/month.

  • Host 25 websites
  • Unlimited storage
  • Free website migration
  • Free SSL certificate and CDN
  • Create unlimited email accounts
  • Intershield Protection and weekly backups
  • 30-day money-back guarantee and speed optimization
  • 24/7 customer support

VPS Hosting

VPS is a virtual private server. If you want more powerful hosting solutions than shared hosting, then VPS hosting is the best. 

Their cloud VPS servers provide much stability to websites and handle the large traffic hikes. Interserver helps you to choose between processor cores, memory, and storage.

Their VPS hosting plan starts with $6/month, which comes with 1 CPU core and 30 GB SSD storage.

Interserver VPS hosting plans

Their high flexibility pricing options will help you to pick the CPU cores, memory, and storage. So based on your website needs, you can pick the pricing and options.

If you need large storage for your website, then it also has large storage servers.

  • High CPU cores
  • More memory and storage
  • Lightning-fast loading speeds
  • High-level security and top uptime guarantee
  • High-performance storage options

It also has a separate VPS for WordPress users. WordPress VPS is highly optimized for the WordPress content management system.

Dedicated Server

If you have a well-established website and need a well-dedicated resource for your website, then a dedicated server is the option to go with.

Interserver Dedicated hosting plans

Dedicated server pricing starts at $49/month. They offer both AMD and Intel CPU servers to choose from. With its more flexibility, choosing the perfect combination of resources for your website is easy.

Interserver Hosting Pros and Cons


  • With its basic plan, it provides unlimited SSD storage for websites
  • You can create unlimited email accounts
  • Price lock guarantee on hosting renewals. Same price for lifetime.
  • Free website migration. So don’t get worried about migrating your website to Interserver.
  • More reliable hosting speed and performance with better uptime
  • Free internshield and SSL security. Intershield security is developed by the Interserver team. 
  • Inter-Proxy caching and Cloudflare
  • Easy to use Dashboard and Cpanel for beginners
  • 24/7 live chat support, email, and ticketing support. It also has phone support.
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee.
  • Interserver has its own maintained data centers.
  • Servers are only maintained at 50% capacity. It gives you room to grow and avoid performance issues.
  • Highly flexible and customizable hosting plans.


  • Data servers are only located in the United States. If you have major traffic from other countries or continents, then you should consider.
  • It doesn’t give a free domain name. But you can register or transfer domain only for $7.99

Interserver Hosting – Final Verdict

Do I recommend Interserver Hosting?

Yes, definitely Interserver is one of the best options to choose for your hosting. With over two decades of experience in the web hosting industry, it provides more reliable and affordable hosting prices.

Interserver hosting covers overall areas to fulfill complete hosting solutions. Their every plan is equipped with all the important features and functionalities.

There is no upsell on Interserver. You don’t need to buy any individual features separately. 

If you have multiple websites and need affordable web hosting, then Interserver is good to go. With its SSD storage servers, you will have better performance.

Especially if you have major traffic from North America, then it suits you better. If you have any major Asian or Australian traffic, then you may face a little reduction in loading speeds.

Interserver Alternatives

If you think, Interserver hosting is not suitable for you. Then these Interserver alternatives will suit you better.

FAQ on Interserver Hosting

What is the Interserver Price Lock guarantee?

Interserver’s price lock guarantee allows you to pay the same amount of price during your renewals. For your lifetime, your hosting renewal cost would not be changed.

So you can pay the same price until you stay in the plan.

Is Interserver good hosting?

Interserver is one of the reliable web hosting providers in the industry. It was in business for over two decades. It has affordable hosting plans, which cover all your important features to run a perfect website.

With its high flexibility in choosing your hosting resources, it provides great hosting solutions.

Which is the Cheap Interserver Hosting plan?

Standard web hosting is the cheapest Interserver hosting plan. If You are a beginner and looking for a hosting plan, then it suits you. It costs $5/month, which comes with unlimited SSD storage, unlimited email accounts, free SSL, website migration, internshield protection, and a money-back guarantee.

Is Interserver Fast?

Interserver provides one of the fastest servers in the industry. Their servers provide better performances consistently. With its reliable uptime, you always have a great experience.

Interserver Hosting review: Wrap Up

Interserver hosting is a great choice for hosting your website. Especially if you are a Fortuneeginner or small business, then you will get more affordable pricing and greater performance.

I hope this Interserver review helps to know about it. Comment your thoughts and Interserver review below.

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