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A2 Hosting Review: Is it provides 20x faster-loading speed

Are you a beginner and searching for good premium hosting at an affordable price, then you should consider a2 hosting? Here is a detailed a2 hosting review and their features, performance, and flexibility explained.

A2 Hosting review and features

It is one of the popular WordPress hosting providers, but not more familiar with beginners. A2 Hosting is popular with its powerful high-speed servers, which are accessed by turbo speed servers.

This a2 hosting review gives you knowledge about this hosting and idea to decide, whether suitable for you or not.

We are focusing on pricing, features, pros and cons, performance, customer support, and money-back guarantee of the a2 hosting to get it a full review.

Let’s start the A2 hosting review with a general overview.

A2 Hosting Review – General overview

A2 Hosting was initially founded in 2001 and later named in 2003. It initially started for a limited number of clients, but now nearly for 2 decades, it is in the hosting field. More than this, they are kept on increasing their quality and performance.

When it comes to affordable web-hosting, the Bluehost and hostinger are some main things that come to our minds. But A2 hosting is a high performance-focused hosting provider.

A2 Hosting is also one of the powerful hostings in the market. They are more famous for their high-speed turbo server.

Their turbo servers boost your speed up to 20x speed when compared to other normal web hosting companies.

The A2 hosting comes with a tagline “our speed your success”. It is one of the few hosting providers, which is highly optimized for speeds.

Speed optimized websites give high conversion rates and good SEO. A2 Hosting is one of the reliable and robust hosting providers.

They have hosting plans, from beginner levels to advanced levels. It satisfies your every need. Moreover, in every plan, they are fulfilling all the important needs.

Whatever the business you are in, you will find the best web hosting plans for your needs. Your business will be always online with its quick response servers.

A2 Hosting is also a green hosting company. It also won numerous awards for their excellent user experience and fastest web hosting services and support.

A2 Hosting is a complete solution for your hosting needs. It is also well balanced in every aspect of need. If you are looking for high performance and great support, then this is your best choice to go.

Different types of plans provided by A2 hosting

Broadly it comes with four different types of hosting

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is more suitable for new bloggers and personal websites. It is one of the reliable and user-friendly types of hosting for users.

Reseller hosting

A limited number of hosting companies only have reseller hosting options. This reseller hosting is most suitable for high agencies. You can buy and resell the hosting space to your clients and customers.

It looks like you are doing hosting services for your clients. The websites are hosted in high-speed servers and highly tuned for performance.

It also comes with good crew support 24/7/365.

VPS hosting (virtual private servers)

It is the next step of shared hosting. If you want more power than shared hosting, then VPS could be better.

VPS comes with both managed and unmanaged hosting options. So you can choose based on your needs and requirements.

Dedicated server hosting

It is the best complete solution for all your hosting needs. Here you can get your dedicated server, which is used to power up your complete business website.

It also comes with managed and unmanaged hosting options.

Difference between managed vs unmanaged wordpress hosting

Mainly it has two types of wordpress hosting.

In unmanaged wordpress hosting, you need to take care of the responsibilities of your website. Sometimes, you need to separately buy some features.

In managed wordpress hosting plans, you can get high-speed turbo servers in all their plans. It also comes with Plesk desk control, priority support, and automatic backups. Another great thing from the managed wordpress hosting is an anytime money-back guarantee. It looks cool.

Hosting plans Pricing

A2 Hosting is not more expensive or cheap. They have very competitive pricing plans, which suits everyone.

As we discussed earlier, it has two types of hosting. A2 hosting shared wordpress hosting starts with $2.99/month for the startup plan. The managed wordpress hosting starts at $11.99/month, it has a real better user-experience and low price for managed hosting.

Shared wordpress hosting plans

A2 Hosting shared wordpress pricing list
  1. Startup plan: This is their starting plan, starts at $2.99/months. It comes with 1 website and 100 GB SSD storage.
  2. Drive plan: It starts at $4.99/month. It comes with unlimited websites, unlimited SSD storage, and free automatic backups.
  3. Turbo boost: It starts at $9.99/month. It has unlimited websites, NVMe storage, and free automatic backups. From this plan, you can get their turbo speed servers, which is up to 20x faster.
  4. Turbomax: It starts at $14.99/month. It also has unlimited websites, turbo NVMe storage, free automatic backups, and other resources.

Common features in all the plans: Every plan comes with free & easy site migration, free SSL, free Cloudflare CDN, unlimited email support, and 24/7 phone, chat, and email support. The last two plans come with turbo speed servers, which have NVMe storage.

Managed wordpress hosting

It comes with three different plans.

A2 hosting managed wordpress pricing list
  1. The 1-site plan starts at $11.99/month. It handles 1 website and 10 GB of storage.
  2. The 3-sites plan starts at $18.99/month. 3 websites and 25 GB storage allowed.
  3. The unlimited plan starts at $36.98/month. Unlimited websites and 40 GB storage.

Common features in all plans: Plesk control panel, Automated backups, free site migration, free CDN, speed optimized wordpress, and anytime money-back guarantee.

These are some important features that other hosting providers don’t give at this price.

Other web hosting plans.

If you are not using wordpress, then it also has other hosting plans based on your needs. You can also look out for other shared, reseller, VPS, dedicated hosting plans.

  1. A shared hosting plan starts from $2.99/month.
  2. Reseller hosting plans start from $18.99/month.
  3. VPS hosting starting at $5/month.
  4. A dedicated hosting plan starts from $99.59/month.

If you are still more confused to choose the hosting plans, then contact their Guru crew support team to help you choose the right plan.

Different types of webhosting support

A2 hosting pros and cons

It is always important to know the pros and cons.


  1. Highly optimized for best performance
  2. Good uptime commitment (99.9%)
  3. No risk – Anytime money-back guarantee and has signup discounts.
  4. Free website migration by their expert team.
  5. Options to choose the data centers. Choose your server locations from available locations around the world.
  6. Their plans are easily scalable, based on your every need.
  7. Developer friendly environment.
  8. Competitive pricing plans.
  9. Up to 20x faster site loading speeds.


  1. The basic plan doesn’t have turbo servers. For turbo servers, you should go with turbo plans.
  2. No free domain name. (Try Bluehost for a free domain name)

Read – Hosting companies that give free domain names.

A2 hosting Important features

It is one of the important segments, analyzing their important features that stand out. When it comes to features, A2 hosting is one of the reliable, powerful, and well-balanced hostings. It is more suitable for both developers and non-developers.


A2 Hosting is known for its performance. With their high-speed turbo servers, you don’t need to worry about their server response time and speed.

They are claiming their uptime to be 99.9% commitment, but they have managed to give it for 99.8%. It is also quite high in industry standards.

For more uptime, you can also consider hosting like Bluehost and DreamHost. Dreamhost provides a 100% uptime guarantee.

Get DreamHost at 63% offer, save now.

A2 hosting also uses turbo cache technology to load your sites faster and gives the best user experience. If performance is your main concern, then it is the best choice.


The speed comes with performance, so they are highly optimized to give speed specialized servers in their shared hosting plans itself.

Look at some speed features, A2 hosting gives in shared hosting, to improve the speed.

  1. Fully SSD servers
  2. High-speed turbo servers, which offer up to 20X faster loads.
  3. Different server locations for customer needs. (USA, Europe, Asia)
  4. Cloudflare CDN (content delivery network)
  5. Faster CPU performance
  6. Turbo cache and LiteSpeed cache plugin

These things will take care of your website to load faster. It also helps to reduce bounce rates, improves SEO rankings and conversion rates.

WordPress optimized A2 hosting

A2 Hosting is specially optimized for wordpress. Like other hosting companies, a2 also highly attracts wordpress users.

They have a separate a2 optimized plugin for wordpress to improve your performance. They also provide plugins for other CMS like Joomla, drupal, magneto, and open cart. It comes with custom host settings, which improves the speed and security of the website.

It provides you the 1-click installation of wordpress. Nowadays many hosting providers give easy wordpress installation, but you don’t want to choose the hosting which takes more time to install. As a beginner, it is the first step to start well.

A2 hosting Security features

A2 doesn’t compromise in security also. This hosting provider also comes with a lot of features to make your security top-notch.

This hosting provider comes with important security features like

  1. Free hack scan protection to avoid hacks
  2. Reinforced DDOS protection
  3. Web Hosting firewall
  4. Brute force attack
  5. Virus scanning
  6. Two-factor authentication 
  7. SSL certificates.

Everything comes free with their plans. So, you don’t need to buy anything separately. A2 comes with a basic SSL certificate, which is enough for a blogging website. For higher security, you can choose their premium SSL certificates from their wide range.

Different types of SSL certificates

Free SSL doesn’t come with a warranty, for extended validation (EV) and warranty go for premium SSL.

Sometimes, as a beginner, you will find it difficult to activate the SSL certificate, but no problem in A2. The hosting team will help you to apply the free SSL certificates to your desired domain, to make it more secure. 

Customer support

It is also one of the important things. It is an important place to go if any problem happens in hosting.

Here A2 hosting made it simple for you. They have three important ways to contact them. It includes phone calls, live chat, and an email ticketing system. 

They have Guru crew support, which will be active 24/7/365 to help you with every question you have.

They also have a knowledge base, where you can get answers for most of your questions. Formal simple questions, initially go-to knowledge base.

A2 Hosting knowledge base

Money-Back guarantee

If you want to try their tools and service, but confused to go. Then no problem. They have a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can get a hassle-free refund within 30 days. 

If you want to cancel hosting after 30 days, then they also have that option to refund for the remaining available days.

So you can try the hosting for “hassle-free and worry-free”. 

Other exciting features from A2 hosting

Here are some other features, which keep other Hostings top.

Free migration

Many hosting companies are not providing free migration services, but A2 hosting provides it.

From their basic plan itself, they have this option. How helpful it is, technical experts are migrating your site for free.

Moving a website from one hosting provider to others will be a bit technical. If you are nervous about transferring your website to A2 hosting, then no problem. A2 hosting experts will take care of your website migration and its issues.

Just you need to contact their support team, they will take care of everything from migration to speed optimization.

SSD server

They have included SSD in all their servers. It is the main reason for their amazing speed of servers.

There are hosting companies, who are still not providing SSD drives. SSD increases site speed. A2 also have some hosting plans, which come with NVMe drives. It will be a bit more powerful.

It is one of the important things, why A2 is more advanced and it needs to be incorporated by other hosting companies also. This everything tells the story, how they are claiming as a turbo speed server which is 20x faster.

Developer friendly

If you are a developer and want to learn more about different CMS and different versions, then A2 hosting offers you everything.

It also supports different developer software and frameworks for different projects. It is a real deal for developers too.

Different server locations  

Most of the hosting companies don’t allow you to choose the server locations, but A2 hosting does it.

They have servers in four different locations. So you can choose yours. If you know your major targeted audience, you can choose the server close to their location. Choosing a server close to your audience will increase the content delivery speed.

The data center locations are,

  1. Michigan and Arizona (United States)
  2. Amsterdam (Europe) 
  3. Singapore (Asia)

You should choose your location when ordering the hosting.

These are some quick interesting things from the A2 Hosting company.

Finally, the last part.

Some best reasons to choose A2 hosting

It is the last thing, that some main reasons why you should go with A2hosting.

  1. Turbo speed servers, which are optimized for speed and performance.
  2. Full SSD storage (boosts up to 20x speed)
  3. A great package of security features.
  4. Good customer support.
  5. Free and easy migration.
  6. Money-back guarantee.
  7. Competitive pricing.


Do I recommend A2 hosting?

Why not.

Definitely, I will recommend it.

For less than $3, you are getting powerful hosting with a money-back guarantee.

To be honest, the A2 hosting review is completely satisfied with every aspect of the need. It is one of the few hosting companies, which is well balanced in every department.

It is well competitive hosting for beginners when compared to other famous hosting providers like Bluehost. A2 hosting is also competitive for the intermediate business level of hosting like WPX.

A2 Hosting is more reliable and comes with a more power-packed performance. It makes you enjoy the best user experience with affordable hosting plans.

If you are just starting a new website, then you should definitely try their turbo speed servers and feel the impressive performance.

1. Does A2 hosting company offer a money-back guarantee?

Yes, it offers a money-back guarantee. A2 hosting gives an impressive anytime money-back guarantee. Within 30 days you will get a full refund, after that time you will get money-back based on the resources used.

2. Does it really A2 hosting offer a 20x faster server?

A2 hosting provides one of the fastest hostings in the web industry. With the combination of SSD, NVMe, Caching technology, optimized servers, and CDN, it provides one of the best quick loading speeds. The server response time and page loading speed are over five times faster than the same category hosting providers.

3. A2 hosting Alternatives?

It is the best hosting in performance in this category. Other Alternatives for beginners are Bluehost and Hostinger, for intermediates WPX hosting is the best. For 100% uptime, you can also consider Dreamhost hosting.

4. Which A2 hosting plan suitable for beginners?

As a beginner, you can choose a startup plan which only costs you $2.99/month. But if you need turbo speed servers, you can choose a turbo boost plan, it starts from $9.99/month. Every plan is value for money. Contact the A2 Hosting support team, to know your required plan details.

Do you need any other information from this A2 hosting review? Comment below.

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