best WordPress hosting providers for your website

Some best free wordpress hosting providers for websites

You have chosen to start a website in WordPress and looking for a reliable and affordable WordPress hosting for your website. We have taken up some world-leading and best WordPress hosting providers in the world.

Hosting is one of the key and the equally important things behind every successful website. Even though, there are over 100 hosting companies available in the market, every one doesn’t provide you the same quality.

Every hosting company has its own plans and better features to serve you better.

   There are many types of WordPress hosting available such as, free, shared, VPS, dedicated, managed WordPress hosting, and cloud hosting.

The best hosting will improve your SEO, user experience, and traffic rate. There are several hosting providers in the market, everyone provides hosting services. These WordPress hosting providers are for starting your website and personal bloggers.

But most of the professional WordPress users suggest you only the limited number of hosting, which will be more perfect for everyone to use. There are many free hosting providers in the industry, but free hosting is doesn’t compare with these good hosting.

Best WordPress hosting providers


The siteground really makes your WordPress sites better than anyone. If you are a beginner, then this is the one suitable for you. 

We recommend it, because of their fast page loading speed, fast customer support, and accessible control panel, which suits for everyone from beginners to professionals. 

SiteGround offers you a quick support team. As a beginner, is it anything better than getting excellent customer support for your every need and doubts. Their support team will be always online 24/7 to provide you with the best customer support.

 This hosting highly recommended by the WordPress community. Even though having enormous features, it is still more affordable. 

SiteGround comes with 3 plans for WordPress hosting that suits for every type of user. It also offers you the one-click installation of WordPress. Other than WordPress hosting, they also offer hosting for your own made websites.

Siteground hosting has its own caching plugin called SG optimizer plugin. It provides you dynamic caching and loads the images faster from their sites, to improve your sites speed in every way.

 This plugin also comes with features like zip compression, lazy image loading, HTML, and CSS minification. This plugin reduces the usage of separate plugins for every feature.


  1. quick customer support
  2. free SSL
  3. more affordable plans
  4. good site loading speed
  5. SSD storage
  6. SG optimizer plugin (fast dynamic caching)

Accordingly, they were in the market from 2004 and one of the major players in providing hosting service. 

        With the many years of service in the hosting world, they are taken their position as the best WordPress hosting providers. They are providing a free HTTP (SSL) certificate from their basic plan.

          This WordPress hosting provider offers you better site speed, good uptime, backup plan, and much more. Their basic plans start from $3.95/month, which allows you to use one website and an email account. 

Most of the websites don’t give any focus towards students, but the siteground has students plan which is more affordable.

If you want to host an unlimited number of websites, then they have a plan for $5.95/month which allows you to host an unlimited number of websites from the same account.

If you need fast and high pickup speed websites, then move on to cloud hosting. But the cloud hosting is much costlier than normal WordPress hosting.


If you are searching for the best hosting, then you will definitely hear about the Bluehost. it is a user-friendly shared hosting, which provides free SSL and Cpanel.

Bluehost one of the best and largest in the world, which most of the bloggers suggest to you. It is one of the oldest hosting providers from 2003 and later it highly recommended by the WordPress community.

They are providing hosting over 2 million sites in the world. That’s why we say, one of the best WordPress hosting providers.

They provide you the best WordPress hosting, which has been power-packed with many features to offer you. Their basic pack comes with a free premium domain for one year, free SSL. if you are willing to start a blog or website, you can save your domain buying cost, by choosing Bluehost hosting.

Bluehost also has 24/7 customer support in chat and limited time of phone help, but when customer support compared, siteground stand out.

Bluehost account has inbuilt Cloudflare so it increases your site’s performance through an advanced content delivery network.

Another better reason to choose Bluehost is their basic plans are starting at $2.75/month, which is cheaper when compared to other best hosting providers.


DreamHost is one of the best hosting providers, which has more commitment towards the WordPress sites. They are regularly improving their performance and more trusted hosting providers by the WordPress community.

They also offer you a free domain and SSL. Their goal is to provide fast, reliable, and enjoyable work experience for WordPress users. 

It doesn’t matter you are a newbie or professional; they have a plan for your every need. They have more commitment to your security and privacy. 

DreamHost also offers separate hosting for email. You can host your professional email hosting at your domain name. They have a huge 25 GB mailbox for your emails.

If you don’t have a website also, you can get your email hosting for your domain, if we host even the domain in some other hosting.


HostGator made your Webhosting very easy and affordable. Their price ranges from less than $1.5 dollars and offers you a better feature.

It is also one of the more popular hosting providers. Like other hosting providers, they also have 24/7 customer support. 

It is one of the fast and reliable hosting companies, which has a suitable site speed. They also provide free site transfer and backups. It is one of the best features, which many hosting companies do not provide.

HostGator has multiple server locations. It doesn’t provide Cpanel with WordPress hosting. You need to buy an SSL certificate separately apart from hosting.

You can back up your websites regularly through codeguard backup solution, but need to buy separately.


It is one of the best WordPress hosting providers for beginners. They have more cheap price hosting.

They provide qualified customer support, and the performance is also okay. Hostinger provides many tools for you to design your website.

They are using lite speed web servers to increase your website speed. You can migrate your site from other hosting to hostinger easily, through their easy migration tool. If you are not liked to migrate yourself, then their WordPress specialists do it free for you.

It has a user-friendly Control panel. If it does not satisfy you with their experience, they give you 30 days money-back guarantee.

Benefits of using the best WordPress hosting providers

best wordpress hosting benefits

These are things, which differs from normal WordPress hosting providers to best WordPress hosting. Consider these things when buying a good WordPress hosting.

points to remember

  1. Sites speed and load time
  2. Priority customer support
  3. Good Uptime
  4. Less downtime
  5. Regular backups
  6. Free SSL certificate
  7. Higher storage
  8. More bandwidth
  9. Free domain (Bluehost)
  10. Easy site migration
  11. Unlimited sub-domains
  12. Good caching technology

Some FAQs related to WordPress hosting

  1. What is WordPress hosting

The hosting for websites created in WordPress. Over 34% of websites in the world powered by WordPress. 

  1. Why everyone prefers WordPress

WordPress initially started as a blogging site, but for now, it is suitable for every business. To know more about their benefits.

  1. Can I change my site to another hosting (migration)

The above hosting allows you to migrate your site, to your preferred host. Specifically, the migration takes a lot of time. Many hosting providers have a website migration tool, through which we can transfer your site. sometimes migrating sites affect your SEO.

  1. What is managed WordPress hosting

Many hosting companies provide you managed WordPress hosting. These types of hosting reduces your work of maintaining the websites and regular updates. It highly customized for WordPress. 

  1. What is data center location

It is the location where your server maintained. Usually, good hosting companies have a multi-data-center location. Try to choose your server location, nearer to your audience.

6. Do hosting companies offer a money-back guarantee

Most of the companies offer a 30 days money-back guarantee. So you can check with their site.

  1. What is shared hosting

Eventually, the shared refers to host many websites in a single server. If you need dedicated server hosting, you can also buy from your hosting providers. Usually dedicated hosting costs you more.

  1. Why cloud hosting costs more

Therefore, Cloud hosting mainly known for their speeds. Cloud is the thing in which they connect many servers to the internet and it has their own virtual servers on cloud technology. Usually, cloud hosting provides more security to your websites.

  1. What does VPS hosting mean

A virtual private network (VPS) is hosting between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. In VPS hosting, you can get separate server space for your website with other users.

  1. Which is best WordPress hosting providers do we recommend

There are many hosting providers, but when it comes to WordPress hosting providers, we highly recommend you to go with Bluehost or siteground hosting providers, which offers you the best value for money.

      11. can i choose free hosting for my website

We don’t recommend you to go with free hosting. There are many reasons to avoid free hosting, besides check here to know whether free hosting is suitable for your website.


Finally, these are one of the top and best in the hosting industry. Truly, if you really want to do some serious business from your website, go for Bluehost hosting or siteground hosting.

      At last, to make an excellent business from websites, then go for best WordPress hosting providers to get better user experience and tech support. Thankyou for spending your valuable time. if this article useful, kindly share it

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