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10 web hosting with free website migration (Free Site Transfer)

Are you looking for the best web hosting with free migration done by experts?

Sometimes, we may not be comfortable with our current hosting provider. So the better idea is to migrate our website to another better hosting provider.

Hosting with free migration and site transfer

Here is a list of web hosting companies that offers you free website migration (Free Site transfer).

Web hosting with free website migration

A2 Hosting$2.99/monthJoin Now (66% OFF)
GreenGeeks$2.95/monthVisit Site (70% OFF)
WPX hosting$20.83/monthSignup here
Kinsta$30/monthCheck prices
Cloudways$10/monthGet a free trial
Interserver$5/monthGrab It
Fastcomet$3.48/monthGet it Now (65% OFF)

If you are not a technical guy, then migrating the website can be sometimes tricky. During website migration, the small changes in the important files can completely make your site inaccessible.

So, the only better solution for it is getting the expert’s help from web hosting companies. Every hosting company has separate website experts, who will easily transfer your website without any issues.

But some web hosting companies are charging you $100 to $150 for migration done by their experts. You can easily save this cost with free migration.

Some premium web hosting companies giving a free migration for your websites. So you could probably save more cost and time. 

Before starting the migration, it is always better to have a website backup. UpdraftPlus is the best backup and restores wordpress plugin, with one click you can backup and restore the backups.

Web hosts with free site transfer for WordPress – overview

  1. A2 hosting – Experts will transfer your website in 24 to 48 hours.
  2. GreenGeeks – Signup and fill up the migration request form. Your account will be easily migrated.
  3. WPX hosting – Get the unlimited free migration done by experts quickly.
  4. Kinsta Hosting – Log into the MyKinsta dashboard and create a migration request. Easily track the migration process.
  5. Cloudways – Get your free site migration done experts.
  6. Interserver – They migrate your website from any type of CMS & customer made applications.
  7. FastComet – Get 3 free Website migration done by experts.
  8. Flywheel Hosting – Use the flywheel migratory plugin to quickly transfer your site.
  9. DreamHost – Easily use the Dreamhost migration plugin and migrate your website.
  10. Bluehost – Currently it offers free migration for a limited time, but it has many restrictions.

Ok, lookout for the details of web hosting companies that offer free migration in all their plans.

List Of WordPress hosting with free migration

A2 Hosting

A2 hosting logo

A2 Hosting is a speed and performance-focused Web hosting company. After signup, fillup the migration request form.

Give essential details in the migration form, so that your website will easily be migrated by experts.

Key Features

  • Turbo Servers (Upto 20x Faster)
  • Free Site Migration from experts
  • 100 GB SSD storage
  • Free Cloudflare CDN & SSL
  • Choice of data center location
  • Great uptime and 24/7 support

A2 Hosting is a high performance-focused hosting, which highly enhances your site speed.

This Web hosting provides free website migration, which is done by experts. If you upgrade your plan or move your website from another hosting, their migration experts will take care of your website.

You have to just fill up a migration request form to get your site transfer. Once they receive the completed migration request form, A2 hosting experts will transfer your website within 24 to 48 hours. 

Sometimes, the more complicated migration takes a little extra time. Fill in the migration form completely and provide proper and correct details, which makes your migration process easier.

There is another method for the fast migration of your website. If you have cPanel based backup, then just open a support ticket on A2 hosting and provide a backup filename and path directory.

Then their migration team will quickly start the restoration as soon as possible. So, it is the fastest way to get your site migration.

If you have any other doubts regarding the free migration to A2 hosting, then contact A2 hosting customer support through live chat, phone, or support ticket. They guide you to the next step of the process.


GreenGeeks logo

GreenGeeks is an Eco-friendly hosting. You will get free site transfer and email migration from GreenGeeks team.

Just fill-up the migration request form and their hosting experts will do free migration of your website from existing hosting.

Key Features

  • Unlimited Web Space
  • Free SSL certificate & CDN
  • Free Domain For a Year (1st Year)
  • Unmetered Data Transfer
  • Get Free daily backups

GreenGeeks is a completely green energy web hosting. It is giving back 300% more green energy to the environment.

It is one of my favorite hostings that is well balanced with its features. Their hosting plans start from $2.95/month. At this cost, you will get every important feature to run a better website. 

More than this, they offer free website migration that was done by their experts. Let your website to GreenGeeks migration experts.

For requesting your migration, just log into your GreenGeeks account. On the left panel, go to support and click “site migration request”.

Hosting free migration procedures

Then select the hosting plan for your migration.

Free Migration request to hosting

To transfer your website, you need to provide login information, control panel URL, FTP hostname, FTP/control panel username, and passwords. Once you filled it, then click submit.

Submit the free migration form to web host

Once the website migration is completed, the GreenGeeks hosting team will send you an email. 

Do not change your DNS or name servers to GreenGeeks hosting before it is migrated. It may cause errors.

If you are more worried about the website and email migration, then just contact the GreenGeeks support team. They will guide you to the next procedures.

WPX hosting

WPX hosting logo

WPX is a powerfully managed WordPress hosting provider. It is one of the few hosting which gives a high technical support.

You will get free website migration within 24 hours, which is the fastest among other hosting.

Key Features

  • Host Up to 5 websites (Basic plan)
  • Unlimited Free Site transfer
  • Free Site speed optimization
  • Free Malware Detection & removal
  • Quick WordPress expert customer support

WPX is a powerful and managed WordPress hosting provider. With their robust servers, they offer maximum server speed and response time.

Their Starting plan allows you to host 5 websites. Every plan comes with free website migration, free site speed optimization, free malware detection and removal, and free site fixes, if down.

This is the best hosting, which gives you complete technical support. So you just grow your business and WPX hosting takes care of other things. 

It is the only hosting that gives your unlimited website migrations. In WPX, the migration is done by experts manually and also it includes email migration.

Your migration will be done in 24 hours. It is the fastest migration when compared to others. Get your free site transfer.

WPX also has quick customer support. Their average response time is less than 30 seconds. It is one of the fastest expert support in the industry.

WPX can be a great choice. If the website is your main business, then this is the hosting you should go with.

Kinsta Hosting

Kinsta hosting - Free Migration

Kinsta is a premium managed WordPress hosting, that comes with high quality. Kinsta’s every plan comes with free site migration.

You can also track the migration process status.

Key Features

  • 10 GB SSD storage
  • 25,000 Average monthly visits
  • Get Basic and premium migrations
  • Choose from 24 Global locations
  • Free Malware removal

Kinsta hosting is one of the leaders in the web hosting industry. It is a managed wordpress hosting.

Kinsta is high quality and higher-priced hosting provider when compared to others. Kinsta hosting plan starts from $30/month. They have plans that can accommodate any kind of larger website.

Kinsta’s every plan comes with free premium migration. If you need to migrate a bulk amount of websites like 10, 50, or 100 sites, then they separate bulk pricing plans.

Based on your hosting plan, you can get a number of free premium migration.

Number offree premium migrations supported

Once you sign up, you can easily request a free migration from the MyKinsta dashboard.

Get premium free migration from web hosting (free site transfer)

You choose between free basic migration or free premium migration. You have to just fill up the migration request form, then kinsta experts will notify you about your migration status. Then You can also track the process.

You can choose from their 24 Google cloud data centers and let the experts migrate your website.

Cloudways Hosting

Cloudways logo

Cloudways is the best-managed cloud hosting provider in the Industry. You can get the best cloud hosting at affordable price.

Cloudways plans come with one free migration done by their experts.

Key Features

  • Affordable Cloud Hosting
  • Unlimited application supported
  • Automated backups & Inbuilt CDN
  • Get a free trial (No credit card)
  • Choose from 60+ data centers.

Cloudways is a managed cloud hosting provider. If you want to try the performance of cloud hosting, then this is the better choice.

Benefits of free site migration to cloud hosting

You will get cloud hosting just for $10/month. It also comes with hourly and monthly prices. It also has a 3-day free trial. So you can try the hosting. Get the free trial

You can choose from 5 different cloud hosting providers, from around 60+ Datacenters. Cloudways gives you one application for free on their plans. 

Cloudways experts will migrate your website with minimal downtime and perfectly.

Interserver Hosting

Interserver hosting logo

It provides you unlimited hosting at a better price. It supports 450+ cloud apps.

70% of its customers are migrated from other hosting companies. Their experienced team migrates sites from all types of open-source CMS and custom made applications.

Key Features

  • Unlimited Websites
  • Unlimited storage and transfer
  • Price lock guarantee (No extra renewal cost)
  • Better Uptime and Support
  • Global content caching

Interserver hosting will make your free migration process easier and quicker. Once you sign up, contact the customer support team to get started with the migration process.

The Interserver’s experienced migration team will easily migrate all your files, databases, and permissions to your Interserver hosting account.

Features of interserver hosting free migration

The Interserver web hosting migration team has specialized in all open-source CMS applications and custom made applications in all languages and frameworks.

So you don’t worry about your types of applications you use, they got it covered.

Interserver migration Key features

  • Migrations will be done in 24 to 48 hours
  • Full communication when doing the migration process.
  • Migration of all files, databases, and email (cPanel to cPanel transfer)
  • Nameservers changing assistance and domain registration transfer assistance.

Interserver is one of the best, which offers you unlimited hosting. Their basic plan comes with unlimited domain, unlimited storage, and transfer.

Benefits of free site tranfer hosting

It has a price-lock guarantee, in which your initial sign-up price is maintained for your lifetime. So you don’t have any higher renewal costs like other hosting companies.

Other Web hosting companies with free migration service (Free Site Transfer)


Fastcomet is also a performance-focused hosting provider that gives powerful hosting features at an affordable price. You will get 3 website transfers for free. 

Just purchase a web hosting plan and let the Fastcomet team do the Free migration.

Flywheel hosting

Flywheel is a managed web hosting provider that offers unlimited free migrations. It comes with no downtime. 

Flywheel also has a separate migration plugin, which easily allows you to migrate your website on your own. If you are not comfortable, then you can let them do it for you. Explore Flywheel Hosting.

Get quick free migration from hosting

If you want to move it yourself, then download the free flywheel migration plugin.

DreamHost hosting

Dreamhost is one of the WordPress recommended hosting providers. It provides better uptime and reliable hosting.

The Dreamhost plan starts from $2.49/month. The DreamHost also has its own WordPress migration plugin. With no downtime, you can easily migrate your website.

Here is a step-by-step procedure on how migration works.

how to Use migration plugin to transfer the site

If you want their experts to move your website, then you have to pay $99. But the plugin itself is better to move your website. Learn more about DreamHost.

Bluehost Hosting

Bluehost is a well-known WordPress hosting provider. For a limited time, it offers a free website migration. But it comes with many restrictions.

They have many restrictions, to get your website eligible for free migration.

Eligibility for free migration from web host

On this hosting, most of the larger websites will not get approved for free migration. If your website is under their eligibility criteria, then you will get free migration. Check the hosting plans

Why the web hosting migration should be done carefully

It is always better to leave the technical things with experts. If a website is your main business, for example, eCommerce or bloggers, then the website is the main business. 

So, it should be transferred without any hassle. Many people fear migrating their website to another hosting. But you can get the best web hosting company that offers free migration, done by experts.

The above-mentioned hostings are more reliable and provide a better hosting experience.

Here are some reasons why migrations should be done by experts.

Downtime – Many web hosting providers offer migration with No or very minimal downtime. If not done properly, then it will cause you higher downtime.

Hassle-free – Migration experts will transfer your site seamlessly and you can completely focus on your business.

More reliable – When doing the migration, the missing of some simple files may completely corrupt your website. So, getting help from experts is the best solution.

6 Best Reasons for site migration from one web hosting to another

Here are some of the best reasons why people are migrating from one hosting to another.

Increased Renewal cost – Initially every hosting company gives more discounts, but the renewal cost will be 2x to 3x costlier than the initial price.

Hosting upgrades – As a beginner, you will be hosted on an average hosting company. Once you start getting traffic, then it is time to migrate to better hosting.

Technical support – Mostly every hosting provides basic customer support. But only some hosting companies give better technical support. So it is better to choose the hosting with great technical support.

Security – If your business is growing, then you need better security for your websites. The hosting companies like WPX offer free malware detection and removal if your site is hacked. 

Better User experience – If the hosting has high downtime or your website often shows internal server error. Then it is time to migrate your website to better hosting. 

Extra features – Some extra benefits for other hosting companies. These benefits include free backups, free SSL, CDN, speed optimization, website builders, and so on.

Web Hosting that offers Free Migration: Wrap up

Even if you are non-techy, that is not a problem. In this modern world, you create a better website in 5 minutes without knowing a single piece of coding knowledge.

So, don’t be afraid of using the best resources around you. Once you are not satisfied with your current hosting, then immediately transfer your website to a better hosting company.

Many popular WordPress web hosting companies offer free website migration with very minimal or no downtime. So, it helps you to completely focus on your specialization.

I hope this article helps you to find the best web hosting companies that provide free migration. If you find it useful, kindly share it.

If you know any other web hosting with free migration, done by experts, then comment below.

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