Chemicloud Review 2023 – Is this really Powerful Web Hosting

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Chemicloud Hosting Review Summary

Chemicloud is a premium website hosting company that provides high-quality hosting services to every type of website. It has a trustable cloud platform that offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee for the smooth running of your website.

ChemiCloud is widely considered one of the best web hosting providers in the world. This web hosting business is now being offered a free lifetime Domain based in the United States.

 ChemiCloud is a terrific option when it comes to a trusted web hosting service that will help you scale your blog or corporate website faster than your competitors.

 This service offers various web hosting services, including shared hosting, WordPress hosting, cloud VPS hosting, and reseller hosting.

ChemiCloud provides a shared web hosting plan that is ideal for beginners and a Cloud VPS package and also great for experts.

Given the items and services offered on the website, it is sensible to undertake a complete assessment of the hosting functionalities. So here is a complete Chemicliud hosting review. 

Chemicloud review

Chemicloud Review

If you want to generate organic traffic that turns into sales, you need to act rapidly to achieve this. Pages that take an excessive amount of time to load get poor search results, and the vast majority of visitors abandon the page and go on to another website.

Ease of use

Chemicloud hosting website management

The dashboard, which is featured on the main page, enables you to see all of your current services, domains, tickets, overdue invoices, and so on. It also allows you to manage your subscriptions.

Quick access to cPanel, Webmail, the App Installer, the Server Information page, and other essential resources, you’ll notice that your inactive services have been upgraded.

A control panel called the cPanel is used by ChemiCloud, and it is easy to use and explore. Everything considered, the ChemiCloud user interface is quite user-friendly and has a modern design with eye-catching colors.

Everything, from the one-click WordPress installation to the ChemiCloud Website Builder, is quite simple.

To begin developing your website using the ChemiCloud website builder, go to the User Software area of your cPanel and pick the Website Builder option. It will take you to the Website Builder dashboard.

Chemicloud Migration services

Chemicloud free website migration

The Hosting servers, exceptional customer support, liberal refund policy, free lifetime domain name, and hundreds of free site migrations make ChemiCloud seem to be a very viable option to other hosting providers.

Easily migrate your website to Chemicloud web hosting without any hustle. In a quick time, your website will be migrated by the experts.

Chemicloud Hosting Performance

You may utilize LiteSpeed caching with ChemiCloud, a full site acceleration solution.

Chemicloud hosting performance

Many individuals have used the most popular speed checker tool – GTMetrix – to test a website hosted on ChemiCloud to assess the performance that ChemiCloud can deliver to its customers. 

According to GTMetrix, the website loads in under one second and has a 100 percent overall performance rating and an A-grade, which is impressive.

Furthermore, performance and access are always high and swift because of global server locations, enterprise-grade SSD storage, and AMD EPYC CPUs.

In addition, HTTP/2 and PHP 8 are in place to guarantee that your site loads as quickly as possible.


When you pay three years in advance, you will get the best-discounted package offered by ChemiCloud. With this in mind and the fact that ChemiCloud is available for a limited period of three years, it is worth looking into as a possible alternative.

User interface

ChemiCloud’s graphical user interface seems to be user-friendly for those who are just getting started with it. 

This website has made considerable strides since last year, and responsive design has resulted in a much more aesthetically pleasing look.

You’ll find quick access to essential features and functions on the left-hand side of the screen. Included among them are service and payment choices and add-on capabilities such as domain names and affiliates. For newcomers, a quick tour of the website is provided in the header bar, linked to the website migration page.

It is easy to use and has offered answers to all of our questions, even though we don’t have to put in any effort on our side to find them. It also has an official blog, which happens to be a very fantastic blog, to add to the mix. While no longer operational, it is still active on social media, which is a welcome surprise considering how seldom we see such accounts.

On the other hand, the website builder comes with a drag and drop interface, 350+ Templates, and the ability to create responsive websites.

Chemicloud data centres

On their main website, all of their data centers are prominently marked on a map, and all their data centers are clearly shown on their main website, making it easy to choose the most convenient one for you and your organization. 

Chemicloud hosting also provides the ability for customers to download a speed test from each of these servers and perform it on their computer to determine how fast they are.

Customer support

Chemicloud hosting customer support

It doesn’t matter what the scenario is; they are always committed to delivering prompt assistance and ensuring that your problem is resolved promptly.

No matter what time of day or night you want help, contact their customer support personnel, and they will take care of the rest on your behalf.

ChemiCloud’s instant chat feature, accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, is the quickest and most convenient way to contact their customer service representatives.


Chemicloud hosting security

When you utilize ChemiCloud, you won’t have to worry about your website’s security.  

They use CageFS, a virtual file system that prevents users from reading one other’s data.

They’ve launched a proactive server monitoring service that detects, analyses, and prevents attacks on your website in real-time and is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

ChemiCloud hosting has a powerful firewall called Imunify360 that stops attacks from happening in the first place.

Some additional features

Chemicloud features and funtionalities
  • Customer assistance is accessible at all day hours, every day of the year.
  • For the first 45 days, you may get your money back.
  • There is a 99.9 percent uptime guarantee for the service.
  • There are several moderately priced and user-friendly options available to accommodate first-time visitors.
  • Backups are made daily and are given at no charge.
  • This domain will be available to you for the rest of your life at no cost.
  • All of the choices come with a free SSL certificate.

Chemicloud Hosting Pricing and Plans

ChemiCloud Shared Hosting:

●   Starter Plan

●   Pro Plan

●   Turbo Plan

ChemiCloud VPS/Cloud Hosting:

●   Iron

●   Bronze

●   Silver

Chemicloud Reseller Hosting:

●   Kickstart

●   Grow

●   Expand

●   Established

In addition to offering a comprehensive array of hosting services, ChemiCloud is well-suited for organizations of all sizes, from tiny start-ups to prominent multinational corporations.

These plans are a bit more expensive than those given by other web hosts such as Hostinger, GreenGeeks, and StableHost, but they are still competitive in terms of pricing.

ChemiCloud’s Pro and Turbo Shared Hosting plans are the most cost-effective shared hosting plans on the market today. If your website generates substantial traffic, the Turbo plan might be a good solution for you to consider.

Chemicloud Pricing

Starting at $3.95 per month, Chemicloud’s Shared Hosting services are an excellent value. It provides three different shared hosting plans:

●   Starter Plan: $3.95/month

●   Pro Plan: $6.95/month

●   Turbo Plan: $10.95/month

Purchasing a hosting plan from ChemiCloud is a piece of cake compared to other providers. To get started, you must first choose a hosting plan from the drop-down menu and then click on the ‘Get Started Now’ button to proceed.

Following that, you will have the option of registering a new domain or adding an existing environment to your account.

It is now time to make your purchase by selecting “Order Now” from the drop-down menu once you have chosen which plan best matches your needs.

A search option is provided for you to check for the availability of a free domain name that you may use with your new account. An alternative is also to use an existing domain name with your new account if you already have one registered with another provider.

The starter package is not available for purchase for a payment cycle of 12 months or longer. The Starter plan requires you to choose between the Biennial and Triennial billing cycles, the latter of which is more cost-effective in terms of monthly prices. If you select the Biennial billing cycle, you will save monthly charges.

Chemicloud Web Hosting Plans Review

When it comes to their hosting services, they have Shared, VPS, Reseller, and Managed WordPress hosting options, and they are constantly improving their services to make them better.

ChemiCloud is one of the few web hosting companies globally that isn’t owned by a third-party company or a country.

It was started in 2016, and since then, it has reached a new level of greatness in the business world. It is imposing that they grew from just 100 clients to more than 50,000 clients.

Except for their meager prices for new customers, ChemiCloud’s prices seem to be a little high. However, prospective clients should know that the price would go up after the honeymoon period, making it impossible for them to pay. Here is the Chemicloud Hosting review for different hosting services.

Web Hosting

The first category is “Web Hosting.” People looking for fast shared hosting on a reliable cloud platform can find what they’re looking for.

In this service, you get a physical server that can be used and shared by many other people.

This web hosting service is the best for people just starting with their first website and who aren’t very good at it yet.

Here is a different type of hosting explained.

WordPress Hosting

They offer WordPress Hosting, which they say is great for bloggers, e-commerce entrepreneurs, and people who run businesses on the web because it’s all in one place. WordPress hosting is a hosting web service that is only for WordPress websites.

Cloud VPS Hosting

Cloud VPS hosting refers to getting your dedicated virtual servers that are sure to have enough space.

It doesn’t matter what you choose; ChemiCloud will take care of everything. People who have a lot of traffic use virtual private servers (VPS) to make their websites run faster, more quickly, and securely.

Reseller Hosting

Reseller Hosting is a hosting where you can sell your hosting services to other people, and they will treat you as if you were a web hosting company.

If you run a digital business and want to expand your offerings or are a young entrepreneur who wants to learn more about a fast-paced industry, these kinds of services might be right for you.

You can make money by selling web hosting services to other people or businesses and making money.

ChemicloudWeb Hosting Pros & Cons

Here are some of the Chemicloud Pros & Cons-


●   Cloud infrastructure that is dependable

●   Integration with GIT

●   SSL certificate for free (HTTPS)

●   Access to cPanel

●   Website migrations are free of charge.

●   Website migrations are free of charge.

●   Cloudflare offers a free CDN service.

●   Staging

●   Installing with a single click

●   Forever free domain

●   Backups and restorations that are automated

●   There are multiple data centers to pick from.

●   Intuitive website builder built-in

●   Email service MailChannels

●   Money-back guarantee for 45 days


●   All of the extras will be charged separately.

●   There isn’t a monthly paying option.

●   If you do not subscribe for three years, the plans may become excessively costly.

●   If you’re on a limited budget, you’ll only be able to choose a payment cycle of 2 or 3 years.

●   If you choose one of their entry-level plans, such as Web Hosting Starter or WordPress Starter, your budget may increase.

●   Choose one of the other programs, such as Pro or Turbo, if you desire a one-year payment cycle.


According to our analysis, ChemiCloud is a dependable cloud hosting platform that provides robust functionality, an easy-to-use control panel, and excellent customer service at a fair price.

ChemiCloud also provides a free domain for life, a user-friendly website builder, daily backups, a dependable email service (MailChannels), and a 45-day refund policy, in addition to its unique features.

Their performance is frequently constant, even with their extensive and well-developed approaches. It’s a lot simpler to go about using their account dashboard.

FAQ on Chemilcloud Hosting

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