NM760 NVMe SSD launched – Lexar has shaken the digital storage industry

The company has now shaken the flash memory industry with the launch of its new Lexar NM760 NVMe SSD.

NM760 NVMe SSD Launched features

Lexar is a well-known and highly reputed American company offering excellent flash memory products.

This solid-state drive will be a boon for the gaming and entertainment industry as the read and write speed it offers is unbeatable.

Lexar NM760 NVMe SSD Specifications and Everything You Need To Know

The Lexar NM760 NVMe SSD is one of the fastest and most high-performance oriented SSD with an unbelievable read speed of up to 5.3GBPS.

The drive is mainly designed for high-performance demanding industries and applications like gaming, video editing, filmmaking, audio processing, music, automation, etc.

Product Features NM760 NVMe SSD

Like its read speed, its write speed is also ultra-fast. This SSD from Lexar offers a write speed of up to 4.5GBPS, making it highly powerful for most high-end use cases and applications.

The data transfer with this drive is brilliant, and within seconds, all your data will be read and written.

The best thing is the company has also provided an optional heatsink. Now, this heatsink is like icing on the cake because it will boost and optimize performance by making the SSD cool while performing gigs of data transfer continuously.

It also ensures consistent and sustained high-end performance.

Coming to the compatibility part, it uses PCIe Gen4x4 NVMe systems giving much-improved performance than imagined.

The SSD is compatible with all major devices, including PC, laptops, etc. The best thing is it supports PlayStation 5 consoles making the gaming experience ultra-smooth for gamers.

It is also compatible with PCIe Gen3 systems giving gamers with old systems huge relief.

They can easily use this drive in their systems, but yes, they will not get the peak read and write speeds of 5.3 and 4.5 GBPS, respectively.

When talking about core technologies, the NM760 NVMe SSD is designed and made with a 12nm process making it more optimized and power-efficient than 28nm SSDs. The power consumption will be relatively lower, boosting overall performance and life.

As per the company, the NM760 NVMe SSD is based on M.2 2280 NVMe SSD, which is 9.6 times faster than SATA-based SSD.

The performance, power efficiency, and optimization are also several times better when compared with SATA-based SSD.

Lexar NM760 NVMe SSD Storage Options And Pricing

Product Pricing

The highly powerful, fast, and efficient Lexar NM760 NVMe SSD is available in two storage options: 512GB and 1TB.

The 512GB variant is priced at Rs. 10000 in India, while the price for the 1TB variant is not revealed by the company yet.

For now, the company has only launched the drive, and you have to wait some weeks to purchase it.

The Lexar NM760 NVMe SSD will go on sale in June on Amazon, and currently, the product is not listed there, so the dates are not confirmed.

Lexar NM760 NVMe SSD: More to Know

Apart from high-end performance and unbeatable speed, the company has provided a lot of extra stuff for this extraordinary drive.

With the SSD Dash, software users will have full control and an eye on their drive’s health and performance.

Moreover, it allows users to erase their data with full security and privacy. This software is also needed to update the firmware easily and quickly.

The company will provide a warranty of five years on this great SSD. Overall the Lexar NM760 NVMe SSD is another great example of modern and advanced technology.

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These are the specification and features of Lexars NM760 NVMe SSD.

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