New ENGWE X26 1,000-Watt All-Terrain Electric Bike

Complete details about ENGWE X26 Ebike specifications.

Electric bikes are still popular in most international markets, but Chinese manufacturer ENGWE has a solution for prospective buyers who are having difficulty deciding on which type of electric bike best fits their needs.

It’s called the X26 and is regarded as one of the most versatile e-bikes on the market. From a styling perspective, it appears like ENGWE’s creation has some sort of identity crisis.

ENGWE X26 1,000-Watt All-Terrain Electric Bike

ENGWE X26 1,000-Watt: Complete Overview

This e-bike is designed to be a master of all trades, the multi-purpose machine that is as at home on city streets as it is off-road. ENGWE makes several prominent claims regarding this bike, including its impressive range, high level of power, and comfort.

Its solid frame is also able to carry a large payload and can carry an additional passenger in the back.

The bike has a distinctive styling that will attract the eye because there is no other like it on the market today.

750W of steady power is provided by the X26, while a monstrous 1000W of power can be produced in extreme terrains.

With more horsepower than most eBikes, the X26 can be used to climb 30% graded steep hills. It also has a top speed of 31mph, beating other eBikes that only travel 20-30mph.

The e-bike’s size is the first thing that draws attention to it, as the 26-inch by 4-inch all-terrain tires give it a motorcycle-like appearance.

According to ENGWE, these tires provide a comfortable ride on even the most difficult terrain.

The bike has a special triple suspension setup that combines an air suspension in the back, a mechanical shock in the center of the frame, and a normal suspension fork in the front to complement the chunky rubber.

With front, middle, and rear suspension, it is natural to wonder if all of that springiness will affect the bike’s natural pedal feel.

Features of the new ENGWE X26 1,000-Watt All-Terrain Electric Bike

  • Dual Battery System: A dual-battery system delivers a whopping 1373Wh of power, with enhanced ride time that enables riders to go for 62 miles or longer and spend more time on the trails. That’s a full day of riding without even stopping to refuel.
  • Triple Suspension System: The X26 has a triple suspension system that extends from the front hydraulic shock with 150mm stroke travel and the middle mechanical shock to the rear air shock. This system makes it three times stronger than other e-bikes in shock absorption.
  • Fat Tires 26*4 Inches: ENGWE’s specialized ground control fat tires (26*4) are skid-resistant and maximize rolling and climbing. They give riders total control over tighter turns and faster stops on even the toughest terrain.

ENGWE X26 Specifications

  • Acceleration: 46s (0-50 KMH)
  • Battery Capacity: 48V 19AH (Main Battery), 48V 9.6AH (Extra Battery)
  • Brake: Hydraulic Disk Brakes
  • Load: 330lbs / 150KG
  • Max Incline of Climb: 30%
  • Power: 1000W (Peak), 750 (Rated)
  • Range Per Charge (Normal Mode): 100KM/62 Miles
  • Tire Size: 26*4 Inches
  • Top speed: 50KPH / 31MPH
  • Weight: 90lbs / 41KG

ENGWE X26 Ebike: Wrap Up

This e-bike wants to be an ever-competent, multi-purpose beast that can be used on city streets or off-road with maximum comfort, plenty of torque, and excellent range.

It’s big, can carry an extra passenger in the back, delivers the smoothest ride wherever you want it, and looks badass if you like such bulky styling.

The X26’s only drawback is that it isn’t immediately available (but there are few e-bikes on the market today that ship right away) and that it is sold on a crowdfunding site.

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Those who have been mistreated in the past have good reasons to be cautious about how they pledge their cash, but ENGWE X26 is not yet at the start of its campaign.

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