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12 ideas get free traffic to my website – Without Spending Money

Every successful business needs customers and a trusted audience. So traffic is the main thing which is converted into the audience. Here are some of the best ideas to get free traffic to your website.

Drive free traffic with these best ideas

Whenever there is more traffic, then more conversions which lead to more money. But you need to drive more traffic with optimized landing pages for better conversions.

The bigger companies spend thousands of dollars every month on the paid ads, to show their website on top of the search results. If you are not selling any better-priced product, then spending more money on ads is not necessary.

12 Ways to drive free traffic to my Website

If you are running a blogging website, then this technique will help you to drive free traffic to your website.

Let’s start the session with the first method to drive free traffic to the website.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO articles to drive free traffic to website

SEO is a much traditional and a must suggested method for everyone to drive free traffic to their website. 

Writing SEO friendly articles is an important way to rank your articles in the search engines. Usually, SEO takes time to rank drive traffic. But once you start ranking, it gets you free traffic for a long time.

When it comes to search engines, Google is the prioritized focus. So optimizing your pages for Google is more important. Some other search engines include Bing, Yandex, Baidu, and many more.

Google Has over 90% Search engine market share when compared to other search engines.

Free Traffic search engines compared

Ok, let us leave the SEO and Google here because it is a known and common method to drive free traffic to the website.

Guest Post on High traffic sites

Guest posting is not only for just link building, it also drives you more free traffic for the website.

Do guest blogging on the authority sites that get more traffic. If your guest blog gets regular traffic, then through the links, you will also get free traffic to the website.

Doing a guest post on high domain authority websites is not easy, but with perfect pitching, you can do it.

Guest posting improves your referral traffic.

free traffic from Quora

Quora is a well known Q&A website, in which you can also ask questions and answer the questions. It is one of the effective ways to drive free quality traffic to your website and also an easy way to promote your blog posts.

Quora logo

Quora has over 300 million active users. Over the past few years, the user base has been steadily increasing. 

Uniques visitors and traffic on Quora

Over 35% of Americans use Quora. Nearly 30% of the Quora traffic gets only from America, and India is the second-highest traffic source for Quora.

Nearly 30% of the Quora users are 25 to 34 years old. 

Age of visitors using website

Quora is a high domain authority website, so it ranks for many keywords easily. It ranks for over 50 million keywords. Here is a Quora domain overview from the SEMrush keyword research tool.

Quora traffic driving potential statistics

Get SEMrush 14-day free trial.

So you can also publish your answers and content on Quora. You will regularly get traffic to your answers. It also allows you to add links to your answers.

You will start seeing results in a few days. Once your answers are ranked in Google, then it will drive constant traffic for free in the long run.

Quora is also one of the best places to repurpose your older blog post to get free traffic to the website. Create spaces in quora, so that you can build up an online community.

Create Freebies

You can easily create free courses and ebooks. In the free course, you can link to your blog pages. Normally most of the websites are having their own free courses.

In important areas on your free ebook, you can link out to your blog pages that provide great value to the users.

Most of the time, the content in the free courses is available as free content online. But you are composing everything step-by-step and giving it as a course to save their time.

You can also give free email courses that are automated with a series of emails. So it also provides purpose and value for the users, and also traffic to your website.

You have to use lead generation tools to convert your visitors to audiences. Hello bar is a free tool, that helps you to convert your visitors to customers and audiences. Check out the Hello Bar review.

Social Media

Drive unique visitors from social media

Always social media is one of the best sources to get free traffic to your website. Normally every blogger will use at least 2 or more Social media, so you can promote on it.

More than just sharing your blog posts on social media, you need to create a community. Building a community of audience around your brand is important.

You can also create your own Facebook pages, where you can share your blogs. Use social management tools like Social Pilot, which helps to improve your engagement and saves your time. 

Linkedin articles

Get free traffic for website - LinkedIn

Linkedin is not like Facebook or Instagram, where people come for relaxing and just seeing others post.

It is a powerful platform, where many professional hangouts. You can directly write and publish your article on LinkedIn.

Other than just sharing your links, you can write a full-fledged article. It allows you to add links to your articles, so you can drive free traffic.

You don’t need to write a new article on Linkedin. You can just modify and reuse your already published article from your site.

Create attractive landing pages

Landing pages are simple pages, which are designed particularly for any specific purpose. It helps to get free traffic to your website.

You can create landing pages for providing a discount, sign up for a course, or starting their free trial. It contains the information that helps the readers to move on to the next step or taking any action.

Through these landing pages, you can get more targeted traffic to your website.


Pinterest is not like usual social media. It is one of the powerful image search engines, where you can promote your newly published blogs.

Pinterest has the potential to drive daily 1000 unique visitors to your website. There are many lifestyle bloggers, who are driving over 100k visitors every month from Pinterest.

When you have started using, just in two weeks you see the free traffic coming from Pinterest. It is suitable for all types of niches, but it is highly famous for certain types of niches like fashion, lifestyle, cooking, and niches related to it.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is one of the powerful ways, which almost every digital marketer will suggest to you.

Get free traffic from email marketing

Everyone needs to start collecting their email from the first day of starting your website. Once you have a bunch of email addresses, then whenever you send an email, you will get more free traffic to your website.

You just want to attach your newly published blog in the mail and send it as a newsletter. You can send 2 to 3 emails every week. 

Sending the emails very often also irritates your audiences and it leads to unsubscribing or doesn’t the opening of emails.

List Website in online directories

There are over hundreds of free online directories available. So you can easily get your business listed on these online directories.

It also drives you traffic as well as audiences and customers. In these directories, you will attach a link to your website. There are some directories, which have higher domain authority. The links from higher domain authority also have some better values and provide backlinks.


Medium is the place where you can easily sign up for free and publish your own article. If you want to start publishing your own articles, without a website then the medium is the best.

promote your blogs on medium

Medium is having high domain authority. So it is quite easy to rank your articles on the medium.

You can repurpose your articles and publish them again on the medium website. You can place links as much as you need. Medium has over 60 million active users.

Medium is one of the hubs for many writers. It also provides analytics for your published articles, to find how it is performing.

Just copy the content from your personal website and do some changes and publish it again on the medium.

Start Youtube Channel

Drive free traffic from youtube

Nowadays, most popular websites have their youtube channel. Youtube has over 2 billion users. (Source)

The majority of the users are aged between 15 to 35 years and for every minute 500 hours of video is uploaded. You can make your blogs as videos and link your blog posts in the description.

You can embed these videos on your blog posts. Many people prefer watching videos over text. It also helps make people spend more time on your website, which increases session time.

Youtube is also one of the revenue methods and also helps to drive traffic to the website.

Convert to another form

You can convert your blog post to PPT and PDF and submit it to the submission sites. There are over 100+ PDF submission sites available, that helps you to drive more unique visitors every day.

It is also one of the best ways to get free backlinks and drive better traffic. Many PPT and PDF submission sites have better domain authority.

Some of the famous submission sites include Slideshare, Scribd, Issuu, Depositfiles, and many more.

You can convert the content into PDF and include your blog links and submit it to websites.

Why website traffic is Important

Every business needs audiences and customers. Without traffic, you aren’t going to have any traction for your business.

So every business needs traffic. Once the traffic comes to your website, you should keep focusing on converting it. 

The better traffic helps too,

  • Get more lead to your business
  • Helps you to try different things with A/B testing
  • Increases your SEO rankings with a better user experience
  • Earn more money and attain more brand awareness

When it comes to traffic, there are two different types. Traffic quantity or quality.

Quantity or Quality of traffic to the website

Quality and quantity, both traffic is important for a website. If your source of revenue is through Adsense on your website, then you don’t need more high-quality traffic. It’s because the AdSense revenue is based on the number of impressions.

But, if you are an affiliate marketer or selling a product then you need high-quality traffic. Only high-quality traffic has a better conversion ratio. SEO is one of the best ways to drive quality traffic.


Traffic is important for every business. Without driving the better traffic, there is no revenue and the business doesn’t get success.

There are many ways through which you can get free traffic and paid traffic to your websites. The above mentioned are some of the best ways I found that are better to drive free traffic to the website.

So, implementing these ideas will help you to get good traffic to your website from the first day. Have these important pages on your website to improve the audience’s trust.

Thank you for reading this article. If you found this useful, kindly share it with others.

Did you have any other better ideas to get free traffic to the website? Comment below.

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