why every blog needs an email marketing

email marketing for blogs

The Biggest and the most dominant thing for any blogger is their email list. Email marketing drives you through regular traffic to your site. The email list is important because you can directly access and interact with your audience.  From the first blog post, you need to collect emails.

There is no need for algorithm filters to contend with. Paying Money to get eyes on your content not needed. To get success in blogging email marketing is one of the powerful ways.

  An email list is more important than your blog traffic. In your initial days try to collect emails as much as you can, later it pays you better.

What Exactly email marketing is? 

Email marketing is the way of sending a message which is commercial to the group of peoples where email marketing done. But email marketing is used to develop bonding with potential customers. Through email marketing, you can promote your services to the clients with email. 

Why should bloggers care about email marketing? 

The reach of the audience through email marketing is huge and precise when compared to Facebook and Twitter. 

There are two ways for email marketing

1. Push marketing, 

2. Pull Marketing. 

Push email Marketing

The products are promoted to the people by pushing them into the domain. With push marketing, we take the products to the people. 

Therefore, the customized business in this push of marketing is to promote the product to the customers or clients to make their product successful. 

When a new product launched or when your product needs to stand in the market, in that case, they often use push marketing in the business. 

Pull email marketing

Pull marketing is the way to bring peoples or customers to the product. In this type of marketing, it is the way of bringing the sustenance followers and also delineate consumers to the products. 

It creates and trust the brand and allows people to come back to the brand again and again to buy. It creates a relationship with the customers. On the other hand, push marketing has one time visitors. 

The combo of push and pull marketing brings you to get to the foster prospects, and it allows you to receive the feedback from the customers to improve your blog.

when the audience subscribes to the email list, they are asking you to build a productive relationship with them. 

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Email listing

emails marketing

An email list has a book of an email address, where it contains the user’s names, addresses, and further related data. 

It stores the collected data in the form of a spreadsheet or in a database; It used for a variety of purposes in case of an email marketing or it can contact the particular client. 

The email list will spread the information wide to the users on the internet. The mail will be received by the subscribes. while the subscribers are in keep track of the existing list. 

The email list allows you to understand your customers or reader’s expectations. It allows you to give the best content to the readers in the way of helping with their problems. 

Why people are coming to blog, they need some solution to their questions or gaining some knowledge. So you are collecting emails from them for giving regular knowledge in that related domain.  

How to make multiple visitors? 

The bloggers will always have this question, like how to increase the audience for their sites. 

If you are a marketer, then it’s your duty to make sure you are continuously adding new customers to the marketing campaigns. 

Together with this, make people get engaged with your brand, provide exclusive and high-quality content to the people. Here there are some popular ways to increase your email listing.

Some ways to collect email

collecting emails
  1. Giving offers to your selling products will increase your audience and email list. 
  2. Making contest and giveaways will improve your audience. 
  3. Ask for email addresses in your blog.
  4. To get a sign up to join in the product discount coupons.
  5. Place the signup button in the sidebar.
  6. Give free guides for getting email addresses.
  7. Provide free tutorial courses and videos
  8. Use Facebook ads
  9. Create a newsletter, ask for signing up to get newsletters
  10. Use pop-ups in articles for asking email addresses (popular way)

Final words on email marketing

The most and important thing is to improve your blogging page is to post the worthy content regularly it will help to attract the search engines as well as the readers. 

A pop-up form is doing splendid work to show that you have an email list to the visitors. 

The people don’t always check the footers or sidebars but they can’t miss the pop-up box, so place your pop-up box in your site to promote frequency to the readers. 

The placing of your sign-up form in the social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and also placing in other websites will bring you fresh sign up users 

Give a freebie to the customers. It is the motivation for the people to sign up into your email list. 

Use plugins to collect emails. Thrive leads is one of the famous email building WordPress plugin. Use email tools to collect it and email collecting software offers you many extra features.

Correspondingly, Email marketing is the strategy of digital marketing, the email has its own entity and it not owned by any brand. 

The email is an open communication platform, it will be helpful to bring more subscribers to the email list. 

If you spend more time and money to grow your email list, then you can own your subscribers. 

Equally, When comparing to other online marketing, email marketing is not expensive to advertise the products. A small business platform can easily access this marketing, the setting up and tracking of email is a simple task. 


Finally, if you need some regular traffic, when every time posting a new blog, then email marketing serves you better.

 Thank you for spending your valuable time.

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