Monthly blogging traffic and Income report: February-2021

Hello Foxblogging readers, here is the first income report blog from this category for February month. I just thought of publishing the income reports at regular intervals.

Monthly traffic and Income report- feb-2021

Let me introduce myself to the new readers. I am Manoj Kumar, the creator, and author of foxblogging. If you are regularly following my emails, then you know that I started this blog last year.

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I’m still not much more completely focused on monetizing my blog. I’m just learning things. So I’m not highly considering the revenue of the blog in the initial days.

It doesn’t mean that I’m not completely free from monetizing this blog. But I’m trying up new things every day, to learn and make it better.

Most of the time, things don’t go well as we planned. But being a beginner in the professional blogging world, I’m taking my own time to learn the things in my flow.

To be fact, I don’t have any impressive income on reports to show you. But I’m making this income reports series to document my process and for the people who are thinking of starting a blog.

Usually, I will try to cover the things that happened in my blogging on that particular month. I will also include what worked for me and what doesn’t work. So, it will be helpful for the beginners to avoid the mistakes that I made. 

You may have heard that many bloggers are making hundreds of dollars from their first month of starting the blog. Well, it may be true, but not in my case.

It’s because as I already said, I need enough time to learn to blog. So I’ve taken my time to figure out what’s working and what’s not.

Let’s get into the traffic stats.

Foxblogging traffic report February 2021

In February, I have only spent very limited time on my website. It’s because I had some other work to focus on. So I kept my website on hold. But from March, I’m spending and focusing my maximum time on my site.

Look at the stats from my google analytics for February month.

You can see that I have got 579 total users for February Month. It also contains 571 new users. It gives a total of 808 page views.

Compared to the previous month, it was good in terms of traffic with little improvement. But I was very disappointed with the average session duration and bounce rate.

As I said earlier, this month I’m not much focused on the blog. So I didn’t have time to rectify it. But in the upcoming month, I am focusing on some optimization techniques which help to reduce my bounce rate and improve the session duration.

Bounce rate is one of the important factors that tells google how people will attracted to your content. 

Of this total number of users, 77% comes from organic traffic. It is the traffic from Google because of SEO techniques. The other part of traffic comes from the referral, direct and social media.

You can see on the Semrush Seo tool, that my website’s traffic and keyword ranking is improving gradually and I’m happy with it. In the second half of February month, my SEO keyword ranking also started to grow. 

Some of my keywords have also started to rank on the top results on the Google SERP. So I’m happy with the improvement of my Website SEO. 

I’m also a complete beginner in SEO. So I’m learning every day to improve my SEO knowledge, which helps my website to rank higher in the Google SERP results.

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Okay, here comes the other interesting part, income reports. But I promise you that, I didn’t have any interesting numbers to show on this income report.

But it helps me in the future, to rewind my documented working reports and my growth in the upcoming months.

Blogging Income Report

As of now, Affiliate marketing is the only source of income for my blog. My income from affiliate marketing is $39 for February month. This little income in this report is the combination of sales from the two plugins that I’m promoting.

As I told you earlier it was not an impressive report, but I can keep it recorded for myself and the reader’s use.

I’m also looking for other sources of income for my blogs. In the initial days, I used Google Adsense for my blogs. But for me, AdSense doesn’t work that great.

So after running it for a couple of months, I stopped it on the blog. It also doesn’t provide any revenue as I thought, because of less traffic. So I thought of stopping it. 

When I started the blog, Google Adsense was the major monetization strategy that I focused on. But over a couple of months, I started to focus and learn about Affiliate marketing. 

I later understand that in my niche, PPC-like ads are not a great source of income for the new blogs. And also for little dollars, I don’t want to affect my readers with lots of ads.

So now I’m completely happy that I’m learning affiliate marketing. It is going to be my greater income method for the upcoming months. 

Note: I have created a simple ebook for beginner bloggers to get Adsense approval. Get your free ebook. (Get your Adsense approval quickly with these easy steps)

Expenses for the blog

As with income reports, I have no impressive things for the expenses too. Apart from WordPress hosting, I don’t have any expenses.

The hosting also I’m paid for the annual when starting the blog. So that is also not covered under the monthly blogging expenses. 

For my blog, I’m using Siteground hosting. But now I do not recommend it to beginners. This hosting is not like the later years. Many things changed and the cost also almost doubled. So choosing any other better-shared web hosting can be a better option.

I’m also looking to migrate my website to any other web hosting. Many better hosting companies provide free migration to websites.

I’m using the Astra theme for my blog. It is the top WordPress theme with over 1 million downloads and is highly trusted.

Here is a list of the best tools for bloggers, that I would highly recommend for everyone. You can also look out for the important plugins for WordPress to improve your productivity. I’m also using Semrush for my rank tracking, backlinks, and keyword research.

I hope this Income report and my method and process of working helped you to get more ideas. If you are having any doubts regarding running a proper blog, then contact me. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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