10 Benefits of VPS Hosting from MilesWeb

Looking for a cheap VPS website, then Milesweb Suits your best.

MilesWeb, a well-known web hosting service provider, offers world-class services to its customers. The company is well-known for providing high-quality services and plans at a moderate cost. The company serves over 39032 consumers all around the world.

Milesweb VPS hosting benefits

MilesWeb offers the most cost-effective shared hosting, with plans starting at just Rs. 60 per month. Furthermore, the company provides more than 70 web hosting plans in the areas of shared, reseller, dedicated, cloud, cheap Linux VPS hosting, and WordPress hosting.

You’ll need to upgrade your hosting package if your website is on a shared server and you’ve run out of space and resources.

Despite the fact that shared hosting plans are the most cost-effective, they lack scalability. With a dedicated hosting plan, you can get a lot of resources, but you’ll spend a lot of money on server resources you won’t use in the future.

As a result, dedicated hosting may not be a good choice after shared hosting.

Purchasing a VPS hosting package is a decent compromise.

VPS hosting is a sort of shared server hosting that is designed to replicate the performance of a dedicated server. VPS hosting is becoming more popular as a low-cost alternative to dedicated hosting that provides more dependability, security, and performance than shared hosting.

Users also have root access to the server, allowing them to install applications and make modifications to the server without going via the hosting company.

It’s one thing to know what a virtual private server (VPS) is and another to know whether or not it’s suited for you.

Here’s all you need to know about virtual private server (VPS) hosting so you can make an informed decision.

VPS Hosting

VPS hosting, as previously said, is a costly alternative to shared hosting. The VPS hosting makes pooled resources available to an end-user, who has more control over system specs, guest operating systems, and the whole software stack than shared hosting.

In terms of control, price, and simplicity, VPS hosting lies between shared and dedicated hosting. The virtual private server (VPS) is the most scalable of the three alternatives.

MilesWeb is my #1 recommendation for website hosting. MilesWeb host is suggested for hosting your website for various reasons. As an Indian host, MilesWeb has grown its roots internationally, and the company is fast growing.

Milesweb VPS hosting

In addition to providing the best web hosting plans and services, MilesWeb offers discounts on almost all web hosting plans.

If you have or want to have a high-traffic website, you should definitely choose a web hosting package with scalability, which MilesWeb offers.

When picking a web host and hosting type, scalability, uptime, and efficiency are all crucial factors to consider. Without a doubt, MilesWeb’s VPS plans meet all of the requirements.

When it comes to web hosting, if you choose shared hosting plans for your website, you will eventually run out of resources, forcing you to transfer or upgrade your hosting plan.

VPS hosting options allow you to escape all of the drawbacks of shared hosting plans while still paying a fair price! VPS hosting adds value to hosting plans by combining features such as scalability, performance, and dedicated IP addresses.

10 Benefits of VPS Hosting from MilesWeb

1.     Low-cost plans

MilesWeb offers ten Linux-based VPS hosting plans, ranging from V1 to V10. MilesWeb offers a 25% discount on all VPS hosting plans when you sign up for a yearly subscription.

The base plan V1 costs Rs. 630 per month for a year-long subscription. A six-month subscription costs Rs. 756/mo, while a monthly subscription costs Rs. 840/mo.

2 vCPUs, 2 GB RAM, 50 GB SSD storage, 500 GB bandwidth, and 1 unique IP address are included with the base package.

On an annual basis, the top-tier VPS plan V10 costs Rs. 32,640/mo and includes the following features:

40 virtual CPUs, 500 GB SSD disc, 128 GB RAM, 3000 GB bandwidth and one dedicated IP address are all included.

2.     Up-to-date servers

MilesWeb configures your VPS server with the most up-to-date hardware and software components for your hosting.

3.     Uptime guarantee

The firm guarantees that all websites housed on its virtual private servers will be up and functioning 99.99 percent of the time. MilesWeb provides its clients the best-in-class hosting services, with one of the finest uptime guarantees in the industry because of their server’s strong architecture, maintenance, and security protocols.

4.     Best customer service

MilesWeb has the best customer service. MilesWeb does not use bot chat support since it believes in 100% human service. On a managed VPS hosting plan, MilesWeb offers full-time human tech support. You may use chat or the ticket system to contact customer service personnel at any time and from any location.

5.     VPS server administration

Your VPS may be monitored by MilesWeb’s in-house team of professionals. They ensure that your hosting is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and that there are no outages.

6.     Unbeatable speed & performance

For your VPS, the company provides cutting-edge technical solutions. Their goal is to deliver the finest compatibility and performance for your server’s high-resource websites and web applications. They will be there to assist you throughout your MilesWeb experience.

7.     30-day money-back guarantee

You can buy MilesWeb’s VPS hosting plan with a 30-day money-back guarantee. In case you are not satisfied with the service or plan you can ask for a refund within 30 days of the plan subscription.

8.     Choice of operating system and control panel

The majority of Linux operating systems are supported by MilesWeb’s VPS hosting. Choose the one you want for your VPS and they will handle the installation.

You can reduce your VPS management time by simplifying all of your administrative responsibilities with a complete management tool. Choose from DirectAdmin, cPanel, or Webuzo control panels to do all of your website, application, domain, email, and database management operations with ease.

9.     SSL certificate with all the VPS hosting plans

SSL encryption for your website/app is included free of charge with MilesWeb’s low-cost VPS hosting services. Your website URL is protected with HTTPS after SSL activation. Any data sent to or received from the virtual private server is immediately encrypted. As a result, attackers won’t be able to access critical information supplied by visitors as it travels over the internet.

10.  Virtualization using KVM

MilesWeb uses KVM virtualization technology in their Linux VPS servers. They can help you assign VPS node resources with KVM virtualization so that no one user may use more than their given resources, giving them fully dedicated and isolated resources. Overselling of resources is rigorously prohibited by KVM, which also helps to eliminate the problem of loud neighbors.

To summarise, MilesWeb comes highly recommended since it offers the fastest, most powerful, most scalable VPS hosting services. Apart from that, MilesWeb offers the most cost-effective VPS hosting on the market with so many benefits.

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