Powerful benefits of using a self-hosted wordpress website

Are you not using self hosted wordpress hosting for your website?

For creating a website for personal or professional use, wordpress is the best Content Management system (CMS).

In wordpress, if you are not using the self-hosted wordpress site, then you will miss most of the benefits.

Benefits of self hosted wordpress website

Over, 35% of websites in the world powered by wordpress. If you also have chosen self hosted wordpress site for your blog, then you can enjoy these benefits.

If you haven’t chosen any platform for your website, then here is some quick benefits to choose the self hosted wordpress site for your needs.

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Why choose self hosted wordpress site

Initially, the wordpress started as a blogging platform, but over the years now it highly developed to accommodate any kind of website.

WordPress is a powerful and yet simple content management system, which is more suitable for everyone.

But when it comes to wordpress, it has two types.

  1. WordPress.com
  2. WordPress.org

WordPress.com – In this type of wordpress, your website is completely hosted by wordpress. 

It also has a free version where you can get your free hosting and free domain. 

WordPress.org – It is the real deal which is a self-hosted wordpress website. In wordpress.org, you can host your website by own.

There are hundreds of hosting providers available where you can host your wordpress site.

But Bluehost hosting is a wordpress recommended self-hosted wordpress hosting provider.

For a beginner, Bluehost hosting is more suitable. For $3.95 you can easily get the hosting for one month.

Another best advantage of using Bluehost hosting is you will get a premium domain that is free for one year. Buying Bluehost hosting is considered the best blogging investment.

Let’s look out some important reasons to start using the self-hosted wordpress website.

Reasons and benefits to start using Self hosted wordpress website 

In this blog, we are completely talking about wordpress.org, which is a self-hosted site.

These reasons help you know why everyone is using self-hosted wordpress hosting for their websites. 

By knowing these benefits helps you to avoid WordPress.com(free), free hosting providers, and other blogging platforms like blogger.com, Tumblr, or medium.

Professional domain

In a wordpress self-hosted website you can use your professional domain name. 

You can get your unique domain name, which highly resembles your business.

A domain name is your online business name, so choose a unique name based on your field.

You can use websites like lean domain search and namechk to find a good domain name.

Usually, a good domain name costs you around $12 to $15 for one year. If you buy the hosting from Bluehost, you can get your premium domain for free.

Professional website design

The wordpress allows you to do complete the customization of the website.

You can modify every part of the website to your needs.

In self hosted wordpress website, you can completely access your site’s code.

You can completely edit and design your website design and layout.

There are over thousands of themes that are available in wordpress. 

Have ever seen any blogging website and got attracted to their blog design. If it happens, then that blogging website is mostly built on wordpress.

You can also easily find the wordpress website theme by entering the URL.

There are plenty of free themes and premium themes available for wordpress, so you don’t need any technical experience. 

Themes allow you to design your website just by drag and drop.

WordPress self-hosted websites and cheap hosting are also one of the main reasons why blogging becomes more popular.

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WordPress has over 50,000 plugins. Plugins are one of the key features of a wordpress site. 

The free WordPress.com website doesn’t allow you to install the plugins. So, the self-hosted website is the best way to use wordpress websites.

Plugins help you to save time in every way. Whenever you are looking for any customization of your website, mostly there is a plugin to do it easily.

If you are new to blogging, then plugins like Yoast SEO and Rank math help you to master yourself on an ON page SEO. 

Your time-consuming process like page building, image optimization, internal link building, security issues, form creation, and many other things are made easier with the use of wordpress plugins.

Professional email address

With wordpress self hosted website, you can create your mail address associated with the domain name.

So, you can use this mail address for your professional purposes. If you are sending any outreach mail or mail to your audiences, this professional mail addresses gives you more value.

Mostly the wordpress web hosting providers allow you to create the endless number of email IDs you want under your domain name.

Self hosted website give more flexibility

The self hosted wordpress website gets more disk space, so you don’t run out of space.

The free platforms don’t provide you more space. If you are consistently using many images on your webpages, then you need more disk space.

If you are using a self-hosting wordpress website, then you need not worry about the space. They have plans according to your need, you can upgrade whenever needed.

More affordable

For beginners, shared web-hosting is more suitable. In that case, the self-hosted wordpress website providers like Bluehost gives you hosting for less than $4 per month.

It good is more affordable, which costs only the same as your pocket money.

It also doesn’t have any hidden charges. If you go with WordPress.com or free Webhosting, sometimes you need to pay for certain features.

It reduces your creativity to present your website.

The self-hosted website has more flexibility

Self-hosted WordPress websites allow you to monetize your website based on your interest.

But some other blogging platforms don’t allow you to advertise the product ads and sponsored ads.

Some other blogging platforms also have their own set of terms and conditions which doesn’t allow you to monetize your blog, based on your interest.

Sometimes, the free web hosting providers also don’t allow you to run sponsored ads on your website. So only choose good premium self-hosting providers for your wordpress site.

Easy monetization

The websites with good domain and professional design give benefits when you are monetizing your website.

The free WordPress.com website domain will look like “yourdomain.wordpress.com”. In blogger.com your website domain will be like “yourdomain.blogspot.com”.

If you are applying to ad networks with these types of domain names, mostly your application will be rejected.

The affiliate products providing companies also most times reject these types of domain names.

It is one of the major reasons to avoid free platforms.

So, try to create your self hosted wordpress site in Bluehost hosting, in which you can get a free premium domain for one year.

Website speed

If you are choosing any free platforms or free hosting providers, they do only less maintenance of your server.

They accumulate more websites on a single server which leads to slow down your website.

But if you go with a self-hosted wordpress website, they provide you fast servers with SSD storage.

It helps to speed up your website loading. Slow-loading websites will reduce user experiences and conversion rates.

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WordPress community and help

When compared to other blogging platforms and content management systems, the wordpress community is very huge.

Whatever issues you have with wordpress, there are always millions of answers waiting to solve your issues online.

Just by typing your wordpress issues in google, you will get plenty of answers to solve.

Some websites like WPbegginer.com are completed to be dedicated to solving your wordpress issues.

It is one of the largest sources of wordpress tutorials and guides to help you at every level.

You can also join with many other forums and Facebook pages, which is filled with wordpress professionals. So, you can post your questions and get answered by them.

Extra features from hosting providers

For maintaining your website, you don’t need any technical knowledge. More than this, if you need any technical support, the hosting companies are there for you.

So far I have seen, SiteGround hosting provides one of the best customer support in the world.

Their technical team is always there to support you. 

Some platforms don’t guarantee your content, but using the self-hosted websites, you can take regular backups and they are more reliable.

Most of the hosting providers give you regular automatic backups also. So, you don’t need to worried about your lost content.

They also provide some other features like FTP, firewall security, website protection with a single package.

So, it is always to go with the self-hosted wordpress website.

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Is there any drawbacks to using self hosted wordpress website

There is no major drawback of using the self hosted wordpress website. But if anything is to be considered, then it is the price.

Many new bloggers, when starting they don’t want to invest the money in buying the domain and hosting.

You can get good domain names from $12 to $15 for one year. And you can get good hosting for under $4 every month.

If you buy Bluehost, then you can get a free premium domain free for one year. It could help to save you $12 to $15.

If you can’t able to afford the premium hosting, then you can also go for free wordpress hosting providers.

Free hosting providers also provide some decent value to beginner bloggers. Later also you can switch to some premium self hosted wordpress hosting providers.

I strongly recommend you not to go with free platforms like WordPress.com or blogger.com.

If you are serious about blogging and want to make money blogging, then ultimately go for best wordpress hosting providers. It will be a great investment for your website.

Other than this, some beginners are thinking setup and installing a new website takes more time and technical knowledge.

But once you set it up and start running, that’s all. You can easily go on working with it.

Within 10 minutes, you can set up, install, and easily take your website to live. So, it is not a difficult process.

Check out my wordpress blogging checklist to get started in a step-by-step manner.

Wrap up the wordpress.org

Finally, using the self hosted wordpress website is the best thing to go. Once you started using it, you will feel the flexibility of the self hosted wordpress.

The first thing to focus on is to get a good domain name. The second thing is good wordpress hosting for your website.

If you are doing any serious blogging or make money blogging, then go only with a self-hosted wordpress website. 

Avoid free blogging platforms like WordPress.com, blogger, Wix, Squarespace, and many others. I’m not forcing you to go with self hosted wordpress websites, but it provides a huge value for your money and time invested.

Thank you for spending your valuable time reading this blog. If you find it useful, kindly share it.

Do you know any other benefits of using self-hosted wordpress websites? Then comment me below.

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