20 different types of blog posts to quickly attract new readers

Have you bored your readers with writing the same types of blog posts and similar writing styles?

Are you running out of different blog post ideas to write in your blog posts?

Different types of blog posts

I have covered some different types of blog posts, you can cover in your next blog posts.

No matter, if you are a beginner blogger or professional blogger, this list of blog post types will work better for any niche.

Therefore trying the different types of blog posts will give your readers a different perspective on your blogs. Mixing these different blog post types will lead to attaining many new audiences to your blogs.

Writing only the same types of blog posts is also one of the main reasons to cause writer’s block. Trying new blog types will increase your reader’s engagement.

20 Different types of blog posts and a list of ideas to write

However, mostly these are different types of blog articles that are used by many successful bloggers to attract more readers to their blogs and products.

Mix these varieties of blog post to produce better content

1. How to blogs

Mostly every topic has how-to blogs. These how-to blog types are considered evergreen topics.

How-to guides are mostly simple types of blog posts. Just a step-by-step process of how to do a thing is written in blog posts.

Whenever people are stuck with anything to do, they come to search engines and just search for “how to do a simple thing”.

Every field will have how-to-do blog posts. It could be anything writing a blog post or creating a website. Everything starts with how to do it.

You can also select how-to topics from your learning. How you did that particular work to overcome certain things.

This blog type shows your expertness in that particular field.

One of the best examples of this is wpbeginner, which is a complete how-to-do guide on using WordPress tutorials.

2. Checklist or cheatsheet blog posts

Among others, the checklist is considered one of the easy types of blog posts to create.

The checklist shows the list of things to do at a particular process without missing it.

Creating and maintaining a checklist will reduce and save your time. Most times checklist also helps you to check all the things before doing a certain thing.

For example – A checklist for starting a blog. It shows the things to do when creating a new blog.

Another example – If you getting ready to travel, then the checklist will help you to pack up all the things for travel.

So whatever your niche could be, make a checklist that helps your readers to do things without missing.

You can also make as a cheat sheet for your readers and convert them into a pdf. So that your readers can download it for their use.

3. List Post types (Listicles)

These types of blog posts you can see on most blogs. 

For example,

  1. 200+ lifestyle blog post ideas to write in their blogs.
  2. 10 reasons why everyone should need to start a blog.

These are some best examples. List-post are the best ways to project your points to the people.

Listicles help to fastly project the points to the readers. This list helps readers to quickly read the important points.

List-post types are also one of the best performing posts on the internet. For some keyword researches, the search engines also prefer the list posts.

For example – I have taken the keyword “blog ideas”

list blog post types are better in performing

For this keyword, google also loves to show only the list post in the top rankings.

This clears that list posts are a great way to attract your audience.

4. Product reviews

Write any product reviews that are related to your field/niche. The reviewing product should be personally used by you.

Giving a review of the product that is not related to your field, will create a bad impression on your readers.

Use that particular product before reviewing it, so that you can give them complete pros and cons. Whenever reviewing the products include disadvantages. It shows your transparency with that product.

Honest reviews give you the best results.

Most times it helps to promote those products. This unique type of blog post idea is mostly suitable for bloggers, who will do affiliate marketing.

As an affiliate, promoting the affiliate products, bloggers will create these types of posts.

You can get sales through these product reviews. So you can get an affiliate commission.

Affiliate marketing is the best monetizing way for bloggers. 

5. Infographics

Our mind processes the visuals faster than the text.

Creating great visually appealing content drives enormous traffic to your blogs.

Create better infographics, it gives gets you a ton of backlinks.

Here from Quicksprout says, with only 47 infographics they got over 2,512,596 visitors and 41,142 backlinks. Also, it gets more social shares.

infographicblog posts are more important in content marketing

It gives you a different feel to your readers, and is free from normal text reading.

If you are not good at designing infographics, probably you can hire a designer or use tools like Canva to design it. 

canva for designing your blog post images

Read – Benefits of using Infographics in content marketing

6. Data driven case studies

It is a different type of blog post, that most professionals love to read.

You every time don’t need anyone’s opinion.

Instead of it, the data-driven answers give you the perfect solution for your readers.

Mostly, the larger companies will do these types of blog posts, because sometimes it needs more resources to retrieve the data.

But everyone can write the case studies. Include proper links to external sources. Provide a screenshot of perfect data wherever it is needed.

Collect as much information to produce proper case studies. Studies with exact information sources will help you better.

The case study shows your expertness in that field. The case study mostly combines real-life examples.

You can also do your own case studies. Do a complete case study about your blogs. Make a detailed case study about your traffic growth and conversion rate and their strategies or anything it could be.

7. Own personal stories

Sometimes every topic you have chosen has been already written by someone online.

So for making unique blog posts topic, personal stories are one of the best ways.

If you are a lifestyle blogger, you are having many different topics to write in your blog posts.

Sometimes people will be more attached to you. So they want to hear about your personal achievements, journey, experience, and things you have learned so far.

This will help them with motivation and helps the readers to get more attachment with you. Everyone has studied many success stories to motivate ourselves and so your readers also get it from you.

You can also share some personal mistakes you did, as a different type of blog posts.

Sometimes mixing the blog posts with stories gives you good attention to readers. People like real-life stories with examples.

8. Guest blogging

Guest blogging is one of the different ways for giving your readers a different perspective look.

Sometimes your readers may be bored with seeing the same writing tone. So that you can invite guest bloggers to write in your blogs.

You can invite your fellow bloggers to write an article on your blog. Instead of that, you can do guest blogging on their blogs.

It is a great way to attract many new audiences. If your articles are really well, you can attract new audiences through your guest blogging.

It helps you to free up from a regular writing schedule and focus on other things.

You can create your own guidelines for writing guest articles on your blogs.

So that guest bloggers will write the articles according to your need.

To attract guest bloggers give some advantages for them to write guest articles on your blogs.

You can provide guest bloggers with author bio, inbound links to their blogs, promote the blogs through social media, and help to increase the relationship with other bloggers.

So give some reasons for bloggers to do guest blogging in your blogs.

9. Niche myths vs facts

Normally every field has some myths that are normally trusted by people.

So you can do a blog post of comparing the myths vs facts that your particular industry is holding.

Here are some common myths in blogging.

Image – above link page screenshot

Likewise, above the blogging field, every field has some common facts that are familiarly not known by readers. 

So you can do a different type of blog post about it.

Some people love surprising facts about particular things, so make it a blog post as a list of facts.

10. Trending blog post

It is one of the quick ways to get some little amount of good traffic to your blogs.

Writing a blog post related to trending things. Trending things should be related to your blog.

Not every time all the things are trending. If you found any quick trending thing in your niche, then do a blog post about it.

For example – If google is releasing some updates on the search engines algorithm, everyone will look out for what are all the new changes that Google did.

If you quickly do research and publish a blog post, which clearly explains the google algorithm changes.

Then your blog post has a chance to go trending blog. So that you can get some quick traffic to your blogs. 

It also helps you to attain some regular readers to your blogs.

11. FAQ blog post

Every industry is filled with many frequently asked questions (FAQ). So answer these questions through your blog post.

Whenever a beginner entering into a new field, he/she will have a huge amount of questions. Your blog posts help give solutions to all your questions.

Make a list of questions from your readers and answer them.

You can also be seen that many products have answered the FAQ related to their products, it helps them to clear doubt about that particular product.

12. Problems with solutions

It is quite different from the FAQ. This blog gives solutions to particular things.

For example – To be more precise, if you are running a blog, and not getting many conversions or regular traffic. Then do a separate blog for giving the solutions to get perfect solutions for those problems.

It gives solutions for the things, to correct the things which are going in the wrong way.

13. Demonstrate plans

Share your plans and goals. There is a plan for everything to start and do.

Share your plans for doing a particular thing. Write a blog post for defining your goals and some process to achieve those goals.

These plans also could be your own way of doing things. It doesn’t need to have any standard process, it could be completely of your own thoughts.

It also says about your future plans for getting the things to do in the right way.

14. Write about your hacks

Give some hacks to get things done faster.

Sharing growth hacks is one of the things that everyone loves. Everyone needs a shortcut to do things quickly.

Write a blog post that covers the growth hacks you used. Explain simple hacks that work for everyone, especially for beginners.

15. Write behind the product 

We always show the readers only a great product, we don’t show what happens behind making it.

So make it a blog post that happens behind the making of a product.

I have written blog posts that cover what are all the things that happen behind the blogging.

Many readers think that blogging is just only about writing, but More than writing a lot of things happen in blogging.

16. The ultimate guides

Ultimate guides are nothing but a complete guide for doing certain things.

Mostly these ultimate guides will work as a pillar post for bloggers.

Whatever niche you are in, but create a complete guide on evergreen articles in your niche.

These types of blog posts usually have longer content, which is considered as a minimum of 2000+ words blog posts.

Check out – the ultimate guide to writing an awesome blog post in quick minutes.

17. Collect expert tips

It is a type of blog post format that covers what the experts in your field say/advice about particular things.

It is one of the more research involved type of blog posts format.

But it has one bigger advantage, after publishing the blog post you can reach the expert saying that I have included you in my expert advice blog post.

If they really like it, they will share your blogs in their social media. It will drive you a really good amount of traffic.

18. Monthly traffic report

I have now seen that many bloggers are sharing and updating their monthly traffic reports. It helps the bloggers for the motivation and also it shows their transparency with their readers.

Bloggers also share what are all the things they have done to get their traffic. It may include some hacks, standard processes, and anything they used to grow.

19. Current events in your niche

This unique type of blog post format covers the upcoming events in your field.

It is quite different from trending blog posts. 

Current event blogs say the currently happening events in that industry. 

The events may include conferences, seminars, webinars, the launch of a product.

20. Rewind posts

Rewind posts summarize the things that happened in the past few months or a year.

It also includes what are all the things you did perfectly and not in that particular period.

It also has your important achievement and some milestone you achieved.

A perfect example of that is, Harsh Agarwal in shoutmeloud will do it perfectly.

revisiting blog post type

He will combine his one year journey into perfect blog posts. I love to read the rewind blog posts formats because I am also one of the great fan of Harsh Agarwal (shoultmeloud.com).


In conclusion, these above types of blog posts and formats are just limited. Still, there are many different types of blog posts you can write.

Finally, the goal is to give knowledge to the readers, so choose which blog format type suits your readers better.

Thank you for spending your valuable time. If you found this article useful, kindly share it.

Do you have written any different types of blog posts to cover your audience? comment me below, So that other readers also know it.

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