Divi Vs Elementor Page Builder – Quick exclusive Comparison

Another interesting comparison between the two most used WordPress page builders, Divi Vs Elementor.

Page builders are one of the essential tools for every WordPress website. It helps you to design high conversion landing pages in a quick time. But if you are confused in choosing the best page builder between Divi Vs Elementor, then this blog post helps you.

Divi Vs Elementor page Builder for WordPress

Divi and Elementor, both are powerful page builders but offer completely different page editing experiences. Among other common page builders, Divi offers one of the highly different visual editing page editors with a unique style.

It doesn’t mean Divi page builder is difficult to use, but it provides more uniqueness and ease of use. Let’s move on to the comparison between Divi Vs Elementor Page builder for WordPress websites.

Divi Builder Logo

Divi Builder

Divi is a powerful theme and WordPress page builder plugin, that comes with a lot of editing options. This page builder provides one of the best visual page editing experiences to design your websites.

Elementor Page Builder

Elementor is the most popular WordPress page builder plugin. With its limited time of launch, it becomes more famous. It is because of its user-friendly interface, that helps everyone to design their site page.

Divi Vs Elementor Page builder: Overview

A quick summary and introduction about both the page builders.

Divi Builder

Divi Builder

Divi is not just a page builder, it is a highly customizable and famous WordPress theme from Elegant themes. The Divi theme is a complete website framework that allows you to design any kind of website visually.

It provides one of the true WYSIWYG experiences in designing your website without knowing a single line of coding. Even though you have used any website builder like Thrive Architect or Beaver Builder before, Divi gives you a completely different editing style.

With its large collection of layout libraries and effects, you can create beautiful pages on front-end editing. Divi allows you to customize every part of your website. 

It comes with advanced filters, animation, and transform elements to add every precise detailing to your website designing.

Divi comes with other sets of tools like lead generation, in-built split testing, and social media plugin. It also has Woocommerce integration to create your product pages and shops to start selling.

Elementor Page builder

Elementor Page Builder

Elementor is a powerful page builder for WordPress, that created revolutionary website designing. This Elementor has a greater impact on the development of many drag-and-drop page builders for WordPress.

Elementor has proved that every beginner can design beautiful websites, without having any technical knowledge in website designing. With its simple drag and drop editing method, it provides a really simple user interface.

On Elementor, the elements are arranged on the left side of the designing area. You can easily click or drag your elements to design your website pages. 

It also has a collection of templates for different occasions. So just import and edit it. It also has inline editing. You can build your websites faster with the Elementor page builder.

Divi Vs Elementor Pro: Detailed Comparison


Both come with the drag-and-drop visual editing builder to design your website. But when compared to Elementor and Divi builder, Elementor is a bit easier to learn.

Beginners will have some learning curve on the Divi Page Builder. 

On Elementor, the elements are arranged on the left side of the page builder area. It gives one of the clean interfaces.

Elementor editing Interface

The list gives you a neat look and also you can easily drag and drop. Beginners also find it much easier to use the elementor. 

On the Divi, it doesn’t have any fixed elements arranged on the right or left side of the editor. It gives you a complete width interface for editing.

When you hover over your design on the page, it shows you the floating add buttons. 

Divi builder editing interface

You should click on that add button to add your elements. It shows up the list of modules.

Inserting modules in Divi builder

Once you click on the preferred module, then a popup is opened up. You can move and resize the popup with drag and drop wherever you need.

Divi page editing and style customization

Every module comes with a lot of custom and design options. Sometimes you may feel annoyed with regular popups for designing every module on Divi. In this case, a fixed sidebar from Elementor may be easy for beginners.

Template Library and Modules

Divi and Elementor, both come with an extensive collection of templates and modules. You can just import and use it on your website.

Divi comes with over 40+ elements that include a call to action, testimonials, forms, pricing tables, and many others. 

Divi also has over 100+ full website packs and 880+ premade layout designs. These premade layouts are placed under different categories to choose your needs. 

Divi premade layouts and templates

Regularly new layouts and designs are added and updated on the Divi library. It also provides you access to 1000’s of images and illustrations.

When it comes to elementor, it has a handful of elements and templates. Elementor has over 55+ modules to use. They have opened up some elements for free and other advanced elements on the pro

The basic elements on Elementor include,

Elementor basic elements

The Elementor pro elements include,

Elementor Pro elements for editing

It also comes with over 200+ pre-made templates which are highly customizable. It also comes under both free and pro categories.

Elementor templates Library

You can also get extra addons from 3rd party developers. Astra theme gives an extra add-on for Elementor page builder.

Divi Vs Elementor Woocommerce page builder support 

When it comes to Divi Vs Elementor page builder, both offer Woocommerce integration.

Divi Woocommerce builder

With Divi Builder, you can build and sell your products by integrating them with Woocoomerce. You can display unlimited products from your store to your users. It helps your readers to browse and purchase the products

Divi has a separate Woocommerce builder with 16 completely loaded modules. It helps you to build better product layouts. It also gives you complete control over your product pages.

Divi Woocommerce modules

They also provide you a set of Woocommerce product demos for you to get inspired to design yours.

Next is Elementor. 

Generally, Elementor covered most of the important features that a perfect page builder needs.

So, they came up with 18+ elements designed exclusively for Woocommerce. 

Elementor Woocommerce elements

High customization option to design your stores, the way you want. Design pages that provide a great shopping experience with powerful widgets.

With its advanced widget options, increase your product sales.

Divi Vs Elementor: Customization and Styling of Pages and elements

Divi builder page Customization Features

When it comes to customization, Divi builder is one of the best. It gives you complete control over your designs.

Playing up with the Divi, styling is more attractive. Design hover styling with better transition options. Divi builder is naturally more responsive across devices. But also you can design pages individually for different types of devices like mobiles, tablets, and desktops.

It has hundreds of fonts and you can also upload your own. Customize text styles, spacing, sizes, and line height. Add custom effects and shapes to your pages with better dynamic transitions.

You can add borders to every element on the Divi page builder. Transform your elements in and around with different axis controls.

It also has an advanced code editor. Other Divi builder features include filters, shadow effects, animations, background images, gradients, and videos.

Elementor Page customization features

Elementor also helps you to create better responsive pages. It also offers you a lot of global fonts, colors, background gradients, videos, and overlays.

Use shape dividers to separate the elements and make them attractive. Create better animations and interaction with motion effects. 

More typography options and layout editing. It also offers many of the same features available on the Divi builder. Design separate mobile-responsive pages. 

It also has an inbuilt theme builder. This theme builder allows you to edit the header and footer with sticky headers.

Divi Vs Elementor page builder: Lead generation and marketing Optimization

Divi page optimization

This Divi builder comes with another pack of tools like lead generation, social sharing, and split testing.

Bloom is a powerful popup plugin for WordPress. With these opt-in forms, you can collect more leads. Create different types of opt-in forms with advanced triggering options. 

It can be integrated with many popular email services like Convertkit, Getresponse, and many others. This lead generation plugin also comes with a 100+ premade template. 

You can easily choose and customize it. Unlimited color options with fully responsive opt-in forms.

Divi also has in-built split testing options. You can test your content and design with different changes and test each other. It also gives you powerful data to increase your conversion rates.

Elementor Page optimization

Elementor page builder has an in-built pop-up builder to design beautiful pop-ups. It makes your lead generation much better. Many page builders will have lead generation tools as separate plugins, but Elementor has it in-built.

You can build any type of popups with this pop-up builder. You can create responsive layouts with 100+ templates and widgets. It has smooth transitions with advanced targeting options.

It can be easily integrated with email marketing services like Convertkit, ActiveCampaign, and many others.

Divi Vs Elementor Page Builder: Pros and Cons

Divi Builder Pros

  • The Divi builder provides a Powerful Visual Page editing experience
  • More layout packs and website templates library
  • More responsive Editing and advanced styling options
  • Better Value for money with a group of tools
  • Built-in split testing and integration with the Woocommerce builder
  • It has over 40+ elements
  • It has In-built A/B testing
  • Divi comes with both theme and page builder

Divi Builder Cons

  • No free version for trying it out.
  • It doesn’t have an in-built popup builder (Use separate plugin)
  • It has a learning curve for beginners when compared to Elementor.

Elementor Pros

  • It has a free version with some better elements and modules
  • It has a live front end page editor
  • Better collection of Blocks and templates library.
  • It has an in-built pop-up builder, theme builder, and Woocommerce builder
  • Easy to get started for beginners with a more user-friendly interface
  • Create custom headers and footers with sticky headers

Elementor Cons

  • Need more templates and block library.
  • Costly on using it for many websites, when compared to Divi. Better pricing options are needed with lifetime plans.

Divi Vs Elementor Pricing

Divi Pricing 

The Divi is one of the premium WordPress page builders. It doesn’t have any free version. But with a single subscription cost, you will get complete access to all their tools.

It cost $89 for one year and $249 for lifetime access. When compared to others, it is cheap. Both the plans you can use on unlimited websites. It makes the Divi cheaper than other page builders.

You will get a complete WordPress theme, page builder, and set of plugins at this cost. So you don’t need to buy the theme, page builder, and lead generation tools separately. Everything comes with a pack.

With its features and flexibility, it is completely a value for money.

Elementor Pricing

Elementor page builder has a completely free version. Their free version is one of the main reasons why Elementor is so popular. 

Some beginners may wonder how the page builders work. But their free version gives better features to learn and design their website pages for free.

But to get the advanced elements and templates you need their premium plans. Elementor Pro costs $49/year for one website and $99/year for three websites.

For using 25 websites, it will cost you $199/year. 

Divi Vs Elementor: Key Features Compared

Value For Money

Divi builder is more value for money. With their single basic subscription, you can use it on unlimited websites. It also has lifetime plan options, which only costs you $249 for lifetime to use it on unlimited sites.

Elementor has a free version that is good for beginners to get started. But for better page designing you need a premium version. For one website user, the pricing is okay. 

But for multi-website users, it is more costly and doesn’t provide more value for money when compared to Divi.

Value for money Winner – Divi Builder

Ease of use

When it comes to ease of use and user-friendly interface, Elementor has a slight upper hand. For beginners, Divi Builder has a little learning curve. And also Divi is filled up with more features, that take time to learn. So beginners need some time to adapt to the Divi visual editing style.

Divi builder also provides many effective editing methods like keyboard shortcuts and copy/paste editing. But also the Elementor drag and drop editor is a bit easier to use.

Ease of use Winner – Elementor


Divi provides 24/7 chat and email support. But Elementor only has email support and also their support needs to be improved.

Support Winner – Divi Builder

Layouts and templates

Both the theme builders have large collections of premade templates and layouts libraries. But between both, Divi has more collections of pre-made layouts and template packs.

Divi library is also regularly updated with new templates. 

Speed and performance

You don’t find much difference in their speeds. But between both, Elementor looks quite stable with better performance. 

Sometimes the file size of the Divi is larger, which makes it slow. The more features on the Divi also could be a reason for it.

Elementor has small file sizes, which provides better speed and performance.

Divi Vs Elementor Page Builder: Which is best

It is the final stage for choosing the best page builder for your website. 

There is no clear winner in between the Elementor Vs Divi builder. It is because of their ability to provide different types of advantages.

But when it comes to the final, choosing one is important. So choosing it based on your needs is important.

If you are a beginner and want to design website pages without spending money, then Elementor is the best. And also if you are using it on many sites, Elementor will be more costly.

>> Get Elementor

On the other side, if you need a better visual page builder with more library collections and more customization options, then Divi builder can be best. Divi also comes with both theme and page builder.

>> Get Divi Builder

FAQ on Divi Vs Elementor Page Builder

Which is best for beginners Divi or Elementor?

Elementor is the best choice for beginners. With its simple drag and drop, you can easily learn page editing. Divi will take some time to learn and also be filled up with more features. These more features will sometimes be annoying for beginners.

Divi or Elementor Best for Ecommerce websites?

For eCommerce websites, both Divi and Elementor provide better integration. Both come with many Woocommerce elements to design your online store.

Elementor has some advanced features for Woocommerce builders.

Which is the best theme for Elementor?

Elementor is a separately built WordPress page builder. It works fine with every WordPress theme. Both for better websites, use any popular WordPress themes like Astra and GeneratePress.

Which is the cost-effective page builder for WordPress?

Divi is the cost-effective page builder for WordPress. For single-site usage, Elementor looks cheap but when using multiple sites, and also comes with both theme and page builder.  Divi is a budget-friendly page builder.

Are Divi and Elementor Good for SEO?

Both Divi and Elementor page builders are good for SEO and better optimized. These page builders help you to design powerful high conversion pages and also SEO optimized.

Does elementor slow down your site?

When compared to the basic WordPress editor, on Elementor you will have some little difference in page loading speed. The usage of elements and images for your page designing will have a significant impact on your website speed. 

The Elementor is much better refined with clean coding and for better performance.

Can I use Elementor for free?

Yes, you can use the Elementor for free. It is open-source and available on the WordPress directory. On their free version also you will find some better basic elements and templates to design your website pages.


This is the exclusive comparison between Divi Vs Elementor page builder plugins.

I hope this helps you to decide between Divi and Elementor page builder. If you find it useful, kindly share it.

Do you have any previous experience with the page builder plugin? Comment below

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