11 best reasons to avoid free hosting – Truth revealed

Is free hosting is that much worse, not really. There are many premium hosting companies offering free hosting. But if you are into online for making any serious business, these are the best reasons to avoid free hosting providers.

Avoid free hosting

What is hosting and free hosting?

Hosting is nothing but storing your website in a server and maintaining it. There are two types of hosting, one is own hosting, and the other is getting hosting from hosting companies.

Can I do my own hosting?

Yes, you can do your own hosting, if you are good at managing the website development and web servers and you need to take care of security problems (virus protection) and many others. Sometimes you need a team to manage it. There are many big companies that will maintain their website in own servers.

For blogging sites it has been not recommended, so buy a domain and hosting from reliable hosting providers.

The other option is buying hosting from hosting providers. Usually, hosting companies have more features and plans according to your needs. In that, some hosting providers offer free hosting for your website. Free hosting is also good, but it is based on your needs.

Reasons to avoid using a free hosting

If you are a beginner and waiting to start a blogging site, but confused in choosing a hosting, paid, or free hosting. If you have chosen paid hosting, that’s the right choice. Here I am giving you the best reasons to avoid free hosting for your professional websites.

Note – These reasons don’t affect you if you are using free hosting for a hobby. But if you need to do money blogging, then you must avoid the free hosting services.

In the recent few years, the number of free hosting companies has been increased. They provide free hosting to attract customers towards their hosting. Free hosting is also one of the primary reasons for the increasing number of websites in recent years. But with free hosting you can’t build bigger websites, it has many limitations. 

The target of every company is to make a profit. How long a company can give you free products and services.  They will try to manage the losses that are occurred due to giving up their servers for free hosting. 

Some hosting companies only give free hosting for a limited time as a trial period. Before getting into any free hosting read their guidelines, so it must not affect you.

best reasons to avoid free hosting

You want to create a brand but want to save money, but think hosting is not the place where you save your money.

The reader’s engagement through your site is based on user experience. The enjoyable user experience is only offered by good hosting. Spending these few dollars does not cause you any losses.

There are still some decent free hosting providers present. But they also have some restrictions, lower bandwidth, less storage, and many more. The few best reasons are listed.

Slow site speed

Free hosting providers host many websites on the same server. It leads to overloading and the slow loading speed of your site. Most of the readers will bounce back from your website, when the site may take more than 3 seconds to load. It also reduces your site traffic and your SEO performance. 

Poor customer service

If you have any problems with your website, you need customer service. Free hosting has poor customer service. It takes more time to respond to your messages or only community support.

If you are not paying them anything, why do they need to have customer service for you? Most of the time they have only Frequently asked questions (FAQs) to answer you.

Security problems

Secured Hosting

Every day several websites get hacked. It’s because of their poor security features. 24/7 your website will be online, so it is necessary to ensure your security features. You can’t expect much quality from free products.

There are also some good free hosting providers, who give more protection for your website. But every time it is not guaranteed. The paid hosting provider has good in build security software.

Limited storage

It has very limited storage, most of the free hosting giving less than 1 GB storage and 1 email or no email account.

If you are uploading any videos or photos to your post, it will easily reduce your storage space. For getting extra storage space, again you have to pay extra.

So, you can only add a few pages to your site. If you are a regular image or video uploader, then avoid free hosting.

Higher downtime

Free hosting sites stores more websites on a single server. The traffic spikes will cause increases in your website’s downtime. You will get only what you have paid for.

The servers sometimes go offline for their maintenance, and you get disconnected from the online. It reduces your website’s traffic.

Sites may disappear

Some free hosting companies have their terms and conditions state that they can shut down their hosting giving no prior notice. We will lose your all data, It spoils all your effort. 

Unprofessional domain

You don’t have a proper web address, it doesn’t look that professional. The readers don’t look at your website as more professional. It takes more time to increase the trust of your website.

You can buy a good custom domain for your websites, that costs you only  $10 dollars. The domain is the first thing seen by everyone, before clicking your site. So make it confirmed. Get a free domain from these hosting companies.

More ads

The common thing you find in most of the free hosting is these annoying ads. You can’t avoid these ads unless upgraded to premium plans.

These ads distract your readers and they didn’t want to come back again to this website. These ads may irrelevant to your website, so it reduces user engagement.

There are many sources of income you can make from blogging. You can also run ads on your website.

Backup issues

Mostly the free hosting does not have any backup plans. In case, because of any problem, you lost your data, it cannot be recovered.

Some free hosting providers give you the backup plan, but you have to back up it regularly. It doesn’t provide you with automatic backup.

Less customization

Free hosting gives you only a few themes, widgets,  add-ons, and also you don’t have easily accessible Cpanel. It doesn’t have more tools for building your website.

Customizing your website using a limited number of tool, do not give your website much professional look.

Some free hosting doesn’t associate with WordPress, it has its own website builders. If it allows you to install WordPress also, you can’t access most of the features in it.

SSL certificate

Most of the free hosting providers don’t provide you an SSL certificate. Without this SSL certificate (HTTPS), google shows your site as a harmful site. It highly affects your SEO and traffic of your site. If free hosting doesn’t provide you an SSL certificate, avoid it.

Checkout – Whether free hosting suitable for you.

some free hosting providers with the best features

We have taken a few free hosting providers, to show you what features they are offering.

000webhosting – Free Hosting

free hosting 000webhost

It is one of the popular free hosting providers powered by hostinger.com. Look at the price and features in the above image.

000webhost also provides premium hosting at affordable prices. In their hosting, they don’t have access to WordPress. With their second plan less than one dollar, they satisfied most of the important features except SSL certificate and backups.


x10hostingfree hosting

X10hosting is also one of the famous free hostings. It provides you unlimited bandwidth and disk space for your websites.

It supports WordPress and has its own website builder, which allows you to build a website without technical knowledge. For the free version, they provide forum-based support from their community and full-time support in the premium version.


freehosting provides you some features that other hosting doesn’t provide.


They provide you some different functionalities in later up-gradation. freehosting.com is a free hosting provider, in which you can buy the important features separately for your lifetime.

Free hosting provides separate add-on packages, so you can buy whatever you needed. Here below I am giving the image of extra add-ons they are providing.

free hosting for websites

These are a few free hosting providers. There are nearly hundreds of free hosting available in the market, but it looks like one free hosting has better features than others.

But free hosting doesn’t provide all the essential features you need to run a proper website, so try to avoid free hosting. Finally, the only solution is paid to the host.


I’m not pushing you to go for paid hosting, but if you are really using the website for your business or making any profitable blog, then paid to host is best suitable for you.

Many free hosting has rectified some above-mentioned problems, but not all the problems. If you need to resolve all your above problems, then premium hosting is the only solution.

Thank you for spending your valuable time. If you found this useful, kindly share it others.

If you have any best reasons to avoid free hosting, comment below so that other readers also know it.

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