20 Best WordPress plugins for Beginners (Free & Paid)

Plugins are extra add on for your website that enriches your website. WordPress is highly known for its plugins. We need these essential WordPress plugins to be installed from the first days of the website.

If you are using the website for your individual purpose or else for the company, that does not matter. However, it must be installed on your website from the day of the start.

Best WordPress plugins

    Here we are only targeting the word press users. Most certainly, there are nearly 50,000 plugins available in the word press. If you start writing an awesome blog, these plugins will definitely help you.

You don’t need everything installed. Most of the plugins are free to use. Installing too many plugins also causes a problem with your website. So choose the essential plugins only for your needs.

    So, go with only a few essential plugins that help in SEO, Increasing traffic, page loading speed, and many more.

Some best WordPress plugins

Yoast SEO plugin

Page optimization is much more important in WordPress websites. So, to rank higher in search engines. Yoast SEO plugin takes care of all your optimization of the website.

It has over five million active users on the site. Similarly, Yoast SEO is one of the most popular SEO WordPress plugins.

Specifically, this single SEO plugin that can mostly take care of all your SEO problems.

As I knew, Yoast SEO is the first plugin that everyone installed on their website.

It’s because of its popularity.

Yoast SEO helps to create an automatically updatable XML site map.

It checks the sufficient amount of keyword usage.

The user can automatically add meta tags and link elements.

It not alone focuses on search engines to index all your pages, but also chooses which page to rank in a list.

 This is the first and most important plugin that every blogger suggests to you because this has that much value to your site.

    It has both on-site and on-page SEO. Yoast SEO is the best SEO writing tool.

It is a powerful tool that enhances your site. In fact, Yoast seo plugin provides more optimization for your site and increases the value of SEO.

    It comes with both free and paid versions, if you are a beginner go with the free version, it also has more features to show you.

The paid version will cost you around $89.

Yoast SEO also has many other plugins to boost your SEO in every way

wordpress plugins - yoast seo

WP rocket

      WP Rocket is a cache plugin. Most certainly, it increases your website loading speed.

Most of us use the shared server hosting, but it may reduce your WordPress site to loading speed.

In contrast, to ensure that your word press site is not to crash, you can use this WP rocket.

The speed is more important for the powerful website.

Whenever a website takes more time to load, the visitors will roll back. 

When a visitor returns from your website, without spending time on your site, it increases your bounce rate.

It shows Google that your site has a bad user experience.

    If someone browses the keyword related to your post, after that, search engines will fetch the data from your WordPress website.

If your server is full of cache, then it reduces your website loading speed.

 And it may take time to load the website.

To increase the information fetching speed and as well as to load your site faster, use this cache plugin.

    There are many cache plugins available in the WordPress plugin, but this will give you better results.

Jet pack

      This WP plugin is a multi-featured plugin that comes with a power-packed performance.

Therefore, this multi-featured plugin lets you uninstall many other individual plugins.

      Here I Am listing some of their features,

1. It provides the social sharing button for your readers

2. Provide a subscription button

3. It protects you from spammers and hackers

4. It monitors your downtime and lets you know when your site is down.

5. Provides backup

6. Site statistics and also integrated with google analytics

7. Auto social sharing


      This is one of the top plugins from Automatic. In contrast, this WP plugin is mainly used to eliminate the spam comments from your comment section.

    It automatically detects the spam comments from your comment section and moves to trash, and later it will delete it.

Akismet is one of the important plugins that every beginner must-have likewise, it is the best spam detecting WordPress plugin, which helps to filter spam comments from the website.

It is difficult for the website managers to detect much spam comment.

The  Akismet anti spam will catch the spam comment and simultaneously, make it easy for the Akismet user to run a successful website.

Wordfence plugin

 Security is the most important factor in websites. Not only for websites, everything in the world needs security.

Wordfence security plugin provides security to the WordPress website and at the same time, makes the website safe by protecting it from vulnerable attacks.

It is available in free cost and also a paid version. On other hand, this site keeps your site away from the hackers.

There are many security plugins in word press, but it will definitely add great value to your sites.

Push engage 

      It is one of the important plugins that drives you more, as well as it gives a push notification to subscribe to your blogs.

    Whenever you post a blog, it will send a notification to your subscribers. These plugins play one of the major roles in getting traffic.

    It supports most of your browsers like opera, chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, safari, and likewise, many others.

It also allows you to send targeted push notifications.

Updraft plus

Updraft Plus is one of the best backup and restoration plugins. Likewise, this WP plugin allows you to back up all your posts.

In case of any problems or cyberattacks, it will help you restore your content. It has over 2+ million downloads and is one of the most trusted backup plugins.

Updraft plus helps to back up the data and also restore it. Moreover, users can back up your files and database to the cloud and restore it with a single click.

Updating your website often will prevent the site from vulnerable attacks.

      There are still many more plugins available in WordPress. You can choose based upon your convenience.

   The updraft plus makes the backup process simple for the user, at the same time, it is available for free of cost.

Google analytics

It helps to analyze the website traffic, therefore, you can easily find the status of your blog on the WordPress website.

Google analytics has a complete analysis of your website so it will completely analyze your website in different factors.

You can monitor your visitor’s location, page views, bounce rate, pages per session, and many more.

So you can notice the complete status of your blog through google analytics. It’s free of cost.


Designing a form in WordPress may be difficult for users, and it is time-consuming.

WPform does the work easily for a user to build a form on their WordPress website.

The user can build up the form more quickly with no designing knowledge. Building a form becomes simple for the user by the WordPress plugins. If you are frequently updating the post or creating forms of lead generation, WPforms will be the best.

With over 100 templates they provide different types of forms like contact forms, survey forms, payment forms, newsletter forms, and registrations forms.

Easy embedding of farms in your blog posts and also, their smart captcha technique easily prevents spam submissions. You can manage all your leads in one area.

 WP Form is one of the best contact form plugins for WordPress sites and moreover, there are many features available in the WP form of the plugin, and it is user friendly.

WPform templates are pre-designed, in which a user can choose the required template for their website. WP form plugin runs on mobile, laptops, and tablets.

It has both free and paid versions.

Shortpixel  image optimizer

It can compress your every type of image.

Having high-quality images on your website will lead to slow loading of the website.

To rectify this issue, this image optimizer plugin will compress all your images.

They usually compress in three ways,

  1. Lossy
  2. lossless
  3. Glossy

With a single click, you can back up and restore the original image. If you added this plugin to the WordPress, it automatically compresses your images in the website gallery. You need not optimize every time.

It optimizes not only your images but also takes care of all your thumbnails. Thumbnails will lead to cache, so shortly pixel plugin optimizes your plugin too.

TinyMCE Advanced

This plugin helps to add, remove, and arrange the buttons displayed on the visual editor toolbar. It has more options for inserting lists. The user can edit font size and font family. There are many features available to make the user work easier.

If you do not much like to work with block editors (Gutenberg), you can use the TinyMCE editor. It will allow access to both block editors.

WP super cache

      The speed is more important for the powerful website and it is achieved by WordPress super cache plugin. The site speed can increase by wp super cache plugin.


   Duplicator plugin helps to back up the WordPress site. It can duplicate, move, backup, and transfer a site.

Constant Contact

   It is one of the most famous email marketing service providers.

Email becomes the primary one. Here this platform allows users to create an email list and send it to their subscribers.

CSS Hero

   It is a WordPress plugin that allows bloggers to customize the WordPress theme.


   Monster insight is a plugin that is used for Analytics. This plugin helps to analyze the traffic status of the webpage. It can track eCommerce to get the data from woo-commerce. It is integrated with Google Adsense so you can track the ad performance. Over 1.9 million website uses.

   This Plugin is mainly for affiliate marketers. Users can store all the affiliate links on a single page. Organizing the link becomes simple and we can easily find and replace the link.

Contact Form 7

Contact  Form 7 can manage multiple contact forms. Users can customize the form and mail content.

   It helps to create an attractive photo gallery. It is the industry’s standard WordPress gallery plugin. This plugin has three dominant gallery styles and two album styles. It is offering an easy-to-use Insert Gallery Window.

WP Live Chat Support

   It allows chatting with the blog audience. For business purposes, the consumers expecting live chat support to ask their doubts. The communication becomes easy with blog visitors.


  There are still many more plugins available in WordPress. You can choose based upon your convenience. plugins reduce the work and make the task easy for users. It optimizes the website.

Even though plugins are available for a free cost, don’t use too many plugins unless it is necessary. Too much of anything is worthless.

Likewise, don’t install too many plugins on your site. Choose only the required essential WordPress plugins and make your site great.

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