8 simple steps to write a perfect high-quality blog post

How to determine a quality blog post. Is there any different type of style to write a high-quality blog post?

How they differ the blog post as high quality and low-quality blog post.

Is there are any particular ways to increase the quality of the blog post.

steps to write a high quality blog post

Professional bloggers will find out the low-quality blog easily because they lack many things in the content.

If you are a beginner blogger and don’t know how to develop yourself as a better quality blog writer.

Don’t worry. I have compiled some of the things to make sure that you have written a quality blog.

When it comes to blogging everyone has their own way of writing, but including and changing some little things in your blog, will increase the quality of the blog.

Blogging is just not about picking up some random topic and writing about it. Writing a blog has some outline to organize things to get it delivered perfectly.

After the panda algorithm update from Google, low-quality blog posts don’t go to rank higher in search engines.

This algorithm ultimately outperformed the low-quality articles that are already ranking higher in the search engines.

Then the only way is writing good quality blog articles that are in the way both users and search engines want. 

Content marketing gives you three times more lead generations and reduces 62% of the cost in marketing.

content marketing to write to a high-quality blog post

Quick steps to write a high-quality blog post

Writing quality articles is not rocket science and doesn’t need any expertise to do it for you.

Keeping some simple list of things will help everyone to write better quality articles. 

The quality of the blog post is always a combination of both, which is optimized for both search engines and users.

First, start writing your quality blog post with the keyword research.

Keyword research

I think so, you have heard this word many times in the blogging field, but again I’m saying it, that is keyword research.

Every successful thing needs research and proper execution. Likewise, to write a high-quality blog post, keyword research is a must thing.

There are many keyword research tools available in the market. If you are a beginner then uber suggest and semrush keyword research tools will be best for you.

If you are starting out on blogging, then use the blogging writing tools to reduce your blogging time and do it effectively.

Keyword research helps to find the keywords that are easy to rank. Generally, choose keywords that have high search volume and low SEO difficulty.

Focus on long-tail keywords. For a beginner picking up long-tail keywords with low SEO, the difficulty is preferable.

Mostly the seed keywords are highly competitive, so go with long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords have normally low search volume, but it is highly conversionable. Long-tail keywords have high conversion rates.

Blog post headline

 The headlines should mainly optimized for users. The powerful headlines have a higher click-through rate.

The headline is not just like keeping the title on the blog content. The headlines must crafted well to get higher CTR.

Copyblogger says that only 8 out of 10 users only read the title and only 2 out of 10 will read the rest of it is perfectly optimized.

If you see it, these numbers are really low. If you aren’t optimizing your title for users, you will lose that two clicks too.

So collectively have a bunch of title ideas to name your blog post, so you can choose the best one from it. Without the proper good title, most times your good content also goes unnoticed.

When it comes to creating headlines for the blog post, there are many formulas that maintained by bloggers, to make it high quality and eye catchy headline.

After optimizing your headlines for human users, don’t forget to optimize it for search engine bots.

Include your important and primary keyword in the headline. Through keywords, only search engines will mostly understand for blog post content and topic.


Make your introduction more interesting. The initial lines of the blog post will give the users what is all the information they are going to get through reading this blog.

In the introduction, accept the reader’s problem. When a reader visits your website, then they need some information about their queries.

So initially accept their problems and promise them that you are going to give some answers to these questions so that their problems will solve.

If they are really found what they looked for, then they will ready to read your complete paragraphs.

So in the initial paragraphs, suit up with them to read your complete blog post. The introduction is the place where you are getting ready for your readers to read the rest of the blog.

Usually have some 3 to 10 smaller paragraphs in the introduction, to explain about your blog post.


Use many subheadings in your blog post. Using many subheadings will be easy for your readers to know about the topics that you are covered in that blog post.

In headings separation normally it divided and ranged from H1 to H6. Here H1 is more powerful and H6 is considered as the less powerful.

H1 is the title of the heading, it should be used only once. If you are using WordPress as your content management system, then by default your title will be H1.

H1 holds the primary keywords that you mainly want to rank. And the other subheadings contain the keywords that are relevant to the primary keywords, which also has a chance to rank higher.

Subheading also a strong signal of your keywords to the search engines. So place your keywords in the higher level subheadings.

Use images

Normally we humans attracted to the visuals more than the text. Placing images in your blogs will attract your readers.

Think of it for a second, if you have written a long blog post which is 4000 words long and you don’t include a single image yet. How a reader feels. Even though it was an informational content, sometimes it may get boring.

Don’t add any animated images that are irrelevant to the blog topic. Use data-driven images, graphs, or any particular facts that are related to the topic.

Everyone likes facts, so include some facts or some times quotes said by experts in that field. 

It helps your readers keep active when reading your blog. Images are always a multi-purpose thing.

If once you created the images, it helps to share in social media. The image used in the blog post should be clear quality and minimize the image size before using it in the blog post. Less image size helps to increase the page loading speed of the blog page.


It is the center part of writing. It is mostly filled with everyone’s own individual thoughts and research.

Write shorter paragraphs, longer paragraphs are sometimes difficult to read. Mostly keep your paragraphs below 5 lines.

You can see that I will mostly write 2 or 3 lines paragraphs because it improves the readability and information can be easily readable.

Bold some important words in your content, to improve readability.

Use different multimedia like, infographics, GIFs, video, podcasts, and anything it could be, what your reader loves.

Some prefer watching video more than reading content. Using multimedia also has another advantage. Multimedia helps readers to spend more time on your website, which is considered as one of the good ranking signals.

If visitors spend more time on your website, then search engines will take it as a positive signal, that the readers are interested in your content. 

Then the search engines will start to rank your content higher.

Search engine optimized writing

After all the things, here comes another main thing, it is search engine optimized (SEO) writing.

The perfect blog post doesn’t end without proper seo. Seo writing is not a big thing once you start writing you will learn it. But learning of seo is an endless process.

Its because every day the competition is getting heavy, so the power of SEO is upgrading itself to a higher position.

When writing you can only focus on ON-page SEO techniques. Search is the biggest source that can drive you into enormous traffic.

In the case of WordPress, there is a plugin called Yoast seo, to take care of all your On-page seo problems.

With some simple steps, you can easily learn to do the proper on-page SEO and make it a high-quality blog post

  1. Use the proper keyword in your blogs. Optime the keyword with proper density.
  2. Internal link to your older blog posts. Link to your relevant blog posts, that are useful for readers. Use your anchor texts carefully. Internal links help to build the linking structure of your website.
  3. Use the images with the alt tag. Give the relative alt tag that highly represents that image. If you are using the relevant images, then use keywords in your alt tag.
  4. Create SEO optimized URLs. Short and readable URLs perform better in search engines. So make your URLs short and readable. Mostly avoid stop words in the URLs.
  5. Give a meta description to your blogs. Use keyword-focused meta description, so that search engines easily understand your content. The meta description should be 156 characters long, more than this will cut off in the search engines.
  6. Link out to other relevant blogs. If you are giving any statistics and data, then link to the data source, which is considered as an outbound link. It increases your value to the readers. If you are linking out to an untrusted website, make it a nofollow link.
  7. Use semantic seo when writing your blog post. Semantic seo helps search engines to learn more about the Content in your blogs.

Writing Conclusion Part

At last, the final part, writing your conclusion of the blog post. Your conclusion should summarize your complete blog post.

Your conclusion could 50 or 100 words, it could be based on your needs and message. But clearly use some Call to Action (CTA) in your conclusion part.

Your CTA should be actionable. It should force your readers to take some action. You can also finish your blog post in some controversy. It also could be one type of CTA.


These are the quick, simple steps to write a high-quality blog post. Just by simply implementing the above ideas, your blog will become ultimately high quality.

When writing uses your own style of writing and gives your readers more unique content. Expertness comes with experiences. So start writing your blog as much as you can. So you can come up with your own writing style.

With these actionable steps, combine your research to make your blog post high quality.

Thank you for spending your valuable time. If you find these articles useful, kindly share it.

Do you have any other simple idea to make a normal blog post to a high-quality blog post, comment below so that other readers also know it?

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