7 best free email marketing tools and services compared (2023)

If you are new to email marketing or just want to free email services to use, then I have picked some of the best free email marketing tools and services for you.

List of free email marketing tools

When it comes to digital marketing for every brand to sustain in this modern world, email is one of the ways to connect with your audiences. Even if you are a beginner blogger or developed business, you need email marketing

Look at the quick comparison of free email marketing tools and services for your business.

List of best free email marketing tools and services

Free email servicesSubscriber LimitMonthly email sends

These are the some of best handpicked free email marketing tools and services. Still, there is some powerful email marketing software like GetResponse and ActiveCampaign. But they offer only a limited time free trial, not a free plan.

So, these above chosen free email marketing services are having a separate complete free plan for their users, with better features.

1. Convertkit – Free unlimited email marketing tool

Convertkit - Unlimited free email marketing tool

ConvertKit is one of the top and best free email marketing tools on this list. This free emailer is highly suitable for content creators.

Convertkit is used by many top digital marketers and content creators around the world. You can create beautiful landing pages for lead generation. Their landing is well responsive across the devices and every beginner can get started easily.

It also has many inbuilt email signup forms to get more leads. It has different signup forms like inline, popup, and slide-in.

With this free email marketing tool, you don’t separate plugins like Thrive Leads and Bloom for lead generation. 

It also provides you a lot of integrations with many teaching platforms, online stores, Facebook ads, Paypal, and many others. 

Key Features of this free email marketing tool

Here are some of the features given by Converkit email marketing tool on their completely free plan.

  • On their free plan, it allows you to manage upto 1000 subscribers.
  • You can create unlimited landing pages and signup forms.
  • Get access to a free course to kick start your email marketing journey, from lead generation to launching a product.
  • You can also create a domain or use your domain and also no limits for traffic.
  • Get detailed analytics of your customer growth. It allows you to tag and segment your subscribers for better targeting.
  • Send unlimited email broadcasts, so no limit for emails. It makes this free emailer software better.
  • Get basic email support and access to the creator community.

These are the best features given by this free email marketing tool.

2. Moosend – free email marketing tool

Moosend - Free email marketing tool for WordPress

Moosend is free emailer software for every beginner to get started. It gives many advanced email marketing features on its free plan, which is available only on premium email marketing software.

Moosend comes with a very simple dashboard, that doesn’t find it any beginners to get started. With its simple drag and drop builder, you can easily build your emails.

You will get plenty of templates for automation emails and campaigns. Send your emails with more personalization to your subscribers. 

In quick minutes you can also design your beautiful landing pages with premade templates and drag and drop builder. You will get powerful real-time analytics and also it has premade automation workflow for different occasions.

This free email marketing tool comes with many better features on its free plan.

Key Features of Moosend free email marketing service

  • On a free plan, you can have upto 1000 subscribers. 
  • Send unlimited emails to your subscribers.
  • You will get signup and subscription forms for lead generation
  • Get pre-made templates to design your emails fast.
  • Pre-built automation workflow and templates.
  • Highly focused real-time tracking and reports.
  • It has some advanced features like email heatmap analysis, spam analysis, A/B testing, and spam testing.
  • You will get chat support, email support, and a knowledge base on the free plan.
  • It has over 100+ integration and API access.

With this Moosend, you can send more personalized and targeted emails for better clicks and conversions. It is one of the best free emailer tools that are suitable for every business. 

3. Aweber – Free emailer tool for small business

Aweber - Free email marketing software

Aweber is a more popular email marketing service for a long time. It provides a free email marketing services plan, that is suitable for small businesses.

You can easily create beautiful-looking landing pages and emails easily. It also creates automatic landing pages in quick minutes.

Aweber free emailer comes with a drag and drop builder to create emails and also has a large library of templates to choose from. With more personalization, create automatic email campaigns. 

Get powerful analytics and reports that make your marketing efforts easier. Manage your subscribers more efficiently for easy and better targeting. It easily connects with 100+ software for better productivity.

It also has a mobile app, which helps to create your forms, send amazing newsletters, and view data reports of your email campaigns.

Key features of Aweber Free email marketing services

  • On their free plan, you can have upto 500 subscribers.
  • Every month you can send 3000 emails
  • Use drag and drop builder to create email newsletters and automation.
  • Over 100+ templates to choose from and 1000+professional images.
  • Create unlimited landing pages and sell a product with Aweber eCommerce
  • Google Analytics and FB pixel tracking and also subscriber tagging.
  • Unlimited users on your team for account management
  • It also has integration, free migration, and 24/7 customer support.

Get the Aweber free plan to try, how it helps your business.

4. Benchmark Email – Limited Free email marketing tool

Benchmark email - free emailer tool for beginners

Benchmark Email is one of the better email marketing tools that allows you to send beautiful email campaigns. You can quickly create more responsive campaigns with customizable pre-made templates.

With a wide variety of templates, you can easily choose and edit and it also lets you image on their editor. Benchmark is one of the better user-friendly free email marketing tools available. It allows you to send powerful emails with better automation.

More than emails, it also gives you lead generation forms for list building and also has landing pages. It provides you detailed tracking and reporting to improve your marketing efforts.

With focused A/B testing, send mails at a more optimum time for your subscribers to get maximum conversions and clicks.

Key features of Benchmark free email tool

  • You can manage up to 500 contacts on your free email marketing plan.
  • It allows you to send 250 emails every month.
  • Get responsive email templates with drag and drop builder to create beautiful emails.
  • Basic segmentation option and basic drip campaigns.
  • Better list management and RSS email campaigns.
  • Google Analytics tracking and live engagement reporting. It also has over 1500+ integrations.

If you want to explore or learn about email marketing, then this free email marketing tool will be much better. 

5. SendPulse – Simple and free email service

Sendpulse - free multichannel marketing tool

Sendpulse is a multi-channel marketing platform. This SendPulse is the perfect example of an all-in-one marketing channel. It comes with email marketing, CRM, chatbots for different platforms, SMS, and web push notifications.

It is one of the best free email marketing tools for beginners. With its quick drag and drop editor, you can easily create responsive emails. This free emailer tool comes with a wide variety of over 130+ pre-made templates to make quick emails.

With better automation, it allows you to send perfect emails at the perfect time. Send automatically triggered emails based on your customer actions. These automatic emails help to re-engage your audiences.

Automation works not only on emails and also on different marketing channels. Different popups and subscription forms for lead generation. Detailed reports and email campaign analytics. 

SendPulse has separate applications on Android and ios to manage your email marketing and email campaign statistics.

KeyFeatures of Sendpulse free email marketing tool

  • This free emailer allows you to manage upto 500 subscribers
  • You can send upto 15,000 emails every month
  • You can create 1 landing page and 3 automation workflows
  • Every month verify up to 100 email address

Their free emailing plan is easy to get started and also grow your base. If you want a more flexible option, then you should get their premium plan. Their premium plans start at $6.4 per month.

Sender - Best free email markrting tool for small business

Sender is one of the famous free email marketing tools on this list. This free email comes with a forever free plan, that includes all their important features.

Quickly create your beautifully designed emails by choosing their collection of premade professional templates. With its drag and drop email editor, design more responsive emails with the help of a free template library.

If you have an eCommerce store, then this free email marketing tool suits you. It comes with eCommerce marketing tools that help to boost up your sales. Increase conversions with automatic cart abandonment emails and grow the audience with popup subscription forms.

With better email deliverability, high send more personalized emails. Detailed analytics to grow your business. It also provides easy integration with many software. 

For WordPress users, it has a separate WordPress plugin. It makes your free email software integration easier with WordPress websites.

Key features of Sender free email marketing tool

  • With their free plan, you can manage upto 2500 subscribers
  • You can send upto 15000 emails every month.
  • All other features are included in their free plan. It is one of the very few email software that provides the most premium features at the free plan.

If you want to try all the premium email marketing features for free, then this free emailer tool is highly suitable for you.

7. Omnisend – free email marketing tool for ecommerce

Omnisend - Free email marketing tool for e-commerce

If you are a blogger or an eCommerce store owner, then this Omnisend free email marketing tool provides better benefits. It is also a multichannel marketing platform, that includes email, SMS, and web push notifications. 

Omnisend boosts up your email marketing campaigns. For eCommerce stores, you can create shoppable emails. More focused campaign targeting with segmentation. 

With campaign booster and A/B testing, increase your clicks and conversion. More focused campaign reports and measures them with your reports. 

Key features of Omnisend free email marketing plan

  • Their free plan allows you to send upto 15,000 every month
  • Run email campaigns and collect reports
  • You will get different signup forms, popups, and landing pages
  •  segment your audience and also integrates with many multiple eCommerce software like Shopify, Woocommerce, Bigcommerce, Zapier.

OmniSend’s free email plan doesn’t give you many advanced features like automation, but it is enough for beginners to get started. Their premium plans are focused on top features, especially for eCommerce stores.

FAQ on Free email Marketing tools and services

1. Which is a recommended free email marketing tool?

I will recommend Converkit free email marketing tool for every creator and business owner. It allows you to create unlimited landing pages and provides better options to highly engage with your audience. 

2. Why do they provide free email marketing services?

These listed free email marketing tools are also having their premium plans, which you need to pay for using. But many email marketing software allows beginners and small businesses to try their email marketing tool for free. So it makes you want to try their services before getting into premium plans.

3. Do they provide completely free email marketing services?

Yes, here listed free email marketing tools are having a separate completely free plan. They have some limits like contacts limit, monthly email sends, limited advanced features, that can be upgraded to their premium plan.
But if you don’t need more features, more contacts, then you can use it free for your lifetime. Most free email marketing services also don’t ask you to enter credit card details, when signing up for a free plan.

4. Can I send unlimited emails for free?

Not every free email marketing tool allows you to send unlimited monthly emails. But Moosend allows you to send an unlimited free email every month. It is one of the best in the market.

5. How can I build a free email contact list?

You can use lead generation forms from the free email marketing services. Or, you can also use any free lead generation tools like Hello Bar and Poptin to generate leads.

Final Verdict – free Email marketing tool

These are some of the best free email marketing tools and services that are suitable for every business.

If you want a more trusted free email marketing tool, then Convertkit is the best option. It also allows you to send unlimited emails to the broadcast.

Then, if you need some better features like A/B testing, automation workflows, customer support, Moosend is a perfect free email marketing tool.

I hope this article helps you to choose the best free email marketing tools and services. If you found it useful, kindly share it with others.

What’s your experience with free email marketing tools? Comment below.

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