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10 Best email newsletter plugin WordPress 2023 – free & Paid

Having the best email newsletter plugin on your WordPress website will help you to send regular email newsletters to your audience and customers.

Every business and brand needs an audience and customers to withstand the market. So these email newsletter WordPress plugins will help your business to get more leads and conversions.

Best Email newsletter plugins

So by sending regular email newsletters to your audience, you can make them your customers.

What is an email newsletter WordPress plugin?

Email newsletter plugin is a normal WordPress plugin that helps you to convert your visitors into leads. You can get leads by placing different kinds of signup forms on your website. Usually showing popups is a highly used method of collecting emails.

Here is a list of the best lead generation plugins. Here the leads are nothing but your audience’s email address. The email address helps you to reach their inbox through an email newsletter.

This email newsletter contains special offers, deals, promotions, and important updates from your brand and website. Email newsletters are the best way to connect with your audience.

How does the Email newsletter plugin work?

Every WordPress email newsletter plugin is connected with an email marketing software. Once the lead is collected, it will be saved on your email contact list.

You can set up a series of automation emails to your audience, automatically after the lead is collected. Thank you and a welcome email is one of the common emails first sent to every lead.

With the best email marketing services, you can send perfectly-timed email newsletters to your audiences every time.

You can choose two types of plugins to set up your email newsletter. The first method is using the plugins from email marketing services. Another type is using the lead generation plugins and integrating them with the email marketing services.

Using the stand-alone lead generation plugin gives more powerful options for collecting emails. All the email lead generation plugins will be connected with the famous email marketing services.

Why does every website need an email newsletter tool?

I hope everyone gets personalized offers mails from the product brands we use. 

For example, we will regularly get an email newsletter from Amazon, once you sign up to their website. Amazon is a bigger eCommerce company, so they regularly send an email newsletter to their audience about the offers.

Why do they send those email newsletters?

The purpose of sending an email newsletter is to give their brand awareness. Because they are encouraging their audiences to buy their products with better discounts or rolling out messages from their brands.

When considering other marketing channels, email marketing has a high Return On Investment (ROI). For every $1 you spend on email marketing you will get $38 in return. It is huge and the potential of email is high.

Here are some of HubSpot’s interesting email stats, that show how much the brands and people use an email newsletter to engage their brand.

Email marketing statistics

These email stats show the importance of email newsletters, that websites and brands need. 

So, here is some best email newsletter plugin for WordPress. It has both paid and free email newsletter WordPress plugins.

List of best email Newsletter plugin for email marketing

1. Bloom email opt-in Plugin

Bloom - Best email optin for leads

Bloom is an email opt-in and lead generation plugin for WordPress. This email collecting plugin is a product of famous WordPress developers, Elegant Themes.

Elegant theme is known for its popular Divi WordPress theme. Divi is one of the highly used and easily customizable themes for WordPress. They also have a collection of other plugins, which includes Bloom.

Bloom plugin gives every option to convert your visitors into email subscribers. Create loyal followers and customers for your business.

It gives you multiple form display options to collect your email subscribers. It includes automatic popup forms, inline forms, widget forms, and content lock forms.

Features of Bloom email opt-in plugin

  1. 100+ pre-made templates to choose and design your email opt-in forms. 
  2. Choose from multiple orientations with border and edge customizations
  3. Fully responsive email forms and unlimited color options to design email forms.
  4. Highly targeted popups with advanced triggering options. 
  5. With its easy-to-use dashboard, you can easily control the email forms.
  6. Includes all other options like A/B testing, track accounts, statistics, and 24/7 support.

Bloom email WordPress plugin is integrated with all the email marketing services like Convertkit and Getresponse.


On a single subscription, you will get all the Elegant themes product, which includes the Bloom email opt-in plugin.

Their yearly plan costs $89 for one year of updates. Their lifetime plan costs only $249 for lifetime updates and support. It is one of the values for money plans.

2. Thrive Leads 

Thrive leads - premium email lead WordPress plugin

Thrive Leads helps you to build your email lists faster. This is a powerful email list-building plugin for your WordPress website. 

Thrive company is highly dedicated to creating a conversion-focused WordPress plugin for users. 

This email opt-in plugin comes with many different types of forms to collect leads. For better conversions, it has different email opt-in forms like popup, stick ribbon, inline forms, slide-in, widget, and many more.

It also has yes/no question forms to better engage your visitors. This email WordPress plugin comes with a large collection of pre-designed templates with a better conversion focus.

Also, create mobile-specific forms for mobile optimization. With one single Thrive suite subscription, you will get all the Thrive products.

Features of Thrive Leads

  1. Easy drag and drop editor to easily design your email opt-in forms.
  2. Comes with in-built A/B testing engines to improve email conversions.
  3. More focused targeting options and offers for more specialization.
  4. Get actionable insights and reports to get an overview of how the forms are performing.
  5. Highly responsive and choose from an extensive collection of templates.
  6. It has a 30-day money-back guarantee and better customer support

Thrive Leads can be easily integrated with all the famous email marketing services. Just easily integrated] and regularly send an email newsletter to your audiences.


Thrive leads plugin comes with a Thrive suite, which gives complete access to all Thrive products. It costs $19/month when you pay annually.

3. Icegram

Icegram - Free email subscriber plugins for newsletter

Icegram comes with a tagline Engage, Inspire and Convert. As mentioned, it is a great plugin to convert your visitors into leads. 

This email opt-in plugin comes with 12 different types of forms to attract your visitors. It includes popup, floating bar, toasting, sidebar, sticky, ribbon, and many more.

The extensive collection of ready-to-use templates to create powerful campaigns. These WordPress email plugins come with retargeting, geo-targeting, behavior targeting, unlimited usage, and many more.

With Icegram plugin easily drive traffic to particular landing pages, run giveaways, welcome visitors and improve conversions.

Features of Icegram plugin

  1. Create well-timed popups to get more email leads. Sleeks action bars to give notifications.
  2. It is easy to use and creates unlimited email lead generation forms.
  3. Easily create mobile responsive designs. Comes with multiple display options.
  4. Create custom CTA actions with split testing Icegram campaigns.
  5. Page, time, and user-based targeting. It also has exit-intent popups.

It can be integrated with every email marketing service to send email newsletters to subscribers. This is one of the best email newsletter plugins on this list.


It is a freemium WordPress email plugin. Icegram Pro subscription costs, $97/year, and Icegram Max subscription costs $147/year. 

You will get lifetime plugin access for only $249, which is a one-time payment.

4. ConvertKit

Powerful email automation plugin - Convertkit

Convertkit is a popular email marketing service and used by many top marketers in the World. It has its email plugins, which is integrated with their email marketing software.

So with the convertkit plugin, you can easily collect leads and send email newsletters to your audiences.

Convertkit is a free email newsletter plugin, and you can easily add it to your website. Just sign up for the free convertkit account. 

You will get unlimited landing pages and forms. With its collection of different email signup forms, getting email subscribers is easy.

It also has separate email newsletter signup forms, so you can ask your visitors to sign up for email newsletters.

This email newsletter tool comes with a large collection of templates to pick and design. You can send an automatic email newsletter to everyone who joins.

Features of Converkit email newsletter

  1. Convertkit gives better deliverability of email newsletters to the inboxes.
  2. Pick and easy email newsletter templates to send your emails.
  3. It is more responsive across every device. 
  4. Easily format your email newsletter, insert images and give powerful CTA’s
  5. More easy and user-friendly email designers.

Convertkit is the most trusted email marketing service to easily send the email newsletter. 


You can easily get started for free on Convertkit. It is free of 1000 email subscribers and sends unlimited email newsletters to your broadcasts. Their premium starts at $29/month.

5. Moosend email subscription forms

Moosend email subscription forms plugin for newletters

Moosend is an all-in-one marketing platform to take your business to the next level. It is a powerful email marketing service and easy to send an email newsletter.

With its free email subscription plugin, you can collect emails and send an email newsletter to your audience.

It has a free plan for everyone to join. Just sign up to the Moosend to start creating your email newsletter forms. 

Here is a complete Moosend Review.

You can collect your emails and easily segment them for more personalized email newsletters. It provides multiple types of forms to engage your visitors to email signups.

Create powerful automation to send on your email newsletter. It gives you better deliverability with a responsive design.

Features of Moosend

  1. Easy drag and drop email editor to design your email newsletters.
  2. Comes with a collection of pre-designed, fully customizable, and responsive email templates. Just pick and edit your newsletter content.
  3. It is also suitable for eCommerce websites to send discount codes, cart abandonment, and product recommendations.
  4. Send more personalized email newsletters every time with better conditions.

Moosend is a beginner-friendly and free email marketing software to send email newsletters.


You can sign up for free on the Moosend platform. It is completely free for the first 1000 email subscribers. Their premium plans start at $8/month.

It is a much more affordable tool to send email newsletters.

6. Poptin Pop-ups

Poptin - Popup WordPress plugin for emails

Poptin is a smart pop-up for your websites to collect more leads. You can easily create high-engaging email signup popup forms in quick minutes.

With better visitor engagement, get more email subscribers. It also has shopping cart abandonment popups to show extra bonuses. This will improve conversions and signups.

With its easy drag and drop builder, create better forms to collect email subscribers. This includes a lightbox, floating bar, full screen, slide-in, and many others.

Collect quality leads with advanced forms and a better call to action. Automatically send coupon emails, welcome emails, thank you emails, and Link emails to your new subscribers.

Features of Poptin

  1. It comes with in-built A/B testing. Test your templates, interactions, and timing for better conversions.
  2. It has exit intent technology, with better-timed popups.
  3. More conditioned triggering options to collect emails from the visitors.
  4. This works with all the platforms like WordPress, Shopify, Joomla, Wix, magneto, and many others.

It gives integration to all the most famous marketing tools. It also has Zapier integration, so the possibilities are endless. Connecting this plugin with any proper email marketing tool will help you to send regular email newsletters to your audience.


It is a free email opt-in plugin for beginners. Their premium version starts at $19/month.

7. OptinGun

OptinGun Lead generation WordPress tool

OptinGun is yet another WordPress plugin to collect more leads for sending email newsletters. It comes with special email signup forms. 

Just with a single click, you can arrange all your elements in the email collecting forms.

It comes with multiple form types like full screens, top bars, and widget boxes. Perfectly triggered forms email popups with time delay and scrolling conditions.

Features of OptinGun

  1. It has exit intent technology to collect emails for newsletters.
  2. Effective email leads with minimum bounce rates.
  3. It has an A/B testing
  4. Easily integrates with the majority of the email marketing tools.


It is also a freemium tool. It is free for 5000 views per month. Their premium plan starts at $9/month.

8. WP Popup Maker

WP popup maker - Drive sales with email list

WP Popup Maker helps to drive more email subscribers for the newsletter, with this powerful email opt-in WordPress plugin. Better focused campaigns to target email subscribers to the list.

With its 100% customization, create unlimited pop-ups. It is a visual theme builder and highly responsive. Better triggering options and customizable animations. 

Designing multiple types of popups is easy and a popup editor. It has user action-based triggers. It has an eCommerce targeting, so you can target them based on the product in the cart.

This WordPress email opt-in plugin has easy Woocommerce integration.

Features of Pop up Maker

  1. More customizable and visual editors for email signup forms
  2. It has an exit-intent popup, that shows at a better timing.
  3. User and device targeting with custom conditions.
  4. Create unlimited pop-ups, better support.
  5. It has a 30-day money-back guarantee.

This WordPress email Optin plugin is integrated with all email marketing tools to send personalized email newsletters.


It is a premium WordPress email plugin for newsletters. The pricing starts at $87/year.

9. Newsletter

Free email newletter plugin for WordPress

Newsletter is a free email newsletter plugin for WordPress. With this email newsletter WordPress plugin, list building can be easy.

You can quickly collect emails and start sending newsletters. Its premium WordPress plugin comes with the more unleashed power of sending email newsletters.

Set an easy autoresponder with this newsletter WordPress plugin. Send welcome emails, follow up on emails, create email courses, and many others. 

Lock your premium content with email subscription forms. 

Features of Newsletter WordPress plugin

  1. It gives integration with 3rd party plugins like Elementor, Ninja forms, Woocommerce and Facebook.
  2. It has simple drag and drops to design engaging newsletters.
  3. Unlimited subscribers and Newsletters with tracking and statistics.
  4. Customizable subscription forms with advanced targeting options.
  5. It also gives limited integration to other email marketing services.
  6. This newsletter WordPress plugin comes with a 30-day money-back warranty.


It is a free email newsletter WordPress plugin. It has fewer options on the free version, but the premium version is filled with an email newsletter option.

The pricing of the basic plan is $48 and the next plan pricing is $188. It comes with one year of support and updates.

10. Email Subscribers and Newsletters

Email subscriber and newletters plugin

Email subscribers and newsletters plugins allow you to collect leads and send an email newsletter to your audiences.

This free email newsletter WordPress plugin is a product of Icegram. This email newsletter plugin suits all bloggers and marketers.

You can easily collect leads by placing a subscription box. Send an automated email newsletter, when a new post is published.

Features of Email subscriber and newsletter plugin

  1. Get unlimited contact and send unlimited broadcasts.
  2. Use unlimited forms, lists, and email templates.
  3. Send automatic welcome emails and post notifications to contacts.
  4. Create unlimited email autoresponder sequences.
  5. Get advanced campaign reports with email link tracking.

With this full-featured email newsletter WordPress plugin, start collecting leads and send email newsletters.


It is a completely free WordPress email newsletter plugin, to use for unlimited contact. But to access their premium templates you need premium plans. 

Email subscriber’s premium plan costs $6.5/month when billed annually.

Choosing the best email newsletter plugin

These are the best WordPress email newsletter plugins available. For better conversions, picking up the best is important. 

Either you can go with a lead generation plugin and integrate it with email marketing software. Or choose the plugins provided by any email services like Converkit or Moosend.

But using a direct lead generation plugin gives you the maximum advantages. It has better targeting options and also can be easily integrated.

Thrive Leads can be the best option for a lead generation plugin and it can be integrated with major email marketing software.

For email marketing services, only use great tools like Getresponse, Convertkit, and Aweber.

FAQ on Email Newsletter plugin

What is a newsletter plugin?

Newsletter plugin allows you to collect emails from your visitors and send regular email newsletters. These email newsletter plugins can be integrated with email marketing services to send emails.

Are newsletter plugins free?

Newsletter plugins are mostly free. Many famous newsletter plugins are freemium, which has both free and premium versions. As a beginner, you can easily start with their free plans.
If you need any advanced email newsletter templates or Woocommerce integration, then choosing the premium plugin is the best option.


I hope this helps you to choose the best email newsletter plugins. If you find it useful, kindly share it with others.

Still have any doubts about choosing the best newsletter plugins, then comment below.

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