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Hello Bar Best WordPress plugin to add a notification bar to websites

Hello Bar helps to add notification bars to your WordPress websites. It helps you to convert visitors to customers.

Hello Bar - NotIfication and Lead generation wordpress Plugin

Hello Bar is a powerful Notification bar and lead generation software. This simple yet powerful software helps you to convert your visitors into customers.

Ease of Use5.0

Overall performance Rating

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Have you recently seen websites, which have small notification bars pop up at the top or bottom of the screen? 

These types of Notification bars highly attract the visitor’s attention, so there is a maximum chance of visitors attracting towards it.

These Hello Bar notifications help you to improve the conversion, generate leads, and increase the traffic to your website.

What is Hello bar?

Hello Bar is software that helps you to add notification bars and pop-ups to your websites for generating leads. It helps you to grab the visitor’s attention and urge the visitor to action.

This comes with different types of notification bars based on your goals and interests. It is one of the easy-to-use software for generating leads.

Hello Bar is a simple software plugin that is used to create hello bars in different areas and other different types of pop-up forms also.

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Why is Hello Bar the best for converting into customers?

Hello Bar comes with a very simple and easy-to-use interface but is more powerful with its features.

It is packed with many features that help you to convert your visitors into subscribers or your customers. If you are not using Hello Bar then you are losing your potential customers without converting.

It has different types of bars and pop-ups, that are based on your goals. Hello bar says, 98% of the visitors leave the website without taking any action. So, they also have an exit intent pop-up to make your conversion rates higher.

Hello Bar exit intent Pop-up to generate leads

For what the Hello bar Notification plugin is best for?

It is best for everyone who wants to convert their website visitors into their customers or action takers.

Five important goal conversion of Hello Bar software

  • Collecting emails – You can easily collect emails, using this free WordPress plugin.
  • Get Phone calls – If you are running a business. Then you can customize your notifications to insist your visitors to call you to get more information.
  • Get Social traffic – Easily direct your website visitors to your social media. It also helps to increase social media followers.
  • Point to a URL – You can turn your visitors to certain pages of your website. If you are an affiliate marketer, then you can also direct to the product page.
  • Giving announcement – If you want to give any important announcement to your visitors, then you can use them. It comes with a bunch of pre-made templates, so you can set it up within 5 minutes.

Hello Bar Best Features

  1. Unlimited A/B testing
  2. Easy to use dashboard
  3. 200 variations of targeting rules
  4. Social Media buttons
  5. Announcement and ads display
  6. Increased subscriber and following
  7. Better analytics
  8. Highly customizable

Hello Bar – Best Lead Generation Plugin and Generate Sales

Hello Bar allows you to add a wide-width notification bar to your WordPress websites. It also has many pre-made templates, which help you to create and launch pop-ups in a few steps.

Notification bar Example

Hello Bar is a simple tool to direct your existing visitors to take any action. It is so simple.

How to create Hello Bar and set up the notification bar in the website

Follow these steps to set up your first notification from Hello Bar

Visit the Hello Bar website and sign up for a free account. It has a completely free version, which allows you to use it free for 5000 visitors every month.

Hello Bar Account free sign up

Create your account by entering website details and required information. (For a completely free plan, no credits card is required.)

Create new Pop up in Hello Bar

After Signup, click create a new popup. After you click it, you will be shown 5 different options based on your goals.

Different types of goals for notification bar

As we saw already above, it mainly comes with 5 different goals. Choose the form type based on your conversion needs. If you need to collect emails, then click the collect email option.

You can easily choose the type of form you need to show on your website. 

Once you choose the email collecting option, you will be shown up with the different types of pop-up forms. The form types include Bar, Modal, Slider, Page take over, and alert.

Hello Bar - Different types of avilable Lead generating forms

You can connect to Hello bar with the best email marketing software. It also connects with popular email software like GetResponse and Active Campaign

Hello Bar supported email softwares for integration

You can easily follow the steps and design the form easily. You don’t need any technical skills to create pop-up forms. Just moving on to the next step by step, you can create it easily.

Hello Bar WordPress Plugin

After creating your form, then download the Hello Bar WordPress plugin. Just you can easily download and install the plugin from your WordPress dashboard.

You can easily copy your snippet code from the hello bar website and paste it into your plugin to get it activated.

Step 1: Copy the Snippet code. If you know HTML, then you can also copy and paste the one-line code to the head tag of the website.

Script code for hello bar plugin

Step 2: Paste the code in the Hello Bar WordPress plugin.

Paste the code in Hello bar WordPress pluging to activate

Once you pasted it, then click the Activate Hello Bar button. Your pop-up is activated. This code is a one-time placement, then you can control everything from the Hello bar Account.

You can also easily integrate the hello bar on the Wix too.

Hello Bar review

I have been using the Hello Bar lead generation software for the last few months. It has some better features and conversion rates.

If you need to quickly set up a free lead generation bar and pop-ups, then this is the best.

You don’t need any technical experience to start using it. Their free plan allows you to completely try and experience the power of this lead generation plugin.

Here is a summary of the bar I created during the Black Friday deals for promoting products.

Hello bar lead generation summary

For Normal bloggers, the free plan also gives you better benefits. If you are a heavy user and have a high amount of traffic to your site, then a plan upgrade is required.

You can create multiple forms that are shown to the visitors at custom timings. It also has A/B testing, so you can test the different types of forms to find out, which works out better.

Try changing the different form types, form colors, and form content to find out which works better.

HelloBar Alternatives

Here are some Hello Bar alternatives you can look out for. But when it comes to professionals, Hello bar is the best for conversions.

  • WordPress Notification Bar – It is a freemium notification plugin. In the pro version, you can create an unlimited notification bar.
  • WP front Notification Bar – You can try these Notification plugins if you are looking for free.
  • HashBar – You can offer text and buttons with your promotion. It also allows you to add unlimited background images and colors.

If your main purpose is lead generation, then you can go with the best lead generation software like thrive leads and convert Pro.

HelloBar Pricing

Hello Bar comes with four different types of plans.

Starter plan

It is a completely free forever plan. Your pop-ups get 5000 unique views every month, then you can create 10 pop-ups and collect unlimited subscribers.

Growth Plan

It costs $29/month. It can allow 50,000 views every month. Create unlimited pop-ups and collect subscribers. You can also do unlimited A/B testing for your pop-ups.

Premium Plan

It costs $49/month. It is suitable for 150,000 views every month, and also you can create unlimited pop-ups and collect subscribers. Get premium design and targeting features.

Elite Plan

This plan costs $49/month. It is suitable for 500,000 views per month and also comes with premium design, targeting, and support features.

You can also contact them to get your custom pricing package.

FAQ on Hello Bar Notification Plugin

What is Hello Bar?

Hello bar is a powerful lead generation software, that helps you to create custom notification bars and pop-ups in simple steps. It has a wide variety of lead generation plugins, so doesn’t need to have any design skills to get started.

Why is hello Bar the best?

It is one of the famous pop-up software in the market. It has over 30k users and delivers 30 million pop-up views every day. So it is trusted by many businesses. Moreover, It is founded by the famous blogger and marketer Neil Patel. So they tested it perfectly to give maximum conversions.

Does Hello bar have a free plan?

Yes, Hello bar has a completely free plan for upto 5000 visitors every month. You can get most of the features in the free plan. You can also create upto 10 pop-ups in the free plan.

HelloBar Lead Generation Plugin: Wrap up

Finally, it is one of the best plugins every blogger should try for lead generation.

You don’t need any technical skills, just in a few steps you can get started to use the Hello bar. It also comes with a simple user interface.

Email marketing is one of the important things that every blogger should take care of. If you are not collecting leads, then you are making huge blogging mistakes in your life.

Thank you for reading this article. If you find it useful, kindly share it with others.

Do you use any other notification bar plugin other than Hello Bar? Comment below.

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