Moosend Review: Compact and Powerful Email marketing service

Here is an exclusive Moosend Review, which is one of the best email marketing services for bloggers and business owners.

Email is one of the powerful marketing platforms in the modern world. Email marketing has the highest return on investment when compared to other marketing channels. So, choosing a better email is one of the best blogging investments.

Moosend Review - Email Marketing Platform

So it is more important for every business and blogger to start collecting their email list. Emails are the leads for any business, which turns visitors into paying customers. That’s why every online marketer says to start collecting the emails from the first day of your business journey.

Many email marketing services also provide some other marketing channels like push notifications and SMS services. If you are a blogger or business owner, then Moosend email services suit you. 

Okay, let’s take a look at the Moosend Review.

What is Moosend?

Moosend is a powerful email marketing platform that comes with perfect automation. Moosend is designed in a way to help businesses to boost up their marketing with email campaigns and better automation seamlessly.

You can easily create your email campaigns with the powerful in-built campaign builder. It is also considered an All-in-one marketing platform that contains every important tool for your marketing effort.

It comes with a simple and easy interface for everyone to get started. Moosend is trusted by many top brands across the world. 

Moosend Marketing Features

Moosend’s marketing platform is filled up with highly enhanced features that every business needs.

Some key features Moosend software includes are drag and drop email editor, list segmentation, A/B testing, advanced personalization, premade landing page templates with the editor, email automation templates, and many more.

It also filled up with different types of opt-in forms to collect maximum leads for your business.

Moosend Email Newsletter templates

Moosend also comes with Real-time tracking and pre-built workflow templates. It can be easily integrated with all the major e-commerce and CRM tools and software. Like GetResponse, Moosend also has better templates.

We will see the full Moosend functionalities, in-depth in this article.

Moosend Pricing structure

When it comes to pricing Moosend offers one of the cheapest pricing structures among other email marketing platforms.

Moosend Pricing also has a completely forever free plan for its users. This is highly helpful for everyone to get started with their email marketing.

Moosend Free email plan

Their free can accommodate upto 1000 subscribers, and also no credit is required for using this free Moosend plan. On their free also you will get all signup forms, pop-ups, send unlimited monthly emails and run email campaigns.

The free plan also includes custom templates, automation Workflow templates, A/B testing, heatmap analytics marketing automation workflow, powerful tracking with real-time analytics and reports.

So, their free plan also has all the advanced features available in other premium email marketing services.

Next move on to the premium plans. Their premium plan starts at $8 per month for 1000 subscribers, which is highly affordable.

Moosend pricing structure

This Moosend Pro plan allows 5 users, unlimited landing pages, an SMTP server, phone support, advanced reporting, and insights.

If you need more users with custom reporting and account managers, then you can go with enterprise plans. You can customize the Enterprise plan based on your needs.

It also has another type of pricing structure for occasional email senders, which is called credits. If you don’t send emails regularly, then you can choose this plan.

Moosend email credits benefits

You can spend money to buy credits and use the credits only when you need them. Here one credit is equal to one email sent. If you are sending 500 emails, then you will spend 500 credits.

On this plan, you will get all the features available on the pro plan. This plan also helps to cut your cost, if you don’t send frequent emails.

Moosend Email platform Features and setup campaigns

How Does Moosend Work?

The Moosend dashboard comes with a very simple-to-use interface. That beginners also don’t find it difficult to get started.

Email dashboard

Your menus are arranged on the left side of the dashboard. It contains all the important things like Campaigns, lead generation, mailing lists, Automation, reports, and integration.

It is one of the simplest dashboards among email marketing services. So beginners don’t have any long learning curve.

Email builder and email campaigns on Moosend

Moosend comes with an easy-to-use drag and drop builder to create your emails. You can easily add images, text, social buttons, and many others to your emails.

Let’s start creating the campaign first.

Just click the New Campaign button on the left top of the dashboard.

Choosing the email campaigns

Then you will be shown up with four different types of campaigns. You can choose the campaigns based on your needs.

Regular campaign

The regular campaign is for creating normal emails and newsletters. You can use both HTML and text editor to create your emails.

After creating it, you can send it now or just schedule it for the future time. At each stage, it will show the set of FAQ questions, which guides you in a proper way of using it.

A/B Split Campaign

This campaign is for testing two different emails, to find which works better. You should create email campaigns and send them now or schedule for later. You should create two versions of the campaign, that is A and B for testing

Moosend will test both the campaigns and the better campaign will send it to the most subscribers.

A/B testing of emails

You can set it up how many percent of your subscribers want to see your A and B type campaigns. And the rest of the subscribers will receive successful campaigns. You can also set the A/B testing campaign running time.

Repeatable HTML campaign

You can create a repeatable campaign by updating content from a URL. You can schedule and stop the campaigns.

RSS Campaign

It is a normal RSS campaign that gets updated from the URL. It helps to send your blogs as a newsletter. You can also repeat it.

Email and Newsletter Builder and Editor

It comes with an easy-to-use newsletter editor. Take a look, how the editor will be.

Moosend email Newletter builder

You can also choose a variety of pre-made email templates from the template library. It has a group of templates that is suitable for different occasions. It helps to quickly build your newsletters and emails.

Moosend email template library

By clicking the + button on the center of the newsletter editor to create your emails. Then you can select the structure you need. 

Content blocks for creating emails

After that, you can easily choose the different types of content blocks to build the emails. It contains blocks for adding images, social buttons, text, article, HTML, timer, video, product, and many more.

With this efficient builder, you can build your newsletter quickly. You can also edit the email for both mobile and desktop versions. 

Moosend features for creating Email campaigns

Email Spam and delivery test

If you are a beginner and want to test the emails, how it looks to your subscriber, then do a delivery test. 

You can add up to 5 e-mail addresses to which you can send and test your emails and delivery. So with this method, you can view the email before it is reaching to the recipient’s inbox.

When I started with email marketing, I used to send 2 to 3 delivery tests and make better changes. So, it helps me to know how the mail looks on the subscriber’s inbox. 

If you are not sure about choosing the best subject or content, then A/B testing helps you to choose the best.

Their spam checking tool also helps you to avoid your campaigns reaching the spam folders.

Moosend Lead Generation tools and methods

Lead Generation is the initial stage before setting up the campaigns. Moosend also provides you with a lot of landing pages and subscription forms to collect the maximum number of leads for your business.

Just select the lead generation option on the Moosend dashboard to create subscription forms. Once you go on through creating forms, you will be shown up with different forms.

Different Moosend Subscribtion forms

The list of different types of forms are, 

  • A Model Pop-Up – pop-up is shown in the middle of your page. It is a common type of lead generation form.
  • Inline Form – These types of forms are embedded in the content.
  • Floating bar – A small bar that is shown on the top of the page
  • Floating box – It looks like normal pop-ups, but it sticks and users can scroll the content.
  • Full Page Form – This type of form covers your complete page, which can’t be ignored by visitors.

Moosend has a separate subscription forms plugin for WordPress users. It helps to easily integrate your WordPress site with the Moosend marketing platform. Easily type your API to get started with lead generation. You can easily create your forms in minutes.

You can also use seperate lead generation plugins like Thrive Leads, Poptin and ConvertPro to get maximum leads

Moosend Email Automation Features

One of the powerful and noticeable features of Moosend is its Automation. It has power-packed automation features for marketers.

You can easily trigger your emails based on specific actions and conditions. 

For example – If your visitor has added the product to the cart and not checked out, then an email is triggered to them for insisting on their shopping cart.

This is one of the coolest features their email automation has. When you click on automation, it shows a list of 18 different types of automation you could choose from.

Email marketing automation types

You can click on what type of automation you need. They come with pre-built automation. So you can just click and customize it. 

Some of their best automation includes Abandoned carts, birthday campaigns, special offer remainder, upsell/cross-sell, welcome/onboarding sequence, and many others.

You can also customize your email automation from scratch. It comes with a lot of conditions and action triggers to reach a specific audience.

Create email automation

When it comes to automation, Moosend follows three steps to send perfect email automation.

The 3 step automation is, 

  1. Triggering
  2. Conditional / Control steps
  3. Actions
Step by step email automation

With these 3 processes, you can set up powerful email automation.

Moosend Data analytics and reports

Moosend also gives better analytics reports of your campaigns. Their marketing reports highly help marketers to maximize their conversions.

You can easily track how your users are navigating through the websites and eCommerce store. Easily study your customer behavior and understand their actions.

Powerful markwting automations

With more automation and personalization, you can deeply know user behaviors. You can easily track the open rates, bounce rates, forward, clicks, and unsubscribes.

With tracking, you will also know what devices and browsers that your users are using. The Moosend comes with one of the powerful analytics with real-time tracking.

Moosend Email platform Integrations

Moosend offers integrations through many different channels. It integrates with CMS, CRM, Ecommerce, Lead generation, and list validation.

It also easily integrates with software like Unbounce, GetResponse, and ActiveCampaign. Some popular integrations include Zapier, Zoho CRM, and WordPress.

Some other Moosend email Platform Features

Moosend Landing pages

It comes with a group of pre-made landing page templates. So with an easy drag and drop editor, you can easily customize it.

Moosend Landing pages for conversions

You can professionally customize the pre-built landing pages, in a quick time. It gives better conversions for your campaigns. It provides ultra-fast landing pages, with the Moosends CDN.

Moosends landing pages are responsive and look good on any device. Their landing also focuses on creating scarcity and urgency with timers to boost up your sales.

It is also loaded with 10+ creative tools to maximize your marketing efforts.

Email Personalization

You can highly personalize your email campaigns. With better custom fields, you can make every subscriber get their emails much more personalized.

Their automation also included better personalization. Yet another coolest feature of email personalization is weather-based recommendations.

Moosend Wether personalization on emails

Send better emails based on their current weather. Moosend also comes with much smart selling for the eCommerce stores. 

Email Audience Management

You can easily manage all your email subscribers with better smart features. At a single dashboard, you can efficiently manage your email list with more segmentation.

You can easily categorize your subscribers based on higher open rates, better conversions, and many other types based on your needs. Easily import or add the subscribers to the list.

Email audience management

Highly manage your audience with the email list performance. Also, add tags to even better segmentation of email audiences.

Customer Service and support

Moosend gives support through the phone, chat, and email. It also has a knowledge base with more FAQ to answer your questions instantly.

You will get your doubts easily cleared with chat support. 

Some Best reasons to Choose Moosend Email marketing platform

  1. Better Automation with advanced targeting
  2. Free plan for the first 1000 subscribers with better features.
  3. Simple to use Drag and drop email builder
  4. Pre-build automation templates with better actions
  5. Simple and easy to use the dashboard to get started
  6. A/B testing, advanced personalization, and segmentation
  7. Better knowledgeable customer support
  8. Create beautiful landing pages in quick minutes.
  9. Real-time tracking and analytics
  10. Over 50+ seamless integration options.

Final Verdict – Is Moosend Email services better?

Yes, I would highly recommend Moosend email marketing services for everyone to get started. At this simple cost, you don’t get these many features and powerful automation. Affiliate Marketers will also find this email marketing service to be more useful. Just like Push Notifications, it also has many features to connect with your audiences using automation.

It mostly has all the important email marketing tools to run perfect campaigns in a more personalized way. For $8 per month, Moosend doesn’t go wrong. It is also one of the cheapest email marketing services that provide high-end benefits to its users.

You can also easily try their free plan, to get a better understanding of the product. Moreover, it is more beginner-friendly with a simple-to-use interface.

Most of the time, you do not get any difficulties in using it. They also have a group of FAQs on each page to guide you.

Even if you are a blogger or eCommerce store owner, it highly suits you to engage with your audience. Moosend makes email automation to be fun and interesting. If you still have not got started with Moosend Email Marketing, then start now for free.

I hope this Moosend Review helps to get better information. If you find it useful, kindly share it. What is your experience with email marketing? Comment below.

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