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Thrive Architect Vs Elementor 2023 – Comparison Between Page Builders

Thrive Architect and Elementor are the two most famous landing page building plugins for WordPress. Then if you are confused about choosing the best landing page builder between Thrive Architect Vs Elementor, here is a quick comparison.

Thrive Architect Vs Elementor Page builder for WordPress

Even though these two Thrive Architect and Elementor provide many features, they are not the same. Some unique features between these two landing page builder plugins separates them.

What are WordPress landing page builders?

On WordPress, landing page builders are plugins that are used to design specific blogs and pages on your website. Normally on most websites, every page on the website is considered a Landing page. 

The landing pages will have some unique conversion goals. It should guide your visitors to take action. On most websites, the homepage is one of the most visited landing pages that should be designed with much focus.

If someone lands on your homepage, then it should properly guide them to take the desired actions. So with these landing page builders like Thrive Architect and Elementor, you can design every page on your website with better conversions.

Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect is a powerful page builder plugin from Thrive Themes. This page builder plugin is highly trusted by many bloggers and affiliate marketers for higher conversion of their website landing pages.

Elementor Page Builder

Elementor is the most popular WordPress page builder plugin. It is a more simple and elegant drag and drop page builder that is much easy for beginners to get started. It comes with a wide range of elements to build your perfect pages.

Thrive Architect Vs Elementor: General Overview

A quick overview of the Thrive Architect Vs Elementor

Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect is a popular landing page builder from ThriveThemes. It comes with a lot of pre-made templates. Thrive Architect is better for making any kind of website, that too with high conversion-focused landing pages.

It also comes with a group of Thrive suite tools and plugins, which help you to maximize your website potential and audiences to your business. Using many better tools from the same brand, make its integration better, with no compatibility issues.


Elementor is yet another powerful landing page builder, highly trusted by many marketers around the world. It is very easy to use and easily get started by every beginner. Elementor also offers many better features on their free plan, so it makes every beginner start designing their website for free.

It also comes with premium plans, that include many advanced features and premade templates. With its quick drag and drop builder, you can easily align and style your perfect landing pages.

Thrive Architect vs Elementor Pro: Pricing

Thrive Architect Pricing

You can buy the Thrive Architect with the Thrive suite of tools. With its single subscription, you will get access to all their conversion-focused tools.

Thrive Architect doesn’t have any free or demo version. So you have to get subscribtion to use their landing page builders.

Thrive Architect costs $19/month, when you pay annually. It costs $30/month when you pay quarterly.

For beginners, it may look a little costly but it is not. You are getting a complete package of powerful conversion-optimized tools under a single subscription. So with its one purchase, you can save up without buying many other plugins individually.

Elementor Pro Pricing

Elementor is a free landing that everyone can use. For basic beginners, their free version also gives many better features. But Elementor pro gives the real competition to Thrive Architect.

Elementor Pro costs $49 for one year of premium support and updates for one website. It costs $99/year to use on 3 websites.

Thrive Architect Vs Elementor Pro: Unique features comparison

These both landing page builders provide many common features for their users. But Thrive Architect and Elementor pro offer some unique functionalities, which separate it both. So you can choose based on your needs and advantage.

Thrive Architect Features

  1. Comes with 291 beautifully designed and highly conversion-focused pre-made templates.
  2. With its easy drag and drop builder, choose from pre-made elements and templates to design your pages faster.
  3. Easily attach websites with Thrive Leads and start collecting powerful leads and grow your mailing list and customers to your audience.
  4. This Thrive Architect plugin is regularly updated and new features are included.
  5. Easily toggle your element visibility on particular devices only. So choose the perfect element for different screens.
  6. Powerful Front end visual editor, that allows you to edit faster.
  7. It comes with a group of building blocks.
  8. Thrive Architect lead generation connects with most of the famous email marketing tools like GetResponse and ConvertKit.
  9. With Thrive Optimize add-on for Thrive Architect, you can quickly A/B test your landing pages for more conversions.
  10. By having Thrive Architect, you have reduced many plugins like contact form builder, table builder, shortcode plugins, font icons plugins, and animations.
  11. Thrive gives a 30-day full money-back guarantee If you are not satisfied. 

Elementor Pro features

  1. Simple and powerful drag and drop front end live editor
  2. Comes with a powerful inbuilt popup builder, with better smooth animations.
  3. It has 50+ pro widgets with block and template library
  4. Create post layouts with a custom header and footer.
  5. You can add an animated headline, image carousel, WordPress Sidebar
  6. You can easily optimize your pages for mobile devices and also add some custom elements to mobile screens.
  7. It has over 15+ shop widgets for Woocommerce builder
  8. Every change will be done live, you don’t need to refresh the page.

Thrive Architect Vs Elementor: Pros and Cons

Thrive Architect Pros

  1. Comes with 291 Landing page templates
  2. Much faster live front end visual editor and distraction-free
  3. It has elements hierarchy and integration with other plugins
  4. Get Elementor free plugin on WordPress plugin directory
  5. Thrive Comes with a suite of marketing tool needed for a website
  6. It has Powerful lead generation with A/B testing
  7. A more trusted brand in the WordPress industry
  8. Use it upto 25 websites with a single subscription
  9. Get a 30-day complete money-back guarantee

Thrive Architect Cons

  1. It doesn’t have any free version to try and test.
  2. Need some more theme builder features and content blocks
  3. No 3rd party plugins compatibility

Elementor Pros

  1. Easy to get started for every beginner. Doesn’t need to learn to start using
  2. It comes with a completely free plan with a decent amount of features
  3. It also has blocks and a template library.
  4. Elementor provides a better designing experience with easy drag and drop.
  5. Elementor also comes with theme builder, Woocommerce builder, and Popup builder
  6. Build custom headers and footers.
  7. It gives you premium support on Elementor Pro (One day average response time)

Elementor Cons

  1. On their basic subscription, you can only use one website. For using it on 25 websites it costs $199/month.
  2. It doesn’t have more collections of blocks and templates.

Thrive Architect Vs Elementor Speed

Both of the landing page builders, provide better page loading speed. Sometime, using of more high quality images and more number elements on landing pages may slightly affect your loading speed.

Both the landing pages are highly optimized for speed and SEO. It also provides more responsive landing pages across devices.

Thrive Architect Vs Elementor: Other Benefits

Value For money

Thrive Architect is a perfect landing page builder, that is value for money. It’s because it comes with a group of marketing and conversion-focused plugins to boost up its functionalities. With a single subscription, you can also use up to 25 websites.

Elementor is also packed with some important features like Woocommerce builder, popup builder, header/footer builder to enhance its functionalities. If you only need a perfect landing page builder, then you can get Elementor only for $49/year.

Ease Of Use

Thrive Architect has a sidebar on both sides of the visual editors. Sometimes beginners may find it complex to use. But, it comes with many templates and it will be easier once you start using it.

On Elementor you will find that the content blocks are arranged on the left side. Just by clicking the add button, you can start adding your blocks and templates.


Both Thrive Architect and Elementor have good support. Elementor has a slight upper hand on the support. It’s because of their support documentation and also Elementor has more tutorials around the web.

FAQ on Thrive Architect Vs Elementor

1. Which is the best Landing page builder for Woocommerce?

Elementor is the best Woocommerce because it comes with Woocommerce builder. But thrive doesn’t have a separate builder for Creating Woocommerce landing pages.

2. Is Thrive Themes free?

Thrive Themes is not a free landing page builder, it is completely premium. It doesn’t have a free version or free trial.

3. Elementor or thrive Architect – Which is best?

Both Elementor and Thrive Architect are the best landing page builders, but you have to choose based on your needs. You don’t have much difference in editing, but if you need more marketing and conversion-focused pages then Thrive Architect could be better.
If you need a standalone WordPress page builder plugin, then go with Elementor.

4. Cost Of Thrive Architect and Elementor pro?

Thrive Architect costs you $19/month, when you pay annually. Elementor Pro landing page builder plugin costs $49 for one year of updates and support.

5. What are other tools in Thrive Architect?

Thrive Architect comes with complete access to Thrive suite. Thrive suite has a group of plugins, that every other can be easily integrated for better conversions. 
The other tools in Thrive include Thrive leads, Quiz builder, Thrive Ovation, Comments, Optimize, Ultimatum and Apprentice.

6. Which are recommended themes for landing Page builders?

Both Elementor and Thrive Architect work well with every popular and Best WordPress theme. But Astra and GeneratePress are the most recommended themes for everyone. These themes are trusted by many top marketers.
Divi is also one of the top themes in WordPress, and also it comes with its page builder which is very famous.

7. Do I need landing Page builders for my WordPress website?

A normal blogging website on WordPress doesn’t need any landing page builders. But if you are creating any conversion-focused landing pages then landing page builders give better customization than a normal WordPress editor gives.

Final Verdict: Choosing between Thrive Architect Vs Elementor

There are different scenarios to consider, to choose the best landing page builder between thrive Architect and Elementor. 

If you are a blogger and just only need some good-looking web pages then Elementor suits you. Moreover, if you are a beginner and don’t want to spend money on landing page builders, then Elementor is the best option for you.

In another scenario, if you are a digital marketer and want to regularly create more conversion-focused landing pages with better testing, then go with Thrive Architect page builder. With their single Thrive themes membership, we will get more data-driven tools for better conversions

I hope this quick comparison between Thrive Architect Vs Elementor page builder gives you better clarity of the products. If you find it useful, kindly share it.

Do you have any of these page builders like Thrive Themes or Elementor? Comment below.

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