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How Hostinger improved my website Performance (With speed test)

Here is my hands on experience, how migrating my website to Hostinger highly improved my website performance. 

Hostinger is a well-known and powerful web hosting provider for WordPress. It powers over 29 million websites around the world, which proves it to be one of the best.

Hostinger Website performance with spped test

Recently I have migrated my website to Hostinger from Siteground. Siteground is also one of the powerful hosting providers in the website space.

I have migrated my website on 4th May 2021 to Hostinger. There are many reasons why I migrated my website. I will cover the main aspects and migration reasons in a separate blog post.

But one of the main reasons is Sitegrounds renewal cost. It is really high on renewal, which costs 2 to 3x more on renewal. Most of the time hosting providers give 10% to 90% discount to new customers, but you will get no discount on renewal. That leads to costs you more on renewal.

Initially, I bought it with 60% discount as a new customer. But their renewal cost was so high. And also I was on their basic plan, which only allows you to host only one site. 

The up-gradation of the plan on the Siteground also costs much higher. Considering hosting renewal cost also one of the main to consider before choosing the Webhosting.

The higher renewal cost of Siteground is also a major factor, why I recommend some other better Siteground alternatives.

Another reason why I chose the Hostinger is free website migration. Yes, already many web hosting companies are providing seamless free migration to their user and Hostinger also introduced recently.

As being a non-technical guy, getting a free migration from experts is the best way to transfer my website. After analyzing many hosting providers and getting reviews, I choose that Hostinger is the one that highly suits my website.

Still there many hosting providers that are better than Hostinger. But it gives some of the extra flexibility, which makes me go with it. And also 29 million website users, can’t be Wrong, Right.

Okay lets get into know how transferring my website to hostinger, improved my site performance and what I did. 

WebSite Performance results with Speed test results

I have taken speed test results before migrating my website from Siteground. And also I have tested websites performance after migratng to Hostinger.

At that time of testing, my website has around 20 plugins and I’m used SG Optimizer plugin for caching purpose. SG optimizer is Sitegrounds own cache plugin. 

I’m used three most trusted speed testing tools to test it. The tools are GT metrix, Google page speed and Pingdom.

So here are my sites performance test results before migrating. 

Before Migration

GT Metrix:

GT Metrix website speed test - 1 (Before migration)

Google Page Speed:

Google page speed test -1


Pingdom performance test - 1

After Migration

After the migration, I’m didn’t changed anything on my website. The only thing, I have changed is that, removed the SG Optimizer and replaced it with the Litespeed cache plugin.

Litespeed is the cache plugin recommended by Hostinger.

Here are the results after migrating the website.

GT Metrix:

GT metrix performance after site migration

Google Page speed:

Google page speed test after migration


Pingdom site performance test - 2

You can see the speed performance test of my website after migration. 

As far I have seen, Hostinger has given me the best Website performance results. I’m conforming that, I have used their basic shared hosting plans. 

My website is relatively a small website with only 2 GB of website files. So based on my straight hands-on performance with their shared hosting plans, Hostinger really performs better.

I’m also doesn’t did any special performance optimization techniques to speed up the website. I have just replaced my cache plugin with LiteSpeed after migrating. It instantly gave me better results.

So, doing some advanced optimization techniques will also increase up my websites performance.

As I was writing this blog post, I’m using it for the last one week and till now it is giving me best results. 


I’m doesn’t know how the Hostinger hosting performs in the long run and I will update it.

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