How to save money on Webhosting renewals in wordpress

Do you save money on Webhosting renewals or letting your money go?

When it comes to investment in blogging, web hosting is the major thing to consider.

When starting a new blog site in wordpress, Webhosting is the major investment area. So you have to focus to save money on buying Webhosting and at the time of renewals.

Save money on webhosting renewals

Usually, Webhosting is cheap to buy. For less than $4 per month, you can get good Webhosting for your wordpress site.

For shared hosting, the cost of Webhosting will be less. But if you are using VPS or dedicated hosting, then the cost will be more.

For beginners, shared hosting is better, for well-established websites that need dedicated hosting.

Dedicated hosting gives more storage and speed to your website.

When a new blogger is getting into the, they don’t know about the costs involved with the blogging and its related resources.

So from the initial steps, you have to take care of investing your money in every part of blogging.

If you don’t focus on it, then you may end up losing your money on unreliable hosting.

Buying good hosting will provide you good value for every penny spent.

In this blog post, we will look at how to save money on buying Webhosting and during renewals.

How to save money on Webhosting renewals

If you are this post, then you are waiting to save money on new Webhosting or at the time of renewals.

Here are some methods from which you can choose based on your situation to save money on Webhosting.

The methods in this blog are based on Self-hosted wordpress website users.

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What to look out for when buying new Webhosting

Our primary aim is to save money on Webhosting and renewals, but for that, we need not compromise with the quality.

There are many free Webhosting and low Webhosting available, but that doesn’t provide enough value.

Whenever buying a new Webhosting, check out their features. 

Everyones need is not the same. 

Some bloggers deal more with visuals. If you are a travel blogger, then you have more images and videos on your website. So you need more disk space.

But for normal bloggers, who don’t use more visuals, then less disk space is enough.

So there are many things to consider when buying Webhosting.

Some important things to look out for when buying a hosting,

  1. Common features – Disk space, SSD storage, CPU, memory, bandwidth limit, SSL certificate, CDN support, the optimum number of visitors per month.
  2. Speed – It is essential to ensure the speed of the website. It helps you with the user experience of the website.
  3. Good uptime – Check whether your Webhosting providers give good uptime and less downtime. It helps to keep your website accessible every time.
  4. Customer support – Many Webhosting providers excellent customer support. Also, find what is the type of support they are offering and the support medium. Support medium could be a phone call, chat support, or email support. So find which suits you better.
  5. Price – Checking their prices is also important. There are many premium Webhosting providers available from $3 to $100 per month. So it is essential to Choose and to save money.

These are things to consider when buying and renewals of your Webhosting

Tips to save money on Webhosting renewals

Buy a long-term plan

If you are ready to buy a new Webhosting, then buy a long-term plan. The long-term plan is to buy a website for 2 to 3 years for the first time itself.

It could save you money on Webhosting renewals in the upcoming years.

Here is a perfect example of it.

If you buy a Webhosting from Bluehost hosting for one year, it will cost you $59.40. It is split by $4.95 every month.

But if you buy hosting for 2 years, the cost will be $94.80. It is split by $3.95 every month.

But if you buy Webhosting for 3 years, it will cost you only $95.40. It is split by $2.65 every month.

The quick approximate calculation to save money on Webhosting renewals.

  1. One-year plan, $4.95 * 12 = $59.40 + $120 (next two years) = $180 (approx).
  2. Two-year plan, $3.95 * 12 = $94.80 + $60 (next one year) = $155 (approx).
  3. Three-year plan, $2.65 * 12 = $95.40 (for three years). This long-term plan saves you more money on Webhosting renewals.

If you are ready to buy for one year Webhosting, which costs you around $60, but you can get 3 years for just $95.40.

With less than 100 dollars you can get 36 months of hosting. It is a money saver pack.

So when buying the first time, buy it for the long term to get the maximum benefits. It is the first step to save money on Webhosting renewals.

Buy Webhosting from best deals

Buy the Webhosting on the best deals to save money. Bluehost is a well-known hosting provider, which gives up to a 70% discount on deals.

It is a wordpress recommended Webhosting service.

Migrating your website

When you are not comfortable with your hosting, then migration is the best idea.

Migration is switching your website from one hosting to another hosting. 

It helps to save more money on Webhosting renewals. Mostly you don’t have any offers on renewal of your Webhosting, so you have to switch to save money.

Most of the time, everyone buys the Webhosting on the best deals, but at the time of renewal, there is no discount. So you have to switch it.

Switching your domain to other hosting is more suitable for techie people and who won’t try different Webhosting providers.

If you don’t want to take any risks of changing domains, some hosting providers offer you free migration services.

WPX hosting is one of the well-known hosting providers, which offers free site migration. Their technical team will do all your migration processes without any issues.

Usually, this migration process is done within 24 hours by their team. They will do unlimited website migration for you. It is really good.

The additional advantage that WPX hosting offers is free malware detection and removal.

In most of the hosting providers, you have to pay a certain amount for malware removal, but in WPX hosting it is done for free.

BUY – WPX hosting

When changing your domain to another hosting, check their conditions that accept your needs.

Migration is one of the best ways to save money on Webhosting renewals.

Contacting your Webhosting provider

Ask your Webhosting provider for some discounts. It is also one of the best things to do.

Contact your Webhosting support team and ask for discounts. Every business tries to keep their customers with them, so they will try their best.

You can simply contact them and say that “my hosting is about to expire and I need some discounts from you for my renewal. Another hosting company is giving the same features, but less than $40, so I can migrate my website to save it”.

Then the hosting companies mostly do their best to keep the customers with them. This method will work or not, based on their terms and conditions. But mostly this method will work, based on how you approach them.

If the given discount also doesn’t satisfy you, then go for the before option, which is site migration.

Wrap up the Webhosting renewals

Mostly if you want to save money on hosting renewals, migration is the best thing.

If you are more comfortable with your hosting, but the cost is the only issue, then ask your host for a discount. Pitch them in a good manner. Because you don’t want to migrate your website often. 

If you are ready to migrate your domain, then go with WPX hosting. It offers you free migration service by their professionals. It reduces your risks in domain transfer.

If you are a new blogger ready to buy new hosting, then buy the long-term plan from websites like Bluehost. It provides you great value for money.

When migrating your website, don’t migrate to any low-quality hosting just to save money. Make sure that it provides the features and value you need.

These tips will help you to save money on hosting renewals.

Thank you for reading this article. If you find it useful, share it with others.

Is there any other method to save money on Webhosting renewals? Suggest me.

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