6 sources of income and monetization methods for bloggers

A few years back, at the time of blogging getting evolved, there are only a few income sources for bloggers.

But in recent years, the income streams of bloggers have developed to over 50+ ways. It is also the major reason that everyone starting their blog.

sources of income for blogger and monetization methods

You can see that every successful blogger will have over 5 sources of income streams from their blogging. Sometimes it could be higher based on their blogging knowledge and expert in their field.

Every multi-millionaire blog is started simply. Everyone asks how to start a successful blog. With the flexibility of WordPress, everyone can easily start writing their own blog post.

The simple blogging checklist will help start your journey as a successful blogger.

There is a no different way of starting a successful blog, every blog is started with buying a single domain and good hosting.

Even though successful blogs are made by creating quality content and proper search engine optimization (SEO).

Sometimes, it depends on how quickly you are learning new things and implementing them in your blogging.

Blogging is everyday learning, if you learn things properly your blogging journey is unstoppable.

From over 50+ income streams, we have chosen 7 main income streams that are suitable for all the bloggers.

If you are using only one type of blogging income, here are some other best ways, through which you can monetize your blog.

Upgrading to many monetization strategies will boost your blogging profit. Since the first blog post got published, we are thinking about monetization.

But before getting into monetization, make sure to increase your traffic. Try to maintain a good relationship with your blog readers. The regular blog posting frequency will increase your traffic.

Usually has a minimum of 1000 visitors per month to enter monetization. If you don’t have a minimum of 1000 monthly visitors, then go on and build your traffic at the initial stages. Initially, start with single sources of income, and later on, your blog develops, making it many sources of income.

Important sources of income for bloggers

Google AdSense

At the initial stages of blogging, many bloggers dream is to get AdSense approval.

Google AdSense is an ad program run by Google, where their advertiser’s links are placed on your webpage.

Whenever your readers. Click the advertisement or for impressions, your payment will be added. It is mentioned as a cost per click (CPC) and cost per mile (CPM). The CPM refers to how much Google will google pay for 1000 impressions.

It is highly suitable for personal blogs and an individual who is running a blog.

Google has many conditions for approving your AdSense, so read their guidelines before applying to Google Adsense approval.

After your Adsense gets approved, you can choose the places where the ads need to be displayed.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to monetize your blog.

If used properly, it gives you more return in a quick time.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is earning a commission for referring a product or service to your readers or anyone. If anyone purchases a product or service by clicking your affiliate link, then you earn a commission.

You can see that, if anyone is reviewing a product, they place that product link, most probably it could be an affiliate link.

Here is a beginners guide to affiliate marketing

Some famous affiliate marketing platforms are,

  1. Amazon affiliate marketing
  2. ShareAsale.com
  3. Clickbank
  4. CJ.com

Problogger stated that he made over $500,000 by using the Amazon affiliate program.

sources of income from affiliate marketing

Direct display ads or banner advertising

In the initial days of blogging, AdSense will be more useful. But when your brand grows, you can reach out directly to advertisers.

You can display their banner ads on your webpage. For getting quality banner ads from top brands, your website also has a decent level of regular traffic. So you can reach out to top brands.

Banner ads are nothing but images. When readers click that image, it will take them to advertising sites.

You will earn an amount whenever readers click that link and get a commission when they buy any products or services.

Providing online courses

Normally, most of the good branded sites have their own online courses.

However, some developing sites, giving their online courses for free instead of getting the reader’s email addresses.

If you have detailed knowledge and a trusted audience in your domain, then you could sell your online courses at a good price.

Coaching/consultation services

It is one of the more profitable ways, in which you can earn an extensive amount in a quick time. Here you need not invest anything other than time.

If you are well known in that niche, then you often get many invitations to be their mentor. 

For example, if you are a well-known personality in the finance niche, then you get calls, emails, invitations regularly to be their mentor.

Sometimes, coaching with a 90 minutes phone call will pay you better. But before providing the coaching services, make sure that you can provide some good value to your audience.

Selling ebook

Ebook is one of the good sources of income streams for bloggers. 

Writing, publishing, and selling an ebook is a one-time investment, but it will pay you many years.

But writing an e-book is not a simple task, it needs more planning and time to be invested.

Making an income from blogging is possible when you sell your e-books

Some tips to create ebooks

  1. Write only your well-known topic
  2. A proper plan for writing topic and content outline. 
  3. Make sure the story must be interesting
  4. Do more research. Other than writing blogs, ebooks give you more exposure.
  5. Strategize your marketing ideas. Figure out how unique you will market it. Some authors advertise in their own blog website and some others reach out to influencers. You can choose what could be the best.
  6. Choose your publishing way and platform. Amazon is the largest ebook seller, so that should be your main preference.
  7. Final and important tip–give it a highly attractive design. Because when people buy it, they first see the ebook design. So don’t forget to design the ebook cover perfectly.

when you have the best e-books, you can easily make an income from blogging.

Make money from flipping older websites

It is one of the pro tips that a beginner blogger doesn’t know. Flipping websites is nothing but selling your older website.

You can sell not only websites but also you can sell domain. Many professional bloggers buy the existing website and add value to the website by giving proper design, uploading quality content, and doing complete search engine optimization.

After doing this, they could sell that website 20x of the monthly earning, or sometimes it could be more.

Flippa is one of the largest online platforms for buying and selling websites and domains. 

If you have any extra websites that need to be sold, you can get a free cost estimation of selling that website by answering a few questions.

Here you can look out from blogging.com, how he sold his $500/month earning websites $11,000.

sources of income - from blogging

Other resources

  1. Quick ways to make money from Instagram everyone uses Instagram, but only a few making money from it.
  2. Effective blogging tools to save your time and increase blog quality.


More than this, there are many monetizing methods for your blogging websites. If you are planning to start a website, make only high-quality content, that will pay you better.

Sometimes it is better to choose which sources of income you are going to monetize. So you can start your blog based on that.

Start engaging with your readers and build your trusted audience. If your blog got regular traffic, then it’s your time to monetize your blog. Try many monetization methods, so you can find your monetization method, which suits you better. 

I hope this helps you. Once you have established yourself in the field, then you can still monetize in different methods and diversify your blogging income sources.

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