207+ Blogging Terms and vocabulary – Meaning of Blogging terms

The bloggers always need to give their best in the content, but to become a better blogger you should make lots of exertion. As a blogger, you need to know all general blogging terms and vocabulary that is used in blogging.

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Blogging Terms And Vocabulary

So, if you are a beginner and willing to start a blog, know the meaning of the blogging terms used in blogging.

Blogging terms with their meanings

The blogging terms are a cluster of factors. The terms used in the blogging area is not familiar with all. So make a study on blogging terms and gain its essence.

Blogging terms are a term related to blogging, and it plays a vital role in the success of a blogger. This article will bring you all piece of information and vocabulary used blogging world, by compiling simple and sweet

Here we have given a complete list of important and basic blogging terms used to become an advanced blogger. Your time spent in this article will serve you better in the blogging carrier. 

Whenever reading any blog related articles or blogs, you often heard these, but you missed learning the complete meaning of that blogging terms. So, we compiled all the technical blogging terms for you.

I’m sure that, by the end of this article, you will learn about all the technical terms words used in blogging.

If you are a beginner, then we have given a complete guide to writing a perfect blog post. How amazing it will be when you learn to write outstanding blog posts from the initial days.

(I ensure that all the terms and terminologies here explained are in the blogger’s point of view and surrounding the blogging field. Maybe these terms have different definitions and synonyms, when used in other fields.)

Blogging terms arranged in alphabetical order for your easy blog term findings. From the table of contents below, you can easily navigate to your required blog vocabulary.

A – blogging terms and vocabulary

A/B Testing

Split testing or bucket testing is the other terms of A/B testing. It compares two variants of the same web page and finds out which one performs well.

Through this testing result, users can identify the best one. 

For instance, let us consider a web page and name it A, then change the same web page and name it as B. The changes can be a simple change in the web page or redesign the same page.

Look at which web page has a positive, negative, and no change among the visitor. 

Now you can compare the result of the web page and conclude which one is best.

This is what done in A/B testing and users can make a clear statement about it.

It helps to lead a successful website and marketing. Many beginner bloggers rarely heard about this blogging term. A/B testing mostly used by intermediate and high-level bloggers to increase their conversion rates.


Google AdSense is an ad program that run by google.

  Google AdSense runs ads on the blog. The blogger and website publisher will earn money through ads. 

They will display the ad on the blog for viewers. Therefore, when viewers look or click at the ad, it will turn into money for bloggers and website publishers.

AdSense helps to promote the product through ads.

Other than google, there are other AdSense programs available.

Some popular Google AdSense alternatives are,

  1. Media.net
  2. Propeller ads
  3. Infolinks
  4. Ezoic

Affiliate marketing

   The bloggers who promote products using affiliate marketing called Affiliates.

Affiliate marketing is promoting the product of someone on your blog site or anywhere.

If you signed for the affiliate programs, the merchants give you a referral link.

For every sale done through your referral link, you will get a commission.

Some brand mentions their affiliate programs as partner programs. 

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to monetize your blog. Getting affiliate program approval is easier and not as complicated as AdSense approval.

If you are a beginner and want to start affiliate marketing earnings from blogs, know it how, everyone is making passive income from it.


Analytics analyze the information, data, and status of your website. 

Google Analytics helps to analyze the traffic of the blog and geolocation of the viewers. These analytics gives complete information about the website. 

Usually, Google Analytics shows the complete statics of your website.

The analytics of a website includes bounce rate, pages per session, new visitors, organic visitors, driven traffic source, and much more. 


      Auto casting is automatically generating audio for the text as a podcast. It converts the text of the blog into speech. 

 Audio blog

          The Audio blog mainly focuses on the audio content of the blog. It has a voice version in the blog. Here the post mainly concentrates on audio clippings.

Anchor Text

     Anchor text is a hyperlink that points to other pages on the web. The text displayed with a clickable hyperlink is called anchor text.

Anchor text navigates the user from one to another site.

Placing the keywords properly in the anchor text is also important for writing seo optimized. 

Alt Text 

  The text which defines the image. We include here the image properties. It is called the alt attribute or Alt description.

Usually, the search engines don’t identify the purpose of that image. So by giving the proper Alt text that defines the picture exactly, the search engines can easily identify it.

Alexa Rank

  Alexa Rank analyzes three-month traffic and the viewer’s strategy of the blog.

The lower the number is good in Alexa’s rank, which shows the overall rank of websites around the world.


    The Avatar is a photo, graphic, or image to represent a blogger. It may be displayed in a profile or comment section. Avatar is a profile image.


Whoever listens to you is an audience.

   The audience is visitors to the blogs or websites. They visit your blog and may share your content. 

The audience is the followers of your page and your followers on social media.

The audience who visits your page regularly called a regular audience. 

B – blogging terms and vocabulary


   The blog is content or information which gets posted on the website. It displays a recent article on the top of the list. 

The blog may include text, image, audio, and videos. A blog provides plenty of information for the viewers. The blog also called a weblog.

Individuals may publish blogs or by groups of people. Blogging helps every businessman, product owner, entrepreneur to promote their brand online.

Bloggers or website publishers post a series of blogs regularly to attract the viewers. 

The post sometimes promotes a particular product to the viewers and displays ads. 

By doing this, bloggers can earn money from their blog.


      Blogging is a platform where people can share their content on the web. 

People will post their blog on the blogging website. Blogging maintains the blog on the website. It adds new things to the blog.

Blogging is a combination of writing the content, publishing it online, and maintaining the blog site.


   The people who write a blog are called bloggers. The folks who write the weblog are also called bloggers.

Blogger writes the content for the blog to post on the website. Blogger writes informative posts for the viewers.

Another blogger also available, which is blogger.com. It is a free blogging platform owned by Google.


   The Blogosphere represents the whole blogging network.

It includes blogs, bloggers, blogging, and the entire blogging world. It refers to all blogs on the internet. Blogosphere covers all the works surrounded by blogging.


  The blogroll comprises a list of links to other blogs on the website. It displays the link that points to another which enhances the visitors to the blog.

 Bounce Rate

   The bounce rate represents the visitors who bounced out of the page or moved out of the web page. 

The visitors view only one page and leave the page without moving to another page on the site. 

This percentage is called the bounce rate. The lower percentage of bounce rate shows a good user experience.

Search engines love good user experience pages to rank higher in search engines.


   The audience of the blog is Blaudience. The Audience regularly visits the blog.


   The blog which has the law content. It mainly focuses on law-related articles. The lawyers or law students mostly write Blawg.


   The bleg is the combination of two words blog and bleg. The bleg gets information from the viewers.

   A backlink is an inbound link which comes from one domain webpage to another domain webpage.

The inbound links, coming from another domain to your domain, are called backlinks.

You can check the number of backlinks your website has, from this free Ahrefs backlink checker.

Backlinks is one of the often heard blogging terms in SEO field, because backlink improves your seo ranking aggressively.

Check your websites backlinks


   A site which contains blog content is known as a blog site. 

Blog Snob

  Blogger ignores the comments of the people. The blogger will not respond to the comment from outside the circle. The comment left without the reply of a blogger.


   The bloglet contains a very short blog. The blog will appear in short content.


   Visitors bookmark the blog URL to visit later. The URL is saved and the visitor can view it later. The saved URL is called a bookmark, and saving URL is called bookmarking.

   The banner is a blog header. It sometimes used as another name for the blog ads.

It can be an image with a   that describes the product information that can be placed anywhere on the blog.

Blogging tools

The tools used for effective blogging is called blogging tools.

Check out our combination of effective blog writing tools to save your time in every way.

C – blogging terms and vocabulary


The category displays the blog under a specific topic. The blog post focuses on a particular category. 

Category groups the blog under a specific topic and the category shows a complete list of posts archived under that group.

Categories help for easy navigation and find the blogs on that particular topic.


   A comment is the blog post review. The comment section has the opinion of visitors about the blog. 

The comment shows the readers thought about the blog. The presence of more comments makes the blog famous. If a blog gets more share and comments, it shows the people’s engagement with that blog.

More engaged articles rank higher in search engines.

Content Management System

    CMS-Content Management System is a software that helps to create, publish, and manage the content of a website. 

It is not to design the website.  You can also update the blog.

For blogging, WordPress is the largest content management software in the world. WordPress powers nearly 34% of the websites in the world.

Open source and flexibility of WordPress gives more benefits to the users.


   The abbreviation for CSS  is Cascading style sheets.CSS shows the expo of HTML elements on the web page. 

This helps to define the entire element of the webpage in a single place.

It is a style sheet markup language that describes how a record in HTML should appear. The CSS is an HTML, helps to design the website.


   Content has combination text, images, and other information shared in the post.

The body and main text in an article is called content.

Click-Through Rate

   The click-through rate (CTR) refers to the share of individuals who click on the text hyperlink to an advert or other webpage. 

The predominant intention of CTR is to get an engagement. It helps to analyze the success of marketing on the web page.

Call To Action

   Call To Action also known as CTA. It allows the viewers to do some action on the webpage. 

It requests the audience to do the desired action on the page. The webpage has the goal to make the people do the required action.


   CAPTCHA stands for Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart. It detects if the user is real or a spam robot.

CAPTCHA tests the user by displaying a simple task on the page and asking the user to complete it.

The task may have an option of images in that the user has to select the image asked on the page.

Sometimes the mixture of alphabets and numbers is shown, then it asks the user to re-enter it.

It is mainly for security purposes.

Cost Per Click

 It also known as CPC. It is the money you earn from your blog when visitors click on the ad. 

They add the amount for each click on the ad by the audience. The Advertiser determines the ad amount.

Content Marketing

Content marketing has content that builds to attract viewers. It supports sales and marketing. Customers gain knowledge about the product, and they can clear the doubt by raising questions.


   cPanel is a popular tool in WordPress. It is a web-based administration tool that allows the hosting providers to provide configuration rights for the user account. It is a simple interface to access the features.

D – blogging terms and vocabulary

Direct Traffic

   Direct Traffic shows the number of people who search your blog URL on the search bar, then it will route to the blog.

If Visitors need to view the particular site, they search the blog by typing its URL or your website name in the search bar. So it directs the visitor to the site.


   The draft section holds the blog post. The draft contains unpublished blog posts. When your post gets published, then it will not remain in draft. 

It has a blog post that may not be fully completed, after the blog fully completed the blog is published.

In simple words, unpublished blog posts are called drafts.


Downtime means a layoff time. At that period of time, the visitors can’t able to visit the website.

The web hosting server is inoperable and leads to the unviewable of the website.  It is one of the important blog terms used in hosting. Whenever comparing two hosting companies, downtime also an important term to considered.

Good hosting always has less downtime.

During the downtime, the website doesn’t load properly to the viewers.

Dwell Time

   The amount of time when viewers reside on your webpage is called dwell time. When a visitor stays on your page for a long time, it suggests to the search engine that your site has high-quality content.

The high Dwell Time is good for the blog post, it increases the user experience and search engines also love good user experience.


   It is the area where users can create and delete posts. We will monitor the comments. Plugins also can updated. 

It is the administration part of the blog. A dashboard is a single place that comprises many features, and from the dashboard, you can access any part of the website.

The admin dashboard on a website has full access to the website controls.

For example look at the below, it is screenshot of my WordPress dashboard, from here I can control my complete website.

Wp dashboard - blogging term and definition

Domain name

    We generally use Domain names for identifying the website. It is the main part of your URL.

For example,

The URL is “https://foxblogging.com/”, where the domain name is “foxblogging.com”.

The domain name is the identity of your website.

A domain name is the name of your site, which navigates users to the site directly by just typing the domain address.

Desktop Blogging Client 

 It is a management tool that helps to work in offline mode.

Users can write, edit the content, and post it into offline mode. This method prevents us from distraction while working in offline mode.

Deep Linking

   Deep Linking makes the audience spend much time on the blog. It links to various relevant posts on the website. The various similar post links are displayed on the blog.

We call usually placing of many internal links in a blog post is deep linking.

Dark Blog 

  Blog inaccessible to the general public.

Domain Authority

   Domain Authority shows a scale of 1 to 100, where 100 refers to best and 1 refers to worst.

This domain authority score determines the trust and quality of the website.

The high score leads to a high rank in search engines.

Check any website’s domain authority with SEMrush SEO tool.


   A Directory has a list of blogs, and it ranks them by the popularity of the blog.

The directory is a website that comprises a blog list. It orders the blog with the category.

If a blog post is added to the directory then it will create relevant traffic.

Default theme

   The default theme is also a theme, which is already present on a website. WordPress has a default theme which automatically falls when the active theme is not there. 

The Default theme is also called a fallback theme. Sometimes the active theme gets lost or deleted. The default themes fall automatically instead of the active themes in WordPress.

E – blogging terms and vocabulary

Editorial calendar

   The Editorial Calendar is a tool in WordPress. It schedules when the created blog content will publish.

We can also use Google calendar as an editorial calendar. Every blogger should maintain the editorial calendar, to schedule your workflow.

Email Marketing

   Email marketing is a kind of marketing where the bloggers send emails to the visitors who signed up in the email form.

The email has a product advertisement. It promotes the desired need of a blogger. The email is a message dispatched via the network.

Email marketing is considered as one of the powerful ways of digital marketing. Email marketing helps to reach their audiences directly and leads to higher conversions.

Check out how email marketing plays major role in the digital marketing and blogging.


   The engagement is comments, likes, or retweets. The people react to the blog post by comment. The content of the blog generates Engagement.

The engagement shows that, how much the audience reacts with posts. 

If your blog posts got many comments, likes, and social shares, then it shows that how the users are engaging with your posts. 

Evergreen content

   Evergreen content is built in the idea to stand the post for a long time. It has strong content to withstand for many years.

The Evergreen content is Timeless. Usually, the “how-to” content is evergreen content.

Try to write many evergreen contents in your blog. The quick trending content will give only a traffic boost for a particular period, but evergreen content always gives you the value.

   External Link is a link that refers to another website. By clicking the external link user directed to the webpage of another domain.

It is a hyperlink that points to another website.

Event Blogging

   Event Blogging mostly points to the upcoming events.

The bloggers write content based on the specific event.

The post will target a particular upcoming event for the viewers. Event Blogging brings attention to the Audience easily.


   Embed is to place the content from other sources. The bloggers place the content from another site into the blog. You can also embed YouTube videos on your blog. Placing something in between the content is called embedding.

F – blogging terms and vocabulary


   A favicon is an image that appears on the site. It is a small image that appears on the internet tab. Favicon is the identity of the particular webpage.


   Fisking is a finding mistakes and pointing for the mistakes in the article. The point-by-point criticism for the article. It is a written argument that criticizes the content. It deconstructs the post.


   The feed contains updated content. It is a news feed that allows the user to view the frequently updated blog.

It is a software that allows the readers to access a site automatically to view the new content and update it to another site. The user can post information about the new site.

This makes the user keep updated with new content published.

Feeds may comprise RSS(Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication).

Feeds are based totally on XML technology, which feeds the audience whenever the article is updated.


FTP is an acronym for File Transfer Protocol and its transfer record over the community. The general network protocol to transfer documents between the client and the server. It helps to download files and to upload files to a server.

FTP Client is a program that allows you to download files from, or to upload files to, an FTP Server.

It helps to upload your WordPress files to your web server, if you use a private hosting provider.


   Blog Forum allows visitors to discuss the topic. It is like a chat room where people discuss the topic.

Forum is a platform that allows people to share their thoughts.


   Flog is a blog that was written by another paid author for promoting their own products. It is suitable for corporate blogs.


   The farticles are the false article. It indicates the fake content article. It may describe the fake feature of a product to attract the customer.

Flame war

   Flame War is the argument that happens to a blog in the comment section.


Followers are the people who follow your blog and your social media accounts. The people subscribe to the blog and follow regularly.

   It is the bottom area of the web page where copyright information resides.


   The website part visible to the user.

G – blogging terms and vocabulary

Guest Post

   Guest post is a post in which you write the post for someone’s blog to get their readers to follow your post.

If you are writing a blog post in other blogs, for your popularity it is called the guest post.

Every website has its own rules and regulations for doing a guest post.


Gravatar is a Globally Recognized Avatar. It is a photo that follows you and looks besides your name.

It is used to show the user’s image. Everyone can set up their Gravatar

Whenever you comment on others blogs, it shows your image that was set in the Gravatar. In Gravatar, you can also add your contact information.


   GBWC stands for GoodBye Cruel World. The bloggers do not intend to continue their blogs. They decide to drop the blog.


   Gulag is the combination of gulag and blog. It refers to the depressing blog post.

H – blogging terms and vocabulary

H1,H2,H3 Tags:

These are heading tags that represent the headings in different sizes.

Usually, H1 is the highest tag that represents the blog post title, where the H6 is the lowest subheading.

H1 to H6 shows the importance of that keyword.


   HTML is a Hypertext Markup Language. It is used to create a web page.

   The header is the topmost part of the website. It mostly has the header image and navigation menu.

Hosting service 

Hosting is nothing but a storing of a website in a server and maintaining it.

  The organization/company which hosts your blog on the internet and makes it visible to the people is called hosting service providers.

If you are ready to start a blog, then Bluehost hosting is the WordPress recommended hosting provider, which costs around only $3 per month.

If you are a beginner and often need customer support, then the siteground hosting provides you better value.

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   HEX CODE stands for Hexadecimal code. It denotes the specific color code for HTML. Instead of mentioning the color name, it specifies the color code assigned for it.

   The hyperlink is an active link, placed in an anchor text that navigates the user to the web page.

The visitors are routed to another website or webpage by clicking the link.


         HARO stands for Help A Report Out. Online publishers can interact with an expert to sort out their queries.


   It defines the blog hit. It shows the number of people who visited the blog within a given period.


     The blog post specifies a small audience or community.

I – blogging terms and vocabulary


    An influencer is a popular person among the audience. They have huge followers and power to influence the audience. 

Influencers usually have more trust among the audience in their particular field.

   It is a Clickable link in anchor text that points to another webpage on your website.


   IRL stands for In Real Life. The bloggers share about their life when they are not blogging.


   It is a graphical representation of data, information. Infographics enhance the visual effects for humans to easily view. It uses graphics to improve the effects.

Infographics is usually a longer image that contains much information.


  It is an HTML tag that helps to include one HTML page within another HTML page.


   The adding of the website and content to the search result is called indexing. Only indexed webpages are shown in the organic results.

J – blogging terms and vocabulary


   It stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group and it is one of the famous image formats. This format contains lossy and compression image data.

It is usually one type of image format.

K – blogging terms and vocabulary


   The people search for information on the search engine. If the blog matches the user’s searched word, then the search engine will display the post to the user.

The keyword generally increases the traffic of the website. Normally all the blog posts are optimized for keywords.

Keywords Research   

     Keyword Research is to find the keywords, which often people searched in the search engine. 

This analyses the keyword, which is mostly searched by the people. Then the blog content will build with keywords searched by users. This promotes blog traffic.

Ubersuggest is one of the best free keyword research tool. If you need a premium keyword research tool to outrank your competitors, then a SEMrush keyword research tool gives you the best.

Keyword stuffing

   Keyword stuffing is the act of using too many keywords in the blog post for increasing the traffic through search engines.


   K-log is a knowledge log which is posted on the company intranet for company purposes.

L – blogging terms and vocabulary

   The link is a hypertext that navigates users to the website. If you click on the link, then it will direct you to that particular webpage. 

Landing Page

   The Landing Page is the page that focuses on marketing or an online advertisement. 

It makes the traffic land on the web page after clicking an ad or other link for advertisement.

The landing page is usually created with a single motive. The landing page motive can be anything, like selling a product, collecting emails from visitors, giving an announcement about a program and many more,

When two bloggers exchange their links, by linking other blog links is called link exchange.

If two bloggers working in the same niche, they can provide the valuable related article to their readers. So they can exchange their links. It also helps to increase their backlink power.


  The visitors who never touch upon the comment section blog.

   The legal post which contains the content about the law.


   The blog has a person’s entire life.

Lit blog

   The blog, which mainly has the literature content.

Long-form content

   This kind of blog has more content that exceeds over 2000 words. The long-form content takes much time to create, but it leads to the success of a blog.

Longform content has more in-depth information about that particular topic.

Longer articles tend to stay more time on the blog. It increases the session time and gives raiders about the complete knowledge about that topic.

   Link Bait has content that attracts other bloggers naturally, and they request to refer to their link in the post.

Long-Tail Keywords

   The Long Tail Keywords are keywords, usually appear with three to four words or more.

   Normally, the long-tail keywords have low search volumes, but a high conversion rate in the ranking.

   The Link Party is to place the link on the blog to trigger the reader to that site.

If a blogger wants to show the blog to visitors, then they place that blog link on the content.

The sharing of page rank from a higher authority webpage to a lower authority webpage is called link juice.

Whenever higher authority pages link your webpage, their page authority will be shared with yours.

The link must be dofollow link, dofollow link only transfer the link juice.

Then check out how nofollow links improve your seo rank.

It is one of the often-heard blog terms in the seo field. 

L Bloggers 

   L Blogger is a common hashtag for lifestyle bloggers.

   You can link to the blog you like to get the new posts.

Usually, link building refers to the building of backlinks. If there are many inbound links coming from other domains to your domain, then you have built more links.

M – blogging terms and vocabulary

Meta Description

   It is a brief description of the post. The search engine looks at the description of the blog or post. It helps to place the targeted content for the visitors.

Google regularly shows the meta description inside the seek result. 

Meta Description is the one hundred sixty (160 characters) snippets that summarize the web page content. If the meta description is more than 160 characters, it will cut off in the search results.

   The menu has a collection of options for the blog. It includes a collection of text or image links that form a blog’s menu.

Meta Keywords

   This type of keyword is a particular type of meta tag/keywords, which is used in the meta description.

It helps to recognize the search engine about a topic of the web page. 

Meta keywords allows the search engine to analyze the most relevant keyword to the content of the given page. Don’t use more than 10 meta keywords in the meta description.

Meta Tag

 It is the snippets of code that tell the quest engine how to display the website in a seek result It also mentions how to display it for visitors.


  Mediakit is a page that specifies the facts about your blog, to attract the advertiser to your blog. This page ensures brand popularity among the audience.

It is a page on your website which displays information about brands and advertising cost in your blogs.


   Microblog is a kind of blog which contains short content of a post. bloggers make the short post frequently.


   It is the way to make money through the blog. The blog post shows the ad, marketing. There are many ways to make money through the blog. The making of money in the blog is called monetization.

Mobile SEO

Optimizing your website for mobile users is called mobile seo. For the better user experience, you have to search engine optimize your website differently for desktop and mobile users.


    It is the combination of two-words military and blog. It represents the blog that was written by a member of the military.


   It is a blog written by mothers.

Multi blog

It is the act where bloggers create and maintain multi blogs at a time.


  The blogger who runs multiple blogs simultaneously is called multi bloggers.

N – blogging terms and vocabulary

The backlinks that is built naturally are called natural backlink. Commonly the natural backlinks are mixed with dofollow links and nofollow links.


   Niche is the desired topic of the blog. Their content primarily focuses on the desired topic.

The niche is a particular field, under which blogs are regularly posted.

For example – this blog is in “blogging niche” because the website says completely about blogging.


  It is the email delivery system. The bloggers send info to their subscribers. Bloggers usually maintain weekly newsletters, biweekly newsletters, or monthly newsletters and based on their flexibility.

They send the newsletters as email, about their recently published blog post.

  It is the link that does not allow the search engines to pass the link juices. Usually, everyone says nofollow links have no power, but check out here how nofollow links improve your SEO and boost your ranking and traffic.

O – blogging terms and vocabulary

  Organic Traffic

   Organic traffic is traffic that comes from search engines. People visit the site using search engines without paid ads. Here the traffic will not increase by any paid content.

If people arrive at the webpage through the search engines’ result page (SERP) then it is called organic traffic.

If people search their query in search engines, then the search engine displays the result. The people choose the desired site that has the relevant content they looked for.

Here the traffic increases naturally. It is not like in the case of a paid advertisement. 

If your webpages are well SEO optimized and have good domain authority, then your organic traffic will increase.

Search engines rank SEO optimized articles at the top of SERP.

Organic Growth

  The regular increase in organic traffic is called organic growth.

 The traffic to the webpage increases by the quality content you provide on the post.

It depends on the content provided on the site rather than depending on the paid ads.

Off-Page SEO technique

Optimizing your webpages from outside of the webpage is called off-page SEO.

Backlink creation is one of the important off-page SEO techniques and it creates a huge impact on the domain authority.

Whatever things you are doing away from the blog post, to increase your organic traffic is called off-page SEO.

Other than backlinks building the social media promotion, increasing brand signals also considered as the off-page SEO.

It is a way to promote traffic from external factors. 

Check out a complete guide to off-page SEO to boost your organic traffic.

On-page SEO technique

The optimization done in the blog post is called on-page SEO.

   The web page traffic increases through the content of the web page without any external factors.

On-page SEO is done at the time of writing a blog post. Writing the SEO optimized articles is the first step that every blog writer should learn.


    The user OPT-IN to the newsletter form and receives mail about the post.

Outbound links

The links on your webpage, that is referring to another domain are outbound links.

P – blogging terms and vocabulary


   The page displays the content. Every page on the web has its own unique URL. Every post in a blog is also a page.

Page Rank

   The page rank measures the authority of the blog post or that webpage.

It is a search engine Algorithm to measure those authorities and ranking of that page.

  Page Views

   The page views are the number of people who visited the blog in a given time period.

It refers to the count of users who visit the webpage.


     It stands for Pay Per Click. How much amount will get paid for every click.

PPC in AdSense is, how much will you earn, when every time readers click the advertisement. 

The advertisement plays on the blog post, when visitors click the post the blogger will earn money.

PPC in AdWords means how much you will pay the google AdWords, when every time visitors click the particular page.

Pain Point

   The readers searching questions are their pain points. If your website has many articles, that answer the pain point of readers, then readers will love your website.

   The permalink is the URL of a blog post. Permalink is like a permanent link to that particular page.


   A plugin is a software that extends and enhances the features. If you are using WordPress, then you definitely know about the plugins.

WordPress has over 50k plugins, which some WP plugins provide you better value. 

The plugins make complicated work as a simple one for the user.

There are various plugins available for users at paid and free versions.


   It is a kind of notification. The notification received for users when their posts linked to another website.


   Plagiarism is a replication of other content. The copying of others content and using it in your content is called plagiarism. It is also denoted as Copyscape.

There are many free Copyscape tools available in the market to find plagiarism.


   The photoblog is a blog that focuses on photos, images. The photographer runs the photoblog.


   The Platform is a place to create and maintain the blog. It is a software that manages to create and maintain blogs.

For example- WordPress is one of the popular blogging platforms.


  PNG stands for Portable Network Graphics, and it is a type of image file. It is not like JPG, which does not lose quality while editing. It can not support animations.


   Pop-ups are a tiny size window that suddenly appears on the web page. The pop-ups are mostly used by the bloggers to get a sign-up for a newsletter or asks the user to fill details.

You can also see that, in many websites, advertisements also present, which cover the whole webpage.

Parent theme

   The parent theme is the main theme that has many child themes. Child themes are like small themes that work with (parent theme) main theme.

R – blogging terms and vocabulary


  RSS is a Really Simple Syndication and Rich Site Summary. It makes the subscriber get the updated content regularly.

      The RSS readers supply the website weblog content continuously to the people. 

Rich Anchor Text 

  This is a clickable content that has keywords rather than the general term click here.

Anchor text refers to the clickable words used to hyperlink one web page to another.


  The Robots.txt indicates the search engine to ignore the blog content.

The webpage that has robots.txt file, tells the search engine, to ignore the particular blog page. 

Robots.txt file simply tells the search what are the pages that need to be crawled and not to be crawled, to reduce the site requests.


  The Redirect is to forward people from one webpage to another URL. In other words, it changes the people’s direction from the current page URL to another URL.

It changes the people direction from where they entered to other direction of URL page the people to the other way.

There are different types of redirects available, like 301 redirects and 302 redirects.

Responsive design

   It is a theme or layout that adapts the screen with respect to the size of the devices.

The design of the website which is more useful for readers to navigate in desktop and mobile view, is called responsive design

   Reciprocal links are a link change between websites. They agree with each other to exchange the links to get traffic for the website. It is also referred to as a link exchange.

Referral traffic

   The referral traffic is kind of creating traffic to the website which is referred by someone.

The link is shown on different websites for people to make a visit.

For example – if you share your blog post links to your friends through social media, and the traffic through that link is called referral traffic.


   A retweet is to tweet someone’s content helps to share the tweet with followers.

The tweet message, which is reposted in a retweet.

Rich Answer

   Rich Answer is the Google answer to the queries in the search engines. Through this google try to gives you direct answers to your queries.

Root domain

The root domain is the top-level domain, from the root domain only all the subdomains are separated.

For example – Here “foxblogging.com” is the root domain and “blog.foxblogging.com” is subdomain, which is derived from root domain.


  ROI is the Return On Investment. It analyzes the gained return amount from the Investment.

Whenever you are investing some amount, and you gained profit is the rate of investment. The rate of investment (ROI) could be profit or loss.

S – blogging terms and vocabulary

Split Testing

      Split testing is a type of testing to check which one attracts the viewer. It analyzes the best version by comparing two or more variants. Normally A/B testing is also a split testing.


    Subscriber is the followers who follow the post regularly. They sign up for the newsletter to get the publishing post.

   The sponsored post has an advertisement or promoting the product. The bloggers get to pay for promoting or displaying ads on the blog post.

The sponsored post content revolves around that particular product.


   SERP stands for Search Engine Result Page. It analyzes the performance of the blog post on the organic search result page.


   Scribosphere is a combination of scribe and blogosphere.

It is a blog written by professional and screenwriters.


  Splog is a junk mail blog. It is a spam blog, which is repetitive and used for promoting something. Spam blogs are also used for linking to other websites.

Spam Blog Post

   The blog post consists of a spam comment.


   The blog post contains shocking content.


   The large website sent traffic to the smaller blogs by linking the content. The slashdot happens when a large website, link the webpage of smaller websites and it leads to a huge traffic increase to smaller sites.

Story blog 

   The blog focuses on publishing short stories.


   SAHM is an abbreviation of stands for Stay at Home Mom, which is used in parenting websites.

Self-hosted website/blog

It is usually used in WordPress. WordPress has two different types of websites. wordpress.com and wordpress.org, which is a WordPress hosted website and self-hosted WordPress website. 

   In a self-hosted website, you can host our WordPress website in any other Webhosting service provider.


   SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Optimizing your website to rank higher in the search engines is called SEO. The proper SEO website has many organic visitors. Different SEO types are on-page, off-page, and on-site SEO


  Slug is a textual content that follows the domain name in the URL of a page. The text after the domain name in the URL is called a slug.

Skyscraper Technique

Skyscraper technique was introduced by the Brian dean in Backlinko. It is a technique of increasing your organic search results by building more backlinks.

Social Media Engagement

    The blog’s effectiveness is measured by the like, share, and comment of the visitors.

Stop Words

   The search engine ignores certain words that are commonly used for writing in sentences like(a, and, how, but, or etc..).

In permalinks, these stops are needed to be neglected. Because most times these stop words can be removed without changing the meaning, in URLs.


   It is a document that has brand fonts, color, photo style, etc.


 SSL is a Secure Socket Layer. This layer secures the internet to safeguard the data while in transmission. The sites with SSL certificate (https) are considered to be more secure in encrypting the information.

Google also considers, SSL certificate as one of their positive ranking signal.

 It is a menu that displays on the left or right side of the blog.

 The short link is the shortest form of a permalink.


   The shortcode is the code enclosed in a square bracket. It relays in the backend that shows the output in the frontend.


  It is an XML  report that lists the internet site content. It tells the search engine about the details of the webpage.

T – blogging terms and vocabulary


  The blog post which relates to one another is a tag.


   Tagline describes the blog post with a brief sentence or a short phrase.

It is like a slogan that tells about the blog.


   The theme makes the page/websites look beautiful. It changes the design and layout of the webpage. Your posts are always placed over the theme.

Time on site

  It is the amount of time spent by visitors on the blog.


   It tracks the linking of websites to other blogs.

Tag cloud

   The tag cloud represents the text information in visual form.

Target reader 

    Blogger decide who wants to be their particular audience. The targeted audience gives you the best conversion rates.


   The template is a layout for the web page. It is also said as an outline. Every professional bloggers will have their own template for writing a blog post.

Thin content

   It is like weak content that does not have a piece of useful information. The blog post less than 500 words also considered as a thin content.

Here is a data-driven study from Neil Patel, about how longer content performs better in search engines.


 The traffic is the visit to a website by the audience. Higher traffic results in the success of the blog.

Title tag

  It is the title of the blog post, it is named as H1 tag.

   When you click the text link the text link will generate an ad.

Text Link ads coverts every single text and terms into links.


   The troll is leaving a fun or negative comment on the blog.


  A tailwind is a tool that helps to schedule the post for Pinterest and Instagram. It is a social media management app.

U – blogging terms and vocabulary

 Unique visitor

   A unique visitor is a person who visits the web page within the time period.

User intent

   User intent describes the search query of the user.


   UGC stands for User Generated Content. It is the visitor created content. The blog’s visitors create content.


   It stands for Uniform Resource Locator. It is a web address that specifies the location of a resource on the internet. Every single webpage has a specific URL on the internet.

URL Shortener

   It is a tool that creates the shortened version of the URL. Sometimes the URLs are very long, in that situation URL shorteners are used to short it. Bitly is one of the best tools to short your URLs. 


   It is the available and operational time of the webpage. Uptime is the time that your website available for users to interact with it.

Uptime is expressed in the percentage, on an average over 99.5% uptime is good for a website.

V – blogging terms and vocabulary

Viral content

  The content gets more popular on the internet.


The vlog is a video blog that mainly focuses on video format content.


  The people who do video blogs are called vloggers. Mostly the YouTubers are vloggers.

Virtual Assistance

  Virtual assistance is where people help the blogger remotely.

W – blogging terms and vocabulary


  It is a combination of web and seminar. It is a software tool for engaging online events. The online events run by companies are called webinars.


   A weblog is an internet site that includes information. It displays the content in reverse chronological order. The recent or new link will appear at the top. The weblog is regularly updated.


  Webmail or web-based totally e-mail is an email service that may be accessed simplest through an internet browser.

Web Host

  The web host is the organization or company that provides the web server for a blogger at pay. It is an online service that allows you to publish the website. 

Webhosting companies, usually rent their server for hosting the websites.

White Hat SEO

   It follows ethical SEO techniques to increase traffic to the website. Doing the SEO for the blog by following the guidelines is called white hat SEO


    It can personalize the sidebar of a website. 


  It is a content management software (CMS) to manage the website. WordPress.com host the blog content.


  It is a self-hosted website management system.

View an exclusive comparison between wordpress.com vs WordPress.org

Web Server

   Web server is a software that runs the website. It displays the website content to the browser.

Writers block

The situation at which writers can’t able to write is called writer block. During this writers block period, writers losses their ability to write creative thing and produce quality articles.

X – blogging terms and vocabulary


   XML stands for Extensible Markup Language. It can be used to store and transfer data formats electronically.

Y – blogging terms and vocabulary

 Yoast seo

   Yoast SEO is a search engine optimization plugin in WordPress. It is one powerful plugins that take care of all your on-page seo problems in WordPress. It is a freemium tool.

(Disclaimer – This article contains affiliate links, if you buy from these links I can get a small commission at no extra cost to you.)


These basic important blogging terms and their vocabularies are used by all levels of bloggers. Whenever you are entering into a new field like blogging, their blogging terminologies will help you to understand the process quickly.

This article is also like one of the best blogging tools that every blogger must-read.

We have spent more time compiling these complete sets of important blogging terms and their vocabularies. Every beginner blogger must deserve this article.

If you find this blogging terms and vocabulary useful, please share it with other friends. If we missed any important blog terms any corrections in vocabulary, please kindly let us know in the comment

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