Powerful benefits of using infographics for content

Do infographics still work in the modern era? Does Infographics give any benefits to the marketers, to use it as a content marketing tool?

Every time writing some simple text is not alone enough to deliver the proper information and effectively. You have many better reasons to start using images and visuals in the blog content.

Content marketing has evolved more in recent times. Everyone is using different types of images and content types to improve them.

Benefits of using infographics in blog post

In this way, infographics are also one of the important types of content to be considered.

A stat shows 42% of B2B marketers are successful in content marketing.

Effectiveness of content marketing

Visuals have a separate place in the content marketing world. Everyone loves visuals.

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What is Infographics? definition of infographics.

According to the English Oxford dictionary, the infographic is defined as “A visual representation of information or data”.

Infographic is a type of image which are usually more lengthy than the normal image. 

Infographics consist of both text and illustrations to give provide the information. It also consists of some charts and graphs to give quick information.

Reasons and benefits of infographics in content marketing

Infographics offer a lot of value and benefits to bloggers and marketers, who use them perfectly.

Why I’m saying that infographics do better is, visuals are the easiest way to share information.

visual images like infographics process faster

Humans respond better to visual than plaintext. On average, 90% of the information given to the brain is visuals.

Usually, we are attracted to visuals more.

Use Visual graphs to attract visitors

People who follow the text and illustrations do better than the people who don’t follow it. Visuals are 80% easier for people to recall, followed by 20% of what they hear.

visual images are easy to recall - statistics data

It shows how we are attached to the visuals. So infographics have a special place in the content marketing world and create many benefits and impacts.

Look at the interesting infographics visual created by SMA marketing, which shows how the infographics are important and interesting facts about using infographics.

Below infographic credits – SMA marketing

Infographics – Source

Benefits of infographics in SEO

If you are a blogger, then you could start using the infographics in your blogs. When it comes to the benefits of infographics, you can use single infographics as a separate blog post.

You can also integrate your blog content and infographics to get the maximum benefits.

Look at the study from the KISSmetrics blog, they have created nearly 47 infographics.

From the creation of two years, they can able to generate 2,512,596 visitors and 41,142 backlinks from different domains.

Benefits of infographics with statistics

These infographics help to get more backlinks and visitors. 

More quality backlinks from different domains will improve organic ranking and easily drive more traffic.

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The proper use of infographics helps you to save time in backlink building and other SEO strategies. More that it drives your organic traffic.

Infographics will get more social shares. It is a unique image type that has been incorporated with more information.

So normally it gets more shares on social media. 

Nowadays mostly all bloggers are using Pinterest, it is one of the powerful visual search engines which has the capability to drive tons of traffic to your blogs.

Infographics will get attention and get saved on Pinterest. There are more possibilities and benefits to make your infographics go viral.

Getting more shares in social media and Pinterest to make your blogs viral and also has some SEO benefits from infographics.

Social media directly doesn’t influence any organic ranking, but the content loved by people only goes viral.

So it gives some positive feedback to search engines to look upon your content. Using infographics helps to increase the User experience of the website.

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How to make your infographics go viral

What is about getting viral?

Normally viral is getting popular in a short span of time. 

When it comes to social media viral posts get more shares, comments, retweets, and likes.

On Pinterest viral pins get more saves and re-pins. It everything denotes that how people are highly engaging with your posts.

Something like that, if you have good infographics with you, then make yours viral and get more benefits from it.

Mostly the thing that is created online gives flexibility to re-use in different areas and different purposes, so infographics are also used for other purposes.

Quick tips to make your infographics famous

Infographics as a Separate blog post

Make your infographic a separate blog post. There are many keywords that people search specifically for information through infographics.

You always don’t need to write a more lengthy blog post.

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Use in all blogs

If you created your own infographics, then you have the full right to use them anywhere. So you can use the infographic in all the related blog posts.

For example – if I created an infographic about “interesting stats of social media” then I can use it all the blog post that comes under the social media category.

People always love good-looking visuals with perfect pieces of information.

Create an infographic of famous blog posts

Every website has some famous blog posts that drive more traffic, take that type of blog post, and make it is as infographics.

If your website doesn’t have any famous blog posts, that are suitable for making the infographics, then here is another idea.

Another perfect example –  Backlinko has a very famous blog post, about 200 ranking factors.

It is one of the famous blog posts in the SEO world, and mostly every SEO expert has read it at least once.

Take a look at the above image the number of shares, the single blog post has derived.

Look at this blog post from quick sprout about organic ranking factors.

They have made an infographic about organic ranking using the same information.

But here they have taken up the data from backlinko.

Quick sprout used these data and created the infographics of the viral blog post and given up the credits to backlinko at the end of the infographics.

Whenever using other information, don’t forget to give credit. It will lead to severe copyright issues.

If you are using other information, feel free to give the credits to the original creators.

It is one of the best ways to create some famous infographics.

Submit to directories

There are many directories where you can submit your infographics.

The submitted infographics have links back to your websites. It is also a good way to drive some traffic.

You can submit it to directories like dailyinfographic and infographicsarchive

There are still some good websites where you can submit your infographics. As I mentioned earlier, once you created it, you can reuse it for many purposes.

Manual outreach

Outreach your infographics by manually reaching the bloggers. 

You can reach out to your fellow bloggers and sites that are interested to include your blog post.

It is also one of the toughest things to do. But it is a more effective and powerful way of building the links and getting your infographics viral.

Only very few bloggers will create infographics because it is a more time-consuming thing and needs more data to process with it. 

But the benefits of infographics will show your authority in your field.

Some sites to create powerful infographics

There are some websites where you can create your own infographics.

  1. Canva – whenever it comes to creating your own images, then it stands at the top.

Canva provides you many graphical images and illustrations and pre-made templates, which allows you to quickly create infographics.

It is one of the beginner-friendly software to make quick images with easy pre-made templates.

Look below the sample template from Canva. In Canva everything is customizable to your needs.

  1. Visme
  2. Pitkochart
  3. Venngage
  4. Snappa

Importance and Benefits of using infographics in marketing

Infographics are one of the powerful ways to market your business. 

In recent years, companies are started to employ virtual working cultures and work from remote areas.

The need for high-engaging information sharing has been increasing.

It is one of the main reasons for the development of visuals. Visuals are an effective communication way in the modern-day.

Every people’s attention time is getting reduced. A study from Microsoft says that the average attention time of people is reduced to eight seconds.

It is reducing every year. 

The decreasing attention span makes it the marketers more difficult to survive, so it is necessary to find some different techniques to attract the audience.

Look at an interesting infographic study, which explains the human attention span. It says the average users always leave the webpage in 10 to 20 seconds.

When it comes to using visuals images are one of the easiest types to create.

You can also get free stock images from websites like pexels.

But the well-designed illustrations and original graphical images like infographics will help them to attain 40% of their marketing goals.

Other types of visuals also contributed but, the benefits of infographics are more when compared to others.

These are things that prove why infographics are important and provide huge benefits to its users.

Advantages of using infographics

  1. The blogs with Infographic images get more shares.
  2. It is one of the easiest ways to build quality backlinks. We have seen earlier in the article that infographics have driven more quality backlinks and regular visitors to the blogs.
  3. People are responding better to visual content than the plaintext. So it is easy to get the attention of the audience.
  4. One of the important benefits of using infographics is SEO. It improves the website’s SEO value by getting quality backlinks.
  5. Infographics help to show your brand authority and power. The high-quality infographics are mostly seen in bigger brands, it shows their perfectness and researching capacity.
  6. Sometimes using a single infographic can quickly explain the 3000-word article. It helps to easily break up the longer information.
  7. Infographics help to present the graphs and charts in a simple way.

Disadvantages of using infographics

  1. Infographics are one of the more time-consuming things to do. Even though there are many infographic tools are available to create, it takes more time to create quality infographics.
  2. Need more resources to collect proper original information. Before start making the infographics, you need to get enough data. 
  3. Need more money. If you are not good at infographic designing, then you should go with some freelance designers, which will cost you more.
Do infographics are really effective? Why it is used?

The infographics are effective when it comes to delivering the information quickly. The combination of text and graphical elements attracts people to involve in it and helps to easily store the information in mind.

Who uses infographics most?

Marketers mostly use infographics to deliver the information quickly to their audiences. Whoever wants to deliver a large amount of information quickly to their audiences can create infographics.

Some free sites to create infographics?

The sites like canva, visme, and Venngage allows you to create free infographics quickly. These websites usually have pre-made templates to easily choose and create easily.


Finally, the modern days involved with new inventions for improving its effectiveness.

If you missed adapting yourself to the audience choice, then you could get into a struggle. Mostly the content marketing is mostly mixed up with different types of Visuals and text.

The importance and benefits of infographics are huge, and it gives you enough return for every time consumed. Infographics can be used in different types of blog content.

So, always feel free to try different types of visuals in your blog posts. 

Nowadays teaching and learning are also mostly digitalized, so make yours stand out from others.

Concluding that, using infographics is one of the best ways to attract your audience and give enough information to them.

Thank you for spending your valuable time. I have spent more time writing the article, if you find it useful, kindly share it.

Do you got any other benefits from using the infographics, comment below so that other readers also know it.

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