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Affilitizer: Free Chrome Extension to find Affiliate programs 2023

Looking for an easy chrome extension to find affiliate programs? Then Affilitizer free Chrome extension could be the perfect choice for affiliate marketers.

Mostly the internet marketers will have a minimum of 2 to 5 chrome extensions, which helps to increase their productivity. Likewise, if you are an affiliate marketer then Affilitizer is one of the best and most useful chrome extensions for affiliate marketers.

Affilitizer - Discover affiliate products using chrome extension

The best plugins for affiliate marketers will save you time and boost Income. Likewise, Affilitizer is a free chrome extension to discover new affiliate programs in every industry.

One of the challenging and time-consuming parts of affiliate marketing is to find and discover new affiliate programs. But this free Affilitizer chrome extension will make your work easier.

When it comes to affiliate marketing, there are over thousands of affiliate products available to promote it in hundreds of ways.

Affilitizer Chrome extension to discover new Affiliate programs

This Affilitizer extension will make Google inform you of the website with affiliate programs. This Chrome add-on saves your time and improves productivity.

Affilitizer Free Chrome Extension

If you are searching for any products in your field. Then it shows, which products have affiliate programs. So it makes your job easier to find new affiliate programs. Moreover, it’s completely free.

Affiliatizer helps to find the marketplaces, where the new affiliate programs are hosted. There are generally direct affiliate programs and marketplaces are available for affiliates to join.

How the Affilitizer extension Works

Step 1: Install the Affilitizer chrome extension from here and enable it by creating an account.

Affilitizer - Add to Chrome

Step 2: Now search your queries in the Google search. The SERP results are shown.

Affilitizer extension working in SERP results page

Step 3: On the left side it shows the Affilitizer logo, for the search queries which have affiliate programs. If the logo is available, then this brand has its affiliate program. So you can join.

Affilitizer Icon in Google SERP results

Step 4: You can click the icon, to find where the affiliate programs are hosted. It shows the list of the affiliate network, where the particular brand’s affiliate program is hosted.

Find different affiliate networks to join

Affilitizer is highly connected with most of the known affiliate networks. And also they are regularly updating it.

Step 5: You can click on the link, which will take you to the signup page of that product. You can log in to the affiliate network and signup for the particular affiliate program.

Click the icon to visit Affiliate program landing page

Why should use Affiliatizer Chrome extension

Affilitizer is one of the must-have free tools for every affiliate marketer. It is slowly developing software, that is regularly adding new affiliate programs and features.

As I’m used to, it doesn’t have any issues or bugs. But I heard from a few users, that it has some small issues when working constantly. 

When we consider it as free software, Affiliatizer works much better and I highly recommend it.

If you are writing an article about a particular topic, then you can quickly find the different types of available affiliate programs in that niche. 

Affilitizer is joining up with many affiliate networks and marketplace. So, whenever the new affiliate programs join then they will update it.

The list of affiliate networks Affilitizer includes, and the number of affiliate programs in each affiliate network is listed below.

List of affiliate Network in Affiliatizer Chrome extension

If you don’t want to waste more time browsing on the internet, then this affiliate tool can save your time.

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There are many tools available online to improve your productivity. But finding the best tool is important because it only can save your time.

Finally, Affilitizer is also one of the important chrome extension for affiliate marketers.

I hope this affiliate tool helps in your affiliate journey. If you find it useful kindly share this article.

Can you know any other interesting chrome add-ons like Affilitizer? Comment below.

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