List of best Travel Affiliate Programs for travel bloggers

Everyone loves traveling. If you are a travel blogger or willing to start a travel blog, then here are some best travel affiliate programs. It will boost your income in a better way.

Best profitable affiliate programs

Being a travel blogger is not an easy task. Writing new blog blogs, when regularly traveling to different places, is quite a difficult thing. Moreover, monetizing your travel blog is also not easier.

When it comes to blogging, affiliate marketing is an important source of income for bloggers. So there are many top travel affiliate programs for travel niche bloggers. That helps to monetize their websites.

Travel blogging is one of the very fast booming industries. Again the traveling is kick-starting, and every company is giving more offers to attract their audience and customers.

Travel bloggers are always highly attached to their audience. Because it is one of the main reasons for their success. So you can easily suggest to your audience about the products you are using and monetize them.

These WordPress plugins help affiliate marketers to boost their income. Free extensions like Affiliatizer help you to easily discover new affiliate programs. Okay, let’s look at the list of best travel affiliate programs.

List of Best Travel affiliate programs to increase earnings

1. TripAdvisor Travel Affiliate program (50% Commission)

Tripadvisor is the world’s largest travel site. It has 795 million reviews and 1.4 million places to stay. If you are planning for a trip, then you will often find that Tripadvisor is the best place to get recommendations and reviews.

So you can recommend it to others and earn money. You will get the content from their website. So you can use it and link to them with your special referral link. Their deep link generator will help you to link to a wide variety of content.

Join the TripAdvisor affiliate program – click here

Who can join the Tripadvisor affiliate program?

Anyone can join the TripAdvisor affiliate program. If you have a proper website, then you can join their travel affiliate program.

Their affiliate program commission is only for hotels. They are not providing the commission for other travel products.

Affiliate programs working method

Their travel affiliate program is hosted in Awin and Cj affiliate networks. If you already have an account on these affiliate networks, then you can easily apply and join their travel affiliate programs. If you don’t have one, then create it.

Why join on TripAdvisor travel affiliate program
  1. Best commission structure: Their commission rate starts from a minimum of 50%. It was one of the highest in the industry. The commission structure varies based on the transaction and type of booking.
  2. Internationally recognized: Tripadvisor is an internationally recognized brand that covers over 2.3 million accommodations around the world.
  3. No hotel booking required: They are offering different tier commissions to their affiliates. You will also get paid when you refer only traffic to their website. So, if they booked or not, you will get paid.
  4. Cookie Lifetime: It comes with a 14-day cookie referral window. If the users return to Tripadvisor within 14 days, then their bookings will be credited to you. 

You will get paid, just for sending the traffic as well. Here is an example of the traffic commission structure from which they work.

Tripadvisor affiliate commission rates

They have a tiered commission structure and follow monthly payouts. Once you join their affiliate program, you can easily track commissions and monitor the traffic. You will be given up with detailed reports, which you access 24 hours every day.

2. affiliate program is one of the world leaders in online accommodation booking. They have an extensive network of hotels and homes to book as your accommodations.

You can easily integrate with your customers and earn more favorable commissions based on the booking.

Join the affiliate program – Click here

Who can join the affiliate program

Anyone with a website can join this best travel affiliate program. Once you apply, you will quickly get approved to become an affiliate partner.

Why should I join the affiliate program?

It has one of the largest collections of accommodation you can book from. This includes 2.5 million properties that have over 29 million rooms you can book.

Join best travel affiliate program

It has a huge earning potential. If you give more referrals, then your commission percentage will also be increased. Over 1.5 million accommodations are booked every night through their highly optimized website, which maximizes your earnings.

You can customize the products that suit your readers.

Customize your travel products

They have their dedicated support team to help you in using their products with any problems. So you will get everything to get maximum conversion and to improve earnings.

Their commission starts from 25% to 40% of your referral booking fees. The longer their stay, the more money. 

How will you get paid in this affiliate program?

They have a minimum requirement for payment of 100 euros. It will be paid through Paypal. 

They have their own official WordPress affiliate Plugin, which helps to add a search box to your websites. So their affiliates can easily add search boxes on websites to find the properties. It improves your conversion.

3. Amazon Associates Program

Amazon is the world’s largest eCommerce site. Here you will get most of the gadgets and equipment used in traveling.

It has over 50k products, which you can suggest for travelers. It includes jackets, camping, traveling pouches, electronic traveling gadgets, hiking shoes, and the list goes on.

Amazon associate affiliate program

Amazon is one of the best affiliate networks, which can improve the products and niche you are targeting.

Signup to Amazon associates – Click here

There are thousands of niche websites, which have Amazon associates as their primary source of income. Amazon has unique commission structures for every product category. Their commission structure also changes regularly.

Amazon is a well-reputed network, which has a better conversion rate. Once you join their affiliate program, you can link out to any product on their network. 

Amazon sells over 12 million products on its network. So you can link out to every product on their website.

Why should you join the amazon affiliate program?

It is a well-known brand in the industry that has a better reputation. It also has better conversion rates. 

You will get a commission when a customer buys any product after clicking your referral link, instead of clicking the particular product. For example, if your audience clicks your backpack link and buys a pair of shoes, then commissions for the shoes will be credited to you.

You will get easy approval. You just need to have a website. 

4. TravelPayouts – Travel affiliate networks

Just like Share A sale and click bank, it is an affiliate network. But this affiliate network contains only travel-related products.

Travel affiliate network to join - CPA based

On their network, it has 80+ travel affiliate programs in which you can join. It includes some famous brands like OYO,,,,, and many more.

Join TravelPayout affiliate network – Click here

So this one travel affiliate network will open a gate to many travel programs. This travel affiliate network covers hotels, flights, car rentals, train tickets, tourist destination activities, ferries, travel insurance, taxis, and so on.

TravelPayout network - affiliate commissions

So Travelpayout is a one-stop-shop for most of your travel needs. The commissions are paid once every month. It provides five different payment options to get paid, which includes Paypal as well.

Who can become a travel payouts affiliate?

  • Travel bloggers
  • Travel website owners
  • Influencers
  • Travel agencies
  • SEO experts
  • Anyone who wants to make money online by recommending travel products.

Note – You don’t need a website to join as an affiliate in Travelpayout. It is a great advantage.

They have commissions upto 70% of their product sale value. It also gives you a handful of affiliate tools to make your process easier.

This affiliate tool includes search forms, text links, banners, WordPress plugins, white-label, and API.

You can use your one affiliate account on multiple websites and even use it without a website. You will get their support in English and Russian language.

5. Allianz travel insurance Affiliate program (Allianz Global Assistance)

Allianz travel affiliate programs

Booking the hotels and flights is not only travel. So include this travel insurance affiliate program in your bucket list.

Travel insurance is also becoming one of the important aspects of traveling. It is also one of the needed investments for every traveler. So you can suggest them a better one.

Visit affiliate program page – Click here

Allianz global assistance is one of the world leaders in travel insurance. You can apply to their affiliate program via the CJ network.

Once you apply, their team will review and verify your application. If you got approved, then you can start using their affiliate tools and monetize your website.

It has a long 45-day cookie lifetime to track the users. 

If you need an alternative, then you can also check out the affiliate program.

6. Agoda Affiliate Program

Agoda is one of the popular and recognized travel brands and communities in the online space. It has over 900k properties around the world.

So it gives much flexibility to their affiliate to recommend the properties in any location. Their accommodation includes hostels, resorts, hotels, serviced apartments, villas, homestay, and many others.

Agoda travel affiliate program commision structure

Agoda also gives you regular offers on their accommodations. They have their in-house affiliate program. Everyone with a website can apply to their affiliate program. Your application will be reviewed and accepted in a few days.

Join Agoda affiliate program – Click here

Once you get approved, then you can install and use their free tools to maximize your earnings. These tools include hotel data files, text links, search boxes, and banners.

Why do you need to join Agoda’s travel partner program?

They have accommodations all over the world. Offers you better tools to easily get started, even if you are not a technical guy.

Their promos come in 38 languages, so it is better to connect with a different country audience. They have a better team to answer all your queries and help you to become a better affiliate.

You can track your performance and earnings on your dashboard with detailed reporting.

7. Expedia Affiliate program

Expedia is one of the leaders and a leading travel brand in the industry. The Expedia group controls over 200 websites in 70+ countries.

Their affiliate program will help you to improve your revenue, because of their brand presence. You can easily use their brand name to attract your audience.

Expedia travel affiliate programs

It gets over 60 million unique visitors every month. It includes 260,000+ bookable properties and 400+ bookable airlines.

Join Expedia affiliate program – Click here

You will get commissions based on the product you are referred to. The product includes basic hotels, vacation packages, activities, rental cars, and premium hotel bookings.

Who can join their affiliate program?

You need to have a proper website to get your application approved. They completely verify your application before approving it.

Their affiliate program is hosted in the CJ network. So you can log in to CJ and sign up for the Expedia affiliate program.

Why do you need to join this affiliate program?
  1. Globally recognized brand
  2. Powerful inventory of packages and prices
  3. Get better tools and support

8. Skyscanner affiliate program

If you regularly travel on flights, then you know about the Skyscanner. It is one of the best websites to find flights at affordable prices. The commissionable product includes flights, hotels, and car hire. 

Join Skyscanner affiliate program – Click here

The affiliate programs and partner programs offered by Skyscanner given below.

Skyscanner travel affiliate programs

You can join their affiliate program on the CJ network. They will completely review your application manually. 

To get it approved, your website should have a permitted traffic source, travel-related content and the site should be live. You will get travel widgets, deep links, and banners.

The commissions will be based on the different networks.

How to choose better travel affiliate programs

Better commission rate

Choose the product that has better commission rates. You can also have a combination of both low and high commission products. Choose a high ticket product. Having a limited number of sales also gives you more commission on high priced products.

Ensure the approval rate of the product as well.

Minimum payout

Check the minimum balance to get paid. Some companies will have $50 and others have $200. So choosing the least minimum payout is better, so you will get your money at the regular time.

Cookie length

One of the important things in affiliate marketing is cookie lifetime. Having a higher cookie life is better. Most of the time, the visitors don’t convert to buyers immediately. They need some time to make the decision. In this case, cookies will help to make the credit for you.


Mostly many travel brands are having proper support for their affiliate. So make sure, yours also has better support.

Marketing tools

In travel affiliate programs, the marketing tool is more important. These marketing tools include search boxes, hotels list, banners, plugins for websites, search forms, white-label, and APIs.

These marketing things will make your work easier and improve your conversions.

FAQ on travel affiliate programs

What are travel affiliate programs?

It is like a normal affiliate program but targets travel-related products. The affiliate programs offered by travel companies are called travel affiliate programs. The services or products which will benefit travelers come under the travel programs or products.

Which are the best travel affiliate programs?

Tripadvisor is one of the best travel affiliate programs, that gives 50% commission on promoting hotels. And also it has a tiered commission for sending only traffic. You can also join travel networks like Travelpayouts to find more profitable affiliate programs.

Other best way to monetize travel websites?

There are many other ways in which you could monetize your travel websites. It includes Google Adsense, selling ebooks, courses, travel consultants, and many others.

How to join in travel affiliate programs?

I have given links above for every affiliate program. Most of the time, having a proper travel blogging site is a requirement to get your application approved. So you can easily create a travel blog and start promoting the products.

Do travel bloggers, travel for free?

If you have a good number of audience and visitors to your blog, then you can claim the brands for free accommodations and discounts. Many famous bloggers will regularly get free accommodations for suggesting their brands on blogs or social media.

Conclusion of Travel affiliate programs

Travel blogging is a powerful industry. After this pandemic, the travel industry is again slowly taking off. It has a better scope.

So start your blog and join as an affiliate on this list of best travel affiliate programs to boost up your income. These WordPress affiliate programs also help you to make a significant income.

I hope this article helps you to find the best travel programs and networks. If you found it useful, kindly share it.

Do you know any other better travel affiliate programs? Comment below.

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