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7 Best WordPress plugins for affiliate marketers to boost sales

Are you looking for the best WordPress plugins for affiliate marketers and bloggers to increase their income?

Best WordPress plugins for Affiliate marketers

Affiliate marketing is a big name in the online money-making industry. And WordPress is the famous and most used Content Management System (CMS) around the World.

However, there are over 50k plugins available for WordPress. It is also one of the important reasons why WordPress is more flexible and user friendly.

Here are some of the best WordPress plugins for affiliate marketers. It helps them to increase their productivity and money-making skills. You can also use the free Affilitizer extension to discover new affiliate programs.

List of a best WordPress plugin for affiliate Marketers

Pretty links - WordPress affiliate plugin

Pretty links is a powerful affiliate link management plugin for your WordPress. If you are an affiliate marketer, then you have often heard about this plugin.

The affiliate marketers will have hundreds of product affiliate links from different merchants. So you can manage all your links under one dashboard.

You can also shorten your long and ugly URLs into perfect links. Easily cloak all your links and make it a branded link.

It is also loaded with other features like permanent redirects, temporary redirects, links click tracking, adding Nofollow, and many others.

It is one of the must-have WordPress plugins for affiliate marketers. With its shortened and branded links, you share your affiliate links in emails and social media.

It comes with a simple user interface. So you can get started in minutes.

Amalinks Pro - Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin

AmaLinks Pro is a WordPress plugin designed for Amazon affiliate marketers. If you are using the amazon associate program, then this plugin is a better product.

You can easily and quickly add the beautiful product displays from amazon. Add amazon product links to any page of the website from your WordPress dashboard.

Every time you don’t want to switch to an amazon dashboard for getting your product affiliate links. These plugins will save your time by doing it from your WordPress dashboard.

You can easily insert text links, image links, call-to-action-buttons, and product show boxes.

It comes with many product box designs and chooses the best that suits you.

Product show Box from plugin

The product images, product title, features, prices, and disclaimers are directly pulled from API to show the product boxes. 

It also has a product comparison table. So you can easily insert the comparison table with different products to improve the CTR.

This plugin works under the Amazon affiliate rules and maximizes the clicks and earnings in every way. 

3. WP Advanced Ads

WP advanced ads plugin

WP advanced ads is a simple ad management plugin for WordPress. This tool allows you to create, display, and manage an unlimited number of pages.

It has a lot of customization options. The conditions help to display ads on specific pages, post type, categories, tags, URL parameters, and other taxonomies.

Show ads by user activity and geo-targeting. Choose, whether to display it on desktop or mobile or both. 

You can use different banners and images to link to affiliate products. With a lot of customization.

It comes with lazy loading Images, AMP, and Google Adsense. Regularly track the ad impression and clicks with proper reports.

Create ad blocks, layouts, rotate ads, and global conditions. With a lot of advanced targeting and integrations, it improves your revenue.

4. WP Coupons

WP coupons Plugin

WP Coupons is a WordPress coupon plugin for affiliate marketers. It is a premium plugin to display the product coupons on different areas of your website.

As an affiliate, we usually get many coupons and offers from different products. So this plugin helps to show the deals in attractive coupon boxes. It increases the clicks and conversion rates. 

It comes with many pre-made templates. So choose which suits you better.

Different coupon templates

It has tons of customization options and has quick styling options. 

You can change coupons, discounts, code backgrounds, title buttons, CTA, and expiration dates. Everything helps to increase your clicks and earnings.

5. Hello Bar

Hello bar WordPress plugin

Hello Bar is another powerful tool. It helps to convert your visitors into customers. It is a freemium tool. So you can start it with the free plan.

It is a lead generation plugin. So you can collect your leads with many templates. 

More than that, with pop-ups on your website, you can announce special discounts to your visitors. So you can link back the pop-ups with a particular URL or affiliate links. 

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It has many pop-up templates and exit intent pop-ups to drive visitor’s attraction. With these quick templates, you can easily show the product discounts.

6. Push Engage

Push Engage WordPress plugin

Push Engage is a powerful software to send web push notifications to your visitors. It also has a separate WordPress plugin that helps affiliate marketers.

With these personalized push notifications, you can easily reach your targeted audiences.

It is also simple, like email marketing, but more powerful and higher leads. Push Engage is a highly rated push service in the industry. 

This will increase your sales and revenue. It comes with a lot of automatic options to send web push notifications at a particular time.

It supports all the major browsers like chrome web, chrome android, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Opera UC browser, and others.

Push Enage supported browsers
Supported Browsers

It has more targeting options. This includes revenue tracking, notification trigger, drip campaign, A/B testing, Opt-in remainder, and much more.

7. TravelPayouts

Travelpayouts is the plugin for travel bloggers, travel agencies, and travel-related websites. It allows the visitors of your site to book flights, hotels, and other travel services. And you get commissions from the bookings.

Travelpayouts plugin has a 4.5 rating and 7000 active installations. It’s the most beloved and trusted add-ons among webmasters with traffic interested in travel.

With the plugin, you can install widgets from all the 80 affiliate programs supported by Travelpayouts network, including Booking, RentalCars, Hotels.com, OYO, TripAdvisor, and others.

The plugin also gives you access to unique affiliate tools such as customizable tables with flight information and customizable tables with hotel prices. 

And there are many more ways to monetize your site with the Travelpayouts plugin:

  • white label
  • optional script that automatically inserts affiliate links 
  • Gutenberg block

8. Adsanity

Adsanity - Ad management

Adsanity is a simple and powerful ad management plugin for WordPress. It easily allows you to create and manage ads for your website. As well, you can also track your reports.

This add-on is more light and fast. It is also developer-friendly. So, you can use your custom CSS to design and style your ads.

Create beautiful ads and attach them with your affiliate links. You can place ads wherever you need on the website. You can set up ads, start and end dates to run exclusive campaigns from affiliate products.

With its custom reporting and graphical data, you can find which ads are performing better.

It gives you support with documentation and ticketing system support to help solve your queries.

9. Thrive Architect

Thrive architect

Thrive Architect is a powerful and visual page builder plugin for WordPress. With its easy drag-and-drop elements, create your landing pages in quick minutes.

It comes with many pre-built conversion-focused elements. So you can make high conversion landing pages easily. Build your beautiful website pages with no coding and design skills.

Over 250+ beautifully designed landing page templates are bundled. To create powerful sales pages.

Alternative: You can also use Elementor page builder for creating the landing pages.

WordPress plugins to start your affiliate program

You can also create your product and start your affiliate program. You can sell ebooks, courses, templates, and anything. So these plugins help you to host your program.


Tapfiliate - Start affiliate program

Tapfiliate plugin helps you to create, manage, and track your affiliate program. It helps you to integrate with Woocommerce, Shopify, and over 30 other platforms.

Easily set up your affiliate program in quick minutes and recruit your affiliate. Create text links, banners, videos, and swipe files for your affiliate to access.

features of affiliate program

Your affiliates will get branded and personal dashboard for everyone. The affiliates will get beautiful tracking links to share and use. Custom signup field and payment methods.

Affiliate royale

Affiliate Royale - own affiliate program

Affiliate royale will make it easy for you to set up and run an affiliate program. It is a complete plugin to run your affiliate program. 

You can easily track your affiliate clicks, sales, and payments. Easily maintain your brand presence with your banners and links.

AffiliateWP is also a great plugin to start your affiliate program. 

FAQ on WordPress plugin for Affiliate marketing

Must have a plugin for affiliate marketers?

Pretty Links is the first and most important WordPress plugin that every affiliate marketer should have. It makes your link management process easier. If you are an Amazon affiliate, then use the AmaLinks Pro plugin.

How to start an affiliate program on WordPress?

The Tapfiliate plugin helps you to start your affiliate program from WordPress. With quick minutes, you can easily launch your affiliate programs from the WordPress dashboard.

Which are the best affiliate marketing networks?

There are over hundreds of affiliate marketing networks available. But Share A Sale, CJ and impact are some famous marketplaces for affiliates to join.


WordPress is home to millions of marketers and me. So these affiliate plugins will help to save your time and improve productivity. 

Select the best plugins helps to improve your sales and conversions. Always have these important pages in your blog and affiliate disclosures, to make your blog legal.

I hope this blog helps you to find the best WordPress plugins for affiliate marketers. If you find it useful, kindly share it.

Did I miss any important WordPress plugins for affiliate marketers? Comment below.

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