4 Benefits Of Using Videos On Blogs 2023

Do you want to maximize page views and engage your visitor more? Or do you seek to mold your blog into an immersive destination that makes people come back for more?

If that’s the case, you need to make videos your priority. Invest in videos now and reap great benefits for years to come.

Benefits Of Using Videos On Blogs

Being a blogger, you can’t ignore video content in today’s evolving blogosphere. While you don’t have to transform your blog into Vlog, you need to integrate visual content into your blogging strategy.

You’re posting every day to connect with your audience, and addressing them on videos is better and more effective than written text.

When planning to use videos on your blog, ensure to keep them brief. You don’t have to create long-form content to be successful. About 66% of people who watch online prefer videos that are five minutes or less in terms of length.

Ensure to use a good video maker to cut your long footage into short and engaging content for a cost-optimized production.

Don’t replace text with video. You should use videos in your blog to complement the textual content. Your videos are supposed to give your audience additional engagement on the topic of interest or additional clarification.

Effective Ways to Use Videos in Your Blog for Better Results

Videos for Driving Traffic

Having huge traffic on your site makes it popular. If you can create short teaser videos and post them on your social platforms, they will help to promote your blog posts. And that drives more traffic to your website. However, you need to give your audience enough info that builds a desire to get more from you.

After posting your content, ensure to leave a clear call to action. That makes it easy for visitors to click through to access your whole blog post. When creating a teaser video, get a video maker with unique blog teaser templates.

A how-to video can easily catch your viewers’ attention and drive them to your platform. Your audience may be looking for a way to solve a problem or learn something. Showing them how to do it in your video will be a great way to bring them to your blog post.

A video is Good for Self-promotion.

If you’re new to blogging, or digital marketing, there is no other best way to promote yourself than using a video. You can make an engaging video about yourself and share it on the “About page .”Apart from that, you can post a video about yourself on social media profiles or use it as a YouTube trailer video.

However, you need to be unique to get viewers and enjoy great results from your blog.

A personal promotional video helps you set yourself apart from rival bloggers in your niche. Make sure to use it to showcase your brand personality and attract readers to your world. And achieving that isn’t a big deal. You will get a video maker with self-introduction video templates that make video creation seamless.

When promoting yourself, begin with your passion. Have you seen words like a guru or expert on several Twitter or Facebook profiles? That has become cliché, and many ignore or laugh at it.

But if you say you’re passionate about anything, your audience will react differently. Someone will just be compelled to read and watch blog posts to find more about you if you show passion in what you do.

Highlight Your Product or Services in a Video

While the purpose of blogging is to offer value for your readers doesn’t mean you can’t feature your services and services in a video. It is okay for you to explain more about the core service or product you are offering.

Using a short explainer video, you can talk about your services and products and show your potential audience how they solve the pain points.

After presenting the explainer videos, you will realize that the turnout of the results will be incredibly high. Many people will be requesting your services and product because they understand more in an explained video than written content.

Besides, customers will trust what you offer if you present it in video content.

Engage Video Lovers

Statista info shows that online viewing has reached 95%. Almost everyone coming online wants to watch a video about a brand or how to solve a problem.

Apart from that, most people can access smartphones and the internet, increasing viewing. Therefore, you can use videos on your blog to engage those who love watching.

What is more, your audience will retain as high as 95% of what they see in your video compared to 10% of what they read in your text. The brain of any person viewing processes visual content faster than a text. As a result, many of your buyers prefer your content when it’s in video form.

Being a blogger, you may be perfect in words, and maybe you prefer writing so much. You can include videos on top of your blog posts, which helps cater to both readers and those who love videos. And using a good video maker, you’re sure to have engaging content on your site.

So, try to add videos on top of your blogs to provide your content through texts and visuals. You may also decide to share your videos within certain sections of your blog post. That helps you offer additional context and info.

Use Video Posts to Make Money

You can monetize your blog posts. If you aim to make money with what you have passion for, take the opportunity and leverage your videos as a tool to earn cash on your blog.

Today, you will find many platforms that allow you to monetize your blog posts through video pre-roll ads or static videos.

Many advertisers are concerned about their brand viewability and safety. That gives you a vital differentiator as a content creator. Get a good video maker, create the right content for your blog and optimize it before posting. That way, you will earn a lot by advertising a brand through your video blog posts.


Videos possess unique powers in engaging your audience. As a blogger, you can blend your texts with videos to increase engagement and attract more visitors to your website.

You may also monetize your blog post by using brand videos on your posts. Many brands care about viewability which has increased the demand for video content. So, take that opportunity and begin posting paid ads and videos on your blog without changing your blog into Vlog.

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