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7+ Best Keyword Research Tools for SEO 2023 (Updated)

Have you been looking for the best keyword research tools to boost up your website SEO?

Starting with the proper keyword research is the best way to write perfect blog posts. Keyword-optimized lengthy blog posts rank higher on the search engines..

Best keyword research tools

Drive more free traffic to your website and business with the perfect SEO. The SEO starts with the proper keyword research.

That’s why in this article, we have listed the 10 best keyword research tools that provide you the most bang for your buck.

And I assure you that there won’t be any regret on your part if you do decide to go with any of the SEO tools listed below. So let’s get started with a list of the best keyword research tools for SEO.

 List of Best keyword research tools

 1. Semrush – A best Keyword Research tool

Semrush best keyword research tool and SEO

Semrush is by far the most famous SEO tool that is available in the market right now (period) and for good reasons. It is a tool that lets you optimize your websites and articles in such a way so that it can rank better in the google search engine, get more visitors and ultimately make more money. 

The reason for which I specifically said ‘google’ search engine is because it’s the only search engine it provides data for. But the true value of Semrush lies within the plethora of marketing tools (40 to be exact) that it offers to its paid subscribers. 

Some of the top SEO tools that semrush offers are: keyword overview & magic tool, backlink analytics, organic research, traffic analyzer, on-page SEO checker, and plenty more. 

But the tools that make Semrush stand out from its competitors are its quality of link building and site auditing features. Although Semrush is a paid SEO tool, you can still get a no-holds-barred taste of its quality through a 30-day free trial that it offers. 

Semrush also has a free version that allows 10 keyword research every day, with limited data.

Semrush’s pricing structure includes 3 plans: – Pro ($119), Guru ($229), and Business ($449) but if for any reasons,  their preset plans don’t meet your company needs, semrush provides you with an additional option to design your very own customized plan. 

2. KwFinder by Mangools

KwFinder - find better keywords

KwFinder is considered by many experts as the best tool for keyword research available in the market as it provides great quality keywords with surprisingly low SEO difficulty. 

We all know the struggles of finding the right keywords to optimize our article as a beginner blogger and other premium keyword research tools can sometimes overwhelm you with tons of analytics, half of which a beginner doesn’t even need. 

That’s why KwFinder’s simplistic, easy-to-use user interface with powerful features and elegant design makes it popular amongst beginners. 

One other reason KwFinder is more popular amongst beginners is its pricing structure. 

KwFinder hands down is the most cheapest and affordable keyword research tool offering the most cheaply priced plans. The pricing plan goes as follows: Mangools Basic ($29.90), Mangools Premium ($39.90), and Mangools Agency ($79.90). 

According to Brafton.com KwFinder has the 2nd most accurate keyword difficulty right after Moz and even beating the likes of Semrush and Ahrefs. 

It must be clear by now that KwFinder was specifically designed keeping the beginner’s requirements in mind so most big marketers might find this tool too limiting. 

In conclusion, it might have its flaws and might not be useful for marketers that require large search volume but it’s an exceptionally useful tool for beginner marketers considering its price.

3. AnswerThePublic – Visual Keyword research tool

AnswerThePublic - Visual Keyword research tool

AnswerThePublic provides you with the most unique and detailed form of keyword research & brainstorming ideas and suggestions amongst all the tools listed here.

Its unique ‘visualization’ feature can not only suggest you keywords but also keyword related questions, keywords with prepositions (for, can, without/with, near & so on), keyword comparisons (versus, and, or, like), alphabetical arrangements (categorizes keywords in alphabetical order) and other keywords related to the searched one. 

But if you are someone who finds it a bit difficult to extract information from their ‘visualization’ mode, you can always switch to its traditional ‘data’ mode which is a lot easier to understand ( image below). 

It currently offers two usage plans: Free and pro which costs $99 per month but if you pay for the whole year it’ll cost you about $79 (20% off). 

In the free plan, you’ll get limited searches per day and the best part is you can use it without giving out your credit card details. But pro plan offers you features like unlimited searches, unlimited users using a single account, CSV export, high-resolution images, priority customer support, and many more. 

After reading this you might be sure that Answer the public is an excellent keyword generator but unfortunately that’s where all the fun ends. 

It doesn’t offer other important metrics like CPC, keyword difficulty, keyword search volume, etc which at this price point is not reasonable.

4. Serpstat

Sertstap - Powerful keyword tool for SEO

Serpstat, founded by Oleg Salamaha is a self-proclaimed ‘growth hacking tool’ that helps you optimize your website or campaign’s SEO by generating keyword ideas, backlink construction, pay per click (PPC) and many more premium features just like any other premium SEO tools like Moz, SEMrush or Ahrefs. 

One of the best features of Serpstat is the fact how detailed its website analysis is. 

It lets you analyze what your competitors are getting success at in terms of organic or paid keyword ideas and suggests accordingly, search engine rankings & visibility with metric graphs, google ads keywords that bring them the most traffic, and even provide you with a graph of your competitor’s competitors. 

Serpstat’s pricing structure is a bit on the higher side which offers four plans: Lite ($69), Standard ($149), Advanced ($299), and Enterprise ($499). To know more about pricing details and what each plan offers, visit Serpstat’s website. 

Although Serpstat excels in a lot of departments and provides you with a plethora of tools and analytics the accuracy of those data is the only questionable thing. 

But overall it’s a great SEO tool and pricing might be on the higher side but it’s still less compared to other premium software like SEMrush and Ahrefs.

5. SE Ranking

SE Ranking - Powerful All-in-one SEO tool

SE Ranking created by “Valery Kurilov” is an all-in-one SEO suite that comes fully loaded with all the tools required by an individual/small business/large agency to successfully create and run their online websites and campaigns which will eventually lead to their growth. 

Right after adding your website to the SE Ranking’s dashboard, it will give you a detailed overview/report of your website. You would be able to see all your existing keywords and their rankings along with a timeline. 

Just like any other premium SEO tools SE Ranking too will help you carry out competitor analysis i.e. how you match up against your competitor’s website and keywords. 

Along with that, it’ll provide you with other important features like keyword searching tool with difficulty level, backlink explorer which helps you to find out different backlinks on your website and help build more, PPC and SEO analyzer that helps you find out the amount of organic and paid traffic in your website as well as your competitor’s. 

SE Ranking’s pricing structure is one of the most affordable considering all the features it offers. The plan includes: Optimum ($31/month), Plus ($71/month), and Enterprise ($151/month). 

But the most important fact that makes it stand out is how accurately it analyses all the information making it one of the best & affordable SEO tools.

6. Google Keyword Planner

Google keyword planner for keyword planning

Google keyword planner has been and still is one of the greatest keyword research tools in the market and the best part is that it’s completely a free keyword tool. 

But to use the features of Google’s keyword planner you need to have a Google ads account. That is easy to create.

But keep in mind that whenever you’re searching for keyword suggestions in google you have to search for something broader in sense. 

After searching it will show you a bunch of keyword suggestions that are of relevance and along with that it will provide you with the average monthly search volume range as well as its completion (low, medium, or high) of all the listed keywords. 

But some of the recent controversies like grouping keywords together and inaccurate search volumes have made users skeptical of using google keyword planner plus it only fetches data from google. A less accurate search volume is in no way a deal-breaker as it will still provide an idea of where you should be heading.  

7. SurferSEO

Surfer SEO - Optimize content with keyword research

Surfer SEO tool is specifically designed for optimizing your on-page SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SERP (Search Engine Results Page) for blog posts and articles and comparing it with your competitor’s SERP and keywords. 

The best feature of surfer SEO is how detailed its SERP analyzer tool is for any given keyword. It will provide you with keywords, questions, popular words, popular phrases, common words, common phrases, prominent words and phrases, and common backlinks. 

But it doesn’t end here, it further breakdowns into keyword density, page speed, word count, hidden contents…you get the picture. Some might find this much amount of information overwhelming and useless which might be true to some extent. 

For example, the average amount of H2 headings in an article might not be of any importance to most of us. 

Surfer SEO’s pricing structure is made up of 3 packages: Basic ($59), Pro ($99), and Business ($199).

8. Ubersuggest – Free Keyword research Tool

Ubersuggest - Free Keyword Research tool

Ubersuggest by Neil Patel is easily one of the most popular and cheapest SEO tools out there. 

In the beginning, it didn’t offer much, also it wasn’t as accurate compared to the existing products in the markets. But it came a long way since then and now gives tough competition to top competitors like Semrush and Ahrefs. 

It has an attractive, minimalistic, and easy to learn interface as the dashboard is not clamped with unnecessary metrics like some other SEO tools in the market. 

It provides most SEO features just like any other premium tool does, like keyword research, domain overview, top SEO pages, content ideas, and backlink builder. Its keyword generator results and interface is very similar to the AnswerThePublic except for the visualization format. 

Ubersuggest’s pricing is probably the cheapest out of all the SEO suites. It offers 3 plans: Individual ($12/month), Business ($20/month), Enterprise ($40/month)

It recently offered a lifetime subscription which will probably be back again as it got a really good response i.e. 90% discount for a one-time purchase for life.

9. Ahrefs

Ahrefs - Tool for generating keywords

Ahrefs is by far one of the most liked/used SEO tools and for many experts like Brian Dean, Michael King, John Cooper, etc Ahrefs is the go-to when it comes to website optimization. 

And many would argue that it’s the best SEO tool available in the market right now (period!). This tool offers you all the features like any other premium SEO software and more but what differentiates Ahrefs is how accurate all the data is. 

As it offers tools like any other premium SEO tool I’ll just mention to you the thing that makes it so popular amongst experts. 

First off, Ahrefs backlink checker is a state of the art that shows you millions of backlinks but the stand-out feature is its filtering system to show you just what you want among millions of links and it gets updated every few days. 

Support chat will help you with all your queries within minutes if not seconds, its keyword database is probably the largest, excellent site audit and content marketing tool which even premium software like Moz and semrush don’t have. 

As far as pricing goes, it has 4 plans: Lite ($99/month), standard ($179/month), advanced ($399) & agency ($999).

10. Long Tail Pro – Find long-tail keywords

Long tail Pro - Find long tail keywords

If you are a beginner blogger who is only focused on finding accurate in-demand keywords that can help you rank higher in search engines and potentially make money. 

Then there is a good chance that you’d make Long tail pro your new favorite. Long-tail Pro is just what the name suggests. It specializes in finding & suggesting long-tail keywords along with its search volume, bid price, competition (low, medium, high), average keyword competitiveness (0-100), rank tracker, account management, etc. 

It has a wide variety of keywords at its disposal as it can suggest and import more than 10,000 keywords from across google; bing; and yahoo at one go. 

As far as the pricing goes it offers 3 plans: starter ($37), pro ($67) & agency ($147). Visit Long tail pro’s website for more details.

FAQ on Best Keyword research tools

What are Keywords?

Keywords are normal words, which people search on search engines. The words that are used on the search engines to find something are called keywords.

Keywords don’t need to be a single word. The keyword could be 3 to 4 words also. For example – if you need some SEO tools for keyword research, then you will search for ‘Best SEO tools’ or ‘Best keyword research tools. The keywords you have used to search are the keywords.

So optimizing your content for the user’s search intent is important to rank on search engines.

Which is the best keyword research tool?

Among every other, Semrush ranks top for the best keyword research tool. It is because Semrush is loaded with many SEO tools other than keyword research. You will also get content ideas, competitive analysis, site audit, position tracking, backlink audit, and many others.

It has one of the largest collections of databases and also offers pretty perfect data to boost up your SEO.

Which is the best free keyword research tool?

Generally, there is no better free keyword research tool for SEO. But there is a better keyword research tool that has a freemium option. In that kind of tool, you will have some limited features for free and you have to pay for more advanced features.

You can also try Google keyword planners, which is completely free from google. But it has only approximate keyword search values. The other best freemium keyword research tools include Ubersuggest, AnswerThePublic, and Soovle

How to do the best keyword research?

As a beginner, doing perfect keyword research for your blogs is easy. Just type your preferred keyword on the keyword research tool. It shows the average monthly search volume and keyword difficulty of the keyword and related keywords.

Then pick the keywords that have more search volume and less keyword difficulty and group them to write a perfect article that ranks well.

How to find the best keywords?

If you are stuck with finding keywords or lack content ideas, then doing competitive research is the best way to find keywords. Through competitive research, you can find the best-performing keywords from your competitors. 

The time needed for doing the best keyword research?

Taking up 15 to 30 minutes for doing the best keyword research is important. You have found similar performing keywords, to target on that article. Creating a keyword planner with a group of related keywords is important. 

The best keyword research tool will also give you some better keyword suggestions that help to rank better. Choosing more semantic SEO keywords also boosts your SEO.


These are the group of best keyword research tools, used by many marketers around the World. I hope this helps you to choose the best keyword research tools.

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