The ideal length of the blog post for SEO – How long my blog should be

This is one of the important questions among every other blogger. How long my blog post should be. Is there any ideal length to write a blog post?

Most times there is now proper ideal blog post length, but some researches show that limiting your blog post length to some extend will give you higher engagements. 

Ideal Length of Blog post for SEO

The ideal length of the blog post is based on the topic you’ve chosen and home much information can you give on that particular topic.

Some writers plan their blog post length, before start writing the blog post.

You can also have some preparation time where you can find your average blog post length. The blog post length is also one of the factors considered when writing a quality blog post.

If you are blogging for a long time, then probably you have some ideal blog post length that suits your readers.  There are many different types of blog posts that you can write for your audience.

Many bloggers can write blog posts fast and convey more information in a quick time. But having some optimal blog post length helps to increase your productivity.

Short or long – how long my blog post should be

If you are new to blogging, then you definitely have this question, how long my blog post should be.

Always the content is the king. If the content is the king then how long the content should be to write a perfect blog post.

There is a common thought among some bloggers, that short ones are better. But it may or may not be true, because the ideal blog post length is increasing every year.

If you are using WordPress, then you’ve probably heard about Yoast SEO, Which is a powerful plugin. Yoast SEO suggests that For regular pages and blog posts it should be a minimum of 300 words.

The length of the blog post helps search engines to know better about the content. Better understandability leads to a better ranking of your pages.

Then here is another thing, If more than 300 words are enough for a blog post. More than this means then I could write 500 words because the average length of the blog post is enough.

The simple answer is no.

Its because the Hubspot gives research that shows, different length of blog post works well for different types of blogs.

It shows that the word length of the pillar blog post should be around 4000 words. If you take it as a high number, not at all. Because every blog has only a limited number of pillar posts. Pillar posts are the centralized post that connects all the related posts, which form a topical cluster.

The average ideal length of the list-type post is around 2300 to 2600 words. The listicles are one of the easiest types of blog posts to write.

Google also likes to rank listicles types of blog posts for some keywords. These data show us that, different types of blog posts have different ideal lengths to write a blog post.

If you are searching for an ideal blog post time for reading a blog post, then medium did a study that shows, the ideal time to read a blog post is seven minutes.

Ideal article reading time study

They did this research by analyzing their visitors, how long they spend their time in a blog post and the length of that particular blog post.

This 7 minute leads to approximately 1600 words length of a blog post. If you are adding images the then the word length may differ. This word limit is ideal for a blog post with text.

It’s not a rule to write that particular number of a blog post, but these ideal numbers give you the best engagement of your readers.

The ideal length of blog post for SEO

Many theories say a different word length of blog posts gets different types of audience engagements and has its own benefits.

But when it comes to search engines, writing SEO-optimized blog posts is the main part. As we saw earlier in the blog, Yoast SEO says that a more word count of a blog post helps to better understandability of your content.

SEO also influenced some other factors. Here is a study from Moz shows that the correlation between the length of the content and social shares.

They have found that.

Social share of content vs length of blog post

From their study, it shows that 3000 – 10000 words articles get more shares on social media. Here the social shares of the blog post are completely dominated by the length of the blog post.

Why social shares are important for SEO and higher ranking. Social shares give a social signal to your blogs.

Even though search engines say that there is no direct impact on the social signal to the ranking at the top of the SERP page, but the studies show that there are some SEO advantages for the blog post in getting social signals. 

Studies show that a more presence of social networks has some correlation with the higher ranking of a blog post.

Social signal influence article

The above image shows how a social presence affects the ranking of the blog post. 

Here the social presence includes likes, comments, shares on social networks. It simply suggests, that more engagement of people with your post gives you more advantages. 

The activity of individual networks also has things to consider, after seeing this data.

Types of social signal affects the blog post

In more than that Facebook activity has more impact on the higher ranking. Particularly for the top 4 rankings has more FB activity.

When it comes to SEO perspective we need to consider many things, to rank your article better. 

So let’s go on to the next study.

Here is a quite interesting study from backlinko, after analyzing over a million searches from google, they found many things related to SEO.

It shows that the average word count of a Google first page result is 1447 words. But long-form content generates more backlinks.

average length of the blog post to get more backlinks

It shows the increasing length of blog posts gets more backlinks, then probably it leads to a higher ranking. The increasing number of referring domains increases your webpage ranking.

Another study from SerpIQ shows quite different from their study.

Ideal length of blog post to rank higher in SERP results study

Their research shows that top-ranking blog content has a word count of around 2500 words. This blog post length study gives us some different perspectives.

The average length of a blog post depends on the categories

Not every category and niche has a similar ideal blog post length. Sometimes it depends on how quickly, you can convey the message to your audience.

Its blog post length also depends on how competitive the niche that you are. The ideal length of a blog post depends on a different industry.

Here is an optimal length of blog post word count depends on a different sector.

Number of words in a article - word count

The above data shows the average blog post length of the different sectors. So, find the optimal length for your industry.

The more word count also has some correlation with the bounce rate. The bounce rate is also considered one of the ranking factors. ‘

So look out for the correlation between bounce rate and word count of a blog post.

How the length of the blog post affect the bounce rate - study

These stats show that some of the smaller word count articles have a low bounce rate. It says that the more length of the blog post sometimes leads people to lose interest and increases the bounce rate of your website.

Everything has a different way to think, of writing a blog post.

Writing longer-form articles gets more backlinks and shares when compared to shorter form articles.

Here is an analysis from nearly half a million text-based articles, shows that over 85% of the article from the study has less than 1000 words.

Total number of words in selected articles - data driven result

They also got more deeply into analyzing, how the number of words affects their backlinks to the article. Look out the referring domains for the length of the blog post.

Number of backlinks for length of blog post

It shows that larger content regularly gets domain links and more shares. It highly shows the power of longer content, but writing regularly longer evergreen content is more time-consuming. 

Different length of blog post

The length of the blog post can be used to drive different types of engagements to your blog post.

Here is an idea for writing different blog post lengths to get the most out of it. The blog post is separated into different categories based on their word count and purpose.

  1. 600 words blog post – It is great for getting more comments and creating discussion among your readers, but it gets less social shares.
  2. 1500 words blog post – It considered as a medium length blog post, which drives a medium amount of social shares and also good for SEO. Combining this with great headlines gives you more engagement
  3. 2500 words blog post – This length of a blog post are good for driving more traffic from search engines when combined with proper research.

Research from orbit shows that time taken to write a blog post was increasing year by year. In 2019 it was considered that the average time taken to write a blog post was nearly 4 hours.

Blog writing time graph - Write your blog post faster

It also shows that bloggers who are investing over 4 hours to write a blog post are getting good results when compared to others, who investing less time.

The blog post length of 1500+ getting good results, for what the time they invested in writing an article. More bloggers are focusing on more lengthy content and attaining benefits from it.

It shows how the length of the blog post influenced modern-day blogging. SEO is getting new evolution every day. 

If you want to sail along the river, then get updated every day.

“Longer posts usually perform better on every level

– Neil Patel

Finally – What should be the ideal length of blog post

We have seen several data-driven studies that show how the blog post’s word count and length help and impact our ranking and popularity of the blog post.

By looking at the above statistics, you have come with some answers for finding the perfect and ideal length of the blog post.

But if you are not got an idea about the average length of your blog post, then here are some suggestions. Mostly write a blog post that is more than 1000+ words long, because they get more shares and links.

But you always don’t need more lengthy blog posts, so write blogs with a word count somewhere around 1000 to 2500. It is considered as the more common sweet spot, by combining most of the data we gathered. 

This could be the ideal length of a blog post, when combining and satisfying all the areas like, getting more shares, referring links, bounce rate, reading time, search engine top results. 

When writing a topic, try to give as much as information related to that topic. Not limit yourself to the length of the blog post.

It shows that long-form content performs better in every way. So consistently produce long-form content. The long-form content has a word count length of 1500+ words. 

If you are using many graphs, images, and videos in your articles, then you can also reduce the length of the content. The main motive is to keep the visitors, on your website by giving useful information. Always be motivated when writing an article, so you can write blog posts faster.

So, try the thing whatever you need to keep your audience engaged with your articles. If you keep on writing high-quality articles then you will be considered as a high-authority in your niche and your website ranking will be improved.

Some frequently asked questions in the word count of blog post

1. How long my blog post should be?

If you want to write a good quality blog post daily, then 1500 – 2500 would be the ideal length to write a blog post. The ideal reading time is 7 minutes Sometimes, it could depend on what field/sector you’re in.

2. What should be the minimum length of the blog post?

In the modern-day, the minimum length of the blog post should be 300 words (source: Yoast SEO), because more content helps search engines to know about it.

3. Does my blog need super-long form content?

Every blog needs some super-long form blog posts. Mostly the blog post length of over 3000 words is super-long form blogs. Your pillar articles need to have more word count because it is the foundation of your upcoming articles.

Thank you for spending your valuable time. If you find this article useful kindly share it.

Do you maintain any ideal length to write a blog post, comment below so that other readers also know it?

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