SEO checklist by SEO buddy review – Kickstart your Google rankings

SEO Checklist by SEO Buddy

SEO checklist by SEO buddy review

Here is a powerful SEO checklist by an SEO buddy. This premium checklist helps every beginner to become an SEO expert.

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Here is my exclusive review of the SEO checklist by SEO buddy. This is a premium SEO checklist, that helps every SEO beginner to rank one on Google.

Ranking many keywords high on Google is every website owner’s dream. So, to make your dream true here is an amazing SEO product from SEO Buddy.

But if you are Wondering, what and who the SEO buddy is, then let me explain.

What is SEO buddy?

SEO buddy is a powerful SEO tool for high-end competitive analysis and finding link-building opportunities. It helps you to find the most relevant content and backlink ideas to rank one on Google and also boosts domain authority.

But in this article, we are seeing a new product from an SEO buddy, which is an SEO checklist.

This SEO checklist by SEOBuddy helps you with step-by-step procedures to rank one on google, even if you are an absolute beginner.

What does this SEO checklist by SEO buddy consist of?

This SEO checklist has step-by-step instructions for every beginner to learn an SEO from scratch to an advanced level.

Benefits of SEO checklist by SEO buddy

It has a detailed guide, that is created by advanced research to rank one on Google, even if you are a beginner. It is highly designed and planned to give you actionable instruction from scratch to reach your advanced SEO goal.

For whom this SEO checklist is for?

This SEO checklist by SEO buddy is for everyone, who wants to drive millions of traffic to their websites by organically from search engines. Implementing these ideas, helps you to drive unlimited free traffic from search engines.

Key importance of SEO checklist

This SEO checklist is for the people, who are thinking SEO is rocket science. If you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars every month on SEO agencies, to optimize your webpages for SEO then this is the only SEO material you need.

If you are just started a blogging website and wishing to learn about SEO strategies to rank higher, then it can better suit you. Even if you already have a blog and have a ranking, then this will boost your pages to rank top

Note: This SEO checklist contains every SEO strategy that helps you to rank top. It is also packed with all the SEO techniques that only professionals know. I have gone through every module in the checklist and I feel amazed.

It’s because it contains many SEO techniques that are still not known by many SEO professionals. I have managed to get a 25% exclusive discount for my readers. Use Coupon Code: “FOXBLOGGING”

It helps you to track the progress of SEO. It also comes with a bundle of standard operating procedures (SOP’s) to help you to take every actionable step properly.

What is available on this SEO checklist course pack?

This SEO checklist by SEO buddy is not a conventional type of course that contains hundreds of online video tutorials. It is a complete text course, which makes you trigger and take action in every step.

SEO course Pattern

It has a combination of a couple of Google sheets, PDF’s and a Trello board list. These Google Sheets and PDFs are more convenient because you can download and check them whenever needed.

The List of things contains on the SEO checklist by SEO buddy

  • The 102 point SEO checklist on Google sheet (With 40+ complete SOP’s)
  • The 62 page SEO checklist ebook (PDF)
  • The 52 Weeks content strategy Ebook (PDF)
  • The 50 Point distribution checklist on Google sheet
  • 52 weeks of content planning calendar (Trello Board)
  • The complete SEO checklist on SEO buddy

The above things are packed on this single SEO checklist course. It is a more powerful and value-added pack for every beginner to become an SEO expert.

Let’s look at a detailed thing that is given in each product. Initially lookout the 102 point SEO checklist.

The 102 Point SEO checklist

This SEO checklist is divided into 8 major categories to make it as step by step procedure.

Discover features of SEO checklist
  1. SEO – The Foundation
  2. SEO – The User Experience
  3. SEO – Performance
  4. SEO – Technical SEO
  5. SEO – Content
  6. SEO – On-Page SEO
  7. SEO – Off-Page SEO
  8. SEO – Local SEO
  9. Bonus – SetUp your First WordPress website

These are categories covered on this powerful SEO checklist. If you are still wondering what it looks like, then watch the below video to get an idea about this SEO checklist.

Explaining each category in the SEO checklist

These standard procedure helps you to do things in the right way. Here is a small preview of the things covered under these categories.

102 Point SEO checklist

1. The Foundation – Before getting into the Search engine optimization techniques, the foundation helps you to make your environment SEO-friendly. So it is the initial step in preparing yourself.

  • Setting up the Google analytics
  • Start tracking your keywords
  • Setting up webmaster tools
  • Tracking metrics in the Search console

2. User experience – You need to provide a better user experience for the visitors, who are coming to your website. Better user experience improves your search engine rankings.

  • Configuring SEO friendly URLs
  • Finding the Websites performance
  • Understand and improve the user experience of the website
Categories in SEO checklist

3. Performance – This part helps you to make your website loads blazingly fast and gives better performance to the users. 

  • Tuning your website for better performance to boost SEO
  • Optimizing the images to boost up website speed
  • Choosing a better hosting for maximum performance

4. Technical SEO – Finding and avoiding technical SEO problems to reduce SEO errors. 

  • Help search engines to find your content easily
  • Keep your meta tags, descriptions with SEO friendly
  • Creating sitemaps for better crawling of search engines
  • Finding and fixing of redirect and broken links

5. Content – Content is an important part of SEO. Having a solid content strategy is important. Creating awesome content that people will share is necessary. Check best keyword research tools for SEO.

  • Use Google to boost your content ideas
  • Do quick and powerful keyword research
  • Finding and fixing the content that affects your rankings

6. On-Page SEO – This part involves optimizing your content for SEO. Search engines love optimized content. The content should be optimized for both human users and search engine bots.

  • Targeting keywords with user intent
  • Positioning keywords helps search engines to find the content value
  • Optimizing Images for SEO
  • Optimizing the content for SERP to get maximum clicks
Different categories covered in SEO checklist by SEO buddy

7. Off-page SEO – These are the SEO strategies handled outside of the content. These techniques improve your brand presence in the eyes of search engines.

  • Getting valuable backlinks to your website
  • Effective outreach and link building strategy
  • Using social media to boost up your rankings

8. Local SEO – If you are providing any services in your local, then it helps you. You will get more traffic and customers. This maximizes your potential with local clients.

  • Google Business listings for search engines
  • Get customer reviews to boost your SEO
  • Get verifies and maximize your local exposure

The other bonuses/features of SEO checklist by SEO buddy?

  1. SEO checklist on the Trello board

Trello Board helps to effectively manage your work schedule. It is already organized based on the categories in the Trello board. It makes you collaborate with your team members and prioritize the work.

Extra bonus checklist for Trello board
  1. 52-week content planning calendar and Trello board

Here are amazing strategies to find and create new content consistently. With a content planning template, you will get a lot more ideas and a year full of ideas.

52 week content planning ideas
  1. One month access to startup plan on SEO buddy software

You will get one month of free access to the SEO buddy software. SEO buddy is a premium SEO tool for competitive analysis and finding link-building opportunities.

Free access to SEOBUDDY tool
  1. The content distribution checklist

This gives a list of methods you can use to drive free traffic to your website. Once you publish your content, use these strategies to reach your content to the maximum number of people.

Content distribution checklist
  1. Comes with over 40+ SOP’s to guide you

You will get a step-by-step process with detailed instructions and screenshots. These are loaded with proven SEO strategies to guide you. These methods will save many weeks and several hours of learning SEO, that are proven and tested.

over 40+ SOP included for SEO

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Pricing of SEO checklist by SEO buddy

The current discounted price of the SEO buddy is $97. But you will get an extra 25% discount, that only for my readers.

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If you are a beginner and want to drive more free organic traffic, then this the only checklist you need for SEO.

This simple checklist will make you an SEO expert in a quick time. It is completely loaded with step by step guide with SOP and screenshots.

Do I recommend the SEO checklist by SEO buddy?

Yes, I will recommend it to everyone, who wants to master SEO skills.

There are hundreds of SEO courses available online, that cost more. But at this simple cost, you will get everything needed to become an SEO master.

If you learn these SEO things, then you will stop spending thousands of dollars on SEO agencies and paid advertising.

I have read all the steps in that checklist and it is perfectly handcrafted. After reading that, I’m also newly implementing many things that I learned from this checklist for better SEO.

Look out what other users are saying.

Users testimonials on SEO checklist product

Pros Of This SEO Checklist

  1. Highly Beginner Friendly methods to easily get started
  2. Easily track your progress with this checklist
  3. Proven and acceptable SEO practices
  4. Teaches only the white hat SEO techniques (No black hat or Grey hat techniques involved)
  5. Well organized and Step by step procedures with SOP
  6. Cheaper with the exclusive discounts
  7. It is well suitable for both individual bloggers and SEO agencies


  1. It may be pricey for beginners (But it is a better Investment)
  2. Their instructions are only in text format with actionable steps.


I hope this SEO checklist by SEO buddy helps you to drive tons of free traffic from search engines. This Works as a better template for all your SEO strategies. Consider buying this checklist as an investment for your better success.

If you have any doubts and questions related to this SEO checklist, then comment below. I can help you with it.

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