Beginners Secrets To Write A Good Blog Post- Ultimate Guide

A blogger should always care about certain steps and checklist while writing an ultimate blog post. Because that blog writing checklist will definitely help you grow the website successfully. 

Specifically, writing a blog post for SEO is not just like essay writing.

Usually, writing a good blog post should have covered many things on that topic.

How to Write perfect blog posts

Do you maintain any rules or checklist or step-by-step guide while creating the blog post?

If No, then follow this specific principle/guidelines to raise the blog writing experience better in every way. From this article, you will surely get what you should recall while blogging.

This 20 mins article covers overall things to need to write perfect content on any topic.

Start writing a good awesome blog post

This blog writing guide is not only suitable for bloggers but also for those who are willing to become a professional freelance article and ghostwriters. 

I have seen that many freelance writers, don’t have the proper steps to write a perfect blog. Still, many SEO freelance writers only do the keyword research, but more than keyword research, many things to consider for writing a good blog post.

I ensure that this blog writing article will serve them better.

Every blog writing starts with research. In fact, before start writing 20 mins of content preparation needed. There is some basic knowledge you need before start blogging.

Find your topic headline for a blog post

Headlines are the primary thing that everyone sees before clicking into your blog.

Most of the time, the topic title only determines the click-through rate of your website. 

Through SEO you can do your page to be first in the SERP, but if it needs to click or not, decided by the users.

Here, the place where the blog headline plays a major role.

Tips to find engaging blog post headlines

  1. Don’t use lengthy headlines.
  2. Keep your headlines less than 65 characters. More than this will cut off from the google search results, and readers can’t be able to read completely. So you can’t convey your blog topic fully.
  3. If you are using numbers in the headline, use odd numbers, they get you more clicks.
  4. Ensure that your headline is clear, that conveys the exact content in your blog.
  5. The first 3 words are more important for headlines. It was what the user focus.
  6. Give headlines like, through this, their problem can be solved.
  7. Use some adjectives like unique, effortless, essential.
  8. Headlines need to dig their curiosity.
  9. Sometimes using negative sentences increases your click-through rate.
  10. Do competitor research, are they having this type of page and how they are given a blog title.
  11. Use numbers in blogging headlines. We prefer numbers more than letters. The bigger the number, the more advantage.
  12. Use headlines emotionally
  13. Use topic title generators for finding different headlines.
  14. Here is a definitive guide to choose your perfect blog topic.

Do Keyword Research thoroughly for your blog post

The keyword is the most, and the important factor for the blog post, so proper keyword research needed. Keywords hit a significant part in blogging.

What is a keyword in the blog?

The keyword is a word that defines/describes your blog post. It is the keyword for which your page is to rank. 

The keywords are mostly close to the user’s search, intent to view that topic related pages.

Why do I suggest that the keyword is significant?

Because the major part of the keyword is to identify the content of what customers seeking and serving the finest results.

The keywords explored by the readers will get a higher rank in the search results.

Keyword research starts before choosing the blog title. Most times, keywords choose the blog title.

Why are the right keywords important?

Researching the right keyword is an effective aspect of search engine optimization. It is helpful for bringing fresh organic and inbound traffic to the website.

The right keywords are important because some keywords carry you hardly a few clicks while the right keywords offer you a hundred clicks or more than hundreds, so determining the ideal is the best in case of a keyword.

All keywords are not the same, they all have varied capacities and show separate results.

Keywords bring your content as a perfect blog post and place it in a higher rank,

Free keyword research tools for beginners

Ubersuggest–Ubersuggest is a freemium tool from One of the best keyword research tools that I would highly suggest to you. From the initial days of fox blogging, I have been using it.

It not only stops with keyword research but also shows your keyword ideas, site audit, backlink data, domain research and many at free of cost.

ubersuggest dashboard - keyword research tool

Google keyword planner–the keyword research tool from Google. It introduced by google for their AdWords. Completely free tool, but you need to create an AdWords account to access it.

google keyword planner - keyword research

Word tracker– with their features in keyword research, provides you better value.

word tracker - keyword research tool

If you need a more powerful keyword research tool, here some of the best keyword research tools in the market

How many keywords should target in blog posts?

With search engine optimization, constantly optimizing, the blog post is needed.

So concentrating on keywords is still a fit work. I recommend that there are no keywords with a definite amount to make practice on a page.

The usage of keywords depends on the volume and optimization of the content. 

Using two or three main keywords would run out well for the blogging pages.

More than targeting the main keywords, LSI keywords also plays a major role in it.

I will explain more about LSI keywords later on the page.

You can apply various keywords on a separate page. But you will require performing an exact deal with the content optimization strategies.

what are content optimization strategies?

keywords proximity

keyword proximity is the distance between the user’s search phrases, or it is the distance between two search terms or keywords.

Keywords proximity also defines how the keywords are close to each other within the body of the page.

As much as the keywords are close together in blog posts, higher the value of your page.

For example – take two blog post

Take two sentences

keywords placement - to write a good blog post

Here the keyword is “blue whale jump

In the first sentence, the keywords are close together, so it ranks higher.

The keyword proximity also one of the factors to consider.

Keyword prominence

Key prominence in search engine optimization (SEO) describes how your keywords or phrases are prominent within the principles of that blog page. 

In simple words, keyword prominence is where your keywords are placed within that webpage.

And how it is near to the title, header, meta description, or at the start of the paragraph or in the passage openings, the keyword prominence is good.

Learn the keyword prominence to place your keywords properly on the blog page, when writing a good blog post.

Therefore, important keywords always get placed at the beginning of the key elements.

Keyword density

Keyword density Points out the number of times the keyword applied on the webpage. 

It shows the density of keyword applied and the ratio of the keyword presence in the web page when compared with the relative words in the content.

The percentage of the keyword found on the index of the search engine.

There was not any proper keyword density for blog writing,

But, If the keyword density is about 1-2% is good and this considered as an ideal density for keywords. 

So the keyword appears one or two times for every 100 words.

Concentrate on the essential keyword to place it in the initial line of the introductory paragraph. And use the secondary keywords in the following paragraphs.

Focus on relevant keywords and place them in a single post.

You can check your blog’s keyword density with the keyword density checker tool.

When writing content for SEO, the keyword place is important.

Focus keywords mainly on

  1. Title of the page,
  2. In subheadings (h2 to h6)
  3. link URL address,
  4. Meta description tags,
  5. image Alt text,
  6. the initial portion of the content or within the first 100 words
  7. In content itself.

Use Long-tail keywords for your blog post

The long-tail keywords are nothing but a keyword phrase, where it has over 3+ words. 

The word long-tail keywords got more popular in recent years.

Usually, the long-tail keywords have low competition in the search results. Long-tail keywords also have SEO advantages.

The influence of voice assistants and Alexa has increased voice search. Rather than typing, in voice searches the length keywords are used by the users, to find a particular topic they need.

So the long tail keywords have more advantages. The long-tail keywords give focus to single main keywords and group keywords.

The long-tail keyword has a low level of competition. When these terms get added together, it makes an enormous chunk of searches in google.

The long-tail keywords have a top rate of conversion.

Why are long-tail keywords significant?

The long-tail keywords have two conditions: small competitive grade and a fine score of conversion rates.

The long-tail keywords target the surveys of the niche rather than focusing on the majority public.

These words are more specific keywords when compared to the short keywords (1 or 2). Therefore, it is more specific to the user’s requirements.

Long-tail keywords have a low search volume when compared to the other keyword categories.

The long-tail keywords help you to bring the website to the highest rank of the website.

The general keywords have lower growth grades than long-tail keywords. It is easy to achieve a greater position with the help of long-tail keywords. Because it is better than the other common keywords which attain both the paid ad traffic and organic traffic.

The competition is higher for the head keywords, but very less competitive rates for long-tail keywords that have head keywords.

Use Keyword research tools like Semrush to find better keywords

Top conversion rate

The growth rate is greater for the long tail keyword. This adaptation is useful when selling the products.

When visitors enter the site and find no excellent information. Thus they leave the site promptly so it will raise the bounce rate.

The general keywords have lower growth grades than long-tail keywords. 

It is easy to achieve a greater position with the help of long-tail keywords. 

Because it is better than the other common keywords which attain both the paid ad traffic and organic traffic.

The people who get into the site from the long tail keyword, they detect your website as the perfect page of what they are seeking for. 

Where they like to perform desired actions. Especially when they try to buy services or products.

The long-tail keywords will be highly beneficial for google Ad words. Even it helps you with Google AdWords because they are specifically keywords and specifically have a low volume of search and low competition.

Give importance to long-tail keywords with seed keywords

Many people think the long-tail keywords have less traffic than the main keyword.

But actually, it is wrong. Both the keywords don’t have the same quantity of traffic volume.

The potential of long-tail keywords is lesser than the head keywords. The conversion rates are always better with long-tail keywords.

For example–follow the image

long tail keywords - to write good blog post

In this way, you can easily target your apple phones searching audience

Here another live example from my website

The page is a blogging checklist for WordPress blogs.

checklist webpage screenshot

Here you can see that, without giving the blogging checklist as a keyword, I have targeted it specifically for WordPress bloggers. It shows that this blogging checklist page is completely for WordPress users.

To achieve the target audience, some websites offer products or services. The more you use the long-tail keywords, the more you target the perfect audience and make money in your desired way.

Focus on long-tail keywords. When you look at the traffic making keywords to your website. And if you discovered over 60% of searched keywords, those words are long-tail keywords.

How to analyze the long tail keywords?

It is not very tough to find out the long tail keyword. The only thing you want to do is start understanding each keyword purpose and choose the best and right keywords. The long-tail keywords are usually 3 or 4-word phrases.

Use LSI keywords when writing a blog post

LSI, what does it literally mean? Sound like a peculiar term? This article will make it simple for you.

What are LSI keywords

The LSI keywords are phrases and words (keywords), conceptually associated with the main keywords. The search engine uses these terms to know the content on the blog page.

The user searches their queries in the search engines like google or bing, the LSI keywords are the keywords related to the target keywords.

How it LSI keywords works

The LSI stands for “latent semantic indexing”. The search engine applies this procedure to learn and measure contact between individual terms and topics.

To build up the grades in the search engines, the expert in SEO keeps the separate steps and methods, while some of them are aware, others are thoroughly underutilized. This mode of LSI appears under the latter list.

Semantic SEO is the strategy that search engines used to complete understanding of the page. The involvement of semantic SEO helped more search engines to match the user’s search intent.

To get the content of the Site and to discover the masked relation between the various words and terms, the LSI keywords allows the search engines to identify the user’s search intent to match with proper pages.

The LSI keywords help to bring the content in the higher position of SEO rankings by increasing the search results.

It literally means the keyword related to the dominant keyword. In the search results, the LSI keyword will be in bold.

The search engine is looking for the context of the page more than the density of keywords because the search engine like google understands the concept of the page with the help of the main keywords and also allows to bring your page in the higher rank.

LSI keyword significance in SEO

Good understandability

LSI keyword increases the target keyword scope. Google uses the LSI keyword for better understandability about the context and the user query content relevance.

For Example, If I talk about a word, ‘dove’. Then you will get confused whether I Am talking about a bird or chocolate.

But if I say ‘Dark chocolate’, ‘smoothy’ then you will get the answer it is ‘chocolate’.

And if I say species, kingdom, migration, genus, then you know that I Am talking about a pigeon bird.

This is what the LSI keywords offer Google to better understand the content on the blog page.

boost rankings in SEO

The LSI keywords will bring your content in the top position, if it understands the context of the content to the target keyword. 

If users find the relevant content of what they are searching for, then your page will get more clicks and will get a higher rank in google.

The bounce rate of your page will steadily diminish while using the LSI keyword.

The intended audience of your site will rise if you concentrate on the LSI keyword.

Increase in the organic traffic with the help of the LSI keyword. Your content will appear on the search results of google only when you focus on using LSI keywords in the post.

For Example, take your blog topic as a bike, 

For example – if you are writing content about automobiles like cars or trucks.

Then, the LSI keywords will be an engine, transmission, lubricants, speed, tires, gears, mileage, color, brand name, and many more related to the main keyword. Every LSI keyword should describe the main seed keyword.

The top areas where you can add your LSI keywords: They are;

  1. In subheadings
  2. Meta description tags,
  3. the initial portion of the paragraphs, and 
  4. In the content itself

You can find your LSI keywords through the LSI keyword generators. Enter your keywords, it shows the related keywords that rank higher in the search engines.

good blog post with lsi keywords

How long should your blog content be?

The blogger should always have this question: how long their content needs to be?

It is a question that gets an abundance of analysis these days. The bloggers and the people who make content marketing always think about what will be the ideal count for the words in the blog and how to shoot it out.

What is the standard state, whether the content should be a lengthy article or short article?

Which works better in search engines?

Google considers nearly 200 factors to rank pages in search engines (SERP)

This article will surely serve you the finest sparkling to your eyes.

Regarding word count the one thing always wants to be clear, those are good content really matters. 

The word count is not only the ideal factor for the highest ranking in SEO. If the quality is good, then it has merit to stand higher in the ranking.

Search engines prefer quality over quantity.

Everyone can publish an article about 7000+ words, but the quality of the content sucks, thus there is no chance to win the greater level. So try to give importance even to the quality of content.

You can see that in the SERP results, many articles less than 1500 words regularly appeared.

How it’s possible, because of their quality.

Is the word count important for blogging?

Yes, it is important. 


if you are working in a highly competitive niche.

If you produce high super quality content, then the word count has more to speak.

A lot of information is daily feeding to the readers with the help of your articles, so don’t provide content that would carry them out. How to know about the length of the content, if it is long or short.

If you know how to write a blog post, then you also need to know about the word count. There are several factors in determining the ideal blog post length.

Depending on the various blog post lengths, it determines the benefits and drawbacks of the word count.

By Yoast SEO, the ideal length for the blog post is a minimum of 300 words and this is the word count considered as the minimum length to write a blog post.

This will not work out really with SEO rankings. Concentrating on words over 1000 is best for SEO writing to ranking high.

Research from says that the ideal length of the blog post is 1600 words with a reading time of 7 minutes.

The length of the content depends on the topic, but the content with more words will receive a better position of rank than the short content words.

Why Do You need to write a lengthy blog post?

The SEO considers the longer content is the best rather than the short content, There are several factors which define the excellent things about the long content.

The long content has more keywords than the short content words, so it will get a better chance to rank in the search results of the user, because the keywords is also an important term in SEO.

longer the content, more understanding of google. With the evolution of keywords and LSI keywords, google can more deeply understand the content in your article.

So they can bring targeted users to your web page.

The longer content will get always get many shares than a short blog post.

The search engine will understand the context and the intent of the content.

Understanding the content values and bringing engaged users are two important factors for SEO.

In the early session, we discussed that the longer content possesses a better SEO ranking because it gives plenty of information and keywords in the blog post.

If you want your content to stand constantly with the engaged readers and better rankings in SEO, you must spend a dedicating time to bring quality content with the 1000+ words. The post which has a lower frequency but with the strongest context will definitely win the SEO.

There is a love triangle even for the blogging content, yes it became true only you have a balance with mainly three things, they are balancing the time of readers, providing valuable content, and context of SEO.

When you follow the above factors, SEO and people will surely love your website. In SEO’s strategy point of view, the long words (1500-2000+) ranks higher.

Here is a data-driven study from Neil Patel, how 3000+ words perform in getting better traffic

A blog post will always look good if it contains 1000+ and it looks exceptionally well if the blog post is above 3000+ words with quality content.

How to write a longer engaging blog post

Few tips

  • choose the outline for your content,
  • keep ready of all the collections of facts,
  • write a paragraph with 1 or 2 sentences,
  • use subheadings related to your main heading,
  • Make it visual for the users.
  • Avoid smaller fonts to improve readability.
  • Use multimedia like GIFs, images, infographics, videos.
  • include internal links to the relevant pages
  • Add outbound links to referred pages.
  • Add some interesting facts,
  • Bold your keywords.

The other domain page links in your domain is called outbound links. The outbound links connect your page readers with pages of another domain.

The outbound links and the inbound links come under the category of external links. An outbound link is a link that is moving out from your website to a varied website.

Whenever writing an article, place outbound links for your reader’s reference.

If you are giving any survey reports or statistics, place the link for source reference.

Your outbound link shows to search engines like google that you are giving enough source for the readers to get sufficient knowledge on that topic.  

Learn more than how outbound links increase SEO performance.

The inbound link is directly opposite to the outbound links. If a website receives any link from the other website, then that link is inbound links.

Inbound links also known as backlinks. If any other domain has links to your pages, it is called backlinks.

Two types of links in blog post

There are two types of links

They are

  • do-follow link
  • No-follow link

The do-follow link gives away the power of ranking from your site to the target site, while no-follow links don’t do this kind of activity.

When interlinking always use dofollow links. Internal linking adds lots of value to the website.

The dofollow links add power to the post and support to rank higher in the SEO, the do-follow links are the links that the search engine follows. 

No-follow links do not give a chance to a search engine for adhering to the other site via your site. Search engines don’t crawl through the no-follow links, and it is not considered in SEO.

The important factor is to use the high-valued website link, then the low-valued websites. Always link to the high authority and high domain score websites.

How the dofollow links, and nofollow links differ


Normally all the links are dofollow links

Look for an example of dofollow link

dofollow link - internal link example


 By adding rel=”nofollow” at the end of the tag in dofollow, the nofollow link can be made.

Look for an example of nofollow link

nofollow - internal link example

Linking of the related domain or websites to your page helps the SEO to understand your niche and also facilitates to improve the trust and capacity of your website.

The relevant links give a rational cut definition to SEO about your webpage. 

This is the best way to build a relationship with the other site bloggers who having the related niche.

All experts in SEO knows that the links directing to their own website have an important value in google. 

The links which go out from your page also have a value.

The experience of users and experience of SEO are important with outbound links.

The outbound links are helpful for SEO If you link your page with the well qualified external sources of the website.

Content marketing people frequently use outbound links. The outbound links are ease of access for them to get the related information of what they don’t address on their own state.

According to search engines, they believe that what others feel about you is the most important factor then what you feel about yourself.

place outbound links from authority sites, wherever needed, and its added value.

Write in-depth detailed content in your blogs

Don’t cover extra topics, that apart from the title. Only write detailed articles about the given title.

when writing a blog post the concentrating on writing meaningful content is important, because if we write a blog post away from the content then it will not be the right way to explore the post.

so always try to focus on writing the suitable facts and the content related to the topic.

If the content is away from the topic, then the website page will not look good and they also reduce user experience, which leads to high bounce rates

so covering only related topics is a must and essential one, for making the valuable content and it makes you to be the best content writer.

Use images to your blog post to look it good

Today what we see is all about visual, so bringing the visitors to the website is one of the important strategies, therefore placing the image on the website is essential.

Consider yourself as a visitor to the website, read the blog post how a reader does if u find only a raw text on the website what will u do as readers, they will get out of the page soon. This is the reason for fewer numbers of visitors.

Normally, the human brain is more attracted to visual rather than text. 

As a blog writer, know some tactics to make your website colorful to the eyes of your readers, to make this happen, try to use the images in your blog post.

To make good readability, you can use the picture to split the text in the paragraph. Even the pictures attract the people to make stable on the page because it helps to increase the bounce rate.

Some times, more than a good content, how a page attracts users in important. Without attraction, perfect blog content also goes unnoticed.

Use high-quality images

The content with the prime quality is more important in the point of pictures. How the top quality content is important for the blog post, in the same way, the quality image is important.

Placing a poor image to the content will surely spoil your website quality. Here quality not only insists on the clarity of pictures but also useful content in that image.

No place the images for a namesake.

Here the term “copyright free” says about the allowed images and the images who own the copyrights. Placing the image is not a thing like taking pictures from any website on the internet and placing it.

When you pick up the image on the internet, first know the details of the image whether it is a free image or copyrights owned image because the images who have their own copyrights will charge a fee for usage of their image.

If you use a free picture to the website, mention the name of the picture who created it.

There are many websites where you can get your royalty-free images to use in blogs. Websites like pexels, pixabay done it better for you. Before using their image, read the guidelines.

If you are interested in making your own images, infographics, social media, and wherever then Canva provides you over 100 thousand of templates in many categories.

Write only short paragraphs in your blogs

If I write the blog post with the brief and bigger paragraphs, the people will not like to read it.

Start focus on writing the paragraph with short and sweet. Write the paragraph with one or two lines, these makes the visitors to read it.

The readers always need a quick and minimum content, because they always don’t like to spend time on one particular thing.

Divide or split the content of the brief single paragraphs in the blog post.

For example, look at the below image

It is a content from my older post

avoid bigger paragraphs to write good blog post

If it looks like the above paragraphs, no one likes it

I am splited it into smaller paragraphs, so it can improve your readability.

split paragraphs

If it is better, you can also make it to list or bulleted points.

Use subheadings to enhance readability of your blogs

The subheadings are important for the blog post, because it is the shortest phrase of the main title and it talks about its related paragraphs.

Subheadings makes it clear what is all the topic you are covering.

Before start writing, outline your subheadings, so you can’t miss it anything.

Targeting the major keywords/phrase in the subheadings improve your SEO. The search engines will read subheadings to ensure the topics covered in that article.

Plagiarism free, unique content

I can see that many writers, just copying the content from many articles, and making it as another article.

But the blogging has developed, there are good softwares to find the plagiarism.

So try to make your every article content unique and write a good blog post on every occasion.

Rapid checklist to write a perfect blog post in quick time

This checklist will also help to start your journey as a freelance writer and ghostwriters for a website

  1. The headline must say that this problem of yours can be solved
  2. Use shorter headlines, the headlines over 65 characters will cut off in the SERP results.
  3. Always think from the readers’ point of view.
  4. Using negative words performs better in headlines.
  5. Always do A/B testing, before starting writing a blog post. To be on the safer side of this, A/B testing must be done.
  6. Ensure that the content you are writing is grammar free. And also check for spelling and punctuation errors. For writing grammar free articles, you use Grammarly. Add it as a chrome extension. If you any other writing, then pro writing aid will also good.
  7. Keep a list full of keywords, to place it smartly wherever it needed.
  8. Know where all the places you need to focus on keywords.
  9. Don’t optimize your content around one major keyword. Use a semantic SEO way of writing.
  10. Find the LSI keywords and use it so that Google can easily understand your article more. Google usually scans all the contents on the page, to know more about the topic and subheadings covered. In that way, LSI keywords help you better.
  11. Try to write an in-depth article on that topic. A normal 400 words article doesn’t give any complete solution and satisfaction to the readers. If a reader lands in your site, your blog page should have sufficient content to show the readers. If you can’t cover completely about that topic, give the links to proper solution pages.
  12. Always write a conclusion at the end of your post, in conclusion, summarize the whole content. End your conclusion positively. 
  13. A freelancer and blogger should aware of SEO writing to rank higher in search engines.
  14. Add your key points at the end of your articles.
  15. Use the sentence like “I” and “you”, it creates a better understanding with the readers.
  16. Don’t use passive voice, because active voice improves readability. Passive voice looks like common information to everyone, but the active voice will make it personal for them.
  17. Instead of writing bigger paragraphs, use bullets and numbers. So that readers will like it to read the points.
  18. Use enough subheadings, completely outline your blog before starting writing. Use topics related to subheadings. If you are using WordPress, then SEO plugin Yoast SEO will take care of your problems. In WordPress, all your problems can be solved through plugins. Even though plugins also has a negative side.
  19. Wherever you want to give important words, highlight it.
  20. Keep a creative mindset to write outstanding content. If you are writing an article in a hustle, it looks like an essay. So take your own time for planning and schedule your time for writing perfect articles.
  21. Use better tools to increase your productivity and writing highly engaging content.
  22. Don’t submit your article instantly after writing, take some time to review your content. When rechecking it, you can get more extra points that you have mixed. Check it from the other point of view, so you can find many mistakes.
  23. Ask them for a call to action (CTA). At the end of the article, ask them to take the steps. Every blogger will have an individual way of a call to action. So make it yours unique.
  24. Sometimes, finish the articles with the question, so your readers will say their answers in the comments.
  25. Add images in between the posts. Don’t use any worthless cartoon images. The used images should convey any message related to that topic.
  26. Not only images. If you have more creativity, create infographics, gif, and other multimedia formats. 
  27. The images should be of prime quality. Use some image optimizers to reduce the size of the image, without compromising the quality. Use Canva to access unlimited templates for every image.
  28. Place internal links to pages. Interlinking helps to create an internal structure of that website. The pages send authority through the internal links. Through proper links, you can pass the link juice to other pages.
  29. Use your internal links with proper anchor text. Use related anchor text of the linking post. Try to place the internal links in the initial paragraphs of the content.
  30. Place outbound links wherever needed. If you are giving any statistics, place the outbound link to that source. Outbound links improve your SEO when linked to relevant content.
  31. Try to address the readers and ensure that this blog post will give a solution to this particular question.
  32. Provide enough related pages links, so that your readers can get more knowledge. When users read content, it should not be filled with links. Try to place where it adds value.

Resources for perfect blog writing

  1. Write perfect SEO friendly content – simple steps to become an advanced blog writer.
  2. Create SEO friendly URLs to get loved by search engines.
  3. This simple interlinking strategies to kick start your ranking.
  4. Have you known to write articles with semantic SEO – Google keeps on updating their SEO?
  5. How often should I need to blog – the blogging frequency to become a highly successful blogger?
  6. Effective blogging tools to save your time in every way.


Concluding that, writing a blog post can be easy, but writing in the way of ranking higher in the search engines is need to be learn.

Through some of these little practices, your SEO writing can highly improve, and in a quick time, you can establish yourself as a professional blog writer.

Thank you for spending your valuable time with me. I have spent more time in writing this article, if you found this article useful, kindly share it

If you have any other better techniques to writing a perfect blog post, comment below so that other readers also know it.

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