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How to buy a domain and hosting for WordPress (With free domain)

The simple steps to buy a domain and hosting for your websites. Some hosting companies give you a free domain name when you buy their hosting.

Buying a domain and hosting is the first step to start a blog. Getting the proper domain name and hosting is an important and major investment in blogging.

How to buy a Domain and hosting

As a beginner, many bloggers don’t buy the proper domain name and hosting for their website. But they realize it after one or two months.

So you have to consider many things before buying a hosting. Hosting can also be changed whenever you want, but choosing the best domain name is important.

The domain name is your identity, so choose it as the best. It should give you the brand name value. Before getting to buy a domain and hosting, keep some things ready with you.

The first thing is choosing the domain name with some conditions. Keeping the domain name makes your process easier when you are buying hosting. 

You can also buy the domain separately from domain registrars like Hostinger or Godaddy. But here I have chosen Bluehost, which is the best WordPress recommended hosting provider with the free Domain name. 

Buy a Hosting with a free domain name

Buy a Hosting

The domain name is your identity, so choose it carefully. Here are some tricks, which help you to choose and buy a better domain name.

Lookout these before buying a domain name

Buy a unique domain name

The domain name is a unique thing from other billions of websites in the world. So make it something different. 

The domain name should be small, easy to remember, and pronounce. So, people can easily get your domain name.

If you found any similar category websites, with small domain name changes, then avoid them.

Sometimes it could cause misconceptions of the brand and its value.

Choose a top-level domain name

To buy a top-level domain (TLD) name extension is better. If you are a blogger and have a worldwide audience, then choosing the .com domain extension could be better.

There are many top-level domain names available. If you are targeting any specific field or country, then go with country-specific top domains.

For example – For only American Audiences, go for .us, for Australia .au, and like many others.

This gives a more specific and trustable brand.

Choosing the domain name related to your business also could be better. For these purposes, you can name domain name generators like Lean Domain search or Namechk.

Here you have to just type one word related word, then it shows you hundreds of available domain names to buy.

For example – If you are like starting a food blog, then type food in the search. Then it shows the available domain name to buy.

Domain name generators to choose domain name

Here are some important tips to save money on web hosting renewals. This helps to save more money on renewals.

Step-by-step procedure to buy web hosting with a free domain name

After getting ready with the domain name, then get on to the Bluehost hosting page.

Buy a domain and hosting - Step by step process from Bluehost

On shared hosting, you will be shown three different hosting plans.

List of hosting plans to buy

Choose the hosting plans based on your needs. If you need only one website, then go for the basic plan. If you need to host more websites, then go for plus plans, which come with unlimited hosting and unmetered SSD storage for websites.

All the packages come with a free domain name for one year. Select the plan.

If you already have a domain name, then you can enter or you can search for the new domain name.

Enter the domain name

Then you can fill up your Account details.

Enter account information to buy a domain and hosting

Choose the package information. Choosing for the longer-term gives you maximum benefits. It is the best idea to save money on web hosting renewals.

Choose the better hosting plan

Choosing a 36-month plan provides you maximum benefits. Select the package extras that you need. If you don’t need any extras, then untick them all.

Additional features for your domain name and hosting

Normally, it shows the payment only through the credit card. But if you need any other option, click more payment options.

It will show you the PayPal payment options.

Payment method for buying a WordPress hosting

Then complete the payment. After the payment is completed, you will be taken to the next page where you can set up your password.

After that, you will receive an email from Bluehost. Then login to the Bluehost hosting by using the password you generated.

Now you can view your dashboard. Congratulations, you have bought the web hosting with a free domain name.

Just follow these steps to buy a domain and hosting. Within a few minutes, you can get started with your websites.

Buy Free domain name from hosting companies

There are still many other hosting providers that give you a free domain name for a year. The list of hosting companies with a free domain name,

  1. GreenGeeks
  2. Hostinger (premium plan)
  3. DreamHost
  4. HostSoch Hosting (Free Domain for a lifetime)

If you are already using web hosting, and not much satisfied with it, then get free migration from hosting companies that are done by experts.

WordPress is the best platform to start your blogging journey.

FAQ on domain and hosting

Which types of hosting are suitable for beginners?

Shared hosting is the best type of hosting for beginners. Shared hosting plans also come with many extraordinary features. Here are some best reasons why beginners should go with shared hosting.

Which is the best domain name extensions to buy?

I would suggest everyone buy a .com domain name extension. Because it is considered as one of the best top-level domains, that is suitable for any business, categories, field, and countries. More than that you can also choose based on your specific interest.

What is a domain name?

A domain name is your website’s address and the name of your website. On this website, Foxblogging.com is the domain name. Every website has a unique domain name.

How to get a free domain name?

Get web hosting from websites like Bluehost, GreenGeeks, and Hostinger, which will give you a free domain name. Follow the above method to buy a domain and hosting and get a free domain name from hosting companies.

Buying a Webhosting with the domain name: wrap up

You can easily buy a domain and host and launch your website online in a few minutes. The Bluehost is a WordPress recommended and WordPress optimized hosting to go with.

I hope this article helps you to buy a domain and hosting. If you find this useful, share it with others.

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