what should be the first post on a blog – How to write

Finally, you have chosen to write a blog and waiting to publish your first post on a blog.

However, Everyone wants a life where you want to be your ‘ OWN BOSS ‘. That’s what we all like. 

first post on a blog

If you also want that life then, Blogging is the place for you. There is no one to instruct you, no more 9-5 jobs, no more projects, meetings, and nothing else.

It’s time for you to lead your role. Blogging gives you more freedom and luxury.

You have set up your blogging properly, and it’s time for you to move and post your first blog.

Your first post on a blog is your primary base foundation for your blog. However, Your first post on a blog need not be more perfect, but try to make it perfect as much as you can. 

Your first post on a blog increases your confidence because it is the first time you are getting into a different department.

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Initial Blog Post

Your initial day’s visitors are your precious ones. So, make them come over again. Then also get comments from them that enable you to improve your blogging.

Take it as easy, there is nothing complicated even if you are posting your first blog post super perfect also, you will not get 1000 views overnight. So later also you edit it.

The first post is your identity in the world of online. You say that I am also doing something online.

During writing the content, keep other stuff away from you. Only concentrate on the topic you are writing. Refer and research the content as much as you can, before starting writing. 

For your better convenience, split the screen. So you can keep your keywords and data on another screen, which helps you to write your content more precisely.

Start collecting emails from the initial days. Know more about email marketing.

First, start your content writing in google docs and save it as a draft. Initially, start only focusing on writing your content, later you can do your editing, alignment and image placing, etc. There are some basic things to write a blog post fast.

Before starting writing your content, choose what are all the keywords you will add in your blog.

Use the keywords properly and maintain the keyword density throughout the article. 

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keywords research for writing blogs

Keywords are one primary thing you have to focus, when writing an article. It plays one of the major roles in SEO.

For properly writing an article, there are many add-ons available in the market. You can incorporate it into your google docs so that your writing can be more efficient.

Blog is not like anything you can write whatever you know. Blog has some procedures that need to be followed. This blog always needs more optimization, more optimization. 

As much as we optimize your content, there is more chance of your website getting a higher ranking on google. always the SEO optimization starts with keyword research.

Meanwhile, Ubersuggest is one of the best software that your website needs. it offers you many features like keyword research, content ideas, and the best thing is it has a site audit. 

The site audit crawls your site regularly for checking the errors and SEO score of your site.

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Quick tips for your first post on a blog

There are many tools that bloggers used to increase their productivity. Always try to use some outline for writing a blog. 

If you are writing a blog, divide the blogs into many sub-headings. Try to write easy sentences, so your article has a better readability score.

Don’t write long paragraphs, make it to a maximum of 4 to 5 lines. Make some important points on the bulleted list. Highlight the important points in bold letters. 

Make sure your title has the proper keyword related to your blog. So always proof read, whether you are given data is correct.

Give many real-life examples, so your blog will be more interesting for your readers. 

Place images in between your paragraphs at regular intervals. You can get many free stock footage on the internet. 

If you are good at making infographics, make it. Most readers love the infographics. Infographics is also one of the best ways to express your content to the readers.

Try to cover the topic fully on the topic. If you can’t finish it in a single article, try to provide backlinks for their better depth knowledge article. 

So it can ensure that if a reader comes to your site, He/she should get complete knowledge from that topic.

When you come to blogging, you have heard the word SEO (search engine optimization) many times. SEO helps your site to get more ranking in google and other search engines.

You no need to get more in-depth knowledge of SEO for writing for your first post on a blog. 

When you are familiar with writing your article, you can learn it. But try to focus your keywords in the article.

Your initial blogs are the pillar blogs, so try to make it more strong. Because if a beginner is reading your blog, he will come again and again to your website for reading more blogs,  but later also you can edit it any time.

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My First blog post ideas

Here are some ideas for what will be your first blog post in your new blog.

It’s definitely about you, what else are you going to write in your first blog.

What will you write, about you in the first blog post?

  1. Who are you
  2. What is the reason for your blogging
  3. Who is your targeted audience
  4. What is your goals
  5. How are you going to achieve your goals?

Who are you

Tell me about yourself. Give something about yourself to your audience. Because they need to trust you.

Come up with a few points about yourself

  1. Is this your first blog, or you have written any other
  2. Who are you as a person?
  3. What have you been doing in the past and your profession?

These are some things that you need to mention. Make it a good story and ensure your story should be interesting.

Place one of your photos in the post, that will increase the trust of your readers. They don’t know about the man, who is just sitting behind the computer, and writing some content and posting it.

The more your transparency will get you attached to the audience. Provide an Email id or some other thing to contact you, if they need to contact you.

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The reason for blogging

You have given the information about you, and your story was interesting, that’s all fine.

Why should a reader come to your blog, whether they have any benefit from your blog? A person is spending 5 minutes of their life reading your post, so give the information as much as you can.

Who is your targeted audience

It is just what you are going to give about. What type of audience you are going to target. Get clear of it. Whom are you going to target? Build your trust with them.

What is your goal

Explain to them about your goal, and what you will give to your readers. Are you going to post it regularly or a certain interval of time or you have any other plan for your readers.

How are you going to achieve your goals

Know it, what current readers expect from your chosen topic. You ensure them to give them what they are expecting from these blogs. 

Show some transparency and gain more knowledge. Deliver your content properly with some examples or any other thing.

If you are not interested in writing about yourself, then there are many topics in which you can write in your first post on a blog. 

Better topics for your first blog

  1. Write about the topic in which you are more interested or passionate about writing in your relevant domain. It also improves your confidence in the chosen topic.
  2. Write about your passion and what inspired you to get into the blog. Tell them you are here to deliver some content related to this topic and explain to them what they can expect from you. 
  3. Deliver some facts against the myths that people believe in your niche. Whenever you deliver a fact, show proven statistics to your audience. Statistics play a major role that energizes your audience trust with you.
  4. Try to give something useful for your audience from the first post. Try to suggest some free courses, products, and books relevant to your niche useful for your readers.
  5. Make a detailed post of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) in your relevant Niche that people have mostly doubted about. Find the questions that your readers have more confusion in your topic. You can find these questions in Quora, Reddit, Facebook groups, and many more.
  6. Write about the opinion of what experts in your current domain are saying. Give some market research report of your niche. Make sure that whenever you are writing something it should have proof.
  7. If you are starting the blog for some brand promotion, then write about the brand. How the brand has evolved, where it gets the inspiration and the plans and promotion ideas.
  8. Write about successful bloggers in your current domain and who inspired you the most and write about their best posts. Sometimes it helps to build a friendship with them, if your post is worth it. 
  9. Write about the tools you are using to increase your productivity. Tools that are very user friendly, that every beginner should have. When you have learned to optimize your productivity, you can save more time. Most people are interested in increasing their productivity levels, so write about it.
  10. If you are interested in writing case studies, do some case studies related to your domain. But stats are very important.
  11. And finally, here’s your choice, make some interesting content in what the people are more curious about in your domain.


Finally, starting a blog is not a big thing, it can be done by anyone. But be passionate about blogging, always clear with the goals that will take you to the next level. 

Your first post on a blog increases your confidence level, learn more in your initial days.

 Always respect your audience and get their comments. If you are writing about some topic, that blog should cover complete information about it. That’s what everyone likes.

Thank you for spending your valuable time. If you find this article useful, kindly share it.

Do you have any other topic to write as a first blog post, then comment below so that other readers also know it.

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