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Cloudways Black Friday deals 2022 – Save 40% for 3 months on Hosting

Cloudways Black Friday deals and discounts 2022

Cloudways is a highly managed cloud hosting company. Cloudways gives more discounts and deals on this Black Friday, which is the maximum. One of the most reliable hosting providers.

If you are looking for the Cloudways Black Friday deals, and now you can get 40% offers.

This black Friday deal is the best option to buy the Cloudways and more amazing features are waiting for you.

Don’t miss this chance of getting the Cloudways on this black Friday deals.

In this article, you will know why you have to choose the cloud ways and more features about Cloudways.

CloudWays hosting

Cloudways is a Cloud Webhosting provider and it is perfect for developers. Moreover, Cloudways has scalable and malleable options for its users.

Cloudways was started in the year 2011 and it is introduced as Cloudways 2.0 in 2016.

Their headquarters are in Malta island in Europe.

The Cloudways is here to provide services like hosting flexibility in the business, 24/7/365 support, and best security.

They are offering the managed cloud hosting experiences, therefore you need not worry about managing cloud servers.

The Cloudways also offering a 3-days free trial to test their cloud hosting.

Cloudways also having 250K+ successfully managed websites, 60+ data centers, and the customer happiness score is 94.7%.

However, this black Friday deal offer will be great for the bloggers and developers to try the amazing cloud hosting at affordable prices.

Cloudways Black Friday Deals and discounts Overview

All plansHuge 40% discount on all plans for 3 monthsStarts from 22nd NovemberBFCM40

How to activate the Cloudways Black Friday deals page 2020

Step 1: Click here, it will take you to the Cloudways Black Friday deals page.

Step 2: Now, you can see different plans with prices in Cloudways. Click the get started button.

Step 3: After that fill the necessary details and enter the coupon code “BFCM40” to get the offer.

Step 4: Then you can sign up. The offer will be added and discounted from your next invoices.

Now all set! Done! you have completed the transaction and you successfully grabbed the Cloudways Black Friday deals 2020. This will get you 40% discount on all their plans. It is the best ever discount in the Cloudways black friday.

If you want to activate the other deals now, then use the coupon “BFCM2020SPOT”, when doing signup. You will get an additional 10% discount on your invoices.

Another discount is also given by Cloudways hosting. Use the Coupon code “HB20”, to get the instant 20% percent discounts on the plans. These are the best discounts provided by Cloudways.

Why choose the Cloudways on this black Friday deals

The Cloudways is making your work easier, with cloud ways hosting is made simple, and as well fast, comfortable.

  • Cloudways guarantee High-speed performance.
  • Dedicated Environment to max the server and performance of the app
  • SSD – based hosting, which means the 3x faster speed service and reduces the loading page times.
  • They are providing the speed server PHP7 ready servers
  • Cloudways CDN is used here and it produces powerful performance at an affordable price.
  • Auto-healing managed cloud servers is to take care of any website crash issues or any problem with the server.
  • The Managed Hosting provides great security with firewalls and 1 click free SSL, two-factor authentication, bot protection.
  • Our servers are managed by them the way we want, so we no need to worry about managing our servers.
  • They also provide free migration
  • Here, you can get the backup and restore in just 1 click
  • As we can easily update files, access servers, using the SSH/SFTP.
  • 24/7 real monitoring of your servers, so it will be a better service for you.
  • They keep tracking you and update you regularly and also providing you free backup support.

The Cloudways is providing you almost all options you need to create your blog, or business, or eCommerce.

So, don’t miss this opportunity, grab this black Friday deal soon.

Black Friday Deals Plans and pricing

The Clouways are using the two billing methods which is hourly based and another one is monthly based

Cloudways PlansFeaturesPricesBlack Friday deals (40%)
DO1GB1GB RAM, 1 Core Processor ,25GB Storage ,1TB Bandwidth$10/mo$6/mo
DO2GB2GB RAM ,1 Core Processor ,50GB Storage, 2TB Bandwidth$22/mo$13.20/mo
DO4GB3GB RAM ,2 Core Processor, 80GB Storage, 4TB Bandwidth$42/mo$25.20/mo
DO8GB8GB RAM, 4 Core Processor ,160 GB Storage, 5TB Bandwidth$80/mo$48/mo
DO16GB16 GB RAM, 6 Core Processor, 320 GB Storage, 6TB Bandwidth$135/mo$81/mo
DO32GB32GB RAM, 8Core Processor, 640 GB Storage, 7 TB Bandwidth$230/mo$138/mo
DO48GB48 GB RAM, 10 Core Processor, 1280 GB Storage, 8 TB Bandwidth$315/mo$189/mo
DO64GB64 GB RAM ,12 Core Processor, 2560 GB Storage, 9 TB Bandwidth$395/mo$237/mo
DO96GB96 GB RAM, 14 Core Processor, 2560GB Storage, 10 TB Bandwidth$555/mo$333/mo
DO128GB128 GB RAM, 16 Core Processor, 2560 GB Storage, 11TB Bandwidth$715/mo$429/mo
DO193GB193 GB RAM, 18 Core Processor, 3840 GB Storage, 12TB Bandwidth$1035/mo$621/mo

Flexibility of Hosting

Other exciting features in Cloudways are, you can only pay for the resources you used. It also has the option of payment by hourly use. They use the post billing method. Your amount is billed next month, so you can pay only for the resources you consume. Look at their hourly prices.

Cloudway hosting Hourly pricing list

Starting prices of Cloudways hosting

Cloudways provides 5 different servers, based on your preference. Here are the starting prices of different servers.

  • Digital Ocean- Starts at $10/mo
  • Vultr- Starts at $11/mo
  • Linode-Starts at 12/mo
  • Amazon AWS-Starting at $36.51/mo
  • Google Cloud-Starting at $33.30/mo

So you can choose the suitable cloud hosting plans from this different hosting.

Cloudways features

They are providing the best and simple procedures to follow.

The 24/7/365 support which are provided by them

Free migration as we can easily migrate from the existing hosting

Free SSL certificates where to secure the website

No contract issues, so you can easily use their services

Unlimited applications, therefore you can freely host any applications.

They are working with the 5 cloud providing companies

  • Digital ocean
  • Linode
  • AWS Amazon cloud
  • Google cloud

Cloudways make everything possible with their innovations and make it simple for us.

WordPress Hosting is provided by the Cloudways with 100,000+ SMBs, Agencies, individuals and 120,000+ active servers are available with them.

Therefore if you want WordPress, you can get Clouware managed WordPress hosting for your business or blog sites.

You can find the woocommerce hosting which is 10X faster and providing a fast, secure platform.

They are providing Magento hosting for eCommerce businesses and agencies, while it is trusted by many peoples.

Joomla hosting is HTTP/2 supported with the best performance, security, freedom, and 24/7 expert support.

Cloudways also providing other hosting options like,

  • Laravel
  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • PrestaShop
  • Ecommerce

They are providing common features like

Cloudways deal

On this black Friday deal, Cloudways is offering a 40% discount for 3 months for all its plans.

FAQ on CloudWays hosting deals and Features

Conclusion of Cloudways Black Friday Discount

The Cloudways doesn’t often give discounts, but now they are offering 40% for all its plans.

This will be the best cloud hosting platform because you are getting the best features here.

I hope this post will be useful for you to get a great cloud hosting at the best discount on the Black Friday deal offer.

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